The four hundredth and fifth (405) day of the russian large-scale invasion continues.


Northern Oblasts


President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskiy met in Kyiv with Mike Pompeo, the former US Secretary of State. Volodymyr Zelenskiy called his visit a powerful signal of bipartisan support of Ukrainians in the struggle for democracy.

Mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko met with Mayor of Hamburg Peter Chencher. Vitaliy Klitschko thanked Hamburg for its support and assistance to the Ukrainian capital. Already today, three city buses provided by German partners are on their way to Kyiv.

On April 4, the Ukrainian House hosted an event dedicated to the anniversary of the liberation of Kyiv Oblast from the invaders. During it, civilians and military personnel of the Kyiv Oblast were presented with state awards for courage and heroism and awards from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. The ceremony was attended by the Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Oleksiy Kuleba, the First Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Oleksandr Pavlyuk, acting head of Kyiv OMA Dmytro Nazarenko, deputy heads of KOMA, deputy head of the Kyiv Oblast Council Tetyana Semenova.

Kyiv Oblast

Today, in the Vyshgorod raion, the destruction of explosive objects was carried out.

During the U4J conference in Bucha, the prosecutor on handling cases of sexual violence, Iryna Didenko, stated that 54 facts of sexual violence by the occupiers were recorded in Kyiv Oblast. According to the prosecutor, there are 13 suspects only in Bucha. Four russian soldiers are already known. Three soldiers have already been notified of suspicion.

A modular kindergarten was opened in Zagaltsi, Bucha raion, Kyiv Oblast. The educational institution is designed for simultaneous education of 55 children. It is fully equipped with necessary furniture, kitchen and generator. The modular kindergarten was built with the financial support of the Hungarian government.

On April 9, a charity fair «Liberated Irpin» will be held in Irpin. All the earned funds will go to the aid of the Ukrainian military, which is currently restraining the occupiers in Donetsk Oblast. The event was organized by the NGO «Women’s Association of Ukraine «Diya» Pryirpinnia» with the support of Irpin`s Mayor Oleksandr Markushyn. The goal of the event is to collect 300,000 hryvnias for «Action Drones» for the military. At the fair, it will be possible to purchase the products of Kyiv Oblast masters.

Zhytomyr Oblast

Another 12 Ukrainians returned home from captivity, among them fighters from Zhytomyr’s 95th separate amphibious assault brigade.

The charitable organization «Zhytomyr Community Foundation» handed over an emergency medical aid car to the Oblast office of the State Emergency Service. 101 days ago, during demining in the de-occupied Kherson Oblast, three cars were blown up by a mine, three rescuers were killed. The total cost of the ambulance is more than 350 thousand hryvnias.

An Alley of Heroes will appear in the city of Malyn in Zhytomyr Oblast, and residents of the Malyn community who died in the russian-Ukrainian war will have the same unified monuments. During the large-scale russian invasion, the Malyn community lost 46 of its residents, 45 of whom have already been awarded the title of «Honorary Citizen of the Malyn community».

Today, volunteers of the «Zhytomyr» humanitarian hub handed over medicine and medical equipment to the representatives of the newly created military unit. Together with the city council and the Oblast military administration, they study the military’s requests for further assistance.

Chernihiv Oblast

On April 4, the russians shelled the border village of Leonivka, Semenivka community. The military recorded 22 hits, probably from a 120 mm mortar. No information was received about losses among the local population or damage to civil infrastructure.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi, during a working trip to Chernihiv Oblast on April 3, presented Dmytro Bryzhinsky, the head of the Chernihiv City Military Administration, with the

 «Hero City of Ukraine Chernihiv» award.

Sumy Oblast

During the day of April 3, russian forces shelled the Bilopillia community three times: 14 mortar hits and 100 shots from AGS. There were no damages or injuries.

On the night of April 3 to 4, the russians shelled the communities of Seredyna-Buda and Esman. Three people were injured as a result of shelling in the central part of the city of Seredyna-Buda. The premises of the cultural center and the administration building were also damaged.

Eastern Oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

Yesterday, the enemy continued shelling the settlements of Kupyansk, Chuguyiv and Kharkiv raions of the Oblast.

Kupyansk was shelled twice during the day. Today, around 5:00 a.m., the russian invaders shelled this city again. A non-residential building was damaged.

Yesterday, the enemy carried out at least 48 shellings on the village of Dvorichna and 36 shellings on the village of Zapadne in the Kupyansk raion. The russians fired from rocket and tube artillery, tanks and mortars, they also used aviation.

A 28-year-old civilian man was injured due to the shelling of Vovchansk and the village of Vovchanski Khutory of Chuguyiv raion. Hospitalized in a light condition.

In the village of Tyhe, Chuguyiv raion, the infrastructural facilities and private homes were destroyed by the shelling of the occupiers.

