Are you looking to provide help for civilians who suffered from Russian aggression? Or do you know anyone who needs it?

We want to share important information with you! On the eDopomoga platform, launched an opportunity – Help online.
Helping online is a few clicks of help for Ukrainians affected by the war.
The donation amount is 200, 500 and 1000 hryvnias, if you convert the amount into US dollars according to the rate of the National Bank of Ukraine, then the amount of additional help will be approximately 7, 17 and 34 US dollars.

How does it work?

  1. You need to go to the site
  2. Select Help online and click Help Fast.
  3. Provide your contact number, select the application for assistance and the amount you are willing to support a person in Ukraine affected by the war.
  4. Once you have completed the payment, the person you helped will receive an SMS with the code. This person can use the code in one of the stores that are partners of the eDopomoga platform, buying the products that he/she specified in the application for assistance.

It has become easier to support and help people in Ukraine. A few clicks and good deeds in the world became more!

About eDopomoga platform

The eDopomoga Platform established by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine with the support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the United Nations Development Program in Ukraine with the financial support of Sweden to meet the urgent needs of citizens affected by russian aggression.


The task of the project is to unite the capabilities of the country, international non-governmental organizations and volunteers in targeted humanitarian aid.


Is there a need? – There is eDopomoga!


Step by step and side by side we will overcome any challenge!


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