The two hundred-twenty-eighth (227) day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion continues.


About us: The “Active Community” initiative was launched by activists of the “Republika” Institute after the Euromaidan (2014), which focused on the activation and involvement of Ukrainians in the decision-making process. The goal for 2025: to activate and involve at least 1% of citizens in making decisions and promoting reforms in Ukraine on a systematic basis for the well-being of Ukrainian communities. Today we work in 30 communities in Ukraine.

The two hundred-twenty-eighth (227) day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion continues.

Northern Oblasts 


The process of decommunization continues in Kyiv. The Soviet star and the corresponding inscription on what occasion was the avenue named as it is still called were removed from building No. 2 on Peremogy Avenue.

Kyiv Oblast

In Kyiv Oblast, 86% of schools have shelters. And in institutions where there are no storage facilities, they are working on their arrangement. Among them are the Nemyshaive Lyceum No. 1 and the “Dzvinochok” kindergarten. In a month of work, it was possible to modernize the dining room and the interior. The facade is also being insulated. And the kindergarten needs repair of the outer part of the premises. It was damaged by shelling from the occupiers.

During the three months of work in Irpin, “Dobrobat” volunteers helped to repair, dismantle and disassemble dozens of private and apartment buildings.

Zhytomyr Oblast 

Oleksandr Kovnacki returned to the shield. He lived in Zhytomyr. With the beginning of the full-scale aggression, he voluntarily mobilized to the ranks of the Armed Forces, died on the 3rd of October, 2022. May his memory be a hero.

450 migrants found a job in Zhytomyr Oblast with the assistance of the employment service.

Since the beginning of the russian invasion, almost 1,700 forcibly displaced Ukrainians from dangerous regions have applied to the employment service in Zhytomyr Oblast. They are mostly residents of Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast, Donetsk Oblast, Luhansk Oblast, Kherson Oblast and Kharkiv Oblast.

In Zhytomyr, a “Hobby day” was organized for the children of immigrants. During the event, volunteers collected funds for stoves, which will be handed over to our soldiers on the front lines. The goal is to purchase 100 bourzuykas (oven) for the military, which requires about 400,000 hryvnias.

More than 150 trench candles were made and sent to the front by the students of the Chudniv Lyceum. Currently, the institution is running a charity event called “Warmth of Faith in Victory”, in which children, their parents and teachers joined.

Chernihiv Oblast

A 31-year-old man was killed in Chernihiv Oblast as a result of yesterday’s russian shelling of the border. The body of a dead man was found in the forest in the village of Moschenka. He was collecting mushrooms in the forest. The man received shrapnel wounds in the left shoulder blade. In Chernihiv Oblast, they said goodbye to three defenders who died in Donetsk Oblast.

Sumy Oblast

Yesterday, the russians carried out 4 airstrikes from helicopters on the villages of the Sumy Oblast. One person was injured. The property of the agricultural enterprise was damaged, the corn field caught fire.

In total, the russian military fired 28 unguided rockets at populated areas of Sumy Oblast, as well as fired self-propelled guns and mortars. Villages of the Krasnopillya and Velikopysariv communities came under fire.

This morning, the russians shelled the Vorozhbyany community in the Sumy Oblast. The roof of the railway station, a private house, a shed and a broken gas pipe were damaged.

Eastern Oblasts 

Kharkiv Oblast

Over the course of the day, the occupiers shelled Vovchansk, populated areas of the Kupyansk, Kharkiv, Bogodukhiv, and Izyum Raions with artillery.

During the day, 3 people were hospitalized: a 32-year-old man in Vovchansk, a 59-year-old woman in Dvorichansk. A 39-year-old man, who was also hospitalized, took over in the Dergachi community. The condition of all victims is average.

The units of the State Emergency Service continue demining the territories. During the day, 633 explosive objects were neutralized in Kharkiv Oblast.

Donetsk Oblast

To date, in the Donetsk Oblast, the Ukrainian military has liberated 40 settlements in the Lyman and Sviatohirsk territories. In the villages of Khrestishche and Mayaki, repair crews are restoring electricity supply, and in Sviatohirsk – mobile communications.

