The seven hundred and forty-first day (741) of the large-scale armed aggression of the russians against ours continues.


Northern Oblasts


The death toll from the February 7 missile strike on Kyiv has risen to six. A man who had been in hospital for almost three weeks fighting for his life died. He was in an extremely serious condition. Earlier, a rocket attack claimed the life of his daughter. She also died in the hospital from her injuries.

Zhytomyr Oblast

Young men and women from Zhytomyr Oblast were taking an exam in the fighters’ unit of the NGO Centuria. They went through several routes, during which they performed various physical exercises, evacuated a wounded man, and overcame an obstacle course.

Chernihiv Oblast

The russian army shelled 9 villages in the Chernihiv Oblast during the day.

Three communities in the Oblast have begun the process of rebuilding educational institutions with the support of the UK government. They won a competition organized by the Ministry of Community Development, Territories and Infrastructure of Ukraine. In total, 10 communities across the country were recognized as winners in the competition.

Sumy Oblast

One person was wounded as a result of shelling by the russian federation. On March 5, 222 explosions were recorded.

At night, Sumy was attacked by four russian “Shakheds”. One drone was shot down on the approach to the city, and three entered the airspace over Sumy. One Shahed was aimed at a hospital with about 400 patients, including 50 who were restricted in movement. Also, up to 40 cars, 13 high-rise buildings and 500 windows were damaged in the city. Five people were injured, including a 10-year-old boy.

Today, russia sent guided aerial bombs to the north of Sumy Oblast.

At night and in the morning, the russian army also shelled the territories of five communities.

Eastern Oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

At least seven russian drones attacked Martove in Chuhuyiv raion at night. A two-story building of a defunct preschool was destroyed, a fire broke out, and a lyceum was damaged. Some of the drones that attacked Martove were shot down by air defense forces.

In Vovchansk, at least 15 residential buildings, fences, a private enterprise building, high-rise buildings, and cars were damaged by shelling.

Kyslivka and Mytrofanivka in the Kharkiv Oblast were hit by air strikes during the day.

A 70-year-old man was killed in the shelling of Borova, and four other people, including three children, were injured. As a result of the shelling, a fire broke out on the territory of a household, destroying a car, a garage, and outbuildings.

In Kharkiv Oblast, air defense forces destroyed a russian Orlan-10 UAV.

Donetsk Oblast

On March 5, the russian occupation forces shelled the settlements of Donetsk Oblast ten times. The shelling destroyed and damaged eight residential buildings, businesses and power lines.

Over the past day, one person was killed in Krasnohorivka and another resident of Pokrovsk was wounded by russian occupation forces.

Ukrainian troops repelled 70 attacks by russian occupation forces in Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts. There were 62 engagements in the Avdiivka and Novopavlivka sectors.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk Raion

On the night of March 6, russian occupation forces attacked Pokrovsk with four S-300 missiles. One person was injured. Some residential buildings were left without electricity.

On the morning of March 6, russian occupation forces shelled Netailove of the Ocheretyne community. A resident of the village was killed, she died of her injuries on the way to the hospital.


The exhibition “War Diaries: Unheard Voices of Ukrainian Children” opened in the German capital. The exhibition features 14 touching stories of children from different parts of Ukraine. It features children’s diaries, writings, drawings, and personal belongings. The goal of the project is to draw public attention to the problem of the emotional state of Ukrainian youth who witnessed the war.

Luhansk Oblast

Russians conducted an air strike near Novoyehorivka. The consequences are being established. Bilohorivka was shelled with artillery and mortars.

Employees of the so-called “luhansk people’s republic” and their family members were ordered to come to the polls and vote for putin in the re-election. They also had to take a photo and join a flash mob by posting it on social media.

Southern Oblasts

Mykolaiv Oblast

On March 5, the russian military twice fired artillery at the waters of the Ochakiv community in Mykolaiv Oblast. The russian army also fired artillery at the Kutsurub community. People were not injured.

In Mykolaiv Oblast, a man exploded on an unexploded ordnance. He received a traumatic amputation of his left foot and shrapnel wounds to his thigh.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

The russian army fired 328 times in six settlements of Zaporizhzhia Oblast over the last day.

In the Orikhiv sector, the russian army carried out five attacks in the vicinity of three settlements in Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

In the temporarily occupied Berdiansk, one of the organizers of the russian presidential “elections” was killed. The woman died in hospital from her injuries.

Odesa Oblast

At night over Odesa, air defense forces shot down 18 “martyrs”. A gas pipeline and houses in the private sector were damaged by drone debris in Odesa raion. The russian army tried to attack the port infrastructure as well, but the air defense forces managed to destroy the drones over the sea. There were no casualties or injuries.

Today, russia fired a missile at the motorcade in Odesa, in which the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, was traveling before the meeting with the Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis. The rocket landed 150 meters from the delegation from Greece, in which the prime minister was. No one from the Greek delegation was injured, but there are dead and wounded among other participants. Consequences are established. Mitsotakis’ visit to Odesa was not announced, but there was a leak of information.

Kherson Oblast

Yesterday, the russian military shelled 20 settlements in the Kherson Oblast. In the region, they targeted a gas pipeline, an indestructible point and a garage, the territory of the airport. Two people are injured.

In Kherson, as a result of shelling, critical infrastructure objects, a museum, a creative center and cars were damaged. Shells also hit the port infrastructure and the territory of the park.

Russian troops shelled the center of Kherson. Two people were injured.

The russian army attacked Beryslav in the Kherson Oblast from a drone. A man and a woman received explosive injuries and contusions in their own home.

Last day, the russian military shelled Vesele in the Kherson Oblast almost 20 times. They attacked with mortars, artillery and drones. A 66-year-old man was injured when explosives were dropped from a drone. He suffered a blast injury and leg injuries.

In the Kherson Oblast, Ukrainian fighters destroyed two drones of the russian army.

Central Oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

On the night of March 6, the russian army shelled the Nikopol raion of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast three times. First, the district center was targeted by kamikaze drones. Then the Marganets community was shelled with heavy artillery. Damaged power line. There are no dead or injured.

On the night of March 6, air defense forces shot down a russian army drone over the Dnipro raion of the region.

Cherkasy Oblast

On the night of March 6, an attack UAV was shot down in Cherkasy Oblast.

Western Oblasts

Khmelnytskyi Oblast

Tonight, during an air alert, the air defense forces shot down 6 UAVs of the “Shakhed” type in the Khmelnytskyi Oblast. The infrastructure object was damaged as a result of the attack. Several settlements remain without power. There were no casualties or injuries.

Last modified: 7 Березня, 2024