The three hundred and fifty-fifth (355) day of heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the large-scale russian military invasion continues.


Northern oblasts


Today Kyiv received two unique solar power plants from Roy Group Energy, a leading French manufacturer of photovoltaic panels, as humanitarian aid. The French partners raised 250 thousand euros to purchase them. Another 50 thousand euros were provided by the JCI company. One of the stand-alone power plants (25.6 kWh) will be used at the Consultation and Diagnostic Center. The other (76.8 kWh) will be installed at the Sviatoshyn Neuropsychiatric Boarding School. French specialists will start installing the power plants today.

A new mural by Sasha Korban has appeared in the Obolon industrial zone. The mural is dedicated to all those who suffered from the war.

Kyiv Oblast

Two more “Safety Classes” were opened in the Kyiv Oblast – in the Kaharlyk and Stavyshche communities. There, they teach children about fire and mine safety, how to act when the air raid alert is announced, and what to do in case of emergencies. At present, there are already 18 “Safety Classes” functioning in the oblast.

Zhytomyr Oblast

There are more losses in Zhytomyr. Danylo Zolotukhin died heroically on March 27, repelling attacks by the russian occupiers in the Kharkiv Oblast. While fighting a heavy defensive battle, he destroyed an enemy armored vehicle and enemy personnel, and stayed behind to cover his retreating unit. At the cost of his own life, he saved his brothers-in-arms, who were able to leave the red zone of the battle to regroup. Considered missing, he was buried as a temporarily unidentified Defender of Ukraine in the city of Dnipro. After conducting examinations and identifying the fallen Defender of Ukraine, he was reburied at the Smolyanske City Military Cemetery in Zhytomyr.

Zhytomyr will participate in the “Sustainable rebuilding of Ukrainian cities” program. The press service of the Zhytomyr City Council announced this on February 13. “The purpose of the program is to create favorable conditions for attracting investments in the restoration of Ukrainian communities in accordance with the European Green Deal and accelerating Ukraine’s coordinated accession to the European Union. The project will make it possible to better understand the needs of Ukrainian communities, test the work methods and develop a reconstruction project guided by climate neutrality and sustainable development practices, clearly reflecting the goals of the European Green Deal,” the message reads.

The Malyn community in the Zhytomyr Oblast is recovering from the shelling in the spring of last year. When the enemy withdrew from the oblast and people began to return to the community, reconstruction became an urgent issue. Thanks to the help of the Oblast Military Administration, it became possible to repair cultural, educational, and medical institutions. About 2 million hryvnias were spent to restore the buildings that needed major repairs. However, the war has also affected the community’s economy. Last spring, almost all enterprises stopped their work, but now the production level has already been restored to 50%.

Chernihiv Oblast

In the Chernihiv Oblast, they said goodbye to soldiers Serhiy Dvornyk and Roman Shylkin.

Sumy Oblast

Yesterday, russian soldiers shelled four territorial communities in the Sumy Oblast: Esman, Yunakivka, Krasnopillia, and Znob-Novhorodske.

The night in the Sumy Oblast passed without any shelling.

Eastern oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

This morning the enemy shelled Kupiansk again. Residential buildings were damaged and fires broke out in the city.

Over the past day, the enemy shelled at least 10 border settlements of the Chuhuiv and Kupiansk raions with artillery and mortars.

Kupiansk, Vovchansk, and the settlement of Dvorichna were the most affected. Mostly, private residential buildings were damaged there.

In Vovchansk, a 47-year-old civilian man was wounded when a shell hit a private house.

Demining of the de-occupied areas of the oblast continues. Over the last day, bomb squad neutralized 39 explosive devices.

Donetsk Oblast

In the Avdiivka and Novopavlivka sectors, the areas of 25 settlements came under tank, mortar and artillery fire, including Tonenke, Avdiivka, Pervomaiske, Zolota Nyva, Nevelske, Krasnohorivka, Maryinka, Prechystivka, and Bohoyavlenka in the Donetsk Oblast.

In the Horlivka sector, 3 private houses were damaged in Vasiukivka of the Soledar community, 2 houses in Toretsk, and 1 house each in Kostiantynivka, Bakhmut, and Ivanivske. There has been no reports of casualties.

In the Lysychansk sector, a house in Siversk was destroyed, and the village of Serebrianka came under fire.

