The five hundred and forty-ninth day (549) of the large-scale armed aggression by the russian against our continues. 


Northern Oblasts


The Mayor of Kyiv, Vitalii Klitschko, is visiting Brussels. There he met the head of the capital of Belgium, Philippe Klose. They discussed the Kyiv Investment Forum, which will be held in Brussels in November. Last year, the event was also organized in the capital of Belgium.

Kyiv Oblast

A new targeted program will operate in the Kyiv Oblast, which should strengthen the defense capability of the Oblast and increase financing of military formations in the communities. It will allow taxes from the salaries of defenders to be used to meet the needs of military units stationed in the Oblast.

During 2022-2023, civil defense facilities and the simplest shelters were repaired in 884 educational institutions, and more than 150 shelters are being built.

Zhytomyr Oblast

In the afternoon of August 25, L-39 training planes collided near Zhytomyr, three pilots were killed. The SBI started an investigation.

Chernihiv Oblast

On August 25, russian troops shelled the border of the Chernihiv Oblast from their territory with various types of weapons. The communities of Novgorod-Siversk, Semenivka and Snovsk came under fire.

Today, explosive devices were detonated near the village of Shestovytsia.

The executive committee agreed to allocate 20.8 million hryvnias for capital repairs of the roofs of six buildings that were significantly damaged as a result of a rocket attack on the center of Chernihiv on August 19.

Sumy Oblast

During August 25, the russian army shelled the settlements of Sumy Oblast. 164 explosions were recorded. Esmans, Khotin, Shalygyne, Bilopillia, Seredyna-Buda, Krasnopillia communities came under fire. According to the preliminary information of OMA, there are no casualties among the civilian population and no destruction of civil infrastructure.

On the night and morning of August 26, the russian army shelled the border of Sumy Oblast three times. 21 explosions were recorded. The Seredyna-Buda and Khotin communities were shelled.

Eastern Oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

Yesterday, russian occupiers came under fire from the settlements of Bogodukhiv, Chuguyiv, Kupyansk and Izyum raions.

The enemy fired rocket and tube artillery, mortars, and used combat aircraft.

In the city of Vovchansk, Chuguyiv raion, a private house and commercial buildings were damaged. In the village of Okhrymivka, Chuguyiv raion, hits were recorded on the territory of the farm, a fire broke out.

A high-pressure gas pipe and a private house were damaged in the village of Kucherivka, Kupyansk raion.

No casualties among the civilian population were recorded during the day.

Demining works are ongoing. During the day, pyrotechnics of the State Emergency Service inspected more than 5.7 hectares of territory and neutralized 107 explosive objects.

Donetsk Oblast

In total, the occupiers shelled 10 towns and villages in the Donetsk Oblast over the yesterday.

On August 25, one person was injured by shelling from the russian army in Donetsk Oblast.

Residents of Donetsk Oblast have already submitted 2,417 applications for assistance in the reconstruction of housing destroyed or damaged by hostilities and 58 applications for compensation. Of these, 866 applicants received a positive response: the total amount of payments to them for repairs is 62 million 746 thousand hryvnias.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk Raion

In the Avdiivka sector, the enemy conducted unsuccessful offensive actions in the area of Pervomaiske, Donetsk Oblast. The localities of Novokalynove, Stepove, Avdiivka, Severne, Pervomayske and Nevelske in Donetsk Oblast came under artillery fire.

In the Mariinka sector, Ukrainian defense forces continue to hold back the russian offensive in the vicinity of Mariinka, Donetsk Oblast. The enemy launched an air strike near Krasnohorivka, Donetsk Oblast. The localities of Krasnohorivka, Mariinka, Kurakhove, Novomykhailivka, Kostyantynivka, and Ostrye in the Donetsk Oblast came under artillery fire.

Bakhmut and Bakhmut Raion

In the Bakhmut sector, the enemy conducted unsuccessful offensives in the area of Klishchiyivka, Donetsk Oblast. More than 25 localities suffered from enemy artillery shelling, including Zaliznyanske, Orikhovo-Vasylivka, Bohdanivka, Chasiv Yar, Klishchiyivka, Stupochki in the Donetsk Oblast.

Luhansk Oblast

For three days now, the enemy has been trying to move towards Novoehorivka almost continuously. Ukrainian defenders repel all these attempts, inflicting losses in personnel and equipment. However, the russians do not stop the pressure in this area of the front. They have also become more active in the area of Bilohorivka.

The invaders opened artillery fire on Nevske, Bilohorivka, Nadiya, and Tverdokhlibove.

Air strikes were carried out in the areas of Tverdokhlibove and Makiivka.

While in Sievierodonetsk they at least demonstratively installed windows in several houses, people in the neighboring towns captured by the russians did not wait for this. In particular, in Rubizhne, they don’t even collect data on the number of damaged homes that can be quickly restored. The occupation administration suggests that people start repairs at their own expense.

Southern Oblasts

Mykolaiv Oblast

Yesterday, on August 25, the enemy launched artillery strikes on the water area of the Ochakiv community. There were no casualties.

