​​The one hundred sixty third (163) day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion continues.


​​The one hundred sixty third (163) day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion continues.

There are no changes on the Volyn and Polissya directions.

In the Siversky direction, the enemy is holding separate units of the troops of the Western Military District in the border areas of the Bryansk and Kursk regions. Conducts engineering equipment of positions and installation of video surveillance systems.

The artillery shelled civilian infrastructure in the areas of Zalizniy Mist and Hremyach settlements in Chernihiv oblast and Starikovo, Sumy oblast.

In the Slobozhansky direction, the enemy continues to focus its efforts on preventing the Defense Forces from creating favorable conditions for resuming the offensive.

In the Kharkiv direction, the enemy used barrel and jet artillery to shell the areas of the settlements of Kharkiv, Ruska Lozova, Korobochkyne, Cherkaski Tyshky, Stary Saltiv, and Verkhniy Saltiv. Unmanned aerial vehicles conducted aerial reconnaissance near Ruska Lozova, Mali Prokhody, Husarivka and Chepil.

In the Slovyansk direction, the enemy did not conduct active offensive actions, but carried out fire damage from artillery of various types near Bohorodychne, Dolyna, Dibrivne, Velika Komyshuvakha, and Ridne.

In the Donetsk direction, the enemy is concentrating its efforts in the areas of Bakhmut and Avdiivka. It is trying to create favorable conditions for establishing control over the cities of Soledar and Bakhmut and pushing our troops away from the western outskirts of the city of Donetsk.

On the Kramatorsk and Bakhmut directions, the enemy used tanks, barrel and rocket artillery for shelling near Siversk, Hryhorivka, Verkhnyokamyanske, Bakhmut, Zaytseve, Soledar, Yakovlivka, and Kodema. Made an air strike near Vershyna.

With offensive actions, the occupiers tried to capture advantageous lines and improve the tactical position in the areas of Bakhmut, Zaytseve, and Vershyn, they did not succeed, they retreated.

In the Avdiivka direction, artillery shelling was recorded near Avdiivka, Novobakhmutivka, Nevelske, Netailove and Krasnohorivka. The enemy unsuccessfully tried to advance in the direction of the settlements of Krasnohorivka, Avdiivka and Pisky.

In the Novopavlivskyi and Zaporizhia directions, the enemy shelled the areas of Maryinka, Volodymyrivka, Novomykhailivka, Velyka Novosilka, Novoandriivka, Kamianske, Novosilka, Charivne, Novopil, Hulyaipole and Neskuchne from tanks, barrel and rocket artillery.

Ukrainian soldiers successfully repelled another enemy assault in the direction of Maryinka and forced the enemy to flee.

The occupiers carried out reconnaissance with unmanned aerial vehicles in the districts of Zaporizhzhia and Novoselivka Druha.

In the South Buh direction, the enemy is trying to hold the occupied positions and prevent our units from creating favorable conditions for a counteroffensive using available means of fire damage.

The enemy shelled the areas of the settlements of Posad-Pokrovske, Stepova Dolyna, Lupareve, Novomykolaivka, Novohrihorivka, Chervona Dolyna, Zeleny Hai, Andriivka, Trudolyubivka, Novovorontsovka, Topolyne, Potiomkine, Olhyne, Nikopol. Used aviation for strikes near Lozove, Veliky Artakov, and Andriivka.

The enemy made an offensive attempt in the direction of Lozova. It was decisively repulsed by Ukrainian soldiers and left.

Northern oblasts


Distribution of food packages to internally displaced persons continues in Kyiv.

On the Main Alley of the Memorial of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in World War II, an exposition of posters by Polish graphic artist Wojciech Korkuc and Ukrainian artist Andriy Yermolenko entitled “Victory Day” was presented.

In the St Volodymyr’s Cathedral in Kyiv, they said goodbye to the hero of Ukraine, businessman Oleksiy Vadaturskyi and his wife Raisa. Both died in their own house in Mykolaiv on July 31, when a russian rocket hit their estate.

