The four hundred and fifteenth (415) day of the russian large-scale invasion continues.


Northern oblasts

Kyiv Oblast

Today, in the Vyshhorod Raion, sappers of the State Emergency Service were busy eliminating explosive ordnance.

The famous American director Robert J. “Bobby” Roth visited the State Tax University in Irpin the other day. Together with his team, he documents the consequences of the occupation in Ukraine in order to show the truth to the whole world.

Irpin Mayor Oleksandr Markushyn, together with Volodymyr Karpliuk, Chairman of the Irpin Investment Council, and Dmytro Nehresha, Chief of Staff of the Irpin City Council’s Executive Committee, took part in the international Meridian Diplomacy Forum 2023.

In Irpin, a memorial plaque was installed on the house where Ukrainian defender Denys Dezhkin lived. Denys was a soldier of the National Guard of Ukraine. From the first days of the full-scale russian invasion, he went to defend the Kyiv Oblast.

Zhytomyr Oblast

The Zhytomyr Oblast is expecting a new wave of IDPs. Free evacuation from the Donetsk Oblast by trains starts on April 18. The first train will arrive in Berdychiv. The places where the evacuees will live have already been determined, and humanitarian aid, food and hygiene products have been prepared for them.

Military personnel together with police officers stopped a KIA Sorento passenger car to check the driver’s documents. During a detailed inspection of the vehicle, law enforcement officers found an F-1 grenade with a fuse and 20 rounds of 5.45 caliber ammunition. The investigative team of the Zhytomyr Raion Police Department handed over the detainee to the respective agency for further clarification.

A book about the fallen soldiers – “Defenders who stepped beyond the line of life” – was presented in Berdychiv. This book is about the fighters of the 26th Brigade who were killed in action in the russian-Ukrainian war in 2014-2015. It took six years to collect the material.

Chernihiv Oblast

The German company XYZ Cargo donated three modular electric cargo bicycles to Chernihiv volunteers. They can be assembled and disassembled like a Lego set.

Sumy Oblast

During the day on April 13, the russian military shelled the Bilopillia and Esman communities in the Sumy Oblast. They fired tube artillery at the territory of the Esman community. Six hits were recorded.

The Bilopillia community was shelled with mortars (6 hits) and automatic grenade launchers (10 hits).

On the morning of April 14, the Russian military shelled the Bilopillia and Seredyna-Buda communities of the Sumy Oblast with mortars. 19 hits were recorded.

Eastern oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

Yesterday, the enemy bombarded the border and front-line settlements of the Kharkiv, Chuhuiv and Kupiansk raions.

In particular, Udy, Kozacha Lopan, Starytsia, Dvorichna, Tabaivka and other settlements were under the fire of the occupiers.

A civilian enterprise was damaged and a fire broke out in the village of Kucherivka of the Kupiansk Raion as a result of the shelling by the Grad MLRS. Three men were wounded. All were hospitalized in the state of moderate severity.

A 47-year-old volunteer, who was helping to evacuate the population, was wounded as a result of the shelling of the village of Dvorichna, Kupiansk Raion. He was hospitalized in serious condition. Doctors are now fighting for his life.

Mine danger remains high in the oblast. Yesterday, a tractor driver ran over an unknown explosive device near the village of Lukiantsi in the Kharkiv Raion. The 28-year-old man was wounded and subsequently hospitalized.

During the day, pyrotechnic units of the State Emergency Service neutralized 132 explosive devices.

Donetsk Oblast

Over the past day, the russian military fired 12 times at six settlements in the Donetsk Oblast with Grad MLRS, artillery, mortars, and tanks. No one was killed or wounded.

In the occupied Donetsk Oblast, passports of the russian federation are issued in an accelerated mode, and migration service departments are working seven days a week, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported.

The fiercest fighting for Bakhmut and Maryinka continues. The Ukrainian defense forces repelled 49 attacks of the enemy.

