The five hundred and twenty-fourth day (524) of the large-scale armed aggression by the russian against our continues.


Northern oblasts


In July 2023, the occupiers attacked Kyiv with 16 Shaheds. There were no attacks on the capital with Dagger missiles, cruise or ballistic missiles.

Maidan cases: investigators submitted evidence to the court against three “titushky” involved in the murder of activist Yuriy Verbytskyi and journalist Viacheslav Veremiy. One of the suspects is in the so-called DPR and is involved in the creation of military units fighting against Ukraine. The other two are hiding in russia.

The Kyiv City Center for Social Services received 11 special vehicles to transport people with disabilities. The vehicles were purchased at the expense of the city budget. Every day, the center’s drivers transport about 200 Kyiv residents with disabilities. The last time the center’s fleet was renewed was 7 years ago.

The dismantling of the Soviet coat of arms from the Motherland monument has been completed. Workers have already begun further work.

Kyiv Oblast

In the first days of August, security measures will be taken in the Boryspil Raion. In certain areas of the community, there may be temporary restrictions on the vehicle and pedestrian traffic, as well as document checks by the military and law enforcement officers.

The Kyiv Oblast transferred aid to the soldiers of the 114th Territorial Defense Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Specifically, they delivered 11 MAVIC 3T quadcopters.

A monument to Soviet pilot Valeriy Chkalov was demolished in Hostomel.

Zhytomyr Oblast

Parents of students of the Poromivka branch of the Khoroshiv Lyceum No. 2 in the Zhytomyr Oblast organized themselves to build a shelter for their children. Last school year, students studied online because there was no shelter nearby. Parents refused to send their children to the nearby gymnasium.

Chernihiv Oblast

This morning, russians shelled the border areas of the Chernihiv Oblast. The Semenivka community, in particular, the village of Karpovychi, came under fire. Border guards recorded four explosions, probably from a 120 mm mortar. There were nine explosions in the Mykolaivka village area. And the village of Zaliznyi Mist was shelled four times during the day. Also, two explosions from artillery shelling rang out in the area of the village of Krasnyi Khutir of the Novhorod-Siversk community.

Last night, an enemy subversive reconnaissance group attempted to cross the Ukrainian border within the Chernihiv Oblast. Four armed men were spotted by border guards with the help of thermal imagers. They opened lethal fire on the enemy, forcing them to retreat.

Sumy Oblast

At night and in the morning, russian troops shelled three settlements in the Sumy Oblast. The Bilopillia, Yunakivka, and Shalyhyne communities came under fire from the territory of the russian federation. In total, 21 explosions were recorded.

The number of victims of a missile attack on Sumy on July 29 has increased to 22: two people died, and three remain in the hospital.

Eastern oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

The russian federation attacked Kharkiv at night with five Shahed drones. Three hits were recorded in densely populated areas of Kharkiv. A fire broke out after a russian drone hit a vocational school in the city. About half of the three-storey building was destroyed. A security guard was wounded.

The dormitory building was also destroyed. Employees of the State Emergency Service are working on the rubble. One Shahed hit the roadway.

According to the military, 10 Shahed drones attacked Kharkiv last night, and some of them were shot down.

Around noon, the russian army attacked the village of Pershotravneve of the Borova community with two KAB-250 aerial bombs. A woman was killed and a man was wounded.  

The first three out of 10 modular boiler houses were installed in Izium. The mobile boiler houses in Izium are being equipped at the expense of the oblast budget, 60 million hryvnias will be spent on this.

Donetsk Oblast

On July 31, the russian military shelled 13 settlements in the Donetsk Oblast.

On July 31, the russians killed 2 residents of the Donetsk Oblast — in Zoriane. Another 3 people were wounded during the day.

Since February 24, 2022, russian shelling attacks have killed 1,639 civilians in the Donetsk Oblast, and 3,919 people have already been wounded. The number of victims in Mariupol and Volnovakha is currently unknown.

Kramatorsk and Kramatorsk Raion

In the Horlivka sector, russians shelled Oleksandro-Kalynove of the Illinivka community with Uragan MLRS.

In the Lysychansk sector, 10 houses were damaged in the Zvanivka community: 5 in Zvanivka and 5 in Pereizne. In the Lyman community, 16 shelling attacks were recorded.

16 mobile concrete shelters for protection from shelling were put into operation in Kramatorsk. Five more mobile shelters are planned to be installed.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk Raion

In the Donetsk sector, 2 people were killed in Zoriane, Kurakhove community. Avdiivka came under tank fire – four streets were hit. Krasnohorivka and Heorhiivka in the Maryinka community are under fire. A house in Soloviove of the Ocheretyne community was damaged.

Bakhmut and Bakhmut Raion

A house was damaged in the Chasiv Yar community. In New York, as a result of airstrikes, 35 houses and a boarding school were damaged, and 5 more houses were damaged in Toretsk.