Kyiv Oblast

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the Kyiv Oblast has accommodated about 240,000 internally displaced persons. Today, Iryna Vereshchuk visited two locations of temporary residence of IDPs in the Kyiv Oblast.

The Estonian delegation headed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia Urmas Reinsalu and the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Estonia to Ukraine Kaimo Kuusk visited the Kyiv Oblast.

They visited Chernobyl at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which was under occupation from the first days of the russian invasion. During the visit to Hostomel, the delegation inspected the Antonov airfield and the AN-225 Mriya aircraft destroyed by the russian army.

Two russian helicopters and 11 russian combat vehicles were recovered from the Irpin and Dnipro rivers in the Kyiv Oblast.

About 1,600 residents of the Irpin community, who lost their homes during the hostilities, have already received financial assistance from the charity organization “International Medical Corps”.

Zhytomyr Oblast

There are already 8.5 thousand IDPs in Zhytomyr. Therefore, work is underway to create a “township” for them in the community on a plot of 6.5 hectares. About 150 houses can be installed there. The city will undertake the allocation of the site, the laying of utility lines, the installation of foundations and landscaping. It will be year-round, permanent housing. The material is wood. The area of each fully equipped house is 40-50 square meters. Each house can accommodate 4-6 people. Initially, it is planned to build 40 houses. In the future, their number may increase. This is reported by the Zhytomyr mayor Serhiy Sukhomlyn.

The Deputy Head of the Zhytomyr Oblast Military Administration discussed with the UN representatives the preparation for the winter of the housing stock of the Zhytomyr Oblast for the IDPs.

While on a working visit to the Korosten Raion, Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Kyrylo Tymoshenko, “passed a security check” at an improvised checkpoint of young Korosten residents. At their checkpoint, children collect money for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The coordinator of the AUI “Active Community” provided information to citizens about receiving psychological assistance.

Chernihiv Oblast

Yesterday, August 4, russian troops shelled Semenivka and Novhorod-Siversk communities in the Chernihiv Oblast. The enemy shelled the Semenivka community from the russian village of Lomakivka. The invaders fired from mortars (14 hits), as well as from tube artillery (8 hits).

The russians shelled the Novhorod-Siversk community from the settlements of Ledniv and Sluchovsk. Fire was conducted from mortars (9 hits), as well as from self-propelled artillery mount (2 hits).

Today, rescuers were disarming mines and shells near Shestovytsia.

Sumy Oblast

In the Sumy Oblast, police officers continue to document the consequences of shelling by russian troops.

Over the past day, the Konotop and Shostka raions came under enemy fire. A total of 33 shots were recorded.

Eastern oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

At night, the enemy launched a massive bombardment of the Shevchenkivskyi, Industrialnyi and Saltivskyi districts of the city of Kharkiv using multiple launch rocket systems.

Residential buildings, shops, and a market were under attack. Windows were shattered in many houses; the premises of an educational institution and playgrounds were damaged. Pyrotechnicians also removed ordnance that did not explode.

As a result of the shelling, 2 men aged 26 and 38 and a woman aged 46 were hospitalized with wounds, all of them were on the street. The condition of one of the men is serious but stable, he is in intensive care. The other wounded are in a moderate severity condition.

Also, last night, the enemy shelled the town of Chuhuiv. 3 rockets hit the open-air territory of a private home, 1 rocket fell nearby.

In general, during the day, the enemy shelled the settlements of the Kharkiv, Izium, Bohodukhiv, and Chuhuiv raions of the oblast.

Our defenders liberated from the invaders and took full control of the village of Dmytrivka in the Izium Raion. At the same time, they eliminated a lot of enemy military equipment and infantry.

Donetsk Oblast

In the Donetsk sector, the enemy is conducting an offensive operation in the Bakhmut and Avdiivka areas. The invaders are trying to create favorable conditions for seizing Soledar and Bakhmut, and to expand the controlled territory on the western outskirts of the city of Donetsk.

In the Kramatorsk sector, shelling from tube and rocket artillery, as well as tanks was recorded in the areas of the settlements of Siversk, Mykolaivka, Starodubivka, Spirne, Kryva Luka, Verkhniokamianske, Hryhorivka, Serebrianka, Raihorodok, and Kalenyky. Small arms battles took place.

