Ukraine in brief:
44th day of the heroic opposition of the Ukrainian people to the russian military invasion.
The armed forces of the russian federation continue to conduct full-scale armed aggression against Ukraine. The enemy is preparing for an offensive in the east of Ukraine.
Russian invaders continue to destroy civilian infrastructure by inflicting rocket and artillery strikes on railway junctions and communication lines, stations, residential areas, and places of the evacuation of the civilian population from the areas of combat operations.
In the east and south of Ukraine, the enemy builds up the number of troops. The invaders did not give up their attempts of offensive operations in the direction of the settlements of Popasna and Severodonetsk. They are not successful with their plans.
In Mykolaiv Oblast, the enemy forces conducted military operations in the area of the settlement of Oleksandrivka. They tried to carry out heavy shelling to defeat the Armed Forces of Ukraine units in the above location. They failed to reach their goal.
The enemy continued to blockade Kharkiv, shelling residential areas using artillery, including multiple launch rocket systems and large-caliber mortars. The invaders completely withdrew their troops from the Sumy Oblast to russia. Russian occupation troops have significant problems with the manning of the military units that suffered substantial losses during hostilities in Ukraine.
In the temporarily occupied territories, the enemy violates International Humanitarian Law by committing unlawful acts against the civilian population, including looting, theft of vehicles, and detention of Ukrainian citizens.
Northern oblasts
The Kyiv Military Administration urges not to return to the capital city yet, as the actions of the invaders are unpredictable.
Emergency and recovery activities, demining of the area, and explosive ordnance disposal are being carried out in the suburbs and on the capital’s outskirts.
The Pushcha-Vodytsia area, which was badly damaged during the russian attacks, was closed to entry. Now deminers work there. Meanwhile, Kyiv is returning to a peaceful life. Over the past 10 days, more than 900 entrepreneurs have resumed their work in the city.
Kyiv Oblast
In Bucha, they began to exhume the bodies from a mass grave near the Church of St. Andrew the First-Called and All Saints to identify people and establish the circumstances of their deaths. They managed to identify 163 of the 320 killed civilians, said Mayor Fedoruk.

Restoration work continues for the third day in Borodianka. Together with the State Emergency Service fighters, 60 volunteers remove the rubble, clear the area of construction debris, and look for the bodies of the dead. Sex crimes against older woman and children were also recorded in the city.

143 people were found shot dead in the village of Makariv. Leaving Chornobyl, the invaders looted and damaged buildings and structures in the Chornobyl zone. A modern analytical laboratory worth 6 million euros was looted and destroyed in Chornobyl. In addition, russians destroyed the archive of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), which Ukrainians had been collecting for decades.

Zhytomyr Oblast
The situation is calm and controlled. The Security Service of Ukraine in Zhytomyr Oblast has created a chatbot ( that allows residents of the Oblast and neighboring regions to report separatism and terrorism, sabotage groups, assisting russian occupation troops and moving their equipment and troops.
Novohrad-Volynskyi City Council has allocated almost 6 million hryvnias for military units stationed in the community. On April 11th, the Center for Comprehensive Rehabilitation for Children with Disabilities will resume its work in the community. Services of social, pedagogical, and physical rehabilitation, speech therapy correction, and therapeutic massage will be provided. From April 9th, public transport in Zhytomyr will be tolled again. At the same time, travel for free categories remains free.
Chernihiv Oblast
Chernihiv Mayor Vladislav Atroshenko said about 700 people had died in the city since the start of a full-scale russian invasion. It’s both military and civilian. 70 people could not be identified.
As a result of hostilities, 626 kilometers of state roads were damaged, 21 percent of state routes. 16 bridges and overpasses were also destroyed. More than 20 crimes against cultural heritage by the russian occupiers were also recorded in Chernihiv.
Yesterday, in one day of pyrotechnics work in the Oblast, 3213 units of ammunition were seized. Almost 70 percent of Chernihiv residents now have electricity.
Sumy Oblast
There is an air alarm in the Oblast. There was a rocket attack by russian troops in the Shostka Raion in the morning. A house was damaged in the village of Sobycheve. One person received a shrapnel wound.
There are currently no russian troops in the Oblast. Relevant services are demining and disposing of ammunition left behind by the russian military. Single explosions are associated with this. During the past 24hrs, rescuers found 115 explosive devices during demining in Sumy Oblast. Some of them were neutralized, and some were sent to the sorting site.
Yesterday, electricians of the Trostyanets operational brigade “Sumyoblenergo” exploded on an anti-tank mine. One was killed, and two were seriously injured.
Eastern oblasts 
Kharkiv Oblast
Over the past 24 hours, the russian occupation forces have struck about 48 artillery, mortar, tank, and MLRS strikes in the Saltivka, Pyatihatki, Oleksiyivka, downtown, and Dergachi districts. 15 people were injured. Active battles continue in the Izium direction. Russian atrocities against civilians in Ukraine are recorded daily. During the temporary occupation of the village of Husarivka in the Izium district, the russian military tortured and then set fire to three residents. The burned body parts were found in the basement of one of the houses on April 7th, after the liberation of the village.

