The one hundred thirty-seventh (137) day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion continues.

The one hundred thirty-seventh (137) day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion continues.

Northern Oblasts 

Kyiv Oblast

A mobile hospital has been put into operation near the Makariv multidisciplinary intensive care hospital. The hospital was damaged during the hostilities. Currently, the medical facility is undergoing reconstruction. The mobile hospital was handed over to the First Volunteer Mobile Hospital named after Mykola Pirogov (PDMSh) by the Danish Emergency Management Agency of the Ministry of Defense of the Kingdom of Denmark. Demining continues. Over the past day, pyrotechnicians neutralized 333 explosive objects. During inspection and demining in one of the villages near Makarov, an enemy emplacement with an F-1 grenade was discovered near a residential building.

Zhytomyr Oblast

The Ukrainian military began to mine the border territories of Ukraine and Belarus. Today, the commander of the combined forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Serhiy Naev, during a visit to the positions of Ukrainian soldiers near the border with Belarus, announced that measures are currently being taken to demining dangerous areas and installing engineering fences.

In Zhytomyr, they received help for ground defense – more than a thousand sets of military uniforms, ammunition and ambulances.

People massively discuss the large number of internally displaced persons in Zhytomyr Oblast.

The Security Service of Ukraine suspects the Radomysh resident of collaborationism and justification of russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine. Investigators of the Security Service of Ukraine informed a local resident about the suspicion of justifying the criminal actions of the russian army in Ukraine and calls for cooperation with the occupying administration of the aggressor state. In widespread publications, the man openly welcomed the occupation of Ukrainian cities and villages by russian troops, considered the aggression of the russia exclusively an internal civil conflict, and convinced of the inevitability of the quick “unconditional surrender” of Ukraine. The coordinator of AUI “Active Community” provided information to citizens about receiving psychological and humanitarian assistance.

Chernihiv Oblast

The russians again shelled the border of the Chernihiv Oblast.

Horodnyanska, Semenivska and Snovska communities of Chernihiv Oblast came under enemy fire.

Three times a day, the enemy shelled one of the border settlements of the Horodnya community in Chernihiv Oblast with artillery shells. According to preliminary information, a private house and an outbuilding were damaged.

The Semeniv community was shelled twice by the enemy with mortars and AGS. 14 explosions were recorded.

Sumy Oblast

On July 9, the russians shelled three communities of the Sumy Oblast – Shalyginska, Khotinska and Esmanska. As a result of morning rocket fire from a helicopter, two people were injured in the Myropil community, and three people were injured in the Khotyn community. In the evening of July 9, the Shalygin community in Sumy Oblast was fired at from the territory of the russia with machine guns. In the morning, mortar fire and machine gun rounds opened fire on this community.

Eastern Oblasts 

Kharkiv Oblast

During the night, the Kharkiv Defense Headquarters recorded rocket hits in the Osnovyansk and Slobidsk Raions. At 03:30, the impact partially destroyed the 2nd and 3rd floors of the educational institution. There are no dead or injured.

A minute later, part of a residential building with 6 apartments was destroyed by a rocket attack. There were no casualties, a 62-year-old man was hospitalized, his condition was average.

During the day, the occupiers shelled the Izyum, Bogodukhiv, Chuguyiv, and Kharkiv Raions of the Oblast.

In the Izyum Raion, Donetsk community, open areas burned three times due to shelling. One 48-year-old man was hospitalized. In the Chuguyiv Raion, as a result of shelling outside the settlement, grass and coniferous litter, as well as a field with wheat on an area of ​​0.1 ha, burned. At 9 p.m., a private house caught fire as a result of shelling in the town of Pechenegy. Unfortunately, a 20-year-old woman died. A 42-year-old woman was injured and hospitalized.

There were also fires in open areas and warehouses in Bogodukhiv and Kharkiv Raions.

Fighting in Kharkiv Oblast continues. Ukrainian fighters hold positions in all directions. The russians are trying to prevent the advance of Ukrainian troops and to consolidate their positions. The occupiers carried out combat reconnaissance in the area of ​​the settlement of Dolyna, they were unsuccessful and left.

Donetsk Oblast

The russians are conducting active shelling along the entire front line and in cities in the relative rear.

Pavlivka in the Ugledarsk community was liberated from the russians under fire. One house was destroyed by a rocket strike, and no one was injured.