Donetsk Oblast is currently one of the most contaminated territories with explosive objects in the world. During the day, 255 explosive objects were discovered in the region.

On the 8th of October, the russians killed 3 civilians of Donetsk Oblast: 2 in Chasovoy Yar and 1 in Bakhmut. Another 14 people were injured. Currently, it is impossible to establish the exact number of victims in Mariupol and Volnovas.

In total, since the 24th of February, russian rockets have killed 964 civilians in Donetsk Oblast and injured another 2,361. The number of victims in Mariupol and Volnovakha is currently unknown.

Kramatorsk and Kramatorsk Raion

In Liman, exhumations of the bodies of the dead are ongoing at two locations. Civilians were buried in single graves, and soldiers were buried in a 40-meter-long trench. Since the 29th of September, the police have found 87 bodies in the liberated settlements of Donetsk Oblast, of which 38 civilians have already been identified. 

“Ukrposhta” resumed work in Lyman, Sviatohirsk and the village of Yarovoi in Donetsk Oblast.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk Raion

The enemy periodically conducts offensive operations in the east of the Pokrovsk Raion near Avdiyivka. Yes, the russians attacked with missiles and “Tochka-U”. Avdiivka, Kurakhove, Krasnohorivka, Karlivka, Opytne were under fire.

The past day in Pokrovsk community passed relatively calmly, no facts regarding victims and destruction have been recorded.

Myrnograd and Pokrovsk communities of the Pokrovsk Raion were included in the list of the 51st territorial communities of the country, which, thanks to the cooperation of UNICEF and the Association of Cities of Ukraine, are provided with targeted funding in the amount of 50 thousand US dollars.

Residents of four Starostyne Raion of the Pokrovsk community received humanitarian aid: food packages from the Svitanok ChF and the ADRA Ukraine ChF. The package includes cereals, pasta, oil and canned goods.


During the last day it was loud in Vugledar. In the communities of Olhyne and Khlibodarivka, the russian occupiers settled in the empty houses of local residents who left the territory occupied by the enemy.

Luhansk Oblast

The occupiers founded the RubizhneTeplo branch of the state unitary enterprise LuhanskGaz. They stated that the branch will help in the organization and provision of uninterrupted and timely heat supply to all categories of thermal energy consumers located on the territory of separate administrative-territorial units “LNR”, namely the cities of Rubizhne, Lysychansk, Severodonetsk.

In Severodonetsk, the russians have set up platforms for the training of mobilized people in the occupied territories.

The head of the Luhansk OMA, Serhiy Gaidai, confirmed the de-occupation of Stelmakhivka in the Luhansk Oblast, which is 20 km from Svatovo.

Southern Oblasts

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

That night, the russian military used tactical aviation to launch missile strikes on Zaporizhzhia. According to preliminary information, the planes fired 12 missiles at the city. About 20 private buildings and about 50 high-rise buildings are known to have been damaged. 4 educational institutions were also destroyed. The number of dead is 13 people. 60 wounded were hospitalized in the city’s medical facilities. Among them, as well as among the dead, there are children. 110 rescuers and 24 units of equipment were involved in eliminating the consequences of the night missile strike.

That same night, the enemies completely destroyed two private houses in the Dniprovskyi district of Zaporizhzhia with a direct rocket hit. More than two hundred private households were damaged. Video Video – 

In the Melitopol raion of the Zaporizhia Oblast, under the guise of searching for and fighting partisans, the occupying forces search and steal private cars in garage cooperatives of the raion.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that as a result of the rocket attack by the Defense Forces of the concentration of enemy manpower, more than twenty enemy soldiers were confirmed wounded, who were taken to the local hospital of the city of Tokmak.

Kherson Oblast 

The armed forces of Ukraine destroyed three russian warehouses with ammunition in Kherson and Beryslav raions and a command post in Kakhovka raion.

