The four hundred and twenty-second day of large-scale armed aggression by the russian against our state continues.


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Ukraine in brief:

The four hundred and twenty-second day of large-scale armed aggression by the russian against our state continues.

During the day, the enemy carried out 2 missile and 28 air strikes, carried out about 20 attacks from rocket salvo systems. Tonight, for airstrikes, the enemy used 12 Shahed-136 strike UAVs, 8 of which were destroyed by our defenders.

The probability of launching missile and air strikes on the entire territory of Ukraine remains high.

The enemy is concentrating its main efforts on conducting offensive operations in the Bakhmut, Avdiyivka, Maryinka, and Shakhtarske directions. Units of the defense forces of Ukraine repelled about 30 enemy attacks on the indicated areas of the front during the day. The city of Bakhmut remains at the epicenter of hostilities.

In the Volyn and Polssya directions, the operational situation remains without significant changes. Certain units of the Armed Forces of the belarus continue to perform tasks in the areas bordering Ukraine. Some units of the territorial troops of the armed forces of the russia continue to be on the territory of the belarus.

In the Siversk and Slobozhansk directions, the enemy continues to keep a certain number of his troops in the Bryansk, Kursk and Belgorod regions bordering Ukraine. During the day, he shelled the settlements of Leonivka, Chernihiv Oblast; Kindrativka of the Sumy Oblast, as well as the settlements of Hoptivka and Vovchanski Khutory in the Kharkiv Oblast.

In the Kupyansk direction, during the day the enemy made an attempt to improve the tactical position, carried out assault actions near the settlement of Liman First, but was unsuccessful. Krasne Pershe, Dvorichna, Zapadne, Kotlyarivka and Berestiv in the Kharkiv Oblast came under enemy fire.

The enemy did not carry out any offensive operations in the Lyman direction that day. Stelmakhivka, Makiyivka, Nevske, Dibrova, Bilogorivka of the Luhansk Oblast and Ivanivka, Verkhnyokamianske, Spirne, Zvanivka of the Donetsk Oblast came under artillery fire.

In the Bakhmut direction, the enemy continues to conduct offensive actions.

Fierce battles for the city of Bakhmut continue. The enemy conducted an unsuccessful offensive near the settlement of Bohdanivka. Rozdolivka, Orikhovo-Vasylivka, Bakhmut, Ivanivske, Chasiv Yar, Oleksandro-Shultine, Bila Gora, Diliivka, Zalizne, Severnye, Pidvenne and New York of the Donetsk Oblast were affected by enemy shelling.

In the Avdiyiv direction, the enemy carried out offensive actions in the Novokalynove, Stepove and Nevelske raions of the Donetsk Oblast, without success. He shelled the settlements of Novokalynove, Stepove, Avdiyivka, Tonenke, Pervomayske and Nevelske of the Donetsk Oblast.

In the Maryinka direction, during the day, our defenders repelled numerous enemy attacks in the area of ​​the Maryinka settlement. At the same time, Krasnohorivka, Maryinka, Pobieda and Novomykhailivka of the Donetsk Oblast came under enemy fire.

On the Shakhtarske direction, during the day, the enemy carried out unsuccessful offensive actions in the area of ​​Vugledar. He shelled the settlements of Vugledar, Prechistivka, Zolota Niva, Velika Novosilka of the Donetsk Oblast.

The enemy continues to conduct defensive operations in the Zaporizhzhia and Kherson directions. During the day, he carried out mortar and artillery shelling of the settlements of Olhivske, Pavlivka, Malynivka, Gulyaipole, Novodanilivka and Novoandriivka of the Zaporizhia Oblast, as well as the city of Kherson.

Recently, a unit of the occupiers numbering about 300 people, from among the convicts, arrived in the temporarily captured Skadovsk, in the Kherson Oblast, allegedly to ensure law and order. Rumors are spreading among the occupiers about a quick end to hostilities with territorial concessions in favor of the russia, probably to raise the spirits of the invaders. At the same time, it is known that some combat units, which were previously located in the city, are gradually being withdrawn from the settlement to the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

During the current day, the aviation of the Defense Forces struck the area of ​​concentration of personnel and military equipment of the occupiers.

Units of missile troops and artillery struck the area of ​​concentration of manpower, the anti-aircraft missile complex and two more important military objects of the enemy.

