The five hundred and fifth day (505) of the large-scale armed aggression by the russian against our continues.


Northern Oblasts


On the night of July 13, russian terrorists again resorted to a massive attack on Kyiv. The air alert lasted more than 3 hours. In Darnytskyi, Solomyanskyi, Shevchenkivskyi, Obolonskyi and Podilskyi districts of the city, cases of falling debris were recorded. In Shevchenkivskyi, there was a fire on the balcony of an apartment building. In the Darnytskyi district of Kyiv, the facade of a residential building on the 25th floor was destroyed due to falling debris, and a man who was in the apartment at the time was injured.

Kyiv Oblast

The Kyiv Oblast is rebuilding 93 private houses destroyed by the russians at its own expense. Residents of 15 communities in 5 raions of the Oblast will receive new homes. Work has started on 55 objects. Houses are being rebuilt on the land plots of the owners of the destroyed houses.

Zhytomyr Oblast

The decision of the executive committee made electronic locks on the doors of shelters in high-rise buildings of the Zhytomyr community a mandatory component of the repair of shelters.

In the Zhytomyr Oblast, the number of people willing to enter higher military educational institutions of Ukraine has increased. In 2023, twice as many people showed a desire to master the military profession compared to previous years.

The student accordion quartet «Grand Classic» together with their colleagues from the Zhytomyr Music College named after Kosenko gave charity concerts in the communities of the Oblast for two months. The musicians collected funds for six bulletproof vests for the military.

Chernihiv Oblast

On July 12, the russians shelled three border communities of Chernihiv Oblast: Novgorod-Siverskyi, Semenivka, and Snovsk. In the Snovsk community, border guards recorded mortar shelling in the direction of the village of Huta-Studenetska. In the Novgorod-Siverskyi community, there was artillery shelling in the direction of the village of Kamin. In the Semenivka community, there was mortar shelling in the direction of the village of Karpovychi.

Sumy Oblast

During the day of July 12, the russian military carried out 28 shelling of the Sumy Oblast border. 165 explosions were recorded. 9 communities of the Oblast were shelled.

Eastern Oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

Yesterday, the enemy shelled populated areas of Bogodukhiv, Chuguyiv and Kupyansk raions with tube and rocket artillery, mortars and using aircraft. As a result of shelling of the village of Odnorobivka, Bogodukhiv raion, 6 private residential buildings, a garage, and farm buildings were damaged, and fires broke out.

A 67-year-old man was injured and hospitalized in Dvorichna village of Kupyansk raion. Doctors assess his condition as light.

A 55-year-old tractor driver was blown up by an unknown explosive device on his way out of the town of Balakliya, Izyum raion, while working on a tractor. Hospitalized with an injury.

Demining works are ongoing. Over the past day, pyrotechnicians of the State Emergency Service inspected more than 10 hectares of territory and neutralized 100 explosive objects.

Donetsk Oblast

Over the past day, the russian army struck 12 towns and villages in the Donetsk Oblast. 

On July 12, eight people were injured in Donetsk Oblast from shelling by the russian army.

Since February 24, 2022, the russians have killed 1,609 civilians of Donetsk Oblast, and wounded another 3,842 people. The number of victims in Mariupol and Volnovakha is currently unknown.

Kramatorsk and Kramatorsk raion

As a result of shelling by the russian military, 1 building was destroyed in Kostyantynivka. It passed without casualties.

In the Zvanivka community, 12 houses were damaged: 6 in Zvanivka and 6 in Pereizne.

In the Siversk community, 1 person was injured, 2 houses were damaged. A house was damaged in Torske of the Lyman community.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk raion

In the Donetsk direction, 4 houses were damaged in Gostre of the Kurakhove community. In the morning, there was massive artillery shelling of Avdiyivka and the shelling of Solovyove of the Ocheretyne community. Under the shelling of Krasnohorivka, 5 streets were affected.

In the Lysivka starosta`s district of the Pokrovsk community in Donetsk Oblast, utility workers installed a well. The spring can fully meet the needs of technical water for the community.

