Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine continues on the eight hundred and seventeenth day.



Chernihiv Oblast

On May 19, russian troops shelled two border communities in the Chernihiv Oblast. Border guards reported 51 explosions.

Sumy Oblast

The russian army shelled 13 communities in the Sumy Oblast on May 19. A total of 236 explosions were registered due to firing using artillery, mortars, kamikaze drones, and grenade launchers. One person was wounded and a private house was damaged.

Today, the russian army attacked 8 communities in the oblast. The enemy used mortars as well as tube artillery, and dropped ammunition from a drone.

As a result of the russian shelling, more than 3.8 thousand consumers in the Sumy Oblast are left without electricity.


Kharkiv Oblast

Over the past 24 hours, 28 people were wounded in Cherkasy Lozova, two women, aged 41 and 27, were injured in Kharkiv, two men were wounded in Vovchansk, a woman and three men were wounded in Kivsharivka, and four women and two men sustained injuries in Novoosynove.

Power grids, six houses and outbuildings were damaged as a result of the evening artillery shelling of Ivashky in the Zolochiv community by russians. No one was injured.

At night, russian troops attacked Izium and destroyed the architectural monument, the Zaliznychnyk Palace of Culture. The building is more than 100 years old and had been planned to be reconstructed before the invasion.

In the Kharkiv sector, as of 3 p.m., two combat engagements took place near Starytsia and Vovchansk, in addition to russian troops attacking the area of Lyptsi.

In the Kupiansk sector, fighting took place in the vicinity of Synkivka. Russian troops twice engaged aviation to attack the Ukrainian positions near Ivanivka.

Today, May 20, is the Day of Mourning in the Kharkiv Oblast. The occupiers killed 11 people in the shelling of the villages of Kivsharivka, Novoosynove of the Kupiansk community, and the Malodanylivka community. A pregnant woman was among the dead.

As of yesterday, 10,573 residents, including 812 children and 253 people with limited mobility, were evacuated from the border area of the Kharkiv Oblast.

Donetsk Oblast

The russian army shelled 7 settlements of the Donetsk Oblast in a day.

During the day, three people were injured due to shelling. Two residents of the village of Pivnichne were injured, one more person was injured in Katerynivka.

Luhansk Oblast

In the village of Yuvileine in the suburbs of temporarily occupied Luhansk, an explosion occurred on the territory of the former Academy of Internal Affairs. The occupiers built a military camp there.


Mykolaiv Oblast

On the night of May 20, air defense forces shot down 16 “Shahed 131/136” type UAV over the Mykolaiv Oblast. The roof and ceiling of the house were damaged by debris from the downed drones. A fire broke out during which a woman was injured.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

On May 19, the russian army carried out 378 strikes on towns and villages in the Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

Yesterday, in the village of Novoandriivka, the Polohy Raion, while extinguishing a fire in a house after russian shelling, members of the State Emergency Service came under repeated fire. The enemy dropped the ammunition from the drone. One rescuer was injured.

A man born in 1960, a resident of a private household, died today as a result of russian shelling in Stepnohirsk.

Odesa Oblast

The russian army attacked the Oblast with a ballistic missile, probably “Iskander-M”. The consequences are not reported.

At night over Odesa, air defense forces destroyed one shahed UAV. Also, on May 19, two Orlan-10 reconnaissance drones were shot down.

Kherson Oblast

Over the past day, the russian military shelled 19 settlements in the Kherson Oblast. A high-rise building and 21 private houses were damaged. Eight people were injured.

Last night, the russian military attacked Antonivka. High-rise buildings, seven private houses and a kindergarten were damaged.

This afternoon, the russian military attacked the Dnipro Raion of Kherson. A 72-year-old man was injured, another person died.


Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

Late in the evening of May 19 and in the morning of May 20, the russian army hit the Nikopol Raion of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. Two houses and a shed were damaged. There are no casualties or injuries.

Poltava Oblast

Air defense forces worked in the Poltava Oblast that night. Explosions were heard in the Myrhorod Raion. There are no hits to civilian or critical infrastructure.


Lviv Oblast

During the night alarms, three russian unmanned aerial vehicles of the shaheed type flew over the Lviv Oblast. All of them were shot down by air defense forces. As a result of falling fragments of a downed russian drone, a fire started in a forest in the Zolochiv Raion. It covered almost one hectare of forest, so far it has been extinguished. There are no casualties or injuries.

Last modified: 21 Травня, 2024