Since February 24, 2022, the russians have killed 1,465 civilians of the Donetsk Oblast, and wounded another 3,382. The number of victims in Mariupol and Volnovakha is currently unknown.

Kramatorsk and Kramatorsk Raion

One person was killed and at least five were wounded in a russian occupation troops’ attack on Sloviansk. This is the latest information as of 5:30 p.m. The russians struck several residential areas of the city at once, destroying high-rise buildings and damaging a school. There are people under the rubble of one of the houses, including a child. The rescue operation is underway.

The russian military shelled Kostiantynivka. No one was injured or killed. Two non-residential buildings were damaged,

Shelling was recorded in the villages of Torske and Zarichne in the Lyman community. Also, houses on two streets in Siversk were damaged.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk Raion

In the east of the Pokrovsk Raion, one artillery attack on Kurakhove took place over the last day. In the morning, the enemy shelled Avdiivka, hitting the residential sector.

Over 1,800 people, including three minor children, still remain in Avdiivka. On April 13, another 15-year-old boy was found in the city, whose parents agreed to have him evacuated.

A resident of Pokrovsk was sentenced to 12 years in prison for repeatedly sending screenshots of Google Maps to a representative of the “Donetsk People’s Republic”, using his own phone, in June-July 2022. On the maps, he marked the locations and directions of movement of the personnel and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in his city, as well as in Selydove, Myrnohrad, and the Pokrovsk Raion.  

Representatives of the Avdiivka City Military Administration, together with members of the city’s volunteer territorial defense unit, once again distributed humanitarian aid to IDPs from Avdiivka who have temporarily settled in the village of Zhelanne of the Ocheretyne community. Next on the list are Novoselivka Persha and other settlements where Avdiivka residents live now.

Bakhmut and Bakhmut Raion

In the Horlivka direction, two kindergartens in Bakhmut were destroyed, and a school in the Chasiv Yar community was damaged. Artillery shelling took place on the outskirts of the Toretsk community.

Volnovakha and Volnovakha Raion

In the Volnovakha direction, Vuhledar, Novoukrainka and Bogoyavlenka are under fire.


In occupied Mariupol, houses are being demolished on a large scale in one of the city’s quarters. Before the invasion of the russians, about 15 thousand people lived here. The Azovie quarter in the Primorsky District is gradually turning into a desert.

Luhansk Oblast

Ukrainian soldiers in the Luhansk direction destroyed three T-72 tanks, a mortar and four infantry fighting vehicles.

The fiercest and bloodiest battles are being waged by the National Guard units in the Sieriebrianka Forestry area, where the enemy, sparing neither its own personnel, nor mobilized, nor mercenaries, carries out assaults almost continuously.

Novoselivske, Stelmakhivka, Andriivka and Bilohorivka were also hit by artillery fire during the past day.

Southern oblasts

Mykolaiv Oblast

As of 07:30 on the morning of April 14, no enemy shelling was recorded on the territory of the Mykolaiv Oblast.

Zapoprizhzhia Oblast

Over the past 24 hours, April 13, the russian military carried out 81 strikes on the demarcation line: one missile, seven air strikes, 68 artillery strikes, three attacks using drones, and two with MLRS. Attacks on Malynivka, Mala Tokmachka, Preobrazhenka, Zaliznychny and 14 other towns and villages were recorded.

At night, the russian army shelled the suburbs of Zaporizhzhia, there were no casualties or injuries. A hit to the territory of critical infrastructure was recorded.

The army of the russian federation carried out another airstrike on the city of Orihiv of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast. Four rockets landed in the private sector. Private houses and the building of the Children’s and Youth Sports School were damaged.

Odesa Oblast

A modular town has appeared in the Velykyi Dalnyk community of the Odesa Raion, which was organized by the New Life Christian Mission for the purpose of housing internally displaced persons. It is designed for almost 400 seats. Housing is equipped with all the necessary household appliances. There are bathrooms, kitchens, shower rooms, bedrooms, first aid station, dining room, etc.