Bakhmut and Bakhmut Raion

In the Horlivka sector, 10 houses and an administrative building were damaged in Toretsk. In the Chasiv Yar community, 1 house was damaged. The day before, Razdolivka of the Soledar community suffered an air strike, damaging private houses.

In the vicinity of Bakhmut, the occupants fired over 500 artillery shells at the Ukrainian military.

Ukrainian Defense Forces hold the initiative in the battle for Bakhmut, while intelligence spotted Kadyrov’s troops in the area of Klishchiyivka and Svatove.

Volnovakha and Volnovakha Raion

In the Volnovakha sector, russians fired a missile at Velyka Novosilka, hitting a lyceum near the village. In the Vuhledar community, Vuhledar, Novoukrainka, Prechystivka, and Bohoyavlenka came under fire, with no casualties.


In the temporarily occupied city, russians have intensified the search for pro-Ukrainian Mariupol residents. This was reported by the National Resistance Center. Due to the activity of the underground, the invaders conduct mass raids on the homes of local residents. During such events, they conduct searches, check documents and mobile devices. The goal is to identify Ukrainians who resist the occupier.

Southern Oblasts

Mykolaiv Oblast

Last night, on July 13, air defense forces and means in Mykolaiv Oblast shot down a “Kalibr” missile and four “Shahed 136/131” kamikaze drones. In one of the settlements of the region, missile fragments damaged a building of an educational institution and ten private houses. There were no casualties.

Yesterday, on July 12, in Mykolaiv Oblast, air defense forces of the “South” Air Command destroyed four enemy UAVs: an “Orlan-10” reconnaissance UAV, a “Lancet” strike UAV, and two UAVs of unspecified type.

Yesterday, on July 12, the enemy launched artillery strikes on the waters of the Ochakiv community. There were no casualties.

In Mykolaiv, Pervomaisk, Voznesensk, and Bashtanka Raions, the day and night were relatively calm.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Over the past day, July 12, russian troops fired 80 times at 14 settlements in Zaporizhzhia Oblast. 

An explosion occurred in Zaporizhzhia yesterday afternoon. The number of victims has increased to 21, including 8 children. Of these, 6 adults and 7 children are in medical institutions.

The russian army carried out another mortar attack on the frontline town of Orikhiv in Zaporizhzhia

Oblast. The shelling killed a man and destroyed about 3 houses.

Russian military closed the temporarily seized town of Pryshyb, Zaporizhzhia Oblast, for entry and exit, checking the documents of locals and looking for adjusters.

Odesa Oblast

At dawn, the russian army dropped a high-explosive bomb on Zmiinyi island.

Border guards from Zmiinyi Island, Yevhen Kotliarenko and Oleksandr Kompaniets, returned home to Odesa Oblast. The men had been in russian captivity for 16 months.

Kherson Oblast

On July 12, the russian army fired 76 times at Kherson Oblast. They fired 33 shells at Kherson. Two people were killed and three wounded. 

On the night of July 13, the russian army attacked Antonivka and Kherson. During the day, it fired 33 times at the territory of the Kherson city territorial community. Damage was recorded in Kherson, Antonivka, Sadove, Zymivnyk, Molodizhne, Inzhenerne, and Naddniprianske. One person died and two were injured.

In Kherson Oblast, as of July 13, four settlements were cut off from electricity as a result of russian shelling. In Kherson, 12.9 thousand consumers remain without power supply.

In the morning, the russian army shelled Zolota Balka in the Nova Oleksandrivka community with artillery at least ten times. Outbuildings and an administrative building were damaged. No one was killed or injured.

Russian troops shelled Mykilske in the Kherson region. An 85-year-old woman was killed.

Central Oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

In the afternoon of July 12, russian troops attacked Nikopol Raion of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast with heavy artillery. No one was killed or injured.

On the night of July 13, air defense forces destroyed a russian drone over the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. There was no shelling in the region that night.

A reservoir is being deepened in Kryvyi Rih. This will help to provide water to Kryvyi Rih until the construction of the Ingulets-Pivdenne water main is completed. In total, three pipes are to be laid to connect the Kresivske reservoir with the Pivdenne reservoir. The first line is scheduled to be launched in August. Photo by

In Dnipro, IDPs are being offered re-profiling courses. They are teaching the professions of pizza maker, pastry chef, cashier, and tailor. The courses last from two to three weeks, depending on the profession.

