The two-hundred-fourth (254) day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military large-scale invasion continues.


The two-hundred-fourth (254) day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military large-scale invasion continues.

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The “Active Community” initiative was launched by activists of the “Republika” Institute after the Euromaidan (2014), which focused on the activation and involvement of Ukrainians in the decision-making process. The goal for 2025: to activate and involve at least 1% of citizens in making decisions and promoting reforms in Ukraine on a systematic basis for the well-being of Ukrainian communities. Today we work in 30 communities in Ukraine.

Northern Oblasts


President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi met with the President of Greece Kateryna Sakellaropoulou. Greece will never recognize the occupation of Ukrainian territories by russia. Greece supports Ukraine’s accession to the EU and NATO. Greece has already sent the first batch of BMP-1 to Ukraine. Greece supports the idea of ​​an international tribunal against russia.

Lighting may be turned off on the streets of Kyiv due to stabilization outages. Therefore, drivers should be especially careful. And pedestrians should stock up on reflective elements. Also, water supply interruptions may occur due to planned and emergency power outages.

Kyiv was among the finalists of the World Smart City Awards and claims the title of the “smartest” city in the world. The World Smart City Awards is one of the most prestigious awards in the world that recognize innovative cities and projects. For the first time in history, a Ukrainian city is claiming the main award. As stated on the competition website, “in the face of russia’s military aggression, Kyiv authorities are demonstrating how digital technologies help cities remain resilient. Focusing on public safety, the mobility system and working to bring all services for citizens online”.

Kyiv Oblast

Today, in the Bucha and Bila Tserkva raions, units of the State Emergency Service carried out the destruction of explosive objects.

The International Committee of the Red Cross allocates more than 45 million hryvnias for the reconstruction of the damaged sewage network of Irpin and other economic facilities of the utility company “Irpinvodokanal”.

The mayor of Irpin, Oleksandr Markushyn, and the deputy of the city council, Oksana Nechytaylo, discussed with the residents of private houses on Gostomelske Shosse and Bagirova streets, problems related to the restoration or dismantling of apartments.

Zhytomyr Oblast

A fighter of the 1st Airborne Assault Battalion of the 95th Separate Airborne Assault Brigade destroyed a russian tank at close range. Every day, the soldiers of the Armed Forces risk their lives, demonstrate courage and heroism, and step by step liberate our land from the russian invaders. 

Over the past month, the Zhytomyr Oblast received more than 760 tons of humanitarian aid for families of displaced persons. This became possible thanks to the cooperation of Zhytomyr Oblast with international partners, in particular, with the United Nations Children’s Fund – UNICEF. For more than 8 months, more than 100,000 residents of the Oblast have received dozens of humanitarian goods. More than 112,000 displaced persons have found shelter in the Oblast since the beginning of hostilities. Officially, more than 71 thousand such people live here. Most of them are people who have lost everything.

Oleg Zemnukhov, a Zhytomyr teacher and eco-designer, made 30 “kikimores [chimeras]” over the summer and sent them to the front lines. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the master reformatted his work to benefit the military. At school, together with the children, he makes elementary helmets for infantry, and he also makes not only boots and sneakers, but also eco-boots from hemp fabric. 

Chernihiv Oblast 

During November 3, the russians shelled the border areas of Chernihiv Oblast, namely: Novgorod-Siversky, Semenivka, and Horodnya communities. The occupiers released seven mines on the territory of the Novgorod-Siversky community. After 2 p.m., the enemy fired mortars on the territory of the Horodnya community. Observers counted 10 hits.

Today, near the village of Shestovitsa, rescuers neutralized ammunition by detonation.

Military Dmytro Shumsky, who shot down two missiles from the Stinger, was given a walkie-talkie for communication. They were bought with money from the sale of a flag with the signature of the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian army. A man from Chernihiv bought this lot for 101 thousand hryvnias for his six-year-old son. The auction was held by Chernihiv Society together with the “This is my city” fund.

Yesterday in Nizhyn they said goodbye to soldier Serhii Kravchenko.

Sumy Oblast 

Damaged buildings of the railway station, the House of Culture, private houses – these are the consequences of artillery and mortar shelling by the russians of the Bilopillya community. 