Since the beginning of active operations in the Kherson direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have liberated more than 1,170 square kilometers. Work on securing and cleaning the territories continues. The military informs about mined buildings, roads and fields.

Representatives of the occupying authorities of Nova Kakhovka take their families to the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea. A convoy of 12 minibuses left for Sevastopol on October 7, reports the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

At the exhibition “Ukrainian Art in Italy”, which is held in Milan, Kherson artist Yulia Baluda presented her tapestry called “Crucified Viburnum”. Its size is 247×462 centimeters. The work is a symbol of the pain and mourning of Ukrainian women for their dead children, husbands and families, for destroyed homes and entire cities. 

Mykolaiv Oblast

Yesterday, an enemy unmanned aerial vehicle of the “Orlan-10” type was shot down over the Mykolaiv Oblast.

Yesterday, the Shiroke community was shelled by the russians. Hitting an already destroyed kindergarten and an agricultural enterprise outside the settlement. There are no casualties.

Enemy shelling of the Berezneguvate community continues. Yesterday there was shelling of populated areas and nearby territories. Also tonight, explosions were heard outside the villages. There are no casualties.

Odesa Oblast

This morning, the russians tried to attack Odesa with a Shahed-136 kamikaze drone. Ukrainian air defense forces shot him down over the sea.

13 ships with 230,000 tons of Ukrainian food left the ports of Odesa through the “grain corridor” on October 9.

Central Oblasts

Dnipro Oblast

The russian occupying forces was hitting the Nikopol raion all night long with “Hrads” and heavy artillery. Almost 70 shells were fired at peaceful towns and villages of the Nikopol and Marganets communities.

In the Marganets community, 2 fires were caused by russian shells. Enemy shelling damaged several residential buildings, cars, a solar power plant, industrial and food enterprises.

A fire destroyed 3 cars in the Nikopol community. Russian shells damaged another 9 cars, a parking lot, several residential buildings, 2 shops, a pharmacy, a painting workshop and an agricultural enterprise. Power lines are broken.

Defenders from the Dnipro Oblast died in the battles defending Ukraine – 46-year-old Serhiy Batsko and 29-year-old Stanislav Dobshinskyi from Kamyanske, 29-year-old Oleksandr Mostipan from Pokrov, 36-year-old Maksym Dashkevich from Novomoskovsk, 27-year-old Vladyslav Makhanko from Nikopol , 28-year-old Serhiy Kaverin from Kryvyi Rih.

In the village of Velyka Kostromka, Kryvyi Rih raion, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, a combine harvester came across a russian mine during harvesting sunflowers. The vehicle is mutilated. Fortunately, the driver is undamaged.

In Kryvyi Rih, relatives of the soldiers held an action in support of the captured Ukrainian soldiers who defended Mariupol. About 150 people took part in the event. Relatives of captured and missing soldiers are waiting for a response from international organizations, in particular, the International Red Cross, to ensure that the rights of prisoners of war, that are respected by the Geneva Convention, are stipulated.

An exhibition “Shelter. Mariupol” was opened in one of the museums of Dnipro. It combines documentary photography, video, and installations – all to show what Mariupol residents had to go through. 

In Kryvyi Rih children from internally displaced families will receive more than 14 thousand sets of winter clothes. This became possible thanks to the cooperation of Kryvyi Rih City Hall with UNICEF and the Ministry of Reintegration. The assistance will be provided to children under the age of 14.

Six boys have built a checkpoint in Kryvyi Rih. They stop cars, ask to tell the password and make a donation to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In nine days they have raised 6 thousand of hryvnias, which have already been transferred to the volunteer fund.

7-year-old boy Artem from Kryvyi Rih greets each military vehicle with a homemade Ukrainian flag. The child raises the morale and mood of the soldiers. The songs he sings make them smile. Also, the boy volunteers and helps to raise funds for the Armed Forces,

Kirovohrad Oblast

Another evacuation train has arrived in the city of Novoukrainka from Donbas. The rescuers, psychologists of the State Emergency Service in the region, representatives of the authorities, volunteers, and doctors met and provided comprehensive assistance to the evacuees. 