In Avdiivka, there were more than 10 shellings, all of them targeting residential areas and civilian infrastructure. We are clarifying the information about the victims and the extent of the destruction.

At least 1 person was killed by shelling in Mariintka, and a fire broke out in the fields in Krasnohorivka.

In the Ocheretyn community from “Smerch”, a summer cottage cooperative in Novoselivka Pershiya was fired upon — no casualties.

In Kostyantynivka, there are at least 5 arrivals on residential areas. A dairy and a furniture factory were also damaged. The number of wounded civilians in Kostyantynivka is 18.

In the Svitlodar community, four people were injured in Zaitsevo.

One dead and one wounded in Pereizny of the Zvaniv community.

On July 9, at noon, near Horlivka, a unit of anti-aircraft missile troops of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down a helicopter of the russian occupation forces.

There is confirmation of target destruction. The type of enemy helicopter is set.

In the Slavyansk direction, the enemy carried out fire damage to the positions of Ukrainian troops, carried out combat reconnaissance by an assault group in the area of ​​the Dolyna settlement, had no success, withdrew.

The enemy shelled the Dolyna, Dibrovny, Mazanivka, Bogorodichny, Adamivka, Andriivka, Virnopilly, Veliky Komyshuvakha, Krasnopilly, and Novaya Dmytrivka districts with barrel and rocket artillery. The enemy did not conduct active operations in the Kramatorsk direction. The relocation of individual units to the Bilogorivka district was noted. He carried out shelling from mortars, barrel artillery and tanks in the areas of settlements of Siversk, Pereizne, Hryhorivka, Verkhnokamianske and Bilogorivka. Airstrikes near Sloviansk, Siversk and Serebryanka.

In the Avdiyiv, Kurakhiv, Novopavliv, and Zaporizhzhya directions, the enemy launched artillery fire in the areas of Opytne, Avdiivka, Maryinka, Pavlivka, Vugledar, Zolota Niva, Komar, Gulyaipole, Orihiv, Mali Shcherbaki, and Poltavka settlements. He carried out airstrikes in the districts of Kamianka, Maly Shcherbaki and Novoandriivka.

Since the beginning of the russian invasion of Ukraine, as a result of shelling and bombing in Donetsk Oblast, 591 civilians have died, and another 1,548 have been injured.


The action of the enemy in the city was not recorded, instead, an attack was made on one of the neighboring cities. In Kostyantynivka, there were at least 5 attacks on residential areas – one person was killed and eight were injured. A dairy and a furniture factory were also damaged.

The situation with the supply of products to villages near the battle line is difficult. Thanks to volunteer help, they are trying to correct this situation.

The village of Rai-Olexandrivka received guests with gifts today. Residents under the age of 60 received 200 food kits from the “Everything will be fine” charity fund. In the village of Starodubivka, everyone currently living has received the same set of groceries. The charitable foundation also showed concern for the residents of the village of Pyskunivka. Despite this, the situation remains alarming.

The regional coordinator held an event for children with disabilities. Children drew a tree of wishes. We hope their wishes will come true.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk Raion

The occupiers attacked the cities of Avdiivka, Maryinka, and Hirnyk. The enemy hit the residential quarters with aircraft, artillery, tanks, rocket salvo systems “Hail”, “Hurricane”, “Smerch”.

In Avdiivka, there were more than 10 shellings, all of them targeting residential areas and civilian infrastructure. Information on the victims and the extent of the destruction is being clarified. The occupiers are destroying Avdiyivka, the commander of the special police regiment Maksym Morozov will tell about it.

At least 1 person was killed by shelling in Mariintka, and a fire broke out in the fields in Krasnohorivka.

In the Ocheretyn community from “Smerchiv”, a summer cottage cooperative in Novoselivka Pershiya was fired upon – no casualties.

The day in the Pokrovsk Raion was relatively calm. However, today at approximately 06:00 a.m., one of the villages of the community was shelled. Currently, the facts about the victims and the destruction caused by the shelling are being clarified.

The work of rescuers involves daily risks and a considerable moral burden. Therefore, in order to normalize and improve the psychological state, special training is regularly held for all rescue teams in Donetsk oblast. Such training was also held in Pokrovsk.


