The one hundred forty ninth (149) day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion continues.


About us: The “Active Community” initiative was launched by activists of the “Republika” Institute after the Euromaidan (2014), which focused on the activation and involvement of Ukrainians in the decision-making process. The goal for 2025: to activate and involve at least 1% of citizens in making decisions and promoting reforms in Ukraine on a systematic basis for the well-being of Ukrainian communities. Today we work in 30 communities in Ukraine.

The one hundred forty ninth (149) day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion continues.

Northern Oblasts

Kyiv city

In Kyiv, near metro stations, hardscape elements are being dismantled that prevent residents from accessing shelters and storage facilities.

The Kyiv authorities plan to buy 2-3 thousand apartments from developers for those who have lost their homes. It is planned to spend more than 2.8 billion hryvnias for this.

Kyiv Oblast

In the area of Pushcha-Vodytsia and the Kyiv Oblast, where the fighting took place, local residents find samples of tubular propellant. They are used to shoot artillery shells.

In Kyiv Oblast, a woman was blown up by a land mine. The doctors couldn’t save her.

The Mayor of Irpen, Oleksandr Markushyn, published a list of 35 streets and lanes of Irpen and Mykhailivka-Rubezhivka, which are proposed to be renamed.

Zhytomyr Oblast

The overall situation is relatively calm. Representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to cooperate with defense headquarters at all levels. Representatives of the territorial defense patrol and keep watch at checkpoints.

The head of the Zhytomyr Oblast Military Administration, Vitaly Bunechko, joined the forum with heads of communities of Zhytomyr Oblast, which discussed the working conditions of Zhytomyr oblast hromadas in the realities of wartime. He noted that the local self-government of the region managed to quickly solve security problems, humanitarian issues, transfer the life of communities on a war footing, adapt the region’s economy to resume work in war conditions. He also added that in the territory of 24 hromadas of the oblast, since February 24, more than 96 thousand IDPs with children have found shelters.

The Security Service of Ukraine detained a military intelligence agent of the russian federation, who gave the enemy information for shelling of Zhytomyr Oblast. The evil-doer provided his russian curator with data in the form of a geo-referenced map regarding the location of military facilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and a defense manufacturing enterprise in the region. The aggressors planned to use the obtained information to conduct massive missile attacks on sensitive infrastructure. 

Today, at the Smolyanka Military Cemetery in Zhytomyr, they paid a last tribute to Hero Olexandr Khalifa from the village of Reya, who laid down his life for Ukraine, protecting the eastern borders from the attacks of the russian aggressor.

The coordinator of the All-Ukrainian Initiative “Active Community” held an art therapy event for children on the topic “Life is always a smile. Smile! “, on which bright emoticons were made. 

Chernihiv Oblast

In Nizhyn, the dead serviceman Volodymyr Popovych was paid his last respects. He died on July 16 as a result of a mine-blast trauma near the Donetsk Oblast. Military rank – platoon sergeant. He took part in the anti-terrorist operation and had many battle honors.

An industrial park is being created in the city of Mena, which should unite investors and entrepreneurs, creating up to three thousand jobs. The corresponding decision was made today by the deputies of the Chernihiv City Council.

A group of volunteers from the “Bo mozhemo” voluntary association help residents of the Bobrovytsia microdistrict in Chernihiv to repair damaged houses and clean up the remains of destroyed ones. 

Sumy Oblast

After 11 p.m. on July 21, the russian military shelled the Esman community with artillery. At 7 p.m., mortar and artillery fire began on the territory of the Shalyhyne wildlife reserve. According to the head of the Regional Military Administration, Dmytro Zhivytskyi, there were no casualties or damage.

Mykola Belous, a soldier from Buryn in Sumy Oblast, died near Kharkiv. 

Pyrotechnicians discovered 52 explosive objects in the region – shells, anti-tank grenade launchers, tank armor components.

In Sumy Oblast, the Druzhba hromada of Shostka district was included in the list of territories where hostilities continue. From now on, IDPs from 20 hromadas of the Oblast can receive payments. The updated list appeared on the website of the Ministry of Integration yesterday, July 21. 

Eastern Oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

At night, the occupiers shelled the village of Rohan in the Kharkiv Raion. An unused building was damaged, a fire broke out.

During the past day, the enemy shelled the Saltivskyi and Kyivskyi districts of Kharkiv with multiple rocket launchers. 3 people died as a result of the shelling. 2 more people remain in serious condition and are in intensive care. The other 16 patients are in a moderate condition, there is no threat to their lives.

The russians also shelled civilians in the Chuhuiv Raion the other day. Residential buildings, farm buildings, cars were damaged and caught fire.

In the Izium area, the occupiers fired artillery near Dibrovne, Chepil, Karnaukhivka, Mykilske and Kurulky.