More than 1700 residents of Kirovograd oblast engaged in agriculture have applied for financial support from the state. Thus, the region’s agricultural producers can receive 3100 UAH per hectare of cultivated land and 5300 UAH – subsidy per cow.

Vinnytsia Oblast 

Khmilnyk and Khmilnyk raion

Three residents of Khmilnyk raion were killed defending Ukrainians and the sovereignty of our state from the enemies. Thus, a resident of Kolybabintsy village, Ivan Yayuk was fatally wounded in Kherson oblast near Petrivka settlement. The resident of Kozhukhiv village, Senior Sergeant Oleksii Dombrovskyi was killed in the area of Davydiv Brid, Kherson oblast. The residents of Markushi village will say goodbye to Vitalii Slobodyaniuk. Eternal glory to the Heroes.  

The National Guardsman from Koziatyn received the title of Hero of Ukraine and the Order “Golden Star”. It took the wounded senior sergeant two days to get to Ukrainian positions. For courage and heroism, Dmytro Finashyn was awarded the title “Hero of Ukraine” and presented with a high award.

A marine from Vinnytsia took part in a free American prosthetics program. Veniamin Bondarchuk, while rescuing his comrades-in-arms, hit a mine. The 20-year-old soldier lost his leg.

Now the guy is in the United States. He is among 15 Ukrainian soldiers who received free prosthetics. 

Western Oblasts

Rivne Oblast

The fifth half marathon Pokrova Half Marathon 2022 took place in Rivne. The charity event was held for the first time not on the Intercession holiday, as well as at a new location. 200 participants registered for the event. They managed to raise 57,240 UAH, of which 40,000 UAH were received from registration fees, 10,000 UAH were donated by Rivne IT Cluster and 7240 UAH were thrown into the box. All the money raised will be transferred to the needs of the Rivne Veterans’ Home. 

Khmelnytskyi Oblast

After a short break, the City Clothing Distribution Center was launched in Khmelnytskyi. It was opened in the exhibition hall of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. There, internally displaced people and people in need can take the necessary things for free. In just a week, the center was visited by more than a thousand people.

At the request of the Khmelnytskyi Regional State Administration, the Ministry of Culture excluded the monument to Mykola Ostrovsky in Shepetivka from the list of monuments of local importance. Mykola Ostrovsky was not only a writer but also a participant in the establishment of Soviet authority in Ukraine and he fought against the insurgency. The monument will be dismantled and transferred to the Lviv Museum of Totalitarian Regimes “Territory of Terror”.

Chernivtsi Oblast

In Bukovyna, the funeral of the Hero – Junior Sergeant Mykyta Shparky was held. The defender was killed on October 3 in the combat zone in Bakhmut raion.

“BAVOVNA INSTA FEST” festival was held in Chernivtsi for the second time. This is an informative master class from instagram-experts for everyone who wants to improve, promote their own business, and develop a personal brand in social networks. During the two festivals, they managed to raise 110 thousand hryvnias for the drone and EcoFlow for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

Zakarpattia Oblast

The funeral of fallen warrior Oleksandr Varga will be held in Mukachevo. The 38-year-old defender died on October 5. He was the operator of the reconnaissance platoon of the reconnaissance company of the 128th separate mountain assault brigade of Zakarpattia.

The 27th two-day International Scientific and Practical Conference “Erdeli Readings-2022” initiated by the Zakarpattia Academy of Arts has started in Uzhhorod. It is dedicated to the birthday of the founder of art education in Zakarpattia, outstanding artist Adalbert Erdeli and the Day of the Artist. It brings together the creative professional community in the field of art history, artists, culturologists, designers, and managers of fine arts at educational institutions in Ukraine and abroad.  

The personal exhibition on the occasion of the 70th anniversary was presented by the artist Vasyl Brenzovych in the Zakarpattia Museum of Folk Architecture and Life. At the exhibition, the author presented 30 works created over the past few years. Today, Vasyl Brenzovych’s paintings are in museums and private collections in Ukraine, near and far abroad. 

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