In the Avdiivka sector, the enemy fired artillery and tanks near Pisky, Prechystivka, Shevchenko, Volodymyrivka, Novobakhmutivka, Nevelske, Netailove, and Krasnohorivka. The russians conducted offensive operations; fighting continues.

The russians destroyed another school in the Donetsk Oblast, this time in Ocheretyne. Before the full-scale russian invasion, 353 students studied there.

Four years ago, the school opened after a major renovation. Most of the equipment and training materials were promptly moved to safer regions of Ukraine. Everything that has been built for years, the russians methodically destroy in one moment. They have already destroyed 27 schools alone, and damaged another 248.

7 dead and 5 wounded – this is a consequence of today’s shelling of Toretsk. The russians hit a public transport stop. 

Since February 24, the russians have killed 685 civilians of the Donetsk Oblast, and wounded another 1,759.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk Raion

The invaders made another attempt of offensive operations in the area of the settlement of Pisky, but did not succeed; the hostilities continue. The russians also unsuccessfully tried to break through the defenses near Marinka, but suffered losses and retreated.

On August 5, the Myrnohrad community received equipment for water supply from the New Way Charitable Foundation.

During the day, it was quiet in the Pokrovsk community.

In the process of preparing for the heating season of 2022-2023, forest belts are being inventoried in the community, and teams are preparing to harvest timber for heating. An alternative type of fuel is intended for critical infrastructure facilities and population groups in need of additional social care.

During a working trip to Poland, the Deputy Mayor of Pokrovsk, Margarita Idrisova, met with the President of the city of Gdańsk, Aleksandra Dulkiewicz. The representatives of the authorities discussed the issues that concern the Donetsk Oblast and the city of Pokrovsk: the provision of humanitarian aid, the evacuation of the civilian population, and assistance in the rehabilitation of our servicemen at the rehabilitation centers in Gdańsk.

The Pokrovsk community received humanitarian aid from the international organization ACF. This is a mechanical water purification system. 


In the Bakhmut sector, the enemy shelled military and civilian infrastructure near Yakovlivka, Kodema, Pokrovsk, Rozdolivka, Vershyna, Bakhmut, and Soledar. The occupiers conducted offensive and assault actions with the aim of improving their tactical position, but were unsuccessful

Today, the coordinator of the AUI “Active Community” will hold an evening of board games with IDPs.


Despite the statements of the invaders, problems with water supply continue in Mariupol. The water supplied to the houses is regularly turned off.

Luhansk Oblast

Residents of occupied Severodonetsk and Lysychansk found themselves in a terrible humanitarian situation.

The russian army completely destroyed the infrastructure in Luhansk Oblast. Currently, schools, hospitals, and everything related to the central gas and water supply are destroyed in the settlements.

The occupants are trying to restore electricity, which could lead to a fire. Gas cannot be started either, because the gas supply network in the cities is completely broken.

Communication with the occupied territories is via the Internet, VPN must be enabled.

 It is becoming more and more difficult for collaborators in the Luhansk Oblast – the partisan movement in the region is intensifying. Due to the destruction of the railway, the enemy’s logistical connections are complicated, and the hunt for the leaders of the occupation administrations continues.

Violent mobilization intensified in the occupied cities of Luhansk Oblast: heads of human resources departments of enterprises and teachers were involved.

Southern Oblasts 

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

On August 5, the russian occupiers staged another provocation in Energodar: they fired in the direction of the Zaporizhzhya NPP. As a result of their shelling at 2:30 p.m., three “arrivals” were recorded near the Zaporizhzhya NPP industrial site. The enemy hit the 330 kV high-voltage communication line of the autotransformer of the Zaporizhzhya TPP autotransformer.

Ukrainian employees of the station are not allowed to leave the territory. Employees who were brought in by the russians are urgently evacuated.

Despite this, the Zaporizhzhya NPP continues to operate and supply power to the Ukrainian power system through lines that are in operation. According to their capacity, a decision was made to unload and disconnect one of the operating power units from the network.