Volnovakha and Volnovakha Raion

In the Volnovakha sector, Vuhledar and Blahodatne of the Velyka Novosilka community came under fire. There were no casualties.

In Vodiane, near Vuhledar, the “Medicine of Invincibility” project has started. It was created for people who live on the front line. In particular, doctors examined the villagers and gave them medicine.

Luhansk Oblast

In the settlements of the Novopskov community in the Luhansk Oblast, men who have received a russian passport are forced to register for the military. Those who tried to leave through the russian federation were sent back to the Luhansk Oblast.

Southern oblasts

Mykolaiv Oblast

During July 31 and on the night of August 1, russian troops shelled the waters of the Ochakiv reservoir and the open territory of the Kutsurub communities with artillery. There are no injured or dead.

In Mykolaiv, the Security Service of Ukraine detained a woman who is suspected of coordinating russian strikes on critical infrastructure facilities in the oblast. She passed on intelligence to russia’s fsb (federal security service). The woman was taken into custody and reported as suspicious.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

During the past day, July 31, the russian military shelled 24 settlements in the Zaporizhzhia Oblast. There are no casualties or injuries.

On July 31, as a result of shelling by the russian army, four fires broke out in the Pology Raion of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast. A house, an outbuilding and a car were on fire.

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of India to Ukraine Harsh Kumar Jain visited the Zaporizhzhia Oblast. He visited one of the social institutions that is preparing to receive the population evacuated from the line of fire. The humanitarian aid provided by the partners will make it possible to equip places of temporary accommodation for displaced people and make living conditions more comfortable. photo

Odesa Oblast

Not only Odesa buildings, but the urban planning decision of the center as a whole are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Any entry into this area is an act of terrorism and vandalism and destruction of historical world value.

As part of the “Weeks of Good Deeds” project, at the request of the Department of Education of the Odesa City Council, the charity fund “I will help” handed over humanitarian cargo to educational institutions of the Kyiv and the Primorie Districts of Odesa. In the Ivan Franko Central City Library, a painting master class was held for teenagers, who are cared for by the “Heart in Palms” Public Organization.

On the initiative of the Public Organization “Votum” for the wards of the organization “Odesa Mothers” a training was held with the participation of resettled women. They were told about the ways to economic independence.

Kherson Oblast

Over the past day, the russian army attacked the Kherson Oblast 51 times. 61 shells were fired at the regional center. Residential quarters, an administrative building and an educational institution in the Kherson Raion were targeted. They also hit the territory of the enterprise in the Beryslav Raion. Four people died, 18 were injured, including a child.

This morning, the russian army shelled the Kherson community. Shells hit the operating theater of the surgical department of one of the hospitals. A doctor died, five medical workers were injured. Two floors and the facility’s vehicles were also damaged.

In the Kherson Oblast, near the village of Chkalove, a tractor driver was blown up by a russian mine. A 41-year-old man received mine-explosive injuries, multiple shrapnel injuries to his arm, back and head. 

During the day, soldiers of the Kherson anti-aircraft missile brigade “South” destroyed two attack drones “Lancet” in the southern direction.

In Kherson, 11,400 residents remain without electricity, which was cut off due to flooding after russian troops blew up the Kakhovka HPP.

Central oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

August 1st in Kryvyi Rih was declared the Day of Mourning for those killed in the July 31 missile attack on a high-rise building. It was established that the russian federation hit with two Iskander missiles. To date, six people have died, including a 10-year-old girl. The number of wounded has increased to 80. Among them are seven children. 19 people remain in hospitals. All are in a moderate condition. People carry flowers and toys to the affected house. Debris clearance is ongoing. Photo

Kirovohrad Oblast

In the city of Novoukrainka of the Kirovohrad Oblast, they met Artem Tantsiura, a military compatriot released from russian captivity. The senior sailor served in Mykolaiv, where he was captured.

Gagarin street in the Sokolivske community of the Kropyvnytskyi Raion was renamed in honor of the fallen serviceman Mykola Zhydkov. Mykola Zhydkov, a senior special forces soldier and flame thrower, died in June in the Donetsk Oblast.

Poltava Oblast

Hadiach defender Vladyslav Gakh was awarded the medal “For Exemplary Service” from the Ministry of Defense and the “Cross of the Brave” from the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. For 11 months, the soldier has been defending Ukraine in advanced positions. Serhiy Bodnaruk, a soldier from Lubny, received the “Golden Cross” badge for the defense of Bakhmut. Vitaly Kaplin from Kremenchuk was posthumously awarded the Order of “Bohdan Khmelnytskyi” of the 3rd degree. He fought in the ranks of the 67th separate mechanized brigade as a senior rifleman. The hero died in the Luhansk Oblast.