The enemy suffers significant losses, especially in manpower. It is focusing its main efforts on conducting offensive operations шn the Kupiansk, Lyman, Bakhmut, Avdiivka, and Novopavlivka sectors. Over the past day, units of the Defense Forces of Ukraine repelled the attacks of the occupiers in the areas of the settlements of Hrianykivka (Kharkiv Oblast), Kreminna and Bilohorivka (Luhansk Oblast), Vyimka, Fedorivka, Vasiukivka, Bakhmut, Ivanivske, and Klishchiivka (Donetsk Oblast), and Zaliznychne (Zaporizhzhia Oblast).

On February 12, the russians killed 1 resident of the Donetsk Oblast — in Chasiv Yar. 1 more person in the oblast was wounded.

Since February 24, the russians have killed 1,359 civilians of the Donetsk Oblast, and wounded another 3,035. The number of victims in Mariupol and Volnovakha is currently unknown.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk Raion

In the Donetsk direction, in the Marika community, one person was injured in Yelizavetivka, one house was destroyed and one was damaged in Krasnohorivka; 4 more houses were damaged in Zoriane.

In the Kurakhove community, a house in the settlements of Hirnik and the territory of an enterprise in Kurakhove were damaged.

Single hits were recorded in Avdiivka; there were no casualties.

On the night of February 13, the russians attacked Pokrovsk and Druzhkivka. A rocket damaged a hospital in Druzhkivka. About 15 houses and kindergartens were damaged by shelling in Pokrovsk. After the survey, transportation and delivery of materials to townspeople whose houses were damaged was immediately organized. Construction materials were brought in to eliminate the consequences of shelling. Two brigades with a total number of 15 people were involved in eliminating the consequences of the shelling in Pokrovska. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Bakhmut and Bakhmut Raion

In the direction of Bakhmut, tanks, mortars, and artillery shelled, in particular, Spirne, Vasiukivka, Ivano-Dar’ivka, Paraskoviivka, Zaliznianske, Chasiv Yar, Bakhmut, Stupochky, and Klishchiivka. In total, there are 16 settlements.

Luhansk Oblast

At 4 a.m. today, the russians attacked Bilohorivka from all sides. Ukrainian defense forces repelled this attack.

The same situation occurred in the Kreminna direction, the enemy attacked with a large number of personnel. After a battle with the Ukrainian defenders, the rashists retreated.

South oblasts

Mykolaiv Oblast

Yesterday, the enemy attacked the settlement of the Kutsurub community with multiple rocket launchers. There was a hit in an open area. There are no casualties.

In Mykolaiv, Pervomaisk, Voznesensk and Bashtanska districts, the day and night passed relatively calmly.

Odessa Oblast

The situation is tense, but under control. The Operational Command “Pivden” (“South”) reports that the enemy is increasing the presence of missile carriers in the Black Sea and intensifying aerial reconnaissance. A frigate was added to the two submarine missile carriers, so the total salvo of Kalibr-type missiles is now 16.

An increase in reconnaissance UAVs is recorded along the front line.

The Japanese city of Yokohama is a sister city that has been supporting Odesa and helping the people of Odesa since the first days of russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, said Odesa Mayor Gennadiy Trukhanov in an interview with The Mainichi Newspaper. In cooperation with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), in July 2022, 33 water purification systems and related equipment were received, including generators, extension cords, filters. In December, Odesa received 1,900 sets of winter clothing, 80 winter jackets and 10,000 sets of disposable chemical leg warmers from Yokohama.

In the summer, a stay in Yokohama was organized for 12 young Odessa judokas accompanied by 2 coaches. In addition, according to the mayor of Odesa, it was Japan that provided Odesa with significant support during the extraordinary session of UNESCO, where the question of including the historic center of the city in the Main List of UNESCO World Heritage was considered.

Central oblasts

Poltava Oblast

Poltava City Council deputy Vlada Spivak has recently visited the city of Midway, Utah. In particular, she has met the mayor of the city and children at school. Children drew pictures and sold them at a charity fair. Proceeds were used to purchase generators for a children’s hospital. Children in the US know about the suffering of Ukrainian children due to the lack of electricity. The Midway community raised $100,000 for generators for Poltava hospitals. They will continue to help the city on a regular basis. These are powerful generators that will work and provide energy to our hospitals even in the event of a blackout.

“Ukrzaliznytsia is launching the “Unification Train”, which will pass through Poltava. The train will be launched on February 16 on Unity Day. It will travel along the route from Uzhhorod to Kramatorsk, connecting 9 regions of Ukraine. “Unification Train” will arrive at the Poltava-Pivden station on February 17 at 6:22. Residents of Poltava will be able to meet the train and sign railway postcards that will be delivered to Ukrainian soldiers at the front.

