The seven hundred and seventieth day (770) of the large-scale armed aggression of the russians against ours continues.


Northern Oblasts

Kyiv Oblast 

President of Finland Alexander Stubb visited the Antonov airport in Hostomel, which was destroyed by russians. The international delegation was shown the sites of the fiercest battles for the airport and the “Mriya” transport plane destroyed by the occupiers.

Zhytomyr Oblast

American retired volunteers brought more than UAH 3 million worth of aid to the Zhytomyr Regional Clinical Hospital named after Herbachevskyi. Tama Adelman, Kathy Evans, Katherine Sheridan personally delivered 5 suitcases of equipment from California.

Chernihiv Oblast

Yesterday, the russian army shelled the Semenivka community in Chernihiv Oblast.

Police evacuated a pensioner from the border village of Lubyane in the Semenivka community, two kilometers from the border with russia.

Sumy Oblast

At night and in the morning, russian troops attacked the Esman and Krasnopil communities of Sumy Oblast with multiple rocket launchers and mortars. Fortunately, no one was injured or killed. 

Eastern Oblasts 

Kharkiv Oblast

The russian army attacked Kharkiv with 15 “shaheds” at night on April 4, some of the drones were shot down by air defense forces. The hits were recorded in Novobavarskyi, Slobidskyi and Saltivskyi districts.

Four people were killed and at least 12 injured as a result of the russian attack. The first drone hit a three-story residential building at 1 a.m. As rescuers were working in the area of the hit, a second strike occurred, killing three firefighters on the spot. Another drone hit a high-rise building a few blocks away, killing a woman. A police officer was also injured.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, 91 rescuers have been killed and 348 others injured by russia’s double strikes.

Rescuers pulled a man from the rubble of a four-story building who was trapped after a russian strike on Kharkiv’s Novobavarsky district. The rescue operation lasted more than 3 hours, as they had to lift the building’s floor slabs. The man was conscious, but could not move on his own.

Two men were wounded in the strike in Kharkiv Oblast, and another was killed. The missile landed in a field where employees of an agricultural enterprise were working at the time. The russian munition left a three-meter-deep crater at the site of the impact. Agricultural machinery was also damaged. In Kharkiv, power outages were extended as a result of russian strikes on critical infrastructure on April 4. Currently, 350,000 consumers in the city and Kharkiv Oblast are without electricity. The ”Neutron Source” nuclear subcritical facility in Kharkiv was de-energized after the strikes on Kharkiv on April 4. The emergency power supply system has been activated and diesel generators have started working. The radiation situation at the site is within normal limits. 

Donetsk Oblast 

The Ukrainian military repelled 57 attacks by russian occupation forces on the fronts of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts during April 3. In the direction of Novopavlovsk, the russian army attacked with the support of aviation.

Kramatorsk and Kramatorsk raion

This morning, the russian army shelled Mykolaivka, which is in the Kostyantynivska community of the Donetsk Oblast. One person was injured, residential buildings were damaged.

Life imprisonment – this is the sentence the court announced to the resident of Kramatorsk, who launched a rocket attack by the occupiers on the “RIA” pizzeria on June 27, 2023. Then 13 people died, 64 were injured.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk raion 

Yesterday, the russian military shelled Kurakhivka, Halytsynivka, Novoselivka Persha with artillery, where they damaged the homes of the residents.

Bakhmut and Bakhmut raion 

On April 3, the occupiers targeted Toretsk and Stara Mykolaivka with a guided aerial bomb — mutilated houses, electricity, shops, cars, etc.

Luhansk Oblast 

A coniferous forest has been burning for more than three days around the occupied Smolyaninovy, near Severodonetsk, Luhansk Oblast, the occupation authorities and firefighters have information about the emergency, but they do nothing.

Southern Oblasts 

Mykolayiv Oblast 

During the past day, russian troops attacked three communities of the Mykolaiv Oblast with artillery and drones. There are no casualties.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

The russian army carried out 320 attacks on nine towns and villages in Zaporizhzhia Oblast during the day on April 3. They attacked with drones, aircraft, MLRS and artillery.

Three fires occurred in Orikhiv and Preobrazhenka as a result of russian shelling. Warehouses and three residential buildings were on fire.

Due to russian shelling, the temporarily occupied ZNPP was once again left on a single power line. Currently, the nuclear power plant is connected to the Ukrainian power grid by only one power line, the Dniprovska power line, and its operation has recently been restored by Ukrainian power engineers.

Kherson Oblast

Yesterday, russian troops fired at 7 localities. A school, a kindergarten and five private houses were damaged. No one was killed or injured.

Central Oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

On the night of April 4, russian troops attacked the Nikopol raion. They used kamikaze drones and heavy artillery. A house of culture, a gymnasium, and a private house were damaged. No one was killed or injured.

Russian troops shelled a solar power plant in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. The attack damaged the plant’s equipment and caused a fire. A security guard at the plant was burned while fighting the fire.

Western Oblasts

Khmelnytskyi Oblast

A family from the village of Pyliavka in the Stara Syniava community in Khmelnytskyi Oblast has been volunteering for ten years. They have 10 children. One of them, Mykola Stelmashchuk, bought a drone for his 11th birthday. He spent all his pocket money and money given to him during the year.

Zakarpattia Oblast

Uzhhorod Lyceum No. 8 has purchased two FPV drones for the military of the 128th separate mountain assault brigade of Zakarpattia.

Last modified: 5 Квітня, 2024