In Poltava, a decision was made to move displaced people whose houses were destroyed into apartment buildings, not temporarily, but on a permanent basis. Construction of networks in houses was ordered by the Construction Department of the Poltava Oblast. Sewers, water pipes, etc. are planned to be built for over 60 million hryvnias.

Vinnytsia Oblast

Vinnytsia gas workers helped to rebuild settlements in the Kherson Oblast destroyed by russian troops. Specialists examined residential buildings and structures that were damaged as a result of bombing or flooding, as well as documented the damage and provided advice to local residents.

Вінницькі газовики допомагали відбудовувати зруйновані військами рф населені пункти на Херсонщині. Фахівці обстежували житлові будинки і споруди, які були пошкоджені внаслідок бомбардувань чи підтоплення, а також документували заподіяну шкоду та надавали консультації місцевим жителям.

Six people with visual impairments were trained at the digital skills school based at the Podillia Rehabilitation Center. Over the course of a month, they mastered working with modern gadgets – a smartphone and a computer. The last lesson took place today.

Western Oblasts

Lviv Oblast

Sanitary and service facilities were installed on access roads to checkpoints in the Lviv Oblast. Their task is to provide basic services to people traveling and waiting in queues. 7 modules of sanitary and service facilities were installed on 5 access roads to international automobile checkpoints.


Khmelnytskyi Oblast


17 children of military personnel arrived at a resting place in the friendly Polish Gmina Tarnowo Podgórne. The Ukrainian delegation agreed on the recreation of young residents of Kamianets-Podilskyi during one of their recent visits to Poland.

Chernivtsi Oblast 

Teacher and obstetrician-gynecologist Andrii Berbets received the honorary award “For services to Bukovyna”. From the first days of the full-scale war, he changed his white coat to a pixel and to this day saves the soldiers of the Ukrainian army.

Ivan Pohorenyi from the village of Orestivka was also awarded the medal of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “Silver Cross” by a combat medic and an officer of the 36th separate marine infantry brigade named after Rear Admiral Mykhailo Bilynskyi.

The Kelmentsi community sent help to country soldiers in the Zaporizhzhia direction. Volunteers took a repaired car with food, hygiene products, ammunition and goodies from relatives.

Residents of the Kamianka community collected money for a car for the “Lyut” [“Fury”] brigade. The equipment has already been handed over to the military.

In Bukovyna, 106 farmers received additional financing of over UAH 391.7 million. under the state program “Affordable loans 5-7-9”.

The Bukovyna ceremonial wreath with a cowslip was added to the list of intangible cultural heritage of Ukraine.

A charity concert “Good evening, we are from Ukraine!” was held in the Arboretum of the village of Luzhany. People sang, had fun and collected money for a drone for the Ukrainian army. The event was initiated by the students of the Drachyntsi village cultural center. During the performance, all those willing could participate in fundraising for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The AUI “Active Community” of Chernivtsi together with the Bukovyna Center of Culture and Art organized the ethnographic event “Summer cycle of holidays: folk traditions and customs”. Thanks to the writer Ivanna Stefiuk, its participants learned about the peculiarities of collecting herbs on the feast of Ivan Kupala, the rite of thanksgiving to the earth and Peter’s swing, initiation processes for boys and girls, and more. Residents of Chernivtsi and guests of the city from Kharkiv, Odesa, Mykolaiv, Mariupol, Luhansk, Sloviansk, Severodonetsk, Chornobaivka joined the event.

Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

In Kosiv, the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, an annotation board was opened to the fallen soldier of the 10th separate mountain assault brigade “Edelweiss” Serhii Marchuk.

On August 1, 2023, the educational course “First Graders of Independence” started at the Center for Educational Innovations in Ivano-Frankivsk. Until August 24, two groups of children will be trained in the author’s express course “Bukvyk”. After the approbation of the program, such a course of preparation for school will be introduced on a permanent basis.

Ternopil Oblast

The Ukrainian Veterans Fund opened a new competition in Ternopil. War veterans can get funds to support and develop their business.

Thirty volunteers of the all-Ukrainian camp “Building Ukraine Together” in Berezhany are renovating the town hall, which is an architectural monument of national importance.

Zakarpattia Oblast

In the Zakarpattia Oblast, more than seven thousand unemployed people have used the services of the employment service since the beginning of the year. Two thousand of them are young people under the age of 35. This year, with the help of the regional employment service, more than 2,300 people found a new job. 306 people underwent professional training.

The “Bridges of Healing” training was held in the Zakarpattia Oblast for 45 chaplains and volunteers who work in the field of spiritual care and counseling. The training was attended by teachers of the Military Chaplaincy Service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, chaplains from the USA and teachers of the brotherhood. They shared their experience and knowledge about the work of military chaplains and the provision of aid.

A charity football championship was held in the Zakarpattia Oblast in honor of the fallen soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 9 adult and 8 children’s teams took part in the charity tournament.

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