The occupiers did not take any active actions in the Bakhmut direction. Enemy shelling was recorded in the areas of Vershina, Zaytseve, Pokrovske, Vesele, Ivano-Daryivka and Vugleghirska TPP settlements. Airstrikes were carried out near Berestovo and Spirny.

At least three dozen people are under the rubble of a 5-story building in Chasovoy Yar (Bakhmut District, approximately 20 km from Bakhmut), which the russians attacked with Uragan missiles yesterday evening. Two entrances to the building were completely destroyed. Rescue workers are working on the spot – they are trying to save those who were under the rubble. According to local residents, there are most likely at least 34 people, including a 9-year-old child. So far, rescuers have managed to establish contact with two people who were under the ruins. The rescue operation is ongoing. 6 dead and 5 wounded have already been brought to the surface.

Luhansk Oblast

Over the past day, the russians did not manage to advance further. The Armed Forces of Ukraine blew up regular warehouses in the deep rear of the enemy.

The russians entered Bilogorivka several times, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine defeated them each time. The enemy is gathering troops near Bilogorivka, shelling the surrounding settlements, launching airstrikes, and is still unable to quickly occupy the entire Luhansk oblast. During the last night alone, the russians launched seven artillery barrages and four rocket strikes.

The occupiers are trying to supply electricity to Lysychansk all the way from Luhansk. They will not be able to restore a centralized water supply;

Severodonetsk is also without communications – the city is expecting a communal collapse. Hundreds of billions of hryvnias will be needed to restore the infrastructure of these two cities.

Southern oblasts

Zaporizhzhia oblast

Yesterday, on July 9, the russian military shelled civilian infrastructure in the areas of the settlements of Orihiv, Gulyaipole, Primorske and Kamianske. Local residents received 42 reports about the destruction of civil infrastructure objects as a result of shelling.

The probability of an attack in the Zaporizhzhia direction is greatest at the border of the Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk oblasts in the village of Velika Novosilka. This was said by the head of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast Military Administration Oleksandr Starukh, commenting on the statement of the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Hanna Malyar: “It was there that active hostilities always took place, and the enemy tried to break through further into the Dnipropetrovsk oblast in order to surround the troops of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. And after they ousted our troops almost completely from Luhansk oblast, now they are moving their forces in the direction of Donetsk.”

The situation in Zaporizhzhia is under control and generally calm. In the city, you can sometimes hear the echoes of battles taking place on the territory of the oblast. Airborne alarms have become commonplace. The authorities urge citizens not to ignore such messages.

Kherson Oblast

The military unit of the russians in the temporarily occupied Kherson was struck by the Armed Forces twice — at five and at ten in the morning.

Central Oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

Zelenodolsk and Velikomykhailivsk communities were shelled by the enemy. Hay and a tractor caught fire in one of the villages of Synelnykivskyi district due to shelling.

Yesterday evening, the russian invaders attacked the village of Radushne near Kryvyi Rih with three Kalibr missiles. An industrial enterprise was destroyed. A 41-year-old kindergarten cook and 20-year-old champion of Ukraine in sports dance, Daria Kudel, died as a result of yesterday’s rocket fire in Kryvyi Rih.

Fighters of the 93rd separate mechanized brigade “Kholodny Yar” from the Dnipropetrovsk oblast destroyed three enemy tanks.

The regional coordinator of AUI “Active Community” purchased equipment for the military, which will be delivered to the front.

Kirovohrad Oblast

There was a threat of a missile attack in the oblast, an air alert was announced. In general, the situation in the communities is calm and under control.

A charity concert was held in Oleksandria in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and on the occasion of Family Day. The groups and soloists of the exemplary vocal ensemble “New Names”, the folk amateur vocal ensemble “Krynychenka” and the vocal studio “Pokolinnia NEXT” performed on the site near one of the city’s supermarkets.

As a result, it was possible to collect a little over 2.5 thousand hryvnias, which were handed over to the volunteer centre for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – reports the website of the Oleksandriysk City Council.

In the “Child is not alone” programs, 11 families from the Kirovohrad oblast received training in order to be ready to accept children who were left without the care of their parents during the war for various reasons.

Another sad news in Kropyvnytskyi – on July 11, the townspeople will say goodbye to two fallen soldiers-Heroes – junior sergeant Dmytro Klipp and senior sergeant Volodymyr Skachko. The start of the farewell ceremony is at 10:00 a.m. in the Alley of Honorable Military Burials of the Far Eastern Cemetery.

