The four hundred and seventh (407) day of the russian large-scale invasion continues.


Northern Oblasts


A businessman who is suspected of financing militants of the so-called LPR was detained in Kyiv. An immigrant from the Luhansk Oblast had a business in the territories seized by russia, paid “taxes” to the occupation authorities and sold coal in russia. A case was opened against him and three accomplices under the article on the financing of terrorist activities, the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) reported.

In 2022, 98,000 foreign tourists visited Kyiv. This is about 10 times less than in 2021, when 1.02 million foreigners visited the capital. Most tourists last year were from Israel, Turkey and Germany.

“Ukrposhta” opened an exhibition of foreign postage stamps “Solidarity with Ukraine” in the premises of the General Post Office in Kyiv. They were issued during 2022 by 15 countries as a sign of support for Ukraine and its people. Foreign ambassadors and representatives of diplomatic corps were present at the opening of the exhibition.

In Kyiv, a record amount of precipitation fell in 90 years. During the day, 20.6 mm of rain fell in the capital, which is 3.4 mm more than the previous record of 1933, when 17.2 mm of rain fell.

Kyiv Oblast

Serhiy Bychkov, the former head of Antonov State Enterprise, was informed of suspicion of official negligence, which led to the destruction of the “Mriya” plane. Bychkov, according to the investigation, did not give the order to take the plane to German Leipzig before the beginning of the russian invasion. Damages from the destruction of the An-225 are estimated at over UAH 8.4 billion, and Bychkiv faces up to 5 years in prison for this.

Construction of a new school and kindergarten is expected this year in the village of Vorzel in the Kyiv Oblast. It is noted that the two kindergartens that were in Vorzel before the invasion were not enough for local residents. One of them was destroyed by the russians.

38 generators were handed over to the Bucha community by benefactors from Poland. They will be distributed among schools, kindergartens and objects of critical infrastructure of the city and community.


“How to attract like-minded people to public initiatives” – training on this topic was conducted today by the coordinator of “Active Community” in Bohuslav. More than 30 students of the local humanitarian professional college named after I.S. Nechuya-Levytskyi. The youth discussed what public initiatives, volunteering and public activities are, shared the experience of implemented initiatives, public and volunteer movements in the Bohuslav community.

Zhytomyr Oblast

On April 6 in Zhytomyr, the mayor of Zhytomyr presented state awards to five families of fallen defenders of Ukraine. Oleksiy Matyukhin and Mykhailo Utkin were posthumously awarded the Order “For Courage” III degree. The relatives of defender Viktor Perepelitsa received the Order “For Courage” III degree. The “Defender of the Fatherland” medal was awarded to the family of fighter Oleg Topolnytskyi. The “Defender of Soledar” medal was given to the family of Pavel Bulak.

A projector was installed on the Ukrainian-belarusian border, on which videos about the war, footage from Bucha and the address of the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, are broadcast to belarus. A huge projector appeared near the border in the Zhytomyr Oblast. What he shows is clearly visible and audible in belarus.

In Zhytomyr Oblast, criminal proceedings were initiated due to the destruction of a dam in the Vyspa tract in the village of Romaniv. Pre-trial investigative actions are ongoing on the fact of violation of water resources protection rules.

In Zhytomyr, representatives of the artistic project “With a shot and with paints” handed over mining equipment worth almost 65,000 hryvnias to servicemen of one of the units of the airborne assault troops.

In Zhytomyr Oblast, restrictions on electricity consumption may be introduced for consumers. Zhytomyr Oblast is the only region of Ukraine where restrictions are still being introduced.

Chernihiv Oblast

Yesterday evening, russian SU-35s carried out an airstrike on the village of Pechenyugy in Novgorod-Sivershchyna. As a result, more than two dozen damaged houses, a school, burnt barns, mutilated cars. No casualties have been reported.

The Ukrainian military recorded 27 mortars and self-propelled guns in the Novgorod-Siversk community. Damages are established.