Kirovohrad Oblast

On the night of July 13, the Air Defense Forces destroyed six “Shahed-136” drones over Kirovohrad Oblast. There are no hits. No one was injured in the region.

On July 13, the sounds of explosions were heard in the Kirovohrad Oblast . During the day, scheduled blasting operations were carried out at the Zavallivskyi and Hayvoronskyi quarries.

In Kirovohrad Oblast, the settlers will be engaged in community improvement for a month. They will receive more than 7,000 hryvnias for their work. The project is implemented with the help of the Polish Center for International Aid.

Poltava Oblast

The SSU exposed three supporters of the “russian peace” in Poltava Oblast. Residents of Poltava and Myrhorod raion, natives of the russian, and a resident of Kharkiv Oblast published posts with hostile narratives and misinformation on the banned social network. They supported the armed aggression of the russian against Ukraine, glorified the russian military. They were informed about the suspicion.

On July 13, training shootings were conducted on the territory of the Lokhvytske community, and technical explosives were carried out in the Kremenchuk community.

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Poltava Oblast were given 30 walkie-talkies, of which 10 were mobile and 20 were portable. They were purchased with funds from the regional budget in the amount of UAH 1.17 million. Walkie-talkies have a large coverage area, so they will help units to exchange information efficiently and quickly.

Vinnytsia Oblast

On this day a year ago, russian troops launched a missile attack on the center of Vinnytsia. Then 29 civilians died, including three children. The residents timed the peaceful event “Angels of Remembrance” to mark the anniversary – they created the outline of an airplane as a symbol of indomitability and sang the national anthem.

In the border areas of Vinnytsia Oblast,ground defense exercises were conducted. In this way, the level of readiness and ability of the regional territorial defense headquarters to perform tasks as assigned was checked.

Western Oblast

Khmelnytsk Oblast

Tonight, during an air alert, air defense forces shot down a rocket of the russian army. No hits were recorded. There are no casualties.

Residents of Starokostyantynivka could hear explosions. On the territory of the community, work was carried out on the disposal of unusable ammunition.

Today, the first deputy chief of the Khmelnytskyi OMA handed over a special communication device – a repeater and 10 radios that will work with it in communication – to the fighters of one of the military units of the oblast.

Another 15 specialists from Khmelnytskyi went to Kherson Oblast to work. These are architects and builders who assess the damage caused by the explosion of the Kakhovskay HPP.


The charity All-Ukrainian Aerial Gymnastics Festival “Freedom in the Air” took place in Kamianets-Podilskyi, which was held at the “Stara Fortetsia” reserve museum. 140 athletes from all over Ukraine, aged from 4 to 17 years, took part in it. Funds collected from the charity festival in the amount of UAH 17,290 were sent to support the Armed Forces.

Chernivtsi Oblast

From September, garbage will be sorted in kindergartens and schools. For this purpose, tanks and bins for recycled materials, used notebooks, paper and pet bottles will be installed. Children will be taught sorting in a playful way and at lectures on ecology.

Specialists of the Chernivtsi Oblast Medical Diagnostic Center organized an outing “Day of Health” for residents of Kelmenechchyna. Residents of the community had the opportunity to receive comprehensive specialized assistance on the spot. More than one and a half hundred people were able to consult with doctors and carry out hardware diagnostics on modern equipment. Almost 300 examinations were also conducted.

Zakarpattia Oblast

A 62-year-old resident of Uzhgorod, a native of Uzbekistan, will be tried in Transcarpathia, who is accused of approving russia’s armed invasion of Ukraine and calls to support the russian army.

272 employers in Transcarpathia will receive compensation for labor costs for employing internally displaced persons. They hired 648 people.

Volunteers of the public organization “Prolisok” bought 20 tablets for the children of the “Peace Ark” center. They also bought a sewing machine and furniture. About 300 thousand hryvnias were spent on it. Children’s center “Ark of Peace” was founded in Mariupol. Due to a full-scale invasion, he moved to Zakarpattia.

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