Donetsk Oblast

In the Slaviansk direction, the occupiers fired artillery near Dibrovne, Chepil, Adamivka, Karnaukhivka, Mykilske, Kurulka, Khreshtyshe and Mazanivka.

In the Donetsk direction, the enemy’s main efforts are concentrated in the Kramatorsk and Bakhmut directions. The russian army systematically bombards the positions of Ukrainian troops along the front line to prevent the transfer of reserves to other directions. The invaders are trying to replenish stocks of ammunition, fuel and lubricants.

In the Kramatorsk direction, the enemy opened fire from tanks and rocket artillery near Donetsk, Serebryanka, Verkhnokamyanske, Spirne and Ivano-Dariivka. Near the latter, the russians carried out an airstrike. The occupiers are conducting assaults in the direction of Verkhnokamyanka – Verkhnokamyanske, hostilities are ongoing.

On the Avdiivka, Novopavlivka and Zaporizhzhia directions, the enemy fired artillery in the areas of Pisky, Avdiivka, Novomykhailivka, Prechystivka, Zaliznychne, Pavlivka, Vremivka, Novoandriivka, Shevchenko, Ternuvate, Volodymyrivka, Novoyakovlivka, Mali Shcherbaky, Kamianske and Poltavka. An airstrike was recorded near Prechystivka.

Since the beginning of the russian invasion of Ukraine, 637 civilians have been killed and another 1,641 injured as a result of shelling and bombing in Donetsk Oblast.


The situation in the city is extremely alarming. Currently, the elimination of debris at the site of the school shooting the day before yesterday is underway. It is already known about three dead.

On July 22, volunteers of the international organization “Team Humanity” with the support of the Department of Family, Youth and Mass National Patriotic Education of the Oblast State Administration and the Department of Humanitarian Affairs of the Kramatorsk City Council carried out the evacuation of residents of the Donetsk Oblast to Germany. Departure took place by bus from the Kramatorsk city. The total number of evacuees is 47 people. Upon arrival in Germany, they will be provided with accommodation, food. All necessary documents and social benefits will be issued.

Residents of the community are gradually rebuilding their housing. There is a great demand for roofing material (slate).

The coordinator of the AUI “Active Community” continues to coordinate the work of the humanitarian center. 

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk Raion

In the Avdiivka direction, the enemy launched artillery fire in the areas of Pisky, Avdiivka and Novomykhailivka settlements. The enemy shelled the cities of Avdiivka, Krasnohorivka, Mariinka, the villages of Andriivka, Hryshyne and Dachne.

The last day in the Pokrovsk community was restless. On July 21, at 12:50 p.m., a projectile from the “Smerch” multiple-launch rocket system hit a field in the area of one of the community’s villages. There is no information about the victims. No facts of destruction were recorded during the past day.

In Pokrovsk, work to eliminate the consequences of shelling on July 16 continues.

Under fire, policemen delivered humanitarian aid to Krasnohorivka (Pokrovsk Raion). Law enforcement officers handed over what is most urgently needed: bread, food, drinking water. A total of 147 sets were distributed. The survival of people depends on such “flights of life”, because due to hostilities, only the police and volunteers with the help of the Armed Forces of Ukraine can reach the city.


In the Bakhmut sector, the enemy fired at Ukrainian troops using the available firepower in the areas of the settlements of Berestove, Bakhmut, Kostyantynivka, Bilohorivka, Pokrovske, Kodema, Vesela Dolyna, New York, Yakovlivka, Vasiukivka, Klishchiivka, and the territory of the Vuhlehirsk TPP. Russians Inflicted an airstrike near Striapivka. 

Assault operations in the areas Dolomitne – Novoluhanske and Striapivka – Soledar resulted in losses for the enemy. The disorganized units of the invaders were driven back by Ukrainian soldiers. The enemy continues to attempt an assault in the direction of the Vuhlehirsk TPP and near Pokrovsk; hostilities continue. 

Southern oblasts

Odesa Oblast

The day passed quietly.

Operational command “South” informs: the stormy weather in the northwestern part of the Black Sea can potentially create the conditions for enhanced movement of the enemy mines there.

Mines can drift, in particular towards the shore. The danger of recreation in the beach area is too high. Also, an uncontrolled mine explosion is quite likely. In order to inform the population on the territory of the beaches in Odesa, appropriate signs warning about the danger have been installed. 

The city authorities report that the situation is currently under control. Odesa residents are reminded that, according to the order of the Head of the Odesa Oblast Military Administration, Maksym Marchenko, the use and sale of pyrotechnics, including fireworks, salutes and firecrackers, regardless of their class, is prohibited on the territory of the city of Odesa and the Odesa Oblast. It is also prohibited to drive vehicles that use in their design an exhaust system without a silencer or a “direct flow” system and design features of the gas exhaust system that produce an excessive level of noise. In addition, it is prohibited to use vehicles used in unauthorized auto/motorcycle competitions, the drivers of which drive dangerously. This ban is in effect until the martial law is lifted or a separate appropriate order is issued.