Demining is ongoing in the Oblast. Over the past day, more than 6.5 hectares of territory were examined and 108 explosive objects were neutralized.

Donetsk Oblast

The occupying forces of the russian federation made 18 strikes on Donetsk Oblast, there are dead and wounded. 10 settlements were shelled. Russian troops hit the civilian population with S-300 air defense systems, Grads, Uragan, artillery, mortars. 17 civilian objects were destroyed and damaged – 6 residential buildings, a hospital, a mine building, a shopping complex, administrative buildings, a bus, cars.

During the past day, soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled 69 attacks by the occupiers. The fiercest battles continue for the settlements of Bakhmut, Avdiyivka and Maryinka.

In Donetsk Oblast, four people were killed by shelling of the russian army last night, two in Toretsk, one each in Avdiyivka and Torske, three more residents of the Oblast were injured.

Since the day of russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, the weapons of the aggressor country have killed 1,450 civilians of Donetsk Oblast and injured another 3,339 people. The number of victims in Mariupol and Volnovakha is still unknown.

Kramatorsk and Kramatorsk raion

A dam broke in Kramatorsk. As a result, about 260 houses on 30 streets were flooded. A headquarters for liquidation of the consequences of an emergency situation was created. Six residents of Kramatorsk were evacuated from their homes due to flooding. The appropriate services are working on the spot, trying to reduce the flow of water – creating a concrete fence and clearing the riverbed.

The raion center sterilizes homeless animals free of charge. The service for maintenance and treatment of animals urges the residents of Kramatorsk to contact specialists for the capture of four-legged animals. They will be sterilized, the necessary vaccinations will be given, they will be marked with a chip and brought to the appropriate register.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk raion

At the Avdiyivka and Maryinka directions, the enemy conducted offensive actions in the areas of Novokalynove, Krasnohorivka, Avdiyivka, Severne, Pervomayske and Maryinka, but did not succeed.

At the same time, the enemy fired at the localities of Avdiyivka, Vodiane, Severne, Netaylove, Pervomayske, Krasnohorivka, Heorhiivka, Maryinka and Pobeda in Donetsk Oblast.

In Avdiyivka, the enemy shelled a bus, one person was killed and another was injured.

At night, the russian army shelled Kurakhove with cluster munitions and rockets. They hit a shopping center, damaging Ukrposhta, Ukrtelecom, a hospital and several high-rise buildings. Toretsk was also attacked with rockets, killing two people. 

Pokrovsk displaced people in Zakarpattia received humanitarian aid. Viktor Hrytsak, the head of the Ednannia hub of the Pokrovsk City Military Administration, visited a geriatric nursing home in Vynohradiv, where people with disabilities from the Pokrovsk community have been living since April 2022. Ednannia hubs are also operating in Kropyvnytskyi, Chervonohrad, Chernivtsi and Khust. Their activities are aimed at addressing the humanitarian needs of residents of the Pokrovska community who have evacuated to safer regions of Ukraine.

Bakhmut and Bakhmut raion

In the Bakhmut sector, the enemy is trying to take full control of the city of Bakhmut and continues to storm it. It conducted unsuccessful offensives near the settlements of Orikhovo-Vasylivka and Ivanivske.

Defense forces repelled 32 enemy attacks in this area of the frontline over the last day. The settlements located in the combat zone suffered from enemy shelling.

In the Horlivka sector, 2 administrative buildings, 3 multi-storey buildings and a private house in Bakhmut were damaged.

Chasiv Yar and the outskirts of Soledar community were under fire.

In Siversk, houses on two streets were destroyed.

In the Bakhmut sector, Ukrainian defense forces killed 91 russian soldiers over the last day and destroyed a tank, a Grad multiple rocket launcher and three occupiers’ ammunition depots.

Volnovakha and Volnovakha raion

In the Volnovakha sector, Vuhledar and Bohoyavlenka came under fire, causing no casualties.


The death toll in the occupied city continues to rise, as evidenced by many new graves. And there are unexploded and uncleared remnants of russian shells nearby. The mortality rate is also increasing due to the critical level of healthcare in occupied Mariupol. There is a shortage of doctors, and medical facilities lack the necessary equipment and medicines.

Mariupol Mayor Vadym Boychenko met with Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to Ukraine Matsuda Kuninori. They discussed possible options for cooperation to help Mariupol residents. Namely, strengthening support for people through the “YaMariupol” centers, possible assistance in creating social housing based on dormitories, as well as attracting the expertise of Japanese cities in rebuilding Mariupol after its de-occupation.

Southern Oblasts

Mykolaiv Oblast

On the night of April 4, air defense forces destroyed one enemy drone over Mykolaiv Oblast.

As of 07:30 am on April 4, no hostile attacks were recorded in Mykolaiv Oblast.