Northern Oblasts


At night, the russians tried to attack Kyiv with drones. On the approach to the capital, about 8 enemy targets were detected and shot down.

The head of KOMA, Ruslan Kravchenko, presented the Regional Office of International Cooperation to foreign partners who arrived in Ukraine as part of the first International Summit of Cities and Regions. The Regional office of International Cooperation is a single window for foreign partners who seek to cooperate at the level of the Oblast and territorial community.

A meeting of the Coordinating Council of combatants, volunteers and family members of the dead took place in Kyiv OMA. During the meeting, Ruslan Kravchenko presented the awards of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine to the representatives of veteran and volunteer organizations.

The Kyiv City Council terminated the land lease agreement with the russian Embassy in Kyiv. There was also an appeal to the Cabinet of Ministers regarding the return of the property of the «deputy» of the russian barbarians to the property of the Ukrainian state.

Kyiv Oblast

Today, on the territory of the Vyshgorod raion, units of the State Emergency Service carried out work on the destruction of explosive objects.

For the needs of critical infrastructure, Kyiv Oblast received 5 powerful generators from UNDP with the assistance of the Government of Japan.

In Irpin, the «Lyubimky» private kindergarten, which was damaged by a russian projectile last spring, resumed its work thanks to a grant received under the state program «ERobota [EWork]».

Irpin visited the Cossack vocal ensemble «Bakhmutska Palanka». Its participants are teachers from Bakhmut and Severodonetsk. The participants of «Bakhmutska palanka» came to Irpin for the All-Ukrainian conference of school and student youth «Ukraine – Cossack State». At this conference, teachers from different regions of Ukraine discuss topical issues of national-patriotic education of children and youth.

Zhytomyr Oblast

In Zhytomyr, the deputy director of the lyceum will be tried for justifying the military aggression of the russian federation – the indictment has been sent to court.

The children of the fallen Heroes from Zhytomyr will go on summer vacation to «Artek» in Bukovel. 3.5 million hryvnias were allocated for this during the Zhytomyr City Council session. It is planned to cover children aged 7 to 17 years. To date, the parents of 131 children have given their consent.

Chernihiv Oblast

On April 20, the russian military took turns shelling two communities in Chernihiv Oblast with mortars and tube artillery. The military recorded eight hits in the area of ​​the village of Gremyach of the Novgorod-Siversk community and 14 hits in the area of ​​the village of Leonivka of the Semenivka community.

On April 21, russian troops shelled the village of Leonivka, Semenivka community, with mortars and tube artillery. Border guards recorded 34 arrivals. As a result of shelling, three civilian houses and two civilian vehicles were damaged.

Sumy Oblast

During the day of April 20, the russian military shelled the communities of Velyka Pysarivka and Bilopillia in the Sumy Oblast. A total of 44 hits from mortars, artillery and grenade launchers were recorded.

On the morning of April 21, the russians shelled the village of Kindrativka, Khotin community. So far, we know of one wounded civilian – the driver of a local school. Windows in the school were broken from the explosion, as well as a farm building was damaged.

Eastern Oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

Yesterday, the enemy continued shelling the border and front-line settlements of Kharkiv, Kupyansk and Chuguyiv raions. In particular, Kozacha Lopan, Hoptivka, Kupyansk, Dvorichna, Vovchansk and other settlements were under fire from the russians.

As a result of shelling in Kupyansk, at least 2 private houses were damaged and fires broke out. In addition, the enemy fired artillery and mortars at the village of Dvorichna and the village of Kucherivka in the Kupyansk raion. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

Demining continues. Over the past day, pyrotechnicians of the State Emergency Service inspected about 12.7 hectares of territory and neutralized 105 explosive objects.

Donetsk Oblast

On April 20, the russians killed 1 resident of Donetsk Oblast — in the city of Chasiv Yar. 1 more person in the Oblast was injured.

Since February 24, 2022, the russians have killed 1,478 civilians of Donetsk Oblast, wounded another 3,415. The number of victims in Mariupol and Volnovakha is currently unknown.

Kramatorsk and Kramatorsk raion

Last day, Kostyantynivka was hit by S-300 rockets, the unfinished building was damaged. There were no casualties.

In the Lysychansk direction, one person was injured in Zarichne of the Lyman community.

 In Kramatorsk, 307 streets, alleys and one of the three city parks received new names.