An employee of the State Emergency Service from the Chernihiv Oblast blew himself up in Nova Husarivka, Kharkiv region. The tragedy occurred during the survey and demining of the territory of the settlement as a result of the detonation of an explosive device. The victim was taken to the hospital for medical treatment. The former boarding house “Desna” in Novgorod-Siverskyi is planned to be restored in order to use the buildings on the territory as housing for forced migrants.

Sumy Oblast

Fire at the enterprise and destroyed houses: during the day, the russian military made more than 200 strikes on the border of Sumy Oblast. Bilopillya, Krasnopillya, Khotyn, Hlukhiv and Seredino-Buda communities came under fire.

On the night of April 5, shelling from the territory of the russia damaged power lines in the Bilopillya community. Currently, there are 718 consumers without electricity.

Repairs will begin immediately after obtaining permission from the Armed Forces and the State Emergency Service.

In the morning, russian forces shelled, probably with barrel artillery, the village of Zarutske in the Hlukhiv community, and also hit the village of Novovasylivka in the Znob-Novgorod community with mortars. There is no information about the injured among the population or destruction.

About 500 farms of Sumy Oblast will receive assistance from the UN. This is targeted assistance for farmers who have up to 500 hectares of land.

Eastern Oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

At least 18 settlements of the Kharkiv, Chuguyiv and Kupyansk raions were shelled by the russian army over the past day.

As a result of shelling in the Kupyansk raion, a 65-year-old resident of Kucherivka was hospitalized with injuries, and in Kupyansk itself, rescuers extinguished a fire on an area of ​​100 square meters for two hours. m after a russian artillery strike.

A 16-year-old teenager blew himself up with an unknown explosive device in the Kupyansk raion. He was hospitalized, his condition is of moderate severity, there is no amputation of limbs.

753 cemeteries in 29 communities of the Kharkiv Oblast were forbidden to visit on memorial days: the regional administration published a list of cemeteries that cannot be visited due to mine danger.

Donetsk Oblast

Yesterday, in Donetsk Oblast , Ukrainian fighters destroyed a T-72 tank, an amphibious assault vehicle, a self-propelled mortar “Tulip” and a K-52 helicopter of the russian army. In five battles, the Ukrainian military killed 28 russian soldiers, another 62 were wounded.

On April 5, the russians killed 5 residents of Donetsk Oblast: 2 in Oleksievo-Druzhkivka, 2 in Bakhmut and 1 in Serhiivka. Another 9 people in the region were injured.

In total, since February 24, 2022, the russians have killed 1,459 civilians of Donetsk Oblast and wounded another 3,359 people.

Currently, it is impossible to establish the exact number of victims in Mariupol and Volnovakha.

Kramatorsk and Kramatorsk Raion

The day before in the morning, the russians shelled Oleksievo-Druzhkivka from Uragani — 2 people were killed and 4 were wounded.

Rescuers of the Donetsk region continue to eliminate the consequences of a natural emergency, which arose on April 4 as a result of the partial destruction of a spillway sluice on a pond near the village of Horodeshchyne, Kramatorsk district. Rescuers have already pumped out 1,870 cubic meters. m of water at 20 addresses, work is ongoing.

 In the de-occupied Sviatohirsk, a mobile container was installed where residents can take a shower and wash their clothes free of charge. 

The coordinators of “Active Community” in Kramatorsk together with partners started a cycle of creative classes before Easter. Young workers and immigrants make Easter decorations with their own hands, getting psychological relief.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk Raion

During the day, there was artillery shelling of Maryinka and Krasnohorivka and sporadic shelling of Avdiivka, with no information on casualties.

In Pokrovsk, wells are being drilled to provide residents with water. About 40 alternative water supply sources are planned to be set up in the community in about two months. 