As of 4:30 p.m., no releases or discharges of radioactive substances have been recorded.

In addition, shelling is taking place from the direction of the Zaporizhzhia NPP in the direction of residential quarters of Energodar. Explosions are heard in the city, there is no electricity and water supply. This was announced by the city mayor Dmytro Orlov.

For the second night in a row, Zaporozhye is hit by rockets. On the night of August 5, residents of the city heard a series of explosions. The russian military hit one of the infrastructure facilities in the suburbs of Zaporizhzhia, damaging production equipment. As a result of the missile strike, a fire broke out in the enterprise’s shop, which was extinguished. There are no injured.

During the past 24 hours, 34 reports were received about the destruction in the regional center and communities of the region as a result of enemy shelling.

Mykolayiv Oblast

At night and in the morning, the enemy shelled the Korabelnyi Raion of Mykolaiv. It is known that a private house was hit and the surrounding buildings were damaged. In addition, there was a fire in an open area due to the fall of ammunition and their fragments.

Yesterday evening at 19:10 in the village of Parutine of the Kutsurub community, three people were injured as a result of enemy shelling.

Today, at 03:05, shelling of the village of Zaychevske of the Mishkovo-Pogoriliv community was recorded. As a result, a residential building, a private agricultural enterprise was set on fire, and cars were damaged.

On the night of August 5, the enemy shelled the village of Shevchenkive in the Shevchenkiv community. Residential buildings and adjacent non-residential buildings were damaged, fields were set on fire.

At night, the Halytsyniv community was shelled by enemy shells.

Yesterday, at approximately 6 p.m., the village of Chervona Dolyna and the village of Polyana were shelled. The hits were on open areas, road surfaces, agricultural buildings of households. At around 01:30 on August 5, there was shelling again outside the Shiroke Selp.

Odesa Oblast

The day in the community passed peacefully.

Odesa is a sea city. And with the departure of the first ship from the port, for the first time since the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine, hope appeared. But, at the same time, the opening of ports and the export of grain from Ukrainian ports, including Odesa, open up an opportunity for the occupiers to attack the city. Odesa Mayor Gennadiy Trukhanov said this in an interview with a Financial Times journalist. “Nobody trusts Putin or his team anymore. We understand that they will use any opportunity to launch an attack on Odesa,” the mayor said.

This morning, the first caravan of ships with Ukrainian food left the ports of Great Odesa.

On board three bulk carriers NAVI STAR, ROJEN and POLARNET – 57 thousand tons of Ukrainian corn, which is sent to Turkey, Great Britain and Ireland.

Today’s caravan resumed shipping from the port of Chornomorsk.

“We expect that the security guarantees of our partners from the UN and Turkey will continue to work, and food exports from our ports will become stable and predictable for all market participants. For this purpose, we plan to ensure the ports’ ability to handle more than 100 vessels per month. Although the “grain corridor” has already started working at the exit, our goal is the full operation of the ports in both directions,” said the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Oleksandr Kubrakov.

People are united and active, engaged in volunteering.

The situation is tense due to the threat of rocket attacks.

The coordinator of AUI “Active Community” provided information to citizens about receiving psychological, social and humanitarian assistance. Conducted art therapy “Painting of eco-bags”.

Central Oblasts 

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

Twice during the night, the russian army covered the Nikopol Raion with “Hrads”. Up to 40 rockets were fired at Nikopol. People are not injured. A dozen residential buildings and 4 farm buildings were affected. A fire broke out in one of the yards. One of the city’s enterprises was also hit. A passenger bus burned down there. Several cars were damaged.

The enemy hit the Myrivsk community with an Kh-59 missile. There is destruction at the local school. There are broken windows and a roof. The low-pressure gas pipe is out of order. 8 residential buildings were damaged.

In the Kryvyi Rih Raion, the enemy attacked with “Hurricanes” and barrel artillery. He covered the Karpivska and Zelenodolska communities with fire. A pumping station was damaged in the Zelenodol community.

Mayor of Dnipro Borys Filatov awarded 5 servicemen of the Eastern Air Command.