A street library was opened in Sviatohirsk, Donetsk Oblast. Locals take books to read for free and leave their own instead. In a few days, the selection of books increased tenfold.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk raion

The enemy carried out offensive actions in the districts of Kamianka, Pervomaiske and Nevelske of the Donetsk Oblast , without success. Shelled, in particular, 8 settlements. Isolated shelling of the old part of Avdiyivka was also recorded.

In the Maryinka direction, Ukrainian defenders repelled numerous enemy attacks in the Maryinka and Pobeda raions of the Donetsk Oblast. At the same time, Krasnohorivka, Maksimilianivka, Georgiivka, Maryinka, Pobyeda and Novomykhailivka came under enemy fire.

The American non-profit organization Global Empowerment Mission continues to support the Pokrovsk community. Already the second batch of aid has arrived for Pokrovsk medics from GEM in the amount of 296 sets.

Bakhmut and Bakhmut raion

Heavy fighting continues for the city of Bakhmut. 13 settlements located in this direction were affected by enemy shelling.

One person died in the Chasiv Yar community. In Bakhmut, 2 high-rise buildings and 8 private houses were destroyed. 2 more houses were damaged in the Toretsk community.

On the outskirts of Bakhmut, Ukrainian defenders from the 93rd brigade planted young forest seedlings. Foresters handed them over to the military along with humanitarian aid. Seedlings with a closed root system were grown on the territory of the Rava-Rus Forestry branch. Ukrainian soldiers made a video about this.

Volnovakha and Volnovakha raion

In the Volnovakha direction, in the Vuhledar community, Novoukrayinka was shelled from Grady, Bogoyavlenka – from artillery, and Prechistivka – with incendiary ammunition. Details are being clarified.

Luhansk Oblast

Stelmakhivka, Nevske, Dibrova and Bilogorivka were once again subjected to artillery shelling by the occupiers on the last day.

During one of the last shellings of Nevsky, a residential building was destroyed.

Southern Oblast

Mykolayiv Oblast

Yesterday, the enemy carried out artillery strikes on the water area and the coast of Ochakivsk community. There are no casualties.

Ochakiv of the Ochakiv community was also hit by artillery fire yesterday. As a result, private and apartment buildings were damaged. The hit was recorded on the territory of the infrastructure facility. There are no casualties.

In Mykolaiv, Pervomaisk, Bashtanka and Voznesensk raions , the day and night passed relatively calmly.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

During April 20, russian troops shelled the Zaporizhzhia Oblast 75 times. 18 settlements came under fire. In particular, the russians carried out 3 airstrikes, 4 drone attacks, 2 anti-aircraft missiles and 66 artillery strikes were recorded. Two people died, one more person was injured.

Odesa Oblast

In Odesa, employees of the energy front were awarded the President’s award “For the Defense of Ukraine”. It was awarded to 25 participants of emergency recovery works to eliminate the consequences of rocket attacks and ensure reliable energy supply to consumers in the region.

The Minister of Transport of the French Republic, Clément Beaune, paid an official visit to Odesa. He once again emphasized the constant support of the state of Ukraine in humanitarian, economic, political and military directions.

Kherson Oblast

On April 20, russian army launched 63 attacks with heavy artillery, aircraft, and drones in Kherson Oblast, striking Kherson 4 times. The shells hit residential areas. Two people were killed and three wounded.

Russian aviation dropped bombs on the outskirts of the village of Respublikanets. One person was wounded in a mortar attack on Beryslav.

The russian military is trying to take children from Kherson Oblast to the Far East and from Enerhodar, Zaporizhzhia Oblast, to Crimea under the guise of “evacuation”. They conduct so-called “preventive examinations”. The pseudo-medical results are used to take Ukrainian children for “treatment” in russia.

The Ministry of Reintegration will send 20 mobile shelters to Kherson Oblast. Ten of them will be installed in Kherson in the most dangerous areas and crowded places. The other ten will be placed in the settlements of Kherson Oblast.

Central Oblasts

Cherkasy Oblast

Three defenders of Ukraine from Cherkasy Oblast received posthumous awards. They were handed over to the relatives of the victims. Junior lieutenant, rifle company commander Yevhen Kuchuhurnyi received the Order of Bohdan Khmelnytskyi, III degree. Master Sergeant Volodymyr Kalikhman, the rifle company’s logistics officer, received the medal “For Military Service to Ukraine”. Oleksandr Hybalo, a grenade launcher platoon commander of an airborne assault company, received the Order “For Courage”, III degree.

