The five hundred and fourth day (504) of the large-scale armed aggression by the russian against our continues.


Northern Oblasts


On the night of July 12, the enemy launched another air attack on the capital. This time, according to preliminary information, he again used barrage ammunition of the «Shahed» type. The air alert lasted more than 2 hours.

All enemy targets in the airspace around Kyiv were detected and destroyed by air defense forces and means.

The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy announced the replacement of the coat of arms of the ussr on the shield of the «Motherland» monument with the coat of arms of Ukraine. The head of the Ministry of Culture, Oleksandr Tkachenko, announced that tomorrow at 1:00 p.m., a briefing dedicated to the implementation of this large-scale project will be held at the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War.

Kyiv Oblast

Explosive objects were liquidated in Vyshgorod raion today.

A monument to a soviet soldier was dismantled in the Romanivka microdistrict of Irpin. The monument was badly damaged during the shelling of Romanivka. It was near it that a woman with two children and a volunteer died.

The artist from Mexico, Roberto Marquez, started creating a series of murals on the walls of the arch near the Irpin Children’s Art School named after M. Verykivskyi. The artist invites the people of Irpin to join. Now on the walls of the arch there is graffiti painted by teenagers. They want to create murals instead. All new murals will be themed around wartime art.

Zhytomyr Oblast

The SUV for paratroopers from the 95th brigade was purchased by three Zhytomyr entrepreneurs who make key chains from the wing of the russian Su-25 shot down in Zhytomyr Oblast and sell them, raising money for the needs of the Armed Forces. 

In Zhytomyr, volunteers from the «Mission to Ukraine» charitable foundation opened a five-day summer therapeutic camp for families raising children with disabilities.

Chernihiv Oblast

On July 11, Chernihiv Oblast was again shelled by the russians. The communities of Novgorod-Siverskyi, Semenivka and Snovsk came under fire. Border guards recorded 33 mortar explosions in the Snovsk community. In the Novgorod-Siverskyi community, there was mortar shelling in the direction of the village of Gremyach. In the Semenivka community, there was shelling in the direction of the village of Tymonovychi.

During the past week, 393 hectares of agricultural land were demined in Chernihiv Oblast.

In the Koryukivka community in Chernihiv Oblast, the bridge across the Brech River, which was destroyed during active hostilities in the Oblast, was restored and put into operation.

Sumy Oblast

During the day, the russian military fired 22 times on the border of the Sumy Oblast, a total of 225 explosions were recorded. The communities of Krasnopillia, Velyka Pysarivka, Druzhba, Shalygyne, Bilopillia, Gluhiv, Esman and Khotin came under fire.

On the night and morning of July 12, the russians shelled the communities of Bilopillia and Khotin. There are no victims or destruction of civil infrastructure.

Eastern Oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

During the past day, the enemy shelled the settlements of Kharkiv, Bogodukhiv, Izyum and Kupyansk raions with artillery, mortars and using aircraft.

In the village of Vyshneve, Izyum raion, a warehouse of sunflower seeds was on fire due to enemy shelling.

4 private houses were damaged as a result of a guided aerial bomb attack on the village of Kucherivka, Kupyansk raion. A 74-year-old man was injured. Hospitalized in a moderate condition.

The club building was damaged by enemy shelling in the village of Khatnye, Kupyansk raion.

Demining continues. During the day, pyrotechnics of the State Emergency Service inspected more than 6 hectares of territory and neutralized 73 explosive objects.

Donetsk Oblast

In total, during the day, the russian military made 16 strikes on cities, villages and towns of the Donetsk Oblast. 

In Donetsk Oblast, on July 11, four people were injured by shelling from the russian army.

Since February 24, 2022, the russians have killed 1,609 civilians of Donetsk Oblast, wounded another 3,834 people. The number of victims in Mariupol and Volnovakha is currently unknown.

Yesterday, with the help of the police, 93 people were evacuated from the frontline areas in Donetsk Oblast.