People are united and active; they are engaged in volunteering and take part in charity events.

The situation in the community is tense due to the threat of missile attacks.

The coordinator of the AUI “Active Community” provided information to citizens about obtaining psychological, social and humanitarian assistance, and conducted an art therapy lesson “Painting of eco-bags”.

Central oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

Yesterday, the enemy shelled the Velyka Mykhailivka community. The roof of the farm was damaged. The Chervonohryhorivka community also came under fire.

Near the village of Koshove, Kryvyi Rih Raion, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, a russian tank fired at 2 harvesters in a field that were harvesting cereal crops. People managed to escape. Near Velyka Mykhailivka, 5 hectares of wheat burned as a result of shelling.

Due to today’s night enemy attack on Apostolove, 53 private houses and more than fifty apartments in 12 high-rise buildings were damaged. The enemy hit Apostolove with 7 missiles. Three schools were destroyed. Three persons have been hospitalized.

In Nikopol, residential areas were hit. A 60-year-old woman was killed. A private house and three outbuildings were completely destroyed. Another 54 private houses and 33 outbuildings were damaged. Three cars and six solar panels were smashed. In the Nikopol Raion, a hospital and a railway track were damaged. Three industrial enterprises and one energy enterprise came under fire. PHOTO

A substation was shelled in the Pokrovske community. Several villages remained without electricity. The enemy also hit the warehouses where 30 tons of grain were stored. The Zelenodolsk community was shelled by tube artillery. Two private houses caught fire.

Mayor of Nikopol Alexander Sayuk announced a hunt for collaborators. For each traitor caught, they offer $100, provided the Security Service of Ukraine confirms his/her involvement in crimes against Ukraine.

IDPs continue to arrive in the oblast. Over the last week, their number increased by 3.5 thousand.

In the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, farmers have harvested a million tons of this year’s grain crops. 833 thousand tons of wheat and 364,000 tons of barley were harvested in the fields in all raions of the oblast. More than 12 thousand hectares are “sown” with enemy ammunition. More than 400 hectares of crops burned down due to enemy shelling.

A mural in honor of Levko Lukyanenko, the author of the Act of Proclamation of Independence of Ukraine, was opened in Dnipro. 

A resident of Kryvyi Rih transferred to the occupiers the data about military facilities and the results of their shelling of critical infrastructure facilities – airports, bridges of the city and the oblast. He was detained by the Security Service of Ukraine.

The city of Cologne provided Dnipro with a fully equipped ambulance to rescue the fighters.

Kirovohrad Oblast

The day in the oblast passed quietly, there were no air raid alerts. In general, the situation in the communities is quiet and under control.

The head of the Kirovohrad Oblast Military Administration, Andrii Raikovych, said that farmers had already gathered in the first million tons of grain during the harvesting campaign. He sincerely thanked the farmers, machine operators, agronomists and all grain-growers of the glorious steppe Kirovohrad Oblast.

Deputy mayor Oleksandr Mosin emphasized that in the city of Kropyvnytskyi the routes to the nearest shelters should be marked with information boards so that citizens, being in trade outlets, cafes, institutions, walking down the street with the alarm siren turned on, have the opportunity to orient themselves and move to the shelter by the shortest route. He added that all shelters in high-rise buildings and enterprises should be available to people, and also promised to conduct daily inspections of shelters in the city.

The Pobuzke community of the Holovanivsk Raion joined the All-Ukrainian street art competition. The competition drawing was created based on a sketch of a photo of one of the local schoolgirls.

A psychological hub is actively functioning in Oleksandria. One of the directions of its work became free trainings for teenagers, in particular for children from the number of IDPs. Their main idea is to show children from different regions of Ukraine how different all people are and, at the same time, how united Ukrainians are in their family circle – Ukraine.

At the narrow-gauge railroad station in Haivoron, Holovanivsk Raion, the passenger platform was overhauled, and new reinforced concrete sleepers produced at our own enterprise will also be installed. Now it is the most modern platform among all narrow-gauge railways in Ukraine. The island platform at Khashchuvate station was also repaired.

Flowerbeds blossomed at the Central Ukrainian National Technical University in Kropyvnytskyi – the gardeners used flowers to form a cross, which is the emblem of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the Ukrainian flag.

The coordinator of the AUI “Active Community” provided advice to the IDPs on obtaining documents on the status of an internally displaced person, as well as information on the available resources of employers in the oblast center and the neighboring communities.

Poltava Oblast

The Sklifosovsky Oblast Hospital received humanitarian aid – high-quality medicines for various purposes. They were handed over by: the Chernivtsi humanitarian headquarters of the Emerland charity fund and people’s deputies of Ukraine.

