The seven hundred and thirty-ninth day (739) of the large-scale armed aggression of the russians against ours continues.


Northern Oblasts

Kyiv Oblast

Borodyanka was bombed on the orders of russian generals Chayko and Kravchenko. According to SSU investigators, when the troops under their command were moving through Borodyanka, Chayko ordered Kravchenko to strike a residential area on Tsentralna Street with combat aircraft. The notice of suspicion was published on the official website of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

Street lighting damaged by the russian invasion is being restored in the Gostomel community. Utilities are replacing power poles, lanterns and cables. The most difficult situation is in Moshchun. A new project needs to be developed to repair the power grid there.

Zhytomyr Oblast

Volunteers in Zhytomyr held an auction to raise money for bulletproof vests and drones for the military. The lots included items of both historical and artistic value. The auction raised over 80 thousand hryvnias.

Chernihiv Oblast

UAV drops, cannon artillery and mortars: russians attacked four border communities in Chernihiv Oblast.

Sumy Oblast

On March 3, the russian military shelled Sumy Oblast 29 times. 130 explosions were recorded in 8 communities. 

At night and in the morning of March 4, the russian army fired 5 times at the border of Sumy Oblast. There were hits with anti-aircraft missiles on the Velyka Pysarivka community.

Russian ammunition was found in Sumy Oblast, it was intended for sabotage and reconnaissance of groups of russian soldiers. Forty anti-tank mines, 10 improvised explosive devices, and artillery shells will be handed over to the Ukrainian military.

Eastern Oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

On the 3rd of March, russians shelled 4 settlements, damaging 13 private houses, the Vovchansk Lyceum, outbuildings of the Kupyansk forestry, and a transformer power substation.

The russians hit Velykyi Burluk twice with guided aerial bombs, damaging a warehouse and four residential buildings. A 60-year-old man received medical aid as a result of shelling in Kruhliakivka and Petropavlivka.

In the Kupyansk sector, russians conducted 11 attacks in the vicinity of Synkivka and Tabayivka in Kharkiv Oblast, trying in vain to improve their tactical position. Synkivka also came under air strikes.

At least two fires broke out in Vovchansk during the day after the shelling. Rescuers could not extinguish the fire for a long time because of repeated shelling.

On the 3rd of March, the russians attacked Kupyansk for the first time with a guided aerial bomb with cluster munitions. This increases the area of damage, which means that more civilians may be affected.

This morning, russians shelled Ivashky of the Zolochiv community with artillery. The shelling took place during the unloading of aid to the humanitarian center.

Donetsk Oblast

On March 3, the russian military shelled 9 settlements in Donetsk Oblast with aerial bombs, “Iskanders”, artillery, and “Gradams”. In particular, aerial bombs hit Mykolaivka, Pokrovsk raion, and the village of Zavitne. 

Defense forces repelled 60 attacks by the russian army in Donetsk Oblast and Luhansk Oblast on March 3. Most of the battles took place in the Novopavlovsk direction.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk raion

19 people were injured in Pokrovsk and Kurakhove from shelling by the russian military on March 3. There were no casualties the previous day.

On the weekend of March 2 and 3, five residents were taken out of the Zhelane, Ocheretyn community.

Southern Oblasts

Mykolayiv Oblast

In the Mykolaiv Oblast, on the night of March 4, the russian military struck the communities of Ochakiv, Kutsurub, and Shevchenkove. People were not injured.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

177 strikes were carried out by the russian army on six settlements of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast, last day, March 3. In particular, 133 times artillery shelled Robotyne, Malynyvka, Novodanilivka and other frontline towns and villages. There was no information about the dead and wounded.

In the Orikhiv direction, the russian army carried out three unsuccessful attacks in the vicinity of the village of Robotyne, Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

Odesa Oblast

Rescuers of the State Emergency Service completed search and rescue operations in Odesa. A total of 12 people, including 5 children, died as a result of the russian strike on March 2. 20 people were injured, including a pregnant woman.

Odesa sappers destroyed an anchor mine. She was discovered on the coast of the Black Sea and neutralized in a safe place.

Kherson Oblast

Over the past 24 hours, the russian military shelled 16 settlements in Kherson Oblast. Russian shells damaged 9 multi-storey buildings, 16 private houses, administrative buildings, a critical infrastructure facility, educational institutions, a bakery, and outbuildings. One person was killed.

In the morning, russian troops attacked Beryslav with a drone, hitting a man. He was diagnosed with an explosive injury, shrapnel wounds to his arms and legs.

Over the past day, 40 people were evacuated from Kherson Oblast, including seven children.

Activists of the “Yellow Ribbon” movement report the involvement of mobilized russian soldiers in the so-called “early voting” in the presidential elections. Dressed in civilian clothes, they vote at polling stations under the guise of local residents. Such cases were recorded near Oleshky, in Ivanivka and in Nyzhni Sirohozy.

As part of the first phase of the “Side by Side” initiative, more than a third of the houses destroyed by the russian army were repaired in Kherson Oblast. A total of 1535 homes are planned to be rebuilt in 2024.

Central Oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

A post office, a private house and a car were damaged as a result of a UAV strike on Nikopol in the evening of March 3. They also shelled Marhanets with artillery. A power line was damaged. No one was killed or injured.

In Kryvyi Rih, explosives experts destroyed a missile warhead that was shot down by the regional air defense forces the day before.

Western Oblasts

Rivne Oblast

The Velykyi Zholudsk lyceum was rebuilt in the Rafaliv community in Rivne Oblast. It was damaged by the wreckage of a downed drone in the first days of the full-scale invasion. The Velykyi Zholudsk Lyceum is among the 50 educational institutions included in the EU4UASchools: Build Back Better”.

Ternopil Oblast

The Ternopil Regional Library for Children raised more than UAH 17 thousand to purchase a drone for the 67th Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. To do this, the library held charity events.

Last modified: 9 Березня, 2024