Donetsk Oblast
In the Donetsk Oblast, the Nova Poshta branch will suspend work from April 9th.
Today, the russians aimed two missiles at the railway station in Kramatorsk, where about four thousand people were. Last week, Kramatorsk was the largest hub for evacuating Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts. The wounded were hospitalized and operated on; many people lost limbs – arms and legs. Fifty people died, five of them children. 38 people were killed on the spot. 98 wounded were hospitalized: 16 children, 46 women, and 36 men. 12 of them later died.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsky Raion
As a result of the shelling that took place the day before, several objects in Pokrovsk were damaged. Now the city authorities are repairing them. Most importantly, there are no casualties. Two more shelters have been prepared in Pokrovsk. The enemy tried to attack in the Ocheretyn and Mari directions but failed. Fighting is taking place in the Mariinsky direction. The situation at the front has not changed, four people were injured in the Mariinsky community, and two houses were damaged.
In the Avdiivka direction, the russians made several attempts to attack during the day – all of which were repulsed. This morning, the Avdiivka community was hit. It is already known that one person was killed and one was injured. At least 5 houses were damaged. At night, the russians fired on the Ocheretyn Community.
Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine repel the enemy. Representatives of the Territorial Defense Forces, together with the police, are on duty. Donetsk National Technical University (DonNTU), located in Pokrovsk since 2014, is moving to Lutsk, Volyn Oblast.
Air alarms are becoming more frequent. Police officers are conducting intensive patrols of the community streets, and the state emergency service is also working in an intensified mode. Bakhmut-Khlib continues to work steadily to meet the needs of the community.
At night, russian occupation forces fired at the “Captain Belousov” icebreaker carrying civilian crews in the Mariupol trading port. One person was killed, and several others were injured in the shelling. The evacuation convoy left Mariupol for Berdyansk. As of April 8th, almost 100 000 Mariupol residents were evacuated.
Southern Oblasts
Zaporizhzhia Oblast
Russian occupiers restrict the rights of Ukrainian citizens in temporarily occupied territories. In particular, the occupiers banned men from leaving for the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities and began forced mobilization into the ranks of the so-called criminal “people’s militia”. Russians are conducting a population census, checking documents and searching homes. There is a growing shortage of necessities, especially food and medicine.
Russian occupation troops entered the territory of the Kirillov Community and partially occupied the island of Biryuchy. The occupiers are communicating with representatives of the village council, trying to find out some information, to persuade the local population to cooperate. On April 7th, one cruise missile was destroyed over Zaporizhzhia by air defense. Pyrotechnics of the State Emergency Service destroyed two explosive devices found in the open in the Zaporizhia Oblast: a COBE ZBZO cassette element and a PG-7L grenade.
Russian occupiers continue to kidnap local activists and officials. In the village of Mykhailivka, the enemy kidnapped the deputy of the Zaporizhia Oblast Council Viktor Dudka. It became known that the Mayor of Prymorsk, Oleksandr Koshelevych, whose abduction was reported earlier, is safe and working remotely.
The drivers of the convoy of buses, which were going to Melitopol with humanitarian aid to evacuate people further, were told by the occupiers at the entrance to the city to change into one bus and return. The russians confiscated the rest of the convoy. Yesterday the same rubber convoy stood the night near the russian checkpoint around Vasylivka.
The russian occupation military continues to shell civilian infrastructure. As a result of the shelling on April 7th, low and medium-pressure gas distribution pipelines in the towns of Huliaipole and Orikhiv were damaged. On the territory of Energodar, the russian occupiers are trying to create an alternative occupation authority. Andriy Shevchyk was appointed “Head of the City Administration”. After that, by his own “order,” he single-handedly “dismissed” the legally elected mayor Dmytro Orlov, and at the same time, all the heads and members of the executive bodies of the city authorities.
Kherson Oblast
In one of the villages in the Ingulets direction of the Kherson Oblast, russian invaders raped a 16-year-old girl, and her 78-year-old grandmother, girl is pregnant now.
The city is under the occupiers. Nothing has changed. There is less and less food. People volunteer. Pharmacies and banks are closed. People without drugs, children without baby food and diapers. The bakery provides bread.