During yesterday’s day, the russians released 157 shells and mines in eight communities of Sumy Oblast.

Yevgeny Lysenko, a serviceman who died in the Luhansk Oblast, was laid to rest in Sumy.

Hourly power outage schedules continue today in Sumy Oblast.

Eastern Oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast 

During the day, the occupiers again struck the settlements of Kupyansk, Izyum, and Chuguyiv raions. In Kupyansk, an extension to a residential building was on fire as a result of shelling.

After shelling at 11 o’clock in Kupyansk, a fire broke out on the roof of the administrative building of the farm.

Around midnight, in the Savyntsi community of the Izyum raion, the occupiers hit a private house. No casualties. 

Today, around 4 o’clock in the morning, 4 hits were recorded in an open area in Chuguyiv, without casualties.

Pyrotechnics in the territory of the Oblast eliminated 471 explosive objects during the day. Mine danger remains in Kharkiv Oblast: yesterday in Izyum, a 69-year-old man was blown up by a mine, he was hospitalized with moderate injuries.

Donetsk Oblast

Killed and injured civilians, 41 houses were damaged – the result of russia’s military aggression in Donetsk Oblast in 24 hours. The occupiers carried out 32 fire attacks. 16 settlements were affected – the cities of Avdiivka, Bakhmut, Kurakhove, Mariinka, Pokrovsk, Chasiv Yar, the settlements of Velika Novosilka, Nelipivka, Shcherbynivka, the villages of Vremivka, Karlivka, Katerynivka, Kostyantynivka, Lastochkine, Maksimilianivka, Pavlivka.

The enemy used Grad, Smerch, artillery, mortars, and tanks. 57 civilian objects were destroyed and damaged – 41 private houses, a school, a transformer, a gas pipe, a depot, farm buildings, cars.

With the help of the police, 168 more people were evacuated, since the beginning of mandatory evacuation, more than 27,800 people, among them 4,321 – children, 1,734 – people with disabilities.

On November 3, russians killed 8 civilians in Donetsk Oblast: 5 in Bakhmut, 1 in Pokrovsk, 1 in Nelipivka, and 1 in Krasnohorivka. In addition, law enforcement officers discovered the body of 1 civilian killed by the russians during the occupation, in Krymky. Another 14 people in the Oblast were injured during the day.

In total, since February 24, the russians have killed 1,160 civilians of Donetsk Oblast, wounded another 2,532. The number of victims in Mariupol and Volnovaha is currently unknown. 


Kramatorsk and Kramatorsk raion

Mass shelling of Torske and Zarichne in the Lyman community continues. The number of victims and destruction is established.

After a long break caused by the military actions of the russian federation, the office of Ukrposhta resumed work in the city of Mykolaivka. This is the second stationary branch that the national postal operator JSC “Ukrposhta” has opened on the territory of the Mykolaivka community. In the village of Raihorodok, the department resumed its work in October.

Another Oschadbank branch was opened in Sloviansk. And the ATM will start working next week.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk raion 

Maryinka, Krasnohorivka, Kostyantynivka, and Maksymilianivka were under hostile fire in the east of Pokrovsk raion during the day. In the Ocheretyne community – the outskirts of Pervomaisk. In Avdiivka, there were sporadic hits at night and in the morning – artillery and GRAD MRLS shelling the city center.

One person died, and six were wounded in Pokrovsk due to a missile strike by the russian army on November 3. Also, part of the city was left without an electricity supply. There are reports from residents about the destruction of housing. Two schools and a private house were hit. 

All civilians were evacuated from Mariinka. Not a single building in the town survived. At the same time, about 800 residents remain in the neighboring Krasnohorivka, and their evacuation continues. During another evacuation operation, law enforcement officers evacuated a seriously ill woman with a suspected stroke, a wounded man, and an elderly resident who decided to leave for a safe region.   


In the Horlivka direction, russians intensified fire on Bakhmut: killing at least three people and wounding five more. Nine detached houses and one multi-story building were damaged. In Toretsk, one place was destroyed – without casualties. In Soledar community, Bakhmutske and Yakovlivka were under the shelling, in the Svitlodar community – at Mayorsk railway station. 


