The five hundred and sixty-fourth day (564) of the large-scale armed aggression by the russian against our continues. 


Northern Oblast


At night, the enemy launched an attack on Kyiv with “Shahed” drones. In the Svyatshinskyi district, the wreckage fell in the area of ​​the Sovki Park. In the Solomyanskyi district, debris was found on the roadway. In the Shevchenkivskyi district, debris hit an apartment in a multi-story building. The owners put out the fire on their own. No victims beforehand. Debris fell on a non-residential building in Darnytskyi district of the capital. In the Podilskyi area, debris fell on an open area.

Kyiv Oblast

As a result of the night attack of the russians on the Kyiv Oblast, 4 people were injured. Necessary medical assistance was provided to all victims. 1 person was hospitalized with a craniocerebral injury and limb injuries. Others received minor injuries. In one of the raions of the Oblast, more than 100 private houses and 30 apartments in 7 high-rise buildings were damaged by the blast wave. Broken windows, doors, cut facades and roofs. The consequences are eliminated. The blast wave damaged the premises of a school, a kindergarten, a village council, a hospital, an educational rehabilitation center, a bus station, two shops, a warehouse, etc. Mostly broken windows and doors.

Zhytomyr Oblast

The mother of the deceased serviceman Volodymyr Rudyuk from Zhytomyr purchased a car, a drone and medical evacuation equipment for her son’s siblings. The woman bought all this at the expense of financial aid from the state.

Chernihiv Oblast

On September 9, russian troops shelled the border of the Chernihiv Oblast nine times. Border guards recorded 65 explosions in the territories of Novgorod-Siverskyi, Semenivka, Snovske, and Horodnya communities. A private house was damaged in Snovske community.

In the drama theater in Chernihiv, the first play was performed after the russian rocket attack on the city center on August 19. The performance itself is part of the program of the XXV International Theater Festival “Melpomena of Tavria”, which started in Kherson. Examinations are still ongoing in the theater building, after which the approximate amount of the damage will be known.

Sumy Oblast

During the day of September 9, the russian military shelled 7 communities of Sumy Oblast. 205 explosions were recorded.

During the night and morning of September 10, the russian army shelled Sumy Oblast 5 times. 32 explosions were recorded. Previously – without human losses and destruction of civil infrastructure.

Eastern Oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

Last day, the russian occupiers continued to shell the civilian population of the towns and villages of the Kupyansk and Izyum raions.

As a result of an attack by a guided aerial bomb on the village of Izyumske, Izyum raion, the buildings of an agricultural enterprise were damaged.

As a result of shelling of the city of Kupyansk, a house was damaged and fires broke out.

In the village of Velyka Shapkivka of the Kupyansk raion, grass was on fire in an open area as a result of enemy shelling.

In the village of Ternova, Kharkiv raion, a 61-year-old civilian stepped on an explosive device of the “Petal” type while mowing the grass. Hospitalized with an injury.

Demining continues. Over the past day, pyrotechnicians of the State Emergency Service inspected more than 4.3 hectares of territory and neutralized 78 explosive objects.

Donetsk Oblast

On September 9, the russian army shelled 10 settlements in Donetsk Oblast. In total, the enemy struck the civilian population 13 times.

As a result of shelling in the region, three people were killed in Ivanovo and Shakhtarske, six more were injured.

Kramatorsk and Kramatorsk raion

Civilians were injured in Zarichne, Katerynivka and New York as a result of artillery shelling yesterday.

The enemy directed a missile from the Strela-10 air defense system at Kostyantynivka, damaging the enterprise.

On the night of September 10, russian troops fired a rocket at Kramatorsk, damaging two residential buildings. 

This morning, four members of the Road to Relief team left Slovyansk in the direction of Bakhmut to assess the needs of civilians caught in the crossfire in the village of Ivanivske, Bakhmut raion, Donetsk Oblast. Theirs is on the way the car was fired upon by the russians. The car overturned and caught fire from a direct impact.

Volunteers from Germany, Sweden, Canada and Spain were in the car. Since last year, they have participated in the rescue and evacuation of the residents of Donetsk Oblast. The Canadian died, the others were seriously injured.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk raion

The Ukrainian military conducted a successful operation south of Avdiyivka, during which they occupied part of Opytne.

Bakhmut and Bakhmut raion

The occupiers hit the outskirts of Ivanivske with an “ATGM” missile, targeting a civilian car. Two people died, two were injured.

Volnovakha and Volnovakha raion

On Vugledar, the russian military fired artillery 27 times in the yesterday.

One civilian car came under rocket fire in Shakhtarske. The russians killed a 67-year-old man and wounded his 64-year-old wife.

Luhansk Oblast

Bilogorivka and Dibrova suffered from russian artillery and mortar shelling.