The fleet of the State Emergency Service of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast was replenished with 16 vehicles. They were given by benefactors. Among other things, there is a fire truck, pickup trucks for pyrotechnicians, trucks with equipment for working in smoky rooms.


The city authorities, together with the TAPS-Ukraine foundation and the Coordination Headquarters of Dnipro volunteers, handed over masking nets, dozens of packages with hygiene products, medicines, dry food, and canned food to the defenders in hot spots. Also, the military of the operational command “East” received 8 generators and 5 chainsaws.

At the same time, the Coordination Headquarters of volunteers distributes regular aid for the military and hospitals. We are talking about generators on solar panels and voltage stabilizers. Since the beginning of the week, the animal aid center at the Coordination Headquarters of Dnipro volunteers has issued 500 kg of feed for displaced animals.

The regional coordinator of AUI”Active Community” disseminated important news for the residents of Kyiv and the Kyiv Oblast.

Kirovohrad Oblast

There was an air raid alarm in the community, there was a threat of a missile attack on Kropyvnytskyi. Currently, the situation in the communities is calm and under control.

The head of the Kirovohrad Oblast Military administration, Andriy Rajkovich, said that the Kirovohrad Oblast met the third evacuation train from the Donetsk Oblast. This time, the evacuees were received by the Petrivska community. The established reception format in the regional center worked effectively for the residents of Petrovac. Almost 200 displaced persons, including many children, were sheltered in the community. He sincerely thanked the local authorities, the State Emergency Service, the police, the Red Cross, volunteer organizations, doctors, and the team of the regional military administration for their prompt and professional work.

Dmytpo Pykhoda, an orthopedic surgeon with the highest qualification category, is a doctor in the Novohypoda city hospital. The specialist has 24 years of work experience. He graduated from Lugansk Youth Medical University in 1998. After graduation, since 2000, he worked as an orthopedic surgeon in the trauma department in Lysychansk, Luhansk Oblast. Since 2015, in addition to his main place of work, he worked in the orthopedic and trauma department of the Luhansk Regional Clinical Hospital. The specialist has been working at the Novygopodsk hospital since April 20, 2022.

On August 5, 26-year-old defender Yevgeny Shepotynnyk was laid to rest in the Oleksandrivska community of the Kropyvnytskyi Raion. By order of the head of the settlement, the Day of Mourning for the deceased has been declared on the territory of the Oleksandrivska community.

In Kropyvnytskyi, a second social hostel for displaced persons will be created, which will be able to accommodate about 200 people.

The coordinator of AUI “Active Community” worked at the Humanitarian Center for Internally Displaced Persons, and also conducted conversations with displaced persons who arrived at the humanitarian center with small children.

Poltava Oblast

First Deputy Mayor Valery Parkhomenko met for the second time with representatives of the international non-governmental organization “Save the Children”. This time, they did not come to Poltava with a monitoring mission but accompanied another truck with humanitarian aid for collective accommodation of displaced persons. Thus, water coolers with containers for them will be installed in schools and kindergartens where internally displaced persons live.

A former policewoman from Kupyansk who defected to the enemy will be tried in Poltava. In February 2022, a woman deliberately agreed to cooperate with the occupiers in the city of Kupyansk, Kharkiv oblast. In order to please the russian curators, she helped the russian soldiers move around the city and provided them with everything they needed.

Preparations for the creation of a new mural near the agricultural university are underway. Builders are dismantling the previous work; they are helped by evacuees. In two and a half weeks, the people of Poltava collected almost 85,000 hryvnias to create an image dedicated to the eternal struggle of the Ukrainian people against moscow’s expansion. 30,000 hryvnias remained to be collected to carry out all the works.

The team of the All-Ukrainian Initiative “Active Community” of Poltava held an art therapy event “Magic pizza” for families raising children with disabilities, both local families and families who moved to the city because of the start of full-scale military operations.

Khmilnyk and Khmilnyk Raion

During the past day, air raid sirens have sounded infrequently.

In general, the day in the Khmilnyk community passed peacefully.

