Northern oblasts

Kyiv Oblast

The Kyiv Oblast State Administration hosted a meeting with representatives of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The participants discussed the current state of reconstruction and the enhancement of the region’s economic attractiveness. The Government of Japan, through JICA, is financing the transfer of equipment and machinery to clean up and remove the debris of destroyed buildings.

Zhytomyr Oblast

In Zviahel, a veteran’s roadmap was developed to guide ex-combatants on where to go after discharge or demobilization to get medical and social services and gain employment.

Chernihiv Oblast

Yesterday, russian troops shelled three border communities in the Chernihiv Oblast with mortars and multiple rocket launchers.

Sumy Oblast

Over the course of the day, the russian army fired 66 times on communities in the Sumy Oblast. A total of 332 explosions were recorded. Three people were killed and 12 wounded. Also, 27 private houses and two residential multi-story buildings were damaged.

At night and in the morning, the russian army shelled the Sumy Oblast 13 times. As many as 35 explosions were recorded. In particular, the russian military attacked the civilian infrastructure of four cities of the oblast with Shaheds: Sumy, Shostka, Trostianets, and Bilopillia. Broadcasting transmitters are temporarily out of service there. The authorities are warning the residents about possible interruptions in mobile communications.

Shostka and Trostianets also came under missile attacks. A school and 12 residential buildings were damaged in Shostka.

In the Sumy Oblast, border guards shot down a Shahed drone. It was launched by the russian army from the Belgorod area.

Population evacuation is underway in the Velyka Pysarivka community in the Sumy Oblast

There may still be people under the rubble of a house in Sumy. Rescue operations at the site of the Shahed hit continue. The number of casualties and injuries as a result of the attack on Sumy on March 13 has increased to 15.

Eastern oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

At night, russian troops struck Kharkiv with a Shakhed UAV. The drone fell in the middle of the city near private houses. There are no injured or dead. In the morning, the enemy once again attacked the city with an S-300 missile.

In the morning, the russian federation, in addition to Kharkiv, struck five settlements in the region. In particular, in Velykyi Burluk, housing, the territory of the hospital and forestry were damaged. A house and outbuildings were destroyed in Lozova. In Izium, air defense forces shot down two russian drones.

Enemy UAVs targeted television infrastructure facilities in the Oblast, there are interruptions in mobile communications.

As of March 14, 89 children were evacuated from the Vilkhuvata and Velykyi Burluk communities.

Today, during the day, Kharkiv and the Oblast were under enemy fire. During the day, the russian federation fired a S-300 missile over the Kharkiv Raion.

Donetsk Oblast

The russian army hit New York and Maksymivka with KAB bombs, and Chasiv Yar was shelled with artillery. In total, eight settlements in the Oblast came under fire on March 13.

Two people were injured in Chasiv Yar and Maksymivka from shelling by the russian army in Donetsk Oblast.

The Ukrainian military repelled 63 attacks by the russian army on the fronts of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. 49 battles took place in the Avdiivka and Novopavlivka directions.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk Raion

This morning, 12 battles took place at the same time in the Avdiivka and Novopavlivka directions. The main direction of russian assaults remains Avdiivka.

Southern oblasts

Mykolaiv Oblast

On March 13, the russian army struck the settlements of the Kutsurub community in the Mykolaiv Oblast. Shelling was also recorded in the water area and in the town of Ochakiv of the Ochakiv community. People were not injured.

On the night of March 14, forces and means of air defense in the Mykolaiv Oblast destroyed two unmanned aerial vehicles of the “Shahed 131/136” type.

In the Mykolaiv Oblast, women are trained in so-called “male” professions. Currently, courses for female tractor drivers are ongoing in the Pervomaysk community.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

On March 13, the russian army carried out 290 strikes on seven towns and villages of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast. In particular, it carried out 84 attacks by drones on 6 settlements, and also attacked other populated areas with aviation, anti-aircraft missiles and artillery.

Seven attacks by the russian army near Verbove and Robotyne in the Zaporizhzhia Oblast and Staromayorske in the Donetsk Oblast were repulsed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Orihiv direction.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksandr Syrskyi visited the brigades in the Zaporizhzhia Oblast. He noted that russian troops continue to attack the positions of the Ukrainian defenders in the areas of Robotyne and Verbove, but without “particular success.”

Kherson Oblast

Yesterday, the russian army shelled Kherson and 6 other settlements. 8 high-rise buildings, three private houses and a gas pipeline were damaged. In Kherson, portside infrastructure and a motor vehicle enterprise were hit. There were no casualties or injuries.

At dawn, the russian army attacked a motor vehicle enterprise in the center of Kherson. Three cars, two buses and one minibus were on fire. They also hit the residential building.

From the temporarily occupied territory of the Kherson Oblast to the territory controlled by Ukraine, it was possible to return a guardian family with three children – orphans and deprived of parental care. They are now in a safe place and receiving medical and psychological help.

This morning, the russian army once again attacked Kherson. A multi-story building was damaged, a shell hit an apartment on the sixth floor.

Central Oblast

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

The russian military shelled the Nikopol Raion twice on the night of March 14. The Marhanets and Chervonohryhorivka communities were under attack. There were no casualties or injuries.

Three russian drones shot down air defense forces at night in the sky over the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.

Five people were injured as a result of an attack by russian troops on Nikopol on March 14. Among the injured is a 7-year-old boy. One of the injured, a 73-year-old woman, was hospitalized. Several high-rise buildings and city infrastructure were damaged. The information is being clarified.

March 14 is a day of mourning in Kryvyi Rih for those who died in a high-rise building that was hit by a russian missile the day before. Five townspeople died there. Half a hundred people were injured.

Vinnytsia Oblast

Vinnytsia National Guardsmen practiced the skills of conducting assault operations in urban areas. For this, a site was specially prepared, where a conventional street with an intersection and a house was created.

Western Oblasts

Volyn Oblast

Defense lines and fortifications are being built on the border with Belarus in the Volyn Oblast in accordance with the projects of the Ministry of Defense. For this, UAH 1.5 billion were allocated from the state budget for the region.

Lviv Oblast

On the Day of the Ukrainian Volunteer, a promotion started in Lviv where every donor who donates blood at the Oblast Blood Service Center or at the city Blood Bank will receive a free certificate to museums or theaters. The promotion will last for a month.

Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

On March 14, 40 community service volunteers from the Ivano-Frankivsk community will go to the Donetsk Oblast. They will take part in the construction of fortifications.

Last modified: 15 Березня, 2024