Odesa Oblast
At night, the russians struck the Odesa Oblast with three guided missiles from the territory of the Crimean peninsula. Two buildings were damaged, and some were injured. Information about the victims is being clarified.
The air defense is working. Territorial Defense Forces are engaged in strengthening the Oblast’s protection. Local authorities remind about the need for residents to observe the curfew and report on the control of the situation. Citizens are actively helping and volunteering.
Mykolayiv Oblast
On the night of April 8th, the russian military fired in the southeast direction of Mykolaiv Oblast.
Central oblasts
Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
Dnipropetrovsk Oblast has a strong military defense, which the enemy will not be able to break through. In addition, there are still many willing to join defense ranks. In total, the Oblast mobilized more than 50 000 people. 5 people were detained in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast who could threaten the national security of Ukraine. In Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, the Security Service of Ukraine detained a clergyman of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (moscow patriarchate) on suspicion of collaborating with russia. 44000 migrants were registered in the Oblast.
Kirovohrad Oblast
There was a missile strike alert. Air raid sirens wailed over the city. The situation is currently under control. The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) defend the Oblast perimeter and military facilities. The Territorial Defense Forces operate checkpoints and patrol the city jointly with the police.
All areas for early grains have been sowed in the Oblast, Head of Kirovohrad Oblast Military Administration Andriy Raykovych informs. Oblast residents are asked to assist IDPs with clothes, foodstuffs, and accommodation. These days the IDPs need seasonal garments and footwear, personal hygiene items, linens, towels, tableware, and food products.
Vinnytsia Oblast
The situation is calm and controllable. The Territorial Defense Forces patrol the city. According to Anatoliy Kushnir, City Mayor, the local community received 7 tons of humanitarian aid from ACTED, France. The foodstuffs, hygiene items for adults and children, blankets, etc. will be available to those who had to come to the community fleeing their homes in the war zones.
The volunteers are actively involved in assistance measures: they helped unload the aid. The city continues receiving IDPs and making their stay comfortable.
Western oblasts
Lviv Oblast
There were two air raid alerts in the Oblast. According to Anti-air Command West, there was a threat of airborne missile strike from the territory of belarus. An action titled “Second Army in the World, Looters, and Plunderers!”, took place in Lviv. Civic activists and concerned city dwellers participating in the activity brought to the russian consulate department homeware and things most often looted by russian fascists from Ukrainian homes during the war.
Some 3795 comers from other oblasts have been allocated in the Oblast in 24 hours. The total number of residents from different parts of Ukraine who have found refuge in the Lviv Oblast since the beginning of russia’s full-scale aggression is upwards of 450 thousand.
Lviv Oblast budgets’ aggregate above-target performance indicator in the first quarter of 2022 made 5.6%. It includes 81 budgets, including 73 of territorial communities, seven Raion ones, and the Oblast budget.
Every willing educator in the Drohobych community declared their readiness to transfer 2-3 days-worth of the salary to charity accounts of the Institute of the City of Drohobych, Communal Enterprise. It allowed the accumulation of more than UAH403 thousand. The charity uses the donated funds to support Ukrainian service members and the defense of Ukraine.
The locals continue collecting and distributing aid to cities in a humanitarian crisis that has survived the russian occupation and related atrocities. Twenty tons of humanitarian cargo, including foodstuffs, medicines, and personal hygiene items, were sent by the Drohobych community to Kryvyi Rih.
The Drohobych Hub managed the aid for Humanitarian Support of Ukraine in Poland, operating at two logistics warehouses in Przemysl.
Rivne Oblast
Overall, the situation is calm, with just one air raid alert to report. The Ukrainian military patrolled the border with belarus, and the Territorial Defense Forces patrolled the city and manning checkpoints. A training course in Ukrainian for IDPs has been started in Rivne (
Families who have registered and received the IDP certificate can collect cheese, butter, poultry meat, and pasta. Rivne Oblast Military Administration (OMA) used national budget funds to procure 60 tons of products from local suppliers. The amount has been calculated to suffice for 40 thousand persons

