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Help a Ukrainian family with medicine - save a life!

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Choose the family you want to support

Why is medical aid so important in Ukraine?

War in Ukraine

War in Ukraine. Many families do not have the opportunity to buy basic food or madicine. It is especially difficult for families with small children or caring for sick relatives

Power outages

Due to power outages, people are unable to heat their homes, as a result of which many people have become ill

Lack of money

Many internally displaced people from war zones who lack money for basic medicines

Why donate on the eDopomoga platform?

State platform

eDopomoga was created by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine


This is targeted help to a specific person


You always receive a check-a report from the pharmacy

It's easy to help with medicines:

1Follow the link to the platform eDopomoga

2Select the application of the family in need

3Choose the amount for which you want to help $8 $14 $27 and pay online Medicine Certificate

4Receive a check-a report after the family uses your certificate in the eDopomoga platform partner pharmacy network

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