Vinnytsia experienced the greatest destruction back in February, when Russian rockets fired at Kalinivsk Territorial Community, Khmilnyk Raion. At that time, residential buildings were mainly destroyed. Windows and doors were broken, roofs and facades were significantly damaged. But to date, all this has already been restored at the expense of the local administration and patrons – noted Serhiy Borzov, head of the Vinnytsia Regional Military Administration.https://xmilnuk.vn.ua/z-pochatku-povnomasshtabnogo-vtorgnennya-najbilshyh-rujnuvan-v-oblasti-zaznala-kalynivska-gromada-hmilnyczkogo-rajonu-sergij-borzov-u-speczefiri-marafonu-yedyni-novyny/

Since August 5, Ukrzaliznytsia is resuming the service of train #55/56 between Kyiv and Yasinya. The train passes through Kozyatyn station, Khmilnyk raion.

The Kozyatyn railway school, Khmilnyk raion, has three shelters.

Two of them are in the educational building and one shelter is in the women’s dormitory. According to the director of the school, Andrii Stetsyuk, as of July 27, cosmetic repair work was still being carried out in the educational building of the school.

The coordinator of the All-Ukrainian Initiative “Active Community” of Khmilnyk and Khmilnyk raion conducted a ten-minute information session.

Western Oblasts

Rivne Oblast

The overall situation is relatively calm, there was one air alarm as of 2:30 p.m.

One of the youngest leaders of the territorial communities of the Rivne Oblast – the head of the Derazhne territorial community – protects Ukraine from the russian invaders. Now the 27-year-old man is in the East of Ukraine. He explains his motivation simply: “Everyone has to destroy the enemies in all possible ways and methods. Only then will Ukraine be free and independent.” He volunteered to join the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the second day of the full-scale invasion of russian troops. 

In Rivne, all kindergartens are scheduled to open on September 1. The delivery mode in schools has not yet been determined. This was reported by the Mayor of Rivne, Oleksandr Tretiak. The educational process should start on September 1 in all preschool educational institutions of the city, however, not all pupils will be able to attend kindergartens. Each kindergarten will be able to accept only the number of children that can be physically accommodated in a shelter, shelter facility or protective structure nearby. 

More than 150 dolls were sent by craftswomen from Rivne Oblast and their students to the charity project “People’s Amulet”. They will be available to see, photograph and purchase on Independence Day. The funds will be transferred to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

The coordinator of the All-Ukrainian Initiative “Active Community” helped in the integration Club of board games, which involves young people from among the displaced and local youth. Also, there was a meeting with partners regarding the joint event.


The overall situation in the region is calm. More than 200 internally displaced persons live in the hromada. The Zdovbytsya Village Council purchased and handed over wheels and two car batteries for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the amount of 32,415 hryvnias. Funds were collected during charity fairs on the Day of Ukrainian Statehood. The remaining funds from the collected amount will be used for other needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

On Wednesday, a mobile team of professional lawyers, psychologists, doctors and social workers was working in the village council premises, who will provide consultations for internally displaced persons of the Zdovbytsya territorial hromada.

In the Zdovbytsya Lyceum, camouflage nets are woven for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Local boys, Andriy and Roman, organized a mini-fair on their street in Zdovbytsya. They offered passersby fruits and sweets. There was even musical accompaniment. The children asked to hand over the collected funds (733 hryvnias) to the military.

Khmelnytskyi Oblast


The 20th session of the city council took place. The deputies made favorable decisions on almost 200 issues. Among other things, the issues concerned the preparation for the heating season and others, such as: awarding the title of “Honorary Citizen of the City of Kamianets-Podilskyi” to the fallen Hero Maksym Derbushev; renaming a number of central streets, squares and parks of the hromada; providing apartments – official and for permanent use – to servicemen; making changes to the comprehensive program of social protection of the population: wounded and captured military personnel were added to the list of categories entitled to financial assistance; making changes to the Procedure for determining and using the Public Budget (from now on, residents of the community’s villages can also participate in this project), etc. The issue of reallocation of 32 million hryvnias, received as a result of the budget performance above target, for which the deputies did not vote, remains unresolved.

Last modified: 7 Серпня, 2022