Today is the last «single voting day» out of ten in the so-called «LPR». During the field demonstration of will, people are forced to decide on the choice of candidates under the sights of police officers who accompany the members of the commissions – more than 800 such PECs move around the occupied region.

Southern Oblasts

Mykolayiv Oblast

As of 07:30 on the morning of September 10, no enemy shelling was recorded on the territory of the Mykolayiv Oblast.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

The russian army fired 96 times on the towns and villages of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast yesterday, September 9. Three missile strikes were made on Shyroke and Trudove. Three anti-aircraft missile attacks were recorded in Novoandriyivka and Poltavka. The enemies hit Orikhiv with eight air shells. 78 artillery shells were fired by the russian federation on the territory of more than 10 settlements.

The defense forces advanced another 1.5 km near Robotyne, Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

Odesa Oblast

At night, the russian military struck in the direction of Zmiyiny Island, using guided aerial bombs.

Kherson Oblast

On September 9, the russian army hit the territory of the Kherson Oblast 54 times with mortars, artillery, «Hrads» and drones. Attacked residential quarters. One person died.

In the morning, the russian military shelled the center of Kherson. As a result of the attack, a fire broke out in a residential building. The projectiles hit the store, the transformer substation and the building of the educational institution were damaged.

Centralized water supply was restored in Osokorivka of the Novovorontsovka community. Benefactors from the Netherlands helped purchase the necessary equipment, specialists cleaned the silted well and started the system. 

Central Oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

About a dozen shells from heavy artillery were fired by russian troops at Nikopol at night on September 10. A utility company was damaged. No one was killed or injured. There was no shelling in other settlements of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.

In Dnipro, the premiere of the play “Captivity” dedicated to Ukrainian soldiers in captivity is shown. The play is based on real events described in the autobiographical book Fugue 119. In the Tone of Captivity”. Its author is a volunteer of the Donbas battalion, Ihor Mykhailyshyn, who was captured by militants in August 2014 while leaving Ilovaisk and survived 119 days of captivity.

Kirovohrad Oblast

The Novoukrainsk community raised more than 70 thousand in 35 minutes during the charity art auction “Together to Victory!”. The money will be used to buy cars for fellow countrymen serving in the Special Operations Forces.

Five-year-old Eva from Kropyvnytskyi spent half a million hryvnias to help the military. This money is the pension the girl receives from the state. Her father, Maksym Pastukhov, was killed in September 2022 while defending Ukraine. Since then, the girl has decided to help the Ukrainian military.

Poltava Oblast

Testing of the “Points of Unbreakability” has begun in Poltava Oblast. They are checking their readiness in case of power outages caused by possible russian shelling of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

In Poltava, a free educational space “We Can Do It” for preschoolers from IDP families is being organized at the regional library. Children from the east and south of Ukraine attend preparatory classes before starting school.

Cherkasy Oblast

On Monday, a special regime will be introduced in Uman for the period of Rosh Hashanah celebrations. It will be in effect from September 11 to 21 and applies to entry into the city. According to Israeli estimates, about 50,000 Hasidic pilgrims may arrive in Uman this year. Last year, despite the full-scale war, 23,000 came.

Registration for IT training for veterans starts in Cherkasy Oblast. The course, Programming Basics for Veterans, is aimed at providing basic programming knowledge. The initiative belongs to a local IT company. The goal is to help Ukrainian veterans learn a new profession with a view to finding employment.

Vinnytsia Oblast

The Vinnytsia City Center for Social Services provides free psychological assistance to military personnel and their families. Counseling is provided by 5 full-time psychologists and 23 volunteer psychologists.

Western Oblasts

Khmelnytskyi Oblast


The “SOS Civil Defense Headquarters” charitable foundation is implementing the “SOS-CARE 60+” project aimed at supporting older people, both IDPs and locals. Residents of the facility are provided with psychological assistance, consultations with specialized specialists, and tests for people with limited mobility, etc.

Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

Public institutions will be closed in the Ivano-Frankivsk region during the funerals of fallen soldiers. This decision was made by the Kosiv Regional Military Administration during a meeting with representatives of the authorities, clergy, police, and local business owners.

Ternopil Oblast

More than 200 athletes took part in the annual Ternopil Lake Race 2023 in the regional center. The event was timed to coincide with the All-Ukrainian Day of Physical Culture and Sports. It has been held for 27 years in a row. The race raised money to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

Zakarpattia Oblast

Another military-patriotic event was held in Uzhhorod to support Zakarpattia Regional Center for Preparing the Population for National Resistance. Representatives of almost all law enforcement agencies of the region, local governments, veterans, volunteer communities, and others took part in the 8 km-long obstacle course.

Last modified: 11 Вересня, 2023