The humanitarian headquarters of the Pokrovsk City Military Administration received a large batch of food aid from the Global Empowerment Mission, HGBF, which is being delivered by volunteers of the NGO Quality of Life. 1440 food parcels have already been delivered to residents of one of the most remote Starosta Raions – Sribne Raion.

Bakhmut and Bakhmut Raion

In Horlivka sector, 2 civilians were reported dead and 2 wounded in Bakhmut, with damage to a kindergarten, 2 private houses, and 3 apartment buildings adding to the total destruction in the city. In the Soledar community, 4 apartment buildings, 2 private houses, and a shop in Nykyforivka were damaged, and 3 more buildings in Vasiukivka. The outskirts of Chasiv Yar and Toretsk communities are under fire.

In Lysychansk sector, a massive shelling of Zvanivka took place, damaging a school, a house of culture, a shop, and more than 20 private houses. In Siversk, houses on two streets were damaged.

Volnovakha and Volnovakha Raion 

In Volnovakha sector, Vuhledar was hit by an air strike, causing no casualties.

About 340 residents remain in Vuhledar despite the shelling. Children were taken out of the city in the winter. On April 5, the Ukrainian military evacuated three residents.


The Mariupol City Council is working on developing a strategy for the revival of the city after de-occupation – ‘Mariupol Reborn’. The Dutch city of Utrecht has agreed to provide assistance. The ‘Mariupol Reborn Strategy’ brings together international donors, municipalities, countries, big businesses, the best architects, and experts. The best practices in urban reconstruction are being studied.

Almost 2,000 Mariupol residents have found jobs thanks to ‘YaMariupol centers’. Professional recruiters work in 17 ‘YaMariupol Centers’ across the country. They help people find a job in a new city. In addition, there is a separate area – free retraining – that operates in 11 cities. 

Pryazovsky State Technical University is currently continuing its activities in Dnipro. The Mariupol City Council constantly supports the university’s activities in the evacuation. Recently, the university community received household appliances, beds, and bedding. And the city council handed over equipment for training, including modern monitors.

Luhansk Oblast

Russians conducted an unsuccessful offensive near Nevske and in Serebrianka forestry in Luhansk Oblast. Novoselivske and Stelmakhivka came under enemy fire yesterday. In Lyman sector, Makiivka, Nevske, and Bilohorivka were attacked.

Guerrillas in Luhansk conveyed ‘greetings’ from the Ukrainian Armed Forces to the occupiers. More drawings covered the city walls.

In March, almost 8400 IDPs from Luhansk Oblast received assistance in the hubs of the Lysychansk community. Food parcels were distributed to Luhansk residents in Dnipro, Poltava, Zaporizhzhia, Obukhiv, Kyiv, and Zviahel.

Southern Oblasts 

Mykolaiv Oblast

Yesterday, on April 5, at noon, russian federation troops fired mortar shells at the waters of the Ochakiv community. No attacks were recorded in the rest of Mykolaiv Oblast.

An emergency power outage occurred in a part of the former Snihurivka Raion. It concerns 12 settlements. Oblenergo specialists are working to restore the power supply. 

The first compensation for destroyed or damaged housing will be paid in May. The decision on payment is made by the commission for consideration of compensation for destroyed real estate. It is formed by local governments. 

German company Boreal Light GmbH will install five containerized desalination plants in Mykolaiv. The employees of the city utility ‘Mykolaivvodokanal’ will be trained in their installation, use, and maintenance.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Over the past day, on April 5, the russian military shelled civilian infrastructure in the area of 15 settlements in Zaporizhzhia Oblast. In particular, four guided air strikes, three drone attacks, three MLRS attacks, and 58 artillery attacks were recorded.

Several powerful explosions occurred in occupied Melitopol at night, said Mayor Ivan Fedorov. Preliminary, they took place at the occupiers’ enemy base near the seized airfield.

In the temporarily occupied Mala Bilozerka, Zaporizhzhia Oblast, russians set up a military hospital on the basis of a local hospital.