Venice will help Odesa in preserving its cultural heritage. The corresponding memorandum was signed by the heads of the cities Luigi Brugnaro and Gennadiy Trukhanov. The mayors also opened a sign with the name of the Italian city near the city council building.

Kherson Oblast

On April 13, the russian army shelled the Kherson Oblast 68 times with heavy artillery, drones and aviation and Kherson itself four times. Two people died, four were injured.

Over the past 24 hours, russian troops have shelled populated areas of the Beryslav and Tiahynka territorial communities. In particular, Zmiivka, Mykolaivka, Olhivka and Tiahynka. The school building, houses and farm buildings were damaged.

On April 13, russian troops dropped explosives from a drone on a police car patrolling Novoberyslav. One law enforcement officer was injured.

A 37-year-old man blew himself up on a russian mine in the Kherson Oblast, between the village of Olhyne and the village of Arkhanhelske. He received shrapnel injuries to his face. The man was taken to the hospital in Apostolovo.

A stationary service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was opened in Velyka Oleksandrivka. Here you can renew your driver’s license, vehicle registration certificate, scrap it and order individual license plates.

A mobile shelter was installed in the Suvorovsky district of Kherson. The structure protects against the shock wave, fragments and elements of cluster shells. It can accommodate 25 people at the same time.

Central oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

The russians shelled the Nikopol, Chervonohryhorivka and Pokrovsk communities of the Nikopol Raion. In Nikopol, a high-rise building, 11 private houses, nine farm buildings, gas furnaces and power lines were destroyed. The roof, walls and windows of the buildings were damaged. There is damage to a private enterprise, transformer substations in communities.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the city of Dnipro has already spent about UAH 2 billion from the budget on various equipment, the construction of defense structures and subsidies for the military. Now Dnipro has sent about 1,500 different accessories for 25 military units worth UAH 100 million. These are 300 drones, in particular, attack drones, “night cameras”, thermal imagers, 10 trucks and 5 shunting pickups, etc.

A petition was submitted to the Dnipro City Council to ban the activities of the Orthodox church of the moscow patriarchate on the territory of the city.

An “Easter tree” was installed in Dnipro. All those willing could hang a painted egg on a tree and make a wish. People can also buy painted cartridges from the ammunition that the Ukrainian Defenders use to fight the occupiers. All the collected funds will be used for the needs of the 232nd battalion.

Kirovohrad Oblast

The staff of the Center for Emergency Medical Aid and Disaster Medicine in the Kirovohrad Oblast purchased a quadcopter for a unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The cost of the quadcopter is UAH 133,000.

A pre-Easter fair was held in Kropyvnytskyi. Producers from Novhorodka, Novoukrainka, Bobrynets and Znamianka gathered in the oblast center. All participants are leading food enterprises of Kropyvnytskyi. The collected money will go to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Intelekt” Gymnasium of the Kropyvnytskyi City Council joined the city-wide charity event “Easter Miracle”. Thanks to the students, parents, and teachers, festive Easter baskets were collected and handed over to the soldiers who are currently being treated in the city’s medical facilities.

Western Oblasts



20 oak trees were planted in Heroes’ Square as a sign of gratitude from the city’s residents. Relatives of the victims, utility workers, and employees of the National Nature Park joined the action.

An event for more than 300 internally displaced children was held yesterday, on the eve of Easter, in the “Rozmai” center by the “Future Is” charitable society. The children watched a cartoon, and creative teams performed in front of them. At the end, they were given sweet treats. 

Rivne Oblast

300 paskas (a traditional Easter cake) were baked by the employees of the Mohyliany Lyceum in the Rivne Oblast and handed over to the Ukrainian fighters in the Donetsk Oblast. In this way, women are united for the second year in a row, and the villagers help with the products.

Almost UAH 73,000 was collected as part of the “Vervechka dobra” charity event in Rivne. Pupils of 11 preschool education institutions prepared drawings, sweets and brought money to support two children undergoing treatment in the local hematological oncology department

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