The Oblast is currently the home for 40660 registered IDPs.
14 health care institutions in the Oblast received StarLink equipment from the U.S.-based SpaceX company.
The residents are united and actively assist volunteer centers in cash and kind. A Telegram bot for job seekers has been launched in the Rivne Oblast. The openings are advertised as soon as posted by employers.
Stand-up comedians perform in the city, donating their earnings to Ukrainian servicemen.

Khmelnytskyi Oblast
Some 114 IDPs have registered with the local community in 24 hours. The municipal Social Protection Department has issued more than 4.3 thousand IDP certificates. Today, humanitarian cargo has been sent from the central municipal humanitarian hub to Okhtyrka.
Residents continue making camo nets and meals for the AFU, collecting humanitarian aid and distributing it to intended destinations, and assisting IDPs and, in particular, children. To help kids get rid of stress and tension, local librarians arrange recreational activities: interactive games, master classes, competitions, and other entertainment events. The librarians are assisted in that by animators and artists.
The sowing campaign is in full steam. The plans in the local community involve the sowing of almost 3500 ha with spring cultures. At the moment, 10 ha of wheat and 80 ha of barley have been sowed.
The community enjoys cultural life: the Song That Unites Us arts project continues at places of temporary stay for IDPs. A StrunaBand duo will perform at the stage of the local house of culture in support of the AFU. The city will see the screening of Unnecessary Things animated movie by Dmytro Lisenbart. A stage performance, What the Men Are Silent About, featuring Popular Artist of Ukraine Dmytro Surzhykov, will take place in the scope of the 5th International Cinema Festival Brukivka (17.00, Sat., LHC).
Chernivtsi Oblast (Bukovyna)
There have been no active military actions on the territory of Bukovyna at this time. The Oblast received 12 tons of humanitarian aid from the Lodz voyevodship. A six-year-old Chernivtsi resident who collected money to support the AFU has been awarded a volunteer certificate.
As of today, Chernivtsi and the Oblast have played host to 73000 IDPs, of them 23000 children.
Zakarpattia Oblast
It is calm in the Oblast. The situation is under control. The AFU and the Territorial Defense Forces prepare to meet the enemy. Local MPs of the Uzhhorod City Council have voted to amend the agenda of today’s session with the following motions:
– on renaming city streets, squares, pocket parks, and lanes named after russian political, cultural, and art figures,
– on dismantling the monument to Pushkin,
– on addressing the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to ban orthodox churches of the moscow patriarchy,
– on addressing the Cabinet of Ministers to reinstate its Resolution No. 105, of 4 March 2015, to Compensate Average Salaries Guaranteed to Mobilised Employees of Enterprises and Entrepreneurs From the National Budget

Last modified: 12 Квітня, 2022