In Mykolaiv, Pervomaisk, Voznesensk, and Bashtanka Raions, the day and night were relatively calm.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Over the past day, russians fired 85 times at towns and villages in Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

Up to 1,500 soldiers of russian troops of Buryat nationality were brought to the temporarily seized village of Osypenko in Zaporizhzhia Oblast. They were settled in civilian houses with local residents and on the territory of the hospital.

A slight decrease in the water level was recorded in the ZNPP cooling pond. Today, on August 26, it is 16 m 11 cm. However, the situation remains stable and under control.

Kherson Oblast

On August 25, the russian army fired 74 times at Kherson Oblast. The shells hit a critical infrastructure facility, an educational institution, a poultry farm in Kherson region, a shop and a farm in Beryslavske, and a business and a gym in Kherson.

In the temporarily occupied territory of Kherson Oblast, the occupation authorities are preparing for the so-called “elections of deputies to the Kherson Regional Duma.” However, the lists of “winners” are already available, they will be announced after the “elections”, said Sobolevsky, the first deputy chairman of the regional council, in the “Yedyni Novyny” marathon.

On August 26 in the afternoon, russian troops shelled the center of Kherson, hitting a medical building. A door and 17 windows were smashed.

Central Oblasts

Kirovohrad Oblast

For the third time, Kropyvnytskyi hosted a race in memory of the fallen soldiers “I honor the soldiers, I run for the Heroes of Ukraine”, which numbered about 120-150 people. The event is an annual patriotic tradition to honor soldiers who died during the russian-Ukrainian war. It is a way to thank and support the soldiers’ families, to unite veterans and active military personnel, employees of the security and defense sector of Ukraine, volunteers, youth, and aware citizens around the values of Ukrainian sovereignty, independence, and honoring the memory of heroes.

In Kropyvnytskyi, utility workers who help rebuild the de-occupied settlements of Kherson Oblast were awarded.

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

The russian army struck Nikopol several times. As a result of shelling, 5 private houses and 2 power lines and a gas pipeline were damaged in the city. Wounded man.

The premiere of the Ukrainian film “Dovbush” took place in Dnipro. The audience greeted the film with delight. Part of the funds from the sold tickets will go to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The people of Dnipro, led by Oleksandr Kholodov, opened a collection for drones for air reconnaissance fighters. The goal is 10 million hryvnias. In order to raise funds faster, an auction of trophies from the Armed Forces was held.

Zinc fired from Bakhmut and the helmet of a slain russian soldier were put up for auction in Dnipro. The t-shirt of the legendary football player FC “Barcelona” Javi Hernandez is also put up for sale. The money received will go to help the 3rd Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In Dnipro, women whose families include dead and missing military personnel took part in an action. They honored the fallen, placed flowers at the ceilings and took part in the prayer service.

Poltava Oblast

In Hrebinka, a memorial alley was built in honor of the soldiers who died during the russian-Ukrainian war. Stands with photos and information about the defenders were set up in the city.

Western Oblasts

Rivne Oblast

More than 200 people took part in the patriotic run “I honor the soldiers, I run for the Heroes of Ukraine” in Rivne. The event was held on the eve of Defenders’ Memorial Day.

Ternopil Oblast

A charity auction was organized in the Baykovets community in the Ternopil district in support of the Armed Forces. Painted tubes and products with patriotic symbols were put up for sale. Almost 140 thousand hryvnias were collected during the auction.

Chernivtsi Oblast

Vladyslav Andronyk of Bukovyna from Sokyriany was posthumously awarded the Order “For Courage” III degree.

Memorial plaques in honor of the fallen servicemen Yury Yeremeyk and Vasyl Monyuk were opened in the Verenchansk community. Memorial signs were installed on the facade of the school named after Iryna Wilde, where the defenders studied.

Servicemen of the 93rd Battalion, 107th Separate Brigade of the Bukovyna Territorial Defense Forces were awarded “For Service to the State”, diplomas and other awards. The defenders took part in the liberation of settlements in Kharkiv and Sumy regions, and are currently successfully beating the enemy in Donetsk Oblast.

Zakarpattia Oblast

Psychologists of the Zakarpattia police conducted training for employees who are in daily contact with citizens who turn to the police for help. During training for police officers, situations were simulated in which they demonstrated their ability to find a common language with people.

Zakarpattia soldiers were honored with a badge “For the development of the region” and certificates of the regional council. On the eve of the Independence Day of Ukraine, the regional council and the regional state administration jointly awarded the badge “For the development of Zakarpattia” to the soldiers for their courage and heroism during the performance of combat (special) tasks, repelling and deterring the armed aggression of the russia, loyalty to the military oath to the Ukrainian people: Volodymyr Belmegu, Mykhailo Golovchansky, Oleksandr Tokarev, Andriy Fries, Oleksiy Shmily. Individual servicemen were awarded by the head of the OMA Viktor Mykyta.

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