Bus stops in Mariupol now have portraits of russian murderers who shot the city and killed civilians. 

Mariupol residents are massively complaining that it is already cold outside, and preparations for the heating season are only on the screens of propaganda TV. People are waiting for “improvements” with cut-off batteries and missing windows. 

Today 107 more Ukrainian soldiers were returned from russian captivity. Among them, 74 were holding the defense at Azovstal. These are fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Navy, the Territorial Defense Units, the State Border Guard Service, the National Police, the State Special Transport Service, and the National Guard, including three from Azov.

Luhansk Oblast

After the filtration camp, russians kidnapped 30 people in Luhansk oblast and took them to an unknown destination.

Assessment of the damage caused to the land resources of Luhansk oblast will begin immediately after the Ukrainian military liberated Luhansk oblast.

Southern Oblasts

Zaporizhzhia Oblast 

Last night the occupants shelled the inhabited localities of Zaporizhzhia raion with S-300 missiles. As a result of the shelling, a gas pipe was damaged in an open area. According to preliminary information, there are no casualties.  

Russians are conducting a forced “population census” in Energodar. Often it ends with a search in the apartment and a study of all applications in a cell phone – eyewitnesses report.

The Security Service of Ukraine has arrested the property of the president of PJSC “Motor Sich” Vyacheslav Boguslaev, and the head of the Department of Foreign Economic Activity of the company worth almost 1 billion hryvnias. They are suspected of working for the russian federation.

Kherson Oblast

At night the russian army shelled the recently liberated villages of Kherson oblast with heavy artillery. In addition, the russian military fired about 20 shells at Nova Kamianka. There were no casualties.

In Kherson oblast, representatives of the so-called “military commandant’s office” of the russian army are abducting and taking away residents of inhabited localities located along the Oleshky-Nova Kakhovka highway in an unknown direction.

Members of the Civil Resistance Movement distributed leaflets and symbols of resistance in Nova Kakhovka and Novotroyitske in Kherson oblast. They call on residents of the temporarily occupied territories not to take russian passports and to record collaborators’ locations. In addition, “Yellow Ribbon” calls on residents to boycott all orders and instructions of the occupation authorities.

In the south, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are active, holding the initiative in the occupied territories. Counter-battery firing continues along the entire contact line. At night, Ukrainian rocket launchers and artillery destroyed an alternative crossing point for russian troops near the Antonivskyi road bridge and struck at the accumulation of russian equipment in Chornobaivka.


In Lazurne of Skadovsk raion, russian service members drove an APC to the territory of a cafe, where they damaged the property and robbed the tent camp. And a local collaborator seized boarding houses in the resort village to settle the russian military there.

In Skadovsk, activists are collecting information for the prosecutor’s office on the facts of the illegal housing seizure. Then, they open criminal proceedings based on it. Over the past week and a half, more than 90 appeals have been received from residents of the Skadovsk community. The form for registration of seized housing can be filled out via this link. Every criminal must be punished.

Mykolaiv Oblast

At night, the enemy shelled one of the districts of Mykolaiv with S-300 missiles. As a result, a warehouse was destroyed, and an administrative building and nearby cars were damaged. The missile strike also caused a fire in another warehouse, which was extinguished by units of the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Mykolaiv oblast. 

Yesterday after 1 pm, the enemy fired at the inhabited locality of the Pervomaisk community. As a result, two residential buildings were damaged. There were no casualties.

The shelling of the territory of the Berezneguvata community continues. Yesterday, the outskirts of the community’s inhabited locality were shelled. There were no casualties. Detailed information is being clarified.

Also, yesterday, November 3, around 2.30 pm, and today, November 4, at 00.30 am and 4.45 am, the Shyroke community was shelled. They hit already destroyed buildings and open areas. There were no casualties.

Central Oblasts 

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

The aggressor directed its “Grad” MLRS and cannon artillery at Nikopol raion. As a result, the Marhanets, Myriv, Nikopol, and Chervonohryhoriv communities came under fire. The Chervonohryhoriv community suffered the most. Detached houses, outbuildings, cars, gas pipelines, and power lines were damaged.