Poltava volunteers collected 4,520 hryvnias for the purchase of two DJI Mavic 3 quadcopters for the 81st Separate Airmobile Brigade and the 92nd Separate Mechanized Brigade named after Kosh Ataman Ivan Sirk.

Poltava joins the “Run for Azovstal” action in support of the soldiers who defended Mariupol. A sports flash mob will take place on July 23 at 9:00 a.m. in Corpus Park. Those who want to join the campaign are asked to download the starting number, print it and attach it to their clothes. After the race, it is suggested to take a photo and post it on social networks with the tag #runforAzovstal, and in the post to talk about Ukrainian steel heroes.

The team of AUI “Active Community” of Poltava held an art therapy event for families who moved from other regions, as well as for local families.

Vinnytsia Oblast

Khmilnyk and Khmilnytskyi district

The past day passed peacefully in the Khmelnytskyi community. During the day, the air warning signals did not sound. Kalinivsk urban territorial community of Khmilnytskyi district received humanitarian aid for people with disabilities from Fundacja Wielka Orkiestra Swiatecznej Pomocy.

In the city of Kozyatyn, Khmilnytskyi district, within the framework of the Program for the Protection of Children in Emergency Situations in Ukraine by the IRC, a safe space for learning and rehabilitation of children will be opened.

The coordinator of AUI “Active Community” in Khmilnyk and Khmilnyk Raion spoke with the director of the Kalyniv Children’s Creativity Center.

Western Oblasts 

Rivne Oblast

The general situation is relatively calm, as of 16:10 there were no air alarms. Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine patrol the border with belarus. Representatives of the local Territorial Defense units patrol and are on duty at checkpoints.

One of the communities in the Rivne Oblast collected 29,000 hryvnias for the Armed Forces of Ukraine by holding charity fairs. 

In the Rivne Oblast, a kindergarten teacher organizes the weaving of camouflage nets. In total, volunteers have handed over 150 nets to the front lines since March. 

Khmelnytsk Oblast


Schools are preparing for the academic year. The commission, created by the mayor’s order, checked the shelters of educational institutions. The recommendations of the State Emergency Service have been received and information is being prepared on the shortcomings that must be eliminated in order to start offline training. Not all shelters have enough places to accommodate students. Therefore, both remote and mixed forms are assumed. Heads of institutions are currently working on the school schedule. The main thing is for the school to be a safe area.

Over the past day, 9 more people from the regions of hostilities came to the city. Residents of the Donetsk Oblast are expected to evacuate to the community during the cold season.

The head of the health department reported on the increase in cases of coronavirus. Mayor Mykhailo Positko met with representatives of the Ukrainian Social Investment Fund. The possibility of holding a seminar for specialists in the development of social services in territorial communities is being developed.

Training for teenagers of internally displaced persons continues – “YOUNG AMBASSADOR COURSE”, organized in the community. Paleotour is on the agenda.

 A cycle of informational materials on how to act in extreme conditions is published on the website of the city council. Today’s introductory topic is “WAR: HOW TO WARM UP AND COOK FOOD WITHOUT GAS.”

The coordinators of AUI “Active Community” took clothes and shoes to the humanitarian headquarters for distribution to those in need.

Chernivtsi Oblast

Currently, it is safe in Chernivtsi Oblast. Representatives of the security forces in an enhanced mode protect the peace of residents and guests of the Oblast around the clock.

The center for mother and child “City of Kindness” has always been a refuge for babies who have experienced trouble and suffering. With the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion, the institution began to receive small migrants and their mothers from regions where hostilities took place, or are still going on.

A philanthropist from Chernivtsi, Marta Levchenko, together with the juvenile police and two companies, founded the “Our Children” project, which will help children whose parents died at the front and as a result of russian shelling. The initiative operates throughout the territory of Ukraine.

Zakarpattia Oblast

Almost 880,000 tons of grain crops were moved to the European Union through Transcarpathian Customs. Today, the passage and volumes of priority agricultural products and other priority cargoes across the border of Ukraine to the EU have been increased.

Trainings for teenagers are held in Uzhhorod. Understand yourself and your actions, control emotions, manage them. Not every adult is capable of this.

The Uzh Bank in Uzhhorod near the Botanical Embankment – from the pedestrian bridge to the children’s railway – was cleaned today by representatives of public organizations – “Volunteers of Uzhhorod” (Uzhhorod-Zhytomyr), “Allstars4Kharkiv” (Kharkiv), “TXT” (Kharkiv), “Volunteer Organization of Communication” (Kyiv), “Humanitarian Cabinet” (Odesa), employees of the utility company “Communal Road Maintenance Enterprise”, as well as caring citizens who responded to the initiative.

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