Handmade power banks, robots, and water purification systems – fifty projects were presented by students of Cherkasy State Technological University as part of the Science Days that are currently taking place at the university.

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

Last night, the enemy fired with heavy artillery at the community of Myrivka in Nikopol Raion. Fire also hit the Marhanetsk and Chervonohryhorivka communities of Nikopol Raion and Velyka Mykhailivka community of Synelnyky Raion, damaging 2 administrative buildings and a car. In the Chervonohryhorivka community, a private enterprise was destroyed and 34 solar panels were smashed.

Ukrainian defenders shot down 6 enemy kamikaze drones over the city of Dnipro and its suburbs.

More than 1,000 families in Nikopol and Zelenodolsk received free firewood from the International Organization for Migration.

A young chess player from Ukraine won a silver medal at a tournament for children in the United Arab Emirates and donated all the prize money to the soldiers of the 93rd separate mechanized brigade “Kholodnyi Yar”, which is currently fighting in the Bakhmut sector. Dmytro Fedianyn, who is only 11 years old, is a serious chess player. He was forced to move from his native Luhansk Oblast because of the war.

A photo exhibition dedicated to the students who died defending Ukraine or from a russian missile opened in the center of Dnipro. The exhibition features nine photographs of those who studied at local universities. In addition, there is one silhouette of a student and one of a teacher, as a remembrance of the rest of the Ukrainian Heroes.

In July 2022, 23 city libraries in Kryvyi Rih launched online courses “Let’s Speak Ukrainian Correctly” and the language club’s classes “Let’s Communicate in Ukrainian.” And on April 3, 2023, the “United” course was launched at the city library for adults with the support of the Ukrainian Humanitarian Platform NGO. As part of the project, anyone can practice and improve their Ukrainian language for free.

Poltava Oblast

At night in Poltava Raion, the russian army hit a civilian infrastructure facility, causing destruction. Preliminary, there are no casualties.

Western Oblasts

Lviv Oblast

In Lviv, on Halytska Square, a fountain was opened in honor of Hero of Ukraine Dmytro “Da Vinci” Kotsiubaylo and all volunteers of the russian-Ukrainian war. Dmytro’s beloved Alina Mykhailova and his friend Vsevolod Kozhemiaka attended the opening of the fountain.

“Run for the Drama Theater”. On April 23, Lviv will host a charity race in support of the families of Azovstal’s defenders. It will start at 8 o’clock at the Opera House.

Rivne Oblast

Residents of the Polytsi community in the Varash Raion, together with volunteers, purchased and delivered another vehicle to the military. This time, a large SUV was sent to the front. Also, the defenders of the 104th separate territorial defense brigade of the 61st battalion received food and goodies for the holiday.

Chernivtsi Oblast

Representatives of the Chernivtsi regional authorities met with Martin Seiler, President of the General Council of Deputies of the Swabian County, Jens Gartenfeld, Deputy Mayor of the Haidenrod community in Hesse, and members of the community council. They discussed the development of bilateral cooperation, support for Ukraine and Bukovyna during the war, the implementation of social projects, in particular those related to the rehabilitation of Ukrainian defenders, and support for children and people with disabilities.

The Rifle Battalion has received another donation from the German organization ”UKA Umweltgerechte Kraftanlagen GmbH & Co.KG”. This time, the defenders received a drone in a backpack equipped with a camera and additional batteries, as well as chainsaws, metal canisters, sapper shovels, camouflage uniforms, T-shirts, etc.

The computer classroom, equipped with 15 workstations, was donated to the Zarohany Lyceum by the family of the fallen defender. David Pinchuk was a graduate of this educational institution, so his family decided to make a valuable gift worth UAH 500,000 in memory of their son. The donation included 10 computers, 5 laptops, a multimedia projector and screen, a color printer, two professional sewing machines for teaching sewing, a model Kalashnikov assault rifle for use in the ”Defense of Ukraine” class, as well as volleyballs, soccer balls, etc.

”The Vernissages Cultural Center” opened a photo exhibition called ”Angels of Sport”. It presents 150 stories with photos of fallen sports heroes and short stories about them, 16 of which are about athletes from Chernivtsi Oblast who died heroically in the war.

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