In Zaporizhzhia, a 33-year-old man who cooperated with russians and voluntarily headed a school in the temporarily occupied Melitopol was served with a notice of suspicion of collaboration.

Odesa Oblast

The russian military has deployed four missile carriers armed with 24 Kalibr missiles to the Black Sea. Not all ships are fully equipped with missiles, but the threat level is high.

The SBU detained a resident of Odesa Oblast who called for the destruction of government buildings in Kyiv. He was notified of suspicion under two articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

In the village of Hlynky, Artsyz community, a water tower fell due to wind gusts. Water supply for the villagers will be temporarily under low pressure.

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias noted on his personal social media page that Odesa is of particular importance to Greece, as it is inextricably linked to the history of his country. Nikos Dendias also added that he had a phone conversation with UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay during her visit to Ukraine. They discussed ways of cooperation to protect and draw attention to the history and heritage of Odesa after its inclusion in the UNESCO List.

Kherson Oblast

On April 5, russian troops fired 42 times at the right-bank Kherson Oblast, and 9 times at Kherson. They hit residential areas of the city, private and apartment buildings, and critical infrastructure. One person was wounded.

Over the past day, russian troops shelled five communities in Beryslav Raion. In particular, Beryslav, Zmiivka, Chervonyi Mayak, Mylove, Kachkarivka, Mykhaylivka, Lvove, and Mykolaivka were hit. A shop, apartment buildings, private houses and outbuildings were damaged. One person was killed in the shelling of Beryslav.

In the Kherson Oblast, volunteers delivering humanitarian aid to the village of Kozatske came under fire. An enemy drone spotted them and russian terrorists opened fire from a tank. Fortunately, everyone survived and fulfilled their mission.

The occupation “head” of one of the villages in Beryslav Raion will be on trial in Kherson Oblast. The suspect helped the russian military search for pro-Ukrainian citizens and entrepreneurs. He also offered educators to undergo “retraining” in Crimea. The man is in custody. He faces up to 12 years in prison.

Volunteers of the Medical Aid Committee in Zakarpattia delivered eight generators to Komyshany and the nearest villages of Kherson Oblast. Those with a capacity of 22 kW and 8 kW will be used at wells for water extraction, while the rest will be used to meet the needs of local residents.

Central Oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

Since the beginning of the war, residents of Petrykivka in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast have been sewing uniforms for the defenders, providing psychological assistance and doing some planting. The charity center in Petrykivka helps both adults and children. In addition to the locals, the center also supports IDPs who were forced to leave their homes.

“We came with peace”: a special space exhibition by 11-year-old “Ukrainian Picasso” from Berdiansk, Maksym Brovchenko, took place in Dnipro. The boy sends all the money from the sale of paintings to help the Armed Forces. One of his paintings was presented to the Pope.

In Kryvyi Rih, they planted a tree and created a bas-relief in honor of Kuzma Scriabin. The people of Kryvyi Rih commemorate the singer every year with a car race, song and poetry contest. And now, activists have planted linden trees near the Palace of Youth and Students in the Metallurgical district. The bas-relief of Kuzma was made by sculptor-artist Vitaly Kolesnikov.

 Kropyvnytskyi Oblast

The heroes of the Svitlovodsk community of Oleksandriya raion were successively awarded «For Courage» medals. Thus, Maksym Angupets and Danylo Avchinnikov were awarded the medal «For Courage» of the III degree. The mayor of Svitlovodsk presented state awards to relatives of defenders. Both military men were born in 2000 and died last May in the war with russia.

In the Maryanivka community of the Novoukrainka raion, the hero from the village of Onykieve Oleksandr Olefirenko was posthumously awarded the Order «For Courage» of the 3rd degree. The soldier died in September 2022 while performing a combat mission.

In Kropyvnytskyi, all caring people can join the collection of spring and summer things for the displaced, and they should be handed over to the volunteers of the humanitarian center of the «Terytoria Uspihu [Territory of Success]» public organization. There is a constant need for demi-season shoes and clothes.