At night, the Ukrainian military shot down eight enemy kamikaze drones from Iran over the Dnipropetrovsk oblast.

In Dnipropetrovsk oblast, heating has been supplied to more than seven thousand residential buildings. Also, 81 hospitals and more than 500 educational institutions are already heated. Moreover, 62% of boiler houses are working, and the rest will start operating by the end of the week.

Fifty-three residents of Dnipro have applied for compensation to restore damaged housing due to missile strikes after the latest shelling.

Kirovohrad Oblast 

In the war with the russia, soldiers from the Pervozvanivka community of the Kropyvnytskyi Raion, the Rivne community of the Novoukrainian district, and the city of Oleksandria of the Kirovohrad Oblast died. Thus, on the 31st of October, 25-year-old Danylo Taranenko from Alexandria came under fire in the territory of the Kherson Oblast. He is survived by his parents, brother and sister. 39-year-old Anatoly Tebyakin from the village of Kalynivka and 47-year-old Vitaly Andriuchenko from the village of Gaivka died in the war with the russia. Both have participated in the russian-Ukrainian war since 2014. On the 5th of Novembe, 22-year-old Denys Palka will be said goodbye in the Rivne community. The fighter was injured while performing a combat mission near the village of Ingulets, Kherson Oblast. Died after long treatment.

From the beginning of November, the photo exhibition “putin’s Crimes” opened in the Kropyvnytskyi City Museum Center, provided by the Kirovohrad Oblast Museum of Local History. The photographs, taken by Ukrainian and foreign photojournalists, capture gruesome footage from Ukrainian cities that were under russian occupation and where the russian army committed crimes against the civilian population. The photos are proof that russia is waging an unconventional war, using weapons of mass destruction against civilians. The exhibition will run until the 14th of November.

Poltava Oblast

Poltava Oblast lost another 8 of its sons. Heroes gave their lives in battles for the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Oleksandr Yaurov, Maksym Zinchenko, Artem Fedorenko, Ruslan Baran, Maksym Kulinych, Serhii Bayrak, Ihor Vota and Vitaly Hrytsaenko were killed by russian shelling.

The budget of the Poltava community for next year will be smaller by almost a billion hryvnias. Currently, revenues for 2023 are being formed in the amount of 3.6 billion. The formation of budgets for the next year will be a challenge for the communities of Poltava Oblast, although in 9 months of this year Poltava Oblast recorded an increase in revenues to local budgets by 21.6%. Since the beginning of the year, the local budgets of the Poltava Oblast have received 12 billion 616 million hryvnias.

Compensation will be paid in Poltava if rockets and drones damage houses. The city government has allocated funds to the budget, which will be allocated under one of the programs in case of russian shelling of local residents. Compensation amounts will be determined upon request in the event of enemy attacks.

The first batch of 400 burghers from Poltava went to the defenders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Another 800 are on the waiting list. Bed linen, pillows, dishes and hygiene kits are all given to the communities of the region where the displaced people live. Such assistance came from the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR). In addition, people were given hygiene products and school supplies from UNICEF. Thanks to joint work with partners, mass accommodation facilities for displaced people are currently equipped with everything necessary.

In Poltava, they are creating a mural with the image of the defender of Mariupol – the commander of the 36th separate brigade of marines Serhiy Volynskyi, better known as “Volyna”. The mural will appear in the Podilsk microdistrict. It is planned to be completed in the coming days.

In Kremenchuk, unknown persons defaced the monument to Pushkin. The words “kat”(executioner) and “ptnh” were written on the pedestal of the monument. The police have not yet commented on this case.

Khmelnytsk Oblast 


In the village of Ostrivchany of the Kamianets-Podilskyi community, the Martynovych family is financing the repair of a medical clinic.

Andriy Atamanyuk from Kamianchan, a 4th-year student of the Faculty of Physical Education, became the champion of Ukraine in cross country. He took part in competitions that were a stage of selection for the European Championship in Turin (Italy). Andriy Atamanyuk won the race at a distance of 8 kilometers among U23 youth. Now, together with the honored track and field coach of Ukraine, Vasyl Lishchuk, he will go to represent Ukraine at the European Cross Country Championship.  