A russian woman who has lived in the Poltava Oblast for more than 10 years shared posts about “Ukrainian Nazis” and the hashtags “we don’t leave our people”. A pensioner with russian citizenship has had a residence permit in Ukraine since 2011. The woman lives in Myrhorod and adheres to pro-russian views. As a result, she openly supported the occupiers on social networks. The posts also concerned the protection of the russian orthodox church in Ukraine. She was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment without confiscation of property, with a probationary period of two years

One of the temples in the Poltava Oblast passed from the UOC to the OCU. The community of the Temple of the Introduction of the Most Holy Theotokos, which is located in Biletskivka, made the decision to move yesterday, February 12. Father Ihor told journalists that this was the decision of the church community. Believers who did not agree with this decision can move to another parish.

Kirovohrad Oblast

The Territorial Defense Forces defend Ukraine and return Ukrainian territories along the entire front line. Together with other branches of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they are currently carrying out a counteroffensive in the Luhansk Oblast and repulsing the enemy near Bakhmut in the Donetsk Oblast, the 121st Territorial Defense Brigade of the Kirovohrad Oblast reports.

In the Ustinivka community, Kropyvnytskyi Raion, a solemn farewell was held for the 19-year-old defender Rostyslav Pishchulin, born in 2003. In January 2022, he was called up for conscription in Mykolaiv. On March 18, 2022, he was mortally wounded during massive enemy fire.

The oblast government once again urges residents to use electricity sparingly. More than 250 candles were made by the first-year students of the Faculty of Specialist Training for the units of preventive activities of the Donetsk State University of Internal Affairs. In this way, boys and girls decided to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Candles and sweets were handed over to Valeryi Faryniuk, a soldier of the 57th brigade of the 42nd battalion of the 2nd mechanized company, and his comrades. Soldiers defend Ukraine in the hottest point of the front – Bakhmut, Donetsk Oblast.

Dmytro Kudria from Olexandria has already made 50 cases for carrying detonator capsules, which are used to equip sappers’ bags. Before the war, the master of decorative wood processing was engaged in the production of souvenirs. Now he has somewhat changed the type of products, but even the sapper boxes of his authorship have a sophisticated look.

Khmelnytskyi Oblast


In connection with the increase in the population with the arrival of IDPs to the city, the work of the employees of the Perinatal Center has increased. Reconstruction of the Children’s reception department is underway. The second tranche of 7,000 euros for repair work was received from the German charitable foundation “Partnership for the Future”. Two bathrooms in the children’s department are already being renovated: plumbing, wall and floor coverings are being updated, a shower cabin, a changing table and other important things that should be in a modern restroom are being installed.

The students of Lyceum No. 9 sent boxes with “trench candles”, parcels with goodies, warm mittens, socks, pictures and letters to the Ukrainian defenders.

Volunteers from the public organization “Women’s Hundred of Kamianets-Podilskyi” sent 4 camouflage nets, 5 “kikimors” [disguise suits] and 70 trench candles to the front.

Western Oblasts

Rivne Oblast

A new security system is planned to be implemented in the Rivne Oblast on the border with Belarus. It is about a network of “innovative thermal video cameras” with a radius of action of several kilometers, the head of the military administration said without specifying the details.

In the Rivne Oblast, the Security Service of Ukraine exposed another henchman of the russian aggressor who contributed to enemy propaganda. As the investigators of the Security Service of Ukraine established, a resident of Rivne repeatedly distributed posts glorifying the armed aggression of the russian federation against Ukraine, expressed support for the so-called “Luhansk/Donetsk people’s republic” and discredited the servicemen of Ukraine who defend our country from the aggressive actions of the invaders. Using the banned Odnoklassniki social network, the suspect disseminated information from russian propaganda sites, where he claimed that the russians had sent troops into “their territory,” because, in his opinion, most Ukrainian cities were founded by russian tsars. In addition, the man considers Crimea a part of russia and does not recognize its annexation, claiming that Ukraine ceased to exist in 2022.

This year, the Demydiv community bought the third car for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The vehicle was purchased and repaired with funds collected by employees of educational and cultural institutions and the village council. The car was loaded with all the necessary things: homemade goodies, camouflage nets, food products, hygiene products. Also, children’s drawings and trench candles were handed over, so that the soldiers could warm up during the cold weather.

Zakarpattia Oblast

Since the beginning of enemy attacks on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine, the social protection institutions of the population in the oblast have received 22 generators. Alternative sources of energy have been transferred to 14 cells by the partners, reports the Zakarpattia Oblast Military Administration.

In the Uzhgorod community, the faithful of the Mukachevo Greek Catholic Diocese have been preparing bograch [hot dish of meat and vegetables] for the military for the fifth month.

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