Kramatorsk and Kramatorsk raion

On the Lysychansk direction in Siversk, a person was injured, a house and an infrastructure object were damaged. 2 houses were destroyed in Torske, Lyman community.

In Kramatorsk, the SSU detained a russian informant during counter-subversive measures in the front-line areas of Donetsk Oblast. He tried to track the movement routes of Ukrainian armored vehicles, which are involved in the counteroffensive operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the eastern front, including near Bakhmut. A 48-year-old local resident involved two more residents of the city to collect intelligence on the suspect. The detainee was informed of the suspicion. He is currently in custody.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk raion

Donetsk rescuers helped 41 people evacuate in the Pokrovsk raion over the past day, including 7 children and 5 people with reduced mobility.

The residents of Pokrovsk received a set of repair materials from the “Caritas Kramatorsk” Charitable Foundation for light and medium repairs of homes damaged as a result of russian military aggression. Thus, the first sets of repair materials were issued for the village of Shevchenko and for Pokrovsk within the framework of the project “Humanitarian aid for persons affected by the war in Ukraine”.

Bakhmut and Bakhmut raion

On the night of July 12, the russian army struck Toretsk. They shot from “Hrad”. More than ten residential buildings were destroyed in the city, 1 person was injured. 

1 more house was damaged in Shcherbynivka. In the Chasiv Yar community, 2 houses and 1 non-residential building were destroyed.

The Ukrainian military continues to advance south and north of Bakhmut and secure new positions.

Southern Oblasts

Mykolayiv Oblast

Yesterday, July 11, the enemy fired artillery at the town of Ochakiv, Ochakiv community. As a result, residential buildings were damaged. An economic building caught fire. The fire was quickly extinguished. There are no casualties.

Also yesterday, the enemy shelled the Kutsurub community. As a result of the hits, the dry grass on the homesteads caught fire. The fire has been extinguished. No casualties.

In Mykolaiv, Pervomaisk, Bashtanka and Voznesensky districts, the day and night passed relatively calmly.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

During the past day, on July 11, the russian military shelled 16 settlements in the Zaporizhzhia Oblast. One person died.

Today, July 12, an explosion rang out in Zaporizhzhia at noon, as a result of which six people were injured. Currently, three people are known to be hospitalized, including a child.

30,656 consumers in 71 settlements of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast remain without electricity as a result of shelling by the russian army. These are mostly residents of frontline communities.

Kherson Oblast

During July 11, the russian troops carried out 67 strikes on the Kherson Oblast. 21 shells were fired in Kherson. They hit residential quarters, a hydraulic engineering facility in Beryslav raion and a humanitarian headquarters in Kherson. One person died, five, including a child, were injured.

On the night of July 12, the russian army attacked Sadove and Kherson.

As of the morning of July 12, 116 children were injured in the Kherson Oblast due to russian aggression. In total, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the russia in Ukraine, 494 children have died and more than 1,052 have been injured.

As part of the “Side by Side” project, builders from other regions of Ukraine restored 67 objects in the de-occupied Kherson Oblast. Currently, 105 more are being reconstructed.

The three relocated Kherson universities will train a reserve of educators to work in the de-occupied territories. Specialists will be trained at Kherson State and National Technical Universities, as well as at the Maritime Academy.

Central Oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

On the night of July 12, russian troops shelled Nikopol raion 6 times. The area was attacked by a drone and heavy artillery. They hit the Marganets community and Nikopol. There are no casualties or injuries. Rescuers are investigating the consequences of the shelling.

A water treatment plant was installed in Marhanka in the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. Equipment worth $75,000 was donated by benefactors. Currently, the installation provides high-quality drinking water to three medical facilities in the city.

Kirovohrad Oblast

Servicemen of the 3rd separate regiment of Special Forces named after Prince Sviatoslav the Brave conducted tactical and special training exercises. In particular, they practiced storming and clearing buildings in cooperation with a fire support group, using aerial reconnaissance, etc.