The coordinator of the AUI “Active Community” worked at the Humanitarian Center named after St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in Kropyvnytskyi, helping displaced people to receive food packages.

Poltava Oblast

An important decision was made at the meeting of the executive committee of the city council. From now on, pensioners of the Poltava community will be able to travel free of charge on certain days by public transport that runs between the Starosty districts and Poltava.

On the site of the old greenhouses near the Singing Field, a city garden with a greenhouse and a public space is being established. The project is being implemented on the site of the abandoned greenhouses of the then “Zelenbud”, which were created in the pre-war period. For the last 30 years, there were only slums here, and among the trees, you can see the remains of unused greenhouses. It is planned to use the potential left over from the old greenhouses for the harvest. There are communications and the remains of open former beds. They should be equipped with the help of pallets on which humanitarian aid arrives.

Fundraising for thermal imagers for the Poltava military continues on the ZMIST crowd platform.

With the assistance of the Poltava oblast organization of the Red Cross of Ukraine, the humanitarian headquarters of the city was replenished with baby food, formulas, etc. The point of delivery of humanitarian aid is located at Poltava, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, 5.

Vinnytsia Oblast

Khmilnyk and Khmilnyk Raion

During the day, air alarms were sounded.

The past day in the Khmilnyk community was relatively calm.

Military uniforms instead of wedding suits have become commonplace at weddings. However, this did not affect the love of Ukrainians in any way. So the other day, a new loving family was born in the community. Oleksandr and Ruslana officially sealed their feelings and get married in the Khmilnyk Department of State Registration of Civil Status Acts.

Замість весільного костюма – воєнна форма: у Хмільнику народилася нова сім’я

The coordinator of AUI “Active Community” of Khmilnyk and Khmilnyk Raion communicated with the internally displaced persons. During the meeting, he reported that IDPs living in the Khmilnyk community can get the necessary medicines. He also explained where exactly the drugs can be obtained.

Rivne Oblast


The general situation was relatively calm, as of 16:00 there were no air alarms.

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine patrol the border with belarus. Representatives of the local Territorial Defense unit patrol and are on duty at checkpoints.

The Rivne Oblast Military Administration informs about the availability of fuel at oblast gas stations.

In order to support local manufacturers and popularize their products among residents of Rivne, it is planned to open a new offline retail space for local products.

A charity football tournament – the Super Cup of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – ended in Rivne. In total, 6.5 thousand euros were collected during the entire tournament. These funds will be spent on two cars for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Representatives of the local Territorial Defense unit continue to stand guard at checkpoints.

A generator was purchased and handed over to the 95th Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Zdovbytsia Village Council. Local deputies organized the tailoring of T-shirts, unloading and summaries for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Local volunteers sewed flags for sale, the proceeds went for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

At the Zdovbytsia Lyceum, camouflage nets are woven for the needs of the Ukrainian military.

The general situation in the region was calm. There were no air alarms.

Khmelnytskyi Oblast


The past day in the community passed calmly, without air alarms. Citizens freely walked the streets, visited temples and places of rest.

Mayor Mykhailo Positko signed a memorandum with the non-governmental organization “Union of Experts on Combating Corruption”. The document is aimed at the fight against corruption, development of inclusive services, digital and financial literacy among citizens, social and economic growth of the community. The memorandum envisages the participation of society, scientists, and specialists in public administration reform issues in helping local authorities.

Taras Golub and Serhiy Nizhynskyi (who coordinates the project of the pavilion town in Kamianets), advisers to the Deputy Prime Minister on European and Euro-Atlantic integration Olga Stefanishyna, gave a video commentary. It was about new opportunities for Ukrainians after Ukraine became a candidate for EU membership, about access to European programs, the twinning of Kamianets with Slovak cities, a conference in the Swiss city of Lugano, support of local authorities and the arrival of famous guests to Kamianets.

The coordinators of AUI “Active Community” traditionally attended the Sunday Divine Service “For Peace in Ukraine” in the city’s Holy Trinity Church.

Chernivtsi Oblast

At the moment, the situation in Bukovyna is calm, travel is safe.

Instead of the unfinished hospital, which stood empty for many years, it is planned to create comfortable housing for IDPs.

In the Vikno rural territorial community, the reconstruction of an abandoned building has begun in order to equip it with apartments for internally displaced persons.

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