Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine continues on the eight hundred and fourteenth day.



Kyiv Oblast

1.5 billion hryvnias were allocated for the reconstruction of the Zmiivka community in the Kharkiv region and the Trypilske community in the Kyiv Oblast. In particular, 726 million hryvnias were allocated to the state company “Centrenergo” from the reserve fund of the state budget. Another 826 million hryvnias — from the fund for liquidation of the consequences of aggression.

Chernihiv Oblast 

On May 16, the russians attacked four border communities of the region with mortars, barrel artillery, rocket launchers and unmanned aerial vehicles. 11 villages were under fire. Border guards recorded more than 140 explosions.

Sumy Oblast 

During the day, the russian military carried out 32 shellings of the Sumy Oblast, 166 explosions were recorded. Two private houses, two cars, a tractor and a scooter were damaged.

On the night and morning of May 17, the russian military carried out 9 shellings of the Sumy Oblast. 36 explosions were recorded.

In Uhroidy, Sumy Oblast, apartment buildings were damaged due to night shelling. The roof of one of the houses was burnt, and the doors and windows of the others were also broken.

More than 1,000 people were evacuated, including 200 children, from Bilopillya and Vorozhba in Sumy Oblast.


Kharkiv Oblast 

The air alert in Kharkiv on May 16-17 became the longest since the beginning of the full-scale invasion — the threat to the city lasted 16 hours and 33 minutes. 

As of May 17, no people were injured as a result of the russian night strikes on Kharkiv. Houses and the district administration building were damaged, a russian S-300 hit an open area. However, during the day, one person was killed and nine others were injured as a result of airstrikes in Kholodnohirsky district of Kharkiv.

A 72-year-old woman and a 53-year-old man died as a result of shelling in Vovchansk on May 16, a 53-year-old man was injured, six people were injured as a result of shelling in Bugaivka.

In Synelnikove, two people were injured by the strikes from “Grad”, one more person died, a resident of Lyman was injured, an 87-year-old resident of Krasne died as a result of a russian drone strike.

Near Elitny, on May 16, a tractor ran into an explosive object during field work and exploded. The driver was not injured.

A 74-year-old woman was injured as a result of airstrikes in Kupyansk-Vuzlovyi, a medical facility, residential buildings, and farm buildings were damaged in the village.

The police have information that the russians captured up to 40 civilians in Vovchansk who wanted to cross into the territory controlled by Ukraine.

The main efforts of the enemy were concentrated in the direction of Stryleche-Lyptsi and on the captured Vovchansk, with further access to White Well and the deployment of the offensive in the rear of our troops.

Yesterday, 10 combat clashes took place in the Kharkiv direction. The defense forces repelled eight attacks in the districts of Lyptsi, Staritsa and Vovchansk. Attempts by russia to break through the defense of Ukrainian units in the direction of Shebekino – Vovchansk continue.

Kupyansk direction — Defense forces repelled six russian attacks. The fighting continues in the direction of Krokhmalne – Berestov. There were five attempts by russia to improve the tactical position near Vilshanaya, Ivanivka, Berestove, and Myasozharivka. The situation is under control.

As of today, in the Kharkiv direction, the Defense Forces repelled the attack of russia in the Staritsa area, russian troops carried out airstrikes in the Garbuzivka and Bilyi Kolodyaz areas.

Donetsk Oblast

Ukrainian troops on the eastern defense front repelled 11 attacks by the russian army since the beginning of the day.

Over the past 24 hours, the russian military attacked seven towns and villages in Donetsk Oblast.  Mykhaylivka was shelled by the Smerch, and the russian army dropped three aerial bombs on Bohoyavlenka.

Five people were injured in the region during the day as a result of russian shelling. Three women and two men were wounded as a result of a strike on Mykhaylivka in Pokrovsk raion.

Luhansk Oblast

Men who live in the temporarily occupied Luhansk Oblast are being agitated to join the russian army. They offer salaries and social benefits because there is not enough other work in the Oblast.



Mykolayiv Oblast

On 16 May and 17 May, russian troops attacked the Kutsurub community in Mykolayiv Oblast with artillery and a kamikaze drone. No people were injured.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

The russian army struck six towns and villages in Zaporizhzhia Oblast with 438 hits yesterday, on 16 May.

The IAEA conducted another rotation of experts at the temporarily occupied Zaporizhzhia NPP.

Odesa Oblast

At night, one “shahed” was destroyed over Odesa Oblast. In the morning, an Orlan-10 reconnaissance drone was shot down over the Oblast.

Kherson Oblast

Yesterday, russian troops shelled 15 settlements in Kherson Oblast. A medical facility, four multi-storey buildings, seven private houses and a shop were damaged. Two people were killed and six were wounded.

At night and in the morning, the russian army attacked residential areas of the central district of Kherson. Roofs of houses were damaged, walls were destroyed and windows were smashed. No one was killed or injured.

In the morning, the russian army shelled Tyahynka in the Kherson Oblast. A 56-year-old man was wounded.

Four children, three brothers and a sister aged 2 to 12, were evacuated to the government-controlled territory of Ukraine from the temporarily occupied territory of Kherson Oblast.


Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

At night on May 17, russian troops attacked Nikopol with a kamikaze drone. An apartment building and a car were damaged. No one was killed or injured.

Kirovohrad Oblast

The village of Adzhamka in Kirovohrad Oblast offers free housing for IDPs. A center has been set up there for people who have nowhere to live because of the war. Currently, 17 residents of Kherson, Kharkiv and Donetsk Oblasts live there. The center can accommodate 60 people. During the first months of the full-scale invasion, more than a thousand people lived in the Center.


Poltava Oblast

Three UAVs launched by the russian army were destroyed in Poltava Oblast. No one was killed or injured, and no civilian or critical infrastructure.

Vinnytsia Oblast

Air defense forces were working in Vinnytsia Oblast at night. As a result of the fall of the wreckage of a russian drone, the equipment of a power facility was damaged. 


Chernivtsi Oblast

12 children from Kherson Oblast went to Chernivtsi Oblast for rehabilitation. They will spend two weeks in the children’s medical center for psychological rehabilitation “Source of Life”.

Zakarpattia Oblast

A relocated Luhansk Regional Orphanage No. 2 was opened in Zakarpattia. Currently, ten children live there, and the rest are planned to be transported by mid-summer from Slovenia, where they were evacuated due to the full-scale russian invasion. 

Last modified: 19 Травня, 2024