On April 3, a delegation from the government of the South Bohemian region of the Czech Republic and the Post Bellum organization visited Mykolaiv. Czech representatives and regional authorities signed a Memorandum of Cooperation.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Over the past day, the russian military shelled civilian infrastructure in the vicinity of 10 settlements in Zaporizhzhia Oblast. In particular, three guided air strikes, three attacks by unmanned aerial vehicles and 44 artillery attacks were recorded.

There were 10 reports of the destruction of civilian houses and apartments and infrastructure. In particular, in the Polohy raion, two buildings of an educational institution were damaged and a heat transfer system between the buildings was destroyed. Later, the russian military struck again. 

Odesa Oblast

At night, the Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down 13 Shahed-131/136 drones over Odesa Oblast. One of the region’s enterprises was also hit, causing a fire. Preliminary, there were no casualties.

The number of russian missile launchers in the Black Sea has increased to three. Currently, the russian army’s naval grouping in the Black Sea consists of 11 ships, including two surface and one submarine missile carriers with a possible volley of 20 Kalibr missiles.

During the visit of UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay, an information plaque was unveiled in Odesa to mark the inclusion of the city’s historic center in the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

Kherson Oblast

On April 3, the russian army fired 61 times at Kherson Oblast, and 4 times at Kherson. 10 shells hit a residential area and the territory of a medical institution. One person was killed.

In some settlements of the temporarily occupied Kakhovka raion, the russian military prohibits people from leaving their homes and closes shops and hospitals. Pensioners are also being given social payments as a “reward”.

In the village of Pyatikhatky in the Kherson Oblast, police discovered the graves of three local residents. A woman and two men were killed in October-November last year as a result of shelling of the village by russian troops. They were buried by their fellow villagers in their own yards.

Pyrotechnics neutralized 68 explosive devices in the de-occupied settlements of Kherson Oblast. In one day, they inspected almost eight hectares of territory, eight households and almost two kilometers of gas pipeline.

The prosecutor’s office has served a notice of suspicion to the fake “head of Kherson kindergarten No. 37”. She is suspected of collaboration and aiding the aggressor. The pseudo-head implemented russian educational standards, hung russian symbols and a portrait of the russian leader in the seized kindergarten. She faces up to 12 years in prison.

Over the past day, Ukrainian Defense Forces missile and artillery soldiers shot down two russian Mavic drones, destroyed three armored vehicles and six russian soldiers.

Kherson Oblast received humanitarian aid from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: 33 generators, blankets and hygiene products for adults. The aid will be distributed among the de-occupied settlements.

Central Oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

Paul Massaro, Senior Policy Advisor to the U.S. Helsinki Commission, visited Dnipro. He has already visited Mykolaiv, Kherson, and Odesa. Paul Massaro advocates for active assistance to Ukraine and calls on the world to provide the necessary weapons.

Since the start of the full-scale invasion, bomb squads have defused over six thousand pieces of ammunition in the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. Now sappers are clearing the fields of mines so that farmers can start the sowing campaign. This year they have already surveyed almost 1700 hectares.

In Dnipro, volunteers are buying and repairing vehicles for the frontline. They have already sent 13 vehicles during the full-scale war. However, the military often comes under fire, so the vehicles must be repaired.

An art space “Oles Honchar. Open Air Museum” was created to mark the writer’s birthday. Participants joined a language and literary battle, imagined Gonchar’s image through household items presented in the museum, and took photos in the interior of Oles Gonchar’s room. The Center for Artistic and Aesthetic Creativity of Students and the Department of Youth Policy of the City Council organized the event.

In Dnipro, almost a thousand children have already taken free journalism and blogging courses organized by the ‘Dobro TUT’ (‘Kindness is HERE’) charity foundation. The internally displaced children gain new knowledge, make their own stories, and find new friends in a foreign city,

Cherkasy Oblast

On April 4, ten trucks were handed over to the Cherkasy territorial defense. The vehicles were purchased at the expense of local entrepreneurs. It cost 172 thousand euros.

Four communities in Cherkasy Oblast received school buses. They were donated by donors from France.

In the village of Mankivka, Cherkasy Oblast, a sculpture of vladimir lenin was sold for 68,001 hryvnias. The monument weighs 3,360 kilograms and is 5.3 meters high. It is cast in bronze and hollow inside. The starting price was 545 thousand hryvnias. 

Kirovohrad Oblast

A family from the Haivoron community sent another car for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This is the eighth car from the Opalenko family. Traditionally, the car was filled with food before being sent to the military unit.

An alley in honor of Moshchun, Irpin, Trostyanets, Bucha, Gostomel, Borodianka, Okhtyrka, Sumy and Chernihiv has appeared in the Victory Park in Kropyvnytskyi. These cities were liberated from russian occupation and blockade a year ago. Kropyvnytskyi youth, military personnel, and IDPs took part in the action. Nine oak trees were planted. 