Bohdan Dovhopol, a soldier from the village of Onufriivka, Oleksandria Raion, was awarded the Order “For Courage”, III class, by a Presidential Decree. He has been defending the country since 2014. He serves in the 9th separate rifle battalion and is currently undergoing rehabilitation in a hospital.

In Svitlovodsk, Oleksandria Raion, 100 IDPs were employed under the grant. The relevant Cash for Work program has been launched in the Svitlovodsk community. Unemployed IDPs and vulnerable local residents are offered jobs cleaning streets and repairing the premises of educational institutions and kindergartens.

Cherkasy Oblast

Today, during a nighttime alert, russian attack drones hit a non-residential building in Cherkasy district. As a result, a fire broke out. Two injured people with burns were taken to the hospital.

A 3D forge in Cherkasy makes parts for the front line. Five 3D printers work every day without a break. Over a year of operation, they have forged about 700 kilograms of plastic purchased with donations from philanthropists into spare parts. They make equipment for quadcopters, equipment for sappers, and engineering tools.

Poltava Oblast

Poltava Oblast helps two settlements in Kherson Oblast. One of them is the village of Chkalove. It survived nine months of russian occupation. Today, more than 400 people live here, including families with children. There are 126 local households in need of reconstruction. Repair work has already begun on 16 facilities: preparations are underway to replace roofs and install them. Earlier, a pump and a generator were delivered to the village from the regional humanitarian center. 

The former infectious disease department of the hospital in Opishne is being converted into housing for IDPs. The cost of the renovation reaches 13 million hryvnias. The premises will also be available for residents of Opishnia and neighboring communities. The infectious disease department itself was moved to other parts of the hospital

Western Oblasts

Khmelnytskyi Oblast

The Khmelnytskyi City District Court sentenced a former security guard of the Holy Protection Cathedral of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, who was accused of collaboration. The man pleaded guilty, and the court limited the punishment to depriving him of the right to hold positions in state and local government for 10 years.

The “Podilska Sich” children’s field camp was launched on the territory of the lyceum in Ivankivtsi of the Khmelnytskyi community. There, boys and girls aged 9 to 17 will undergo military tactical training and national-patriotic education.

Chernivtsi Oblast

Vitalii Lakusta, a resident of the village of Verkhni Stanivtsi of the Brusnytsia territorial community, was awarded the Golden Cross honorary badge from Valerii Zaluzhnyi. The warrior was awarded for the successful completion of combat missions and for high performance in combat training.

Over the past year, the Chernivtsi Regional Military Administration has allocated UAH 327 million for territorial defense, purchased 1,270 vehicles for the Armed Forces, formed and manned 3 rifle battalions, and allocated UAH 10 million to support the military and their families.

Bukovyna received 20 powerful generators from philanthropists and international partners. They will be installed in the region’s communities to ensure the operation of critical infrastructure facilities in the event of a power outage. The total cost of the devices is over UAH 100 million.

Volunteers from the Vanchykivtsi community once again went to Donetsk Oblast. This time, they brought food, water, a generator and other necessary items to the soldiers.

Zakarpattia Oblast

Since the beginning of the year, more than 100 km of road surface have been repaired in Zakarpattia. This became possible due to the growth of the economy in the region and its communities and, accordingly, budget revenues.

Volunteers from Zakarpattia took part in a training for facilitators as part of the “Sharing Bread” project. The training took place in Dubno. The project’s goal is to engage IDPs in baking bread, which they then share with people in need, including the poor and veterans.

Zakarpattia Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life in Uzhhorod has joined the Memory Savers UA project to digitize museum monuments. It provides support to Ukrainian museums to implement the process of digitalization of museum monuments. It is being implemented jointly with the Center for Digital History and SUCHO (Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online) and is funded by the EVZ Foundation (Memory, Responsibility, Future, Berlin, Germany).

Last modified: 13 Липня, 2023