The regional coordinator of AUI “Active Community” in Kamianets-Podilskyi Slavko Polyatynchuk moderated the All-Ukrainian chess and checkers tournament. The event was held in the Central Library of the city. Its purpose is to popularize the intellectual game among the community.  

Western Oblasts 

Rivne Oblast 

In the Rivne Raion, they said goodbye to three defenders of Ukraine, whose lives were cut short by the war. 26-year-old Yuriy Fursyak died while performing a combat mission near the settlement of Novomayorsk, Donetsk Oblast. 39-year-old Vadym Hryshchenko died on the 25th of October in a battle near the village of Novosadove, Donetsk Oblast. 37-year-old Volodymyr Pakholchuk was seriously wounded during a combat mission near the city of Kryvyi Rih and his heart stopped beating.

The Security Service of Ukraine exposed another supporter of the russian military aggression in the Rivne Oblast. She openly promoted pro-Kremlin narratives among her acquaintances, and was an active member of pro-russian groups that supported the aggressive activities of the Putin regime. During the search of the place of residence of a supporter of the “russkiy myr”, a tablet was seized, which was used to distribute anti-Ukrainian materials.

The Municipal Enterprise “Rivneoblenergo” brigade went to Kherson Oblast for the second time. Energy workers will repair power grids damaged by the enemy in the de-occupied territories.

Chernivtsi Oblast 

Chernivtsi said goodbye to soldier Bohdan Kochergan, who died a brave death for the freedom and independence of Ukraine.

Two residents of the Sokyryany territorial community received awards from the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny. Oleg Trach from the village of Mikhalkove was awarded the III degree honorary badge “For exemplary service in military service”. From the first days of the war, he defended his native land from the enemy and is now in the war zone. Vitaliy Bushovskyi, a member of the Sokyryany City Council, was awarded the same award of the 2nd degree. He has been protecting Ukrainian land from the enemy since the beginning of the full-scale invasion.

In Chernivtsi, with the support of German partners GIZ and “Chernivtsioblenergo”, the construction of 26 modules for the temporary residence of displaced persons is underway. By the end of the month, 32 rooms, 5 bathrooms, 3 showers, a kitchen, dining room, children’s and community room will be ready. The city council has already conducted all necessary communications.

The Sokyryany territorial community received humanitarian aid from the German organization “Humanitäre Hilfe Korbach”. In addition to medical supplies and equipment, benefactors delivered 39 medical multifunctional beds and bedside tables. The beds are arranged in such a way as to facilitate and speed up the rehabilitation of a person recovering from injuries and operations as much as possible. So they will be needed by seriously ill patients, patients who cannot move and need care. The equipment will be handed over to the Sokyryany hospital.  

Masters from the village of Vanchykivtsi, Chernivtsi region, Yevhen Kostin and Yuriy Milimuk, make bourzhujikas ( wood stove ) for the front at home in the yard. For this, they use materials at hand, and fellow villagers also help – they bring scrap metal, wheelbarrows and old furniture. In total, the men made five stoves, and are currently working on the sixth. Mostly they make crafts for fellow villagers who are currently at the front.

Zakarpattia Oblast 

At the railway station of Uzhgorod, a traditional sculpture dedicated to all Ukrainian railway workers who helped internal migrants, refugees, armed forces, and volunteers to reach safe places in difficult times was unveiled on the occasion of the Railwaymen’s Day.

A heavy sandstone suitcase symbolizes millions of immigrants and soldiers of Ukraine, a forged iron handle is a symbol of an iron track, a soft children’s toy (a bunny) is a symbol of a weak person and a lucky chance.

Theater-studio of immigrants “UZhIK” gave 2 performances “King Lear” and “Waiting for Godot” in Uzhhorod today. Entry for military personnel is free. The studio was created at the beginning of the war, the actors in it are immigrants who came to Uzhgorod from different cities. To date, the theater studio “UZhIK” has already had 9 performances in Uzhhorod, Mukachevo and Khust. The plans are to go on a trip through Ukraine to Lviv, Kolomyia, Ternopil, Drohobych, Truskavets.

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