Poltava Oblast

Five separatists who were preparing terrorist attacks in Poltava Oblast have been served with a notice of suspicion. The members of the criminal group from the “Kalmius” group of the “DPR” were exposed by the SBU in Poltava Oblast. The suspects are accused of preparing to commit a terrorist act, and two of them are suspected of committing a terrorist act.

A man who kept weapons abandoned by the russian occupiers at home in Poltava Oblast was sentenced. In September 2022, the Armed Forces of Ukraine expelled the russian occupiers from Kharkiv Oblast, and a local resident took the armored car left by the invaders. The man made a deal with the investigation and confessed to the crime. The court imposed a 4-year suspended sentence.

A police motorcycle patrol will start working in Poltava. It is planned to start patrolling the streets on motorcycles in May-June. The motorcycle patrol first appeared in the city in July 2021. The police had 4 Suzuki Sv 650 motorcycles for Poltava.

Western Oblasts

Khmelnytskyi Oblast

The regional council has banned the activities of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the moscow patriarchate in the Khmelnytskyi Oblast. The decision was made today at an extraordinary session. The church was also deprived of the right to use 13 land plots. Among them is the one where the Holy Protection Cathedral is located.

IDPs can get spring jackets for children and adults, hats, mittens and mattresses. These items are being distributed at the Humanitarian Aid Center in the Starytskyi Theater. The aid came to our city from international benefactors. In addition, shoes, bedding, dishes, and children’s toys are still being distributed here.


Members of the Kamianets-Podilskyi City Council unanimously adopted an appeal to ban the moscow patriarchate on the territory of Ukraine, to withdraw the Kamianets-Podilskyi Diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the moscow patriarchate from the russian Orthodox Church, and to terminate lease agreements and use of state-owned church buildings.

Trying on a suit that can withstand 800 °C, seeing a jack that lifts 20 tons, sitting in a fire truck – these and more were the things that rescuers and instructors from the Kamianets-Podilskyi Red Cross Society taught the participants of the Children of War project. Young residents from frontline Novohrodivka are currently undergoing psychological rehabilitation in Kamianets-Podilskyi. Volunteers from Poland also visited them, bringing sweets, games, toys, stationery, and hygiene products.

The House of Culture hosted a charity concert by the brass band of the relocated Bakhmut College of Culture. All proceeds will go to the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Rivne Oblast

Students of the Tesludiv and Pliashiv lyceums and Mytnytsia gymnasium make various canned goods, pastries, trench candles, and hold numerous fairs and charity events. Recently, we have delivered another humanitarian aid to our defenders in Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia Oblasts: food, hygiene products, medicines, etc. A charity fair in support of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was held at Dubno Lyceum. The event raised over UAH 30 thousand, which will be used to buy a quadcopter.

Chernivtsi Oblast

The Chernivtsi City Council has allocated another UAH 30 million to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces and supported a rehabilitation program for the military.

Bukovina’s rifle battalions received help from Chernivtsi Oblast’s carriers. Two vehicles with sanitary and hygiene boxes were delivered to the soldiers. This special equipment will ensure the comfort of soldiers in various units on the front line.

A special room with appropriate exercise equipment has been set up in the Vashkiv Hospital for Rehabilitation and Palliative Care to provide active rehabilitation sessions for sick soldiers. The equipment was donated by the Chernivtsi-based charity foundation “New Family”.

Another medical evacuation train of the Médecins Sans Frontières – Brussels charity foundation arrived in Bukovyna. It transported 15 female patients from the municipal institution “Liubomyr Psychoneurological Boarding School” of the Zaporizhzhia Regional Council. The IDPs were accommodated in the Petrychanka Psychoneurological Nursing Home.

Almost 70 internally displaced persons of the vulnerable category who currently live in the Klishkivetsi community received humanitarian aid – fleece jackets and blankets of their choice. The cargo came from the Right to Protection Charitable Foundation.

The Territorial Social Service Center of the Sokyryansky City Council received medical equipment: an ophthalmoscope, a slit lamp, and four pulse oximeters. The charitable assistance was provided by the Arlene Campbell Humanitarian Foundation of the United States. The medical equipment was transferred to the daycare unit for people with disabilities and the elderly of the territorial center.

Children from the village of Dovhopillia in the Koniatyn community raised UAH 10,000 to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces during the week of vacation. The young volunteers set up their own checkpoint and asked drivers to support the military and join the fundraiser.

Zakarpattia Oblast

Companies that are critical to the economy of Zakarpattia have submitted lists for booking employees. In total, 50 enterprises, institutions, and organizations have been recognized as critical.

An author’s tour by art historian Mykhailo Pryimych launched the project “Sacred Art of Zakarpattia” by the Tree of My Life Charitable Foundation. The goal is to emotionally relieve internally displaced persons and citizens who have taken refuge in Uzhhorod.

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