Cherkasy Oblast

Cherkasy sappers, who carry out demining tasks in de-occupied territories, received awards. The badge of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine «For the safety of the people» was awarded to driver-sapper Oleksandr Grudin, the badge of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine «For bravery in an emergency» was awarded to driver-sapper Bohdan Khytryk.

Maryna Golinko, a doctor from Zolotonyshchyna, was awarded the state award – the order «For Courage» of the 2nd degree. The woman received the award from the head of the Odesa Naval Lyceum. 28-year-old Maryna Golinko was in russian captivity for half a year. Got there from Mariupol. The woman returned to Ukraine as part of the exchange on October 17, 2022.

Nine new cars were given to the doctors of the Cherkasy Oblast. Three of them will remain in the Cherkasy Oblast Center of Emergency Medical Aid and Disaster Medicine, the rest will be sent to the raions. Part of the «fast» high traffic. Such cars are convenient for trips to de-occupied territories.

Western Oblasts

Lviv Oblast

In Lviv, the dismantling of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the moscow Patriarchate in Sykhov, which was built illegally, began. It was initiated by the community of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. The police ensure order.

On April 6, the International Day of Sports for Development and Peace, Lviv athletes called on the sports community to boycott the participation of russians in international sports competitions. According to them, this day should symbolize unity and solidarity in the world of sports, but last year showed that russia has devalued all principles.

Khmelnytskyi Oblast

In Khmelnytskyi, near the Church of the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the moscow Patriarchate, during a meeting at which about 1,000 people registered, those present voted for the transition to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

The right to use land for 7 temples of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the moscow Patriarchate was terminated in the Shepetivka community. The relevant decision was supported by the deputies at the session of the Shepetivka City Council.

In Khmelnytskyi, for 2023, 97 million hryvnias have been allocated from the city budget to the health care sector since the beginning of the year. With these funds, they plan to modernize some hospital buildings, carry out major repairs there, purchase medical equipment and open new departments.

Khmelnytskyi woman collects authentic national clothing of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Ksenia Malyukova’s collection includes 130 Ukrainian costumes from different Oblasts of Ukraine.

Rivne Oblast

Five sappers with two pieces of equipment from the Rivne Oblast perform combat tasks of demining the territories of the Mykolayiv Oblast liberated from the russian occupiers. During this time, pyrotechnicians examined 4 hectares of land, where they neutralized 20 munitions. Last year, Rivne sappers demined the de-occupied territories of Kyiv Oblast, Donetsk Oblast, and Kherson Oblast.

Chernivtsi Oblast

In Bukovyna, the Oblast Program of Social Support for ATO/OOS participants, defenders and their family members for 2023 was approved. 14.418 million hryvnias are planned to be allocated to its implementation from the Oblast budget.

Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Vitaly Holovnya paid a working visit to Bukovyna. He met with the head of the Chernivtsi Oblast military administration. They discussed the development of fisheries, in particular, the importance of approving programs in this area at the local level. Photo

The Magala orphanage received a generator, heaters, medical equipment and medicines from benefactors. Assistance was provided by the Italian organization «Medici per i Diritti Umani – MEDU» («Doctors for Human Rights»).

Zakarpattia Oblast

Zakarpathian explosives demining de-occupied territories. In particular, they are destroying deadly shells in the Kherson Oblast.

Fighters of the 128th Brigade of the 15th Separate Mountain Assault Battalion improve their professional skills every day during intensive combat training activities. For example, the military recently conducted exercises on assault and defense of positions with the help of equipment designed for the team tactical game «paintball».

In the lobby of the Transcarpathian Academic Oblast Puppet Theater «Bavka» a thematic event dedicated to the first anniversary of the liberation of Ukrainian lands from russian invaders will be held. It is about an artistic reading of the social drama «Ten Kilometers» (the author is Iryna Feofanova from Irpin).

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