The five hundred and ninety-fourth day (594) of the large-scale armed aggression by the russian against our continues. 


Northern oblasts


A loud rumble could be heard in the suburbs of the capital today – sappers were busy destroying explosive devices In the Vyshhorod Raion.

In Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast, the police evacuated schoolchildren because of bomb threats. The territory of educational institutions is examined by canine experts and bomb squad.

The first days of the war in Kyiv will be shown on Netflix. Starting November 1the series will appear on the platform simultaneously in Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Moldova, the Baltic and Balkan countries.

Kyiv Oblast

The Kyiv Oblast transferred 21 SUVs equipped with weapons mounting equipment, lasers and binoculars to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In total, Ukrainian mobile fire teams will receive 60 vehicles. In the near future, another 24 SUVs will be provided by other business and community representatives.

In Bucha, the restoration of apartment buildings continues at the expense of the Fund for Elimination of the Consequences of Armed Aggression. This is an apartment building with 48 apartments, which used to be home to more than 100 people. Major repairs have already begun.

A new anti-radiation shelter is being built at Pereyaslav Lyceum No. 5. The facility will provide full face-to-face education in one shift of the entire institution. The shelter is designed for 200 people and can be used not only by students, but also by other residents of the neighborhood.

Zhytomyr Oblast

The Chestnuts for the Armed Forces campaign continues in Zhytomyr, where everyone can collect chestnuts to be processed, and the proceeds will be used for the needs of the military. One of the lyceums collected over 400 kilograms.

Chernihiv Oblast

During the day, the russian military shelled the border areas of the Chernihiv Oblast. The Semenivka and Horodnia communities came under fire. Thus, border guards recorded nine explosions in the direction of the villages of Halahanivka and Mykolaivka. Ten explosions were recorded in the direction of the village of Senkivka.

Sumy Oblast

On October 9, the russian army shelled 4 communities in the Sumy Oblast. 17 explosions were recorded. The Bilopillia, Khotyn, Krasnopillia, and Velyka Pysarivka communities came under fire.

At night, the russian military fired mortars at three communities of the Sumy Oblast, more than 20 explosions were recorded.

Eastern oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

The death toll in the village of Hroza has risen to 53 people. Given the still unidentified parts of bodies and the missing persons reports, the final death toll may increase.

In Velykyi Burluk, a policeman received a concussion as a result of a missile attack this morning, and 35-year-old and 39-year-old women were also wounded. Shops, residential buildings, cars, and an administrative building were damaged in the village.

A resident of Kupiansk-Vuzlovyi was sentenced to five years in prison for using a messenger to pass intelligence to russian troops. During the trial, the 54-year-old man pleaded guilty.

Donetsk Oblast

Russian troops carried out ten strikes on six settlements in the Donetsk Oblast on October 9. Residential buildings and a gas station were destroyed.

On October 9, shelling by the russian army in the Donetsk Oblast killed one person in the village of Kostiantynivka, and wounded four other residents.

Since February 24, 2022, the russians have killed 1,732 civilians of the Donetsk Oblast, and wounded another 4,219. The number of victims in Mariupol and Volnovakha is currently unknown.

Kramatorsk and Kramatorsk Raion

In the Lysychansk sector, 2 houses in Siversk were damaged, Torske and Zarichne of the Lyman community were also shelled.

Heat supply organizations of Kramatorsk are preparing networks and equipment for the coming winter. Scheduled routine repairs and preventive maintenance are almost completed, all works are being carried out in compliance with the schedules.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk Raion

One person died and two were injured in Marinka community. Ocheretyne was shelled three times by Uragan MLRS, a house was destroyed there. Avdiivka came under artillery fire and airstrikes, as a result of which two people were wounded.

Starting from 6 am on October 10, russian troops launched massive attacks on Avdiivka. Heavy fighting continues north of the city.

On the morning of October 10, russian troops with Uragan MLRS fired at Ocheretyne. A fire broke out at the railway station due to shelling. There are no dead or injured civilians. 

Bakhmut and Bakhmut Raion

In the Toretsk community, five houses were damaged: three in Dyliivka, one in Toretsk and Dachne. An infrastructure facility was also damaged in Toretsk. Two houses were damaged in the Chasiv Yar community.

Volnovakha and Volnovakha Raion

In the direction of Volnova, the russians shelled Vugledar. There are no casualties.


In Mariupol, a man blew himself up on the territory of the Illich Metallurgical Plant. According to local media, he blew himself up on an explosive device. There is currently no information about his condition. Residents of Mariupol find russian shells near their houses, in the sea and even in their apartments.

8,000 tons of humanitarian aid have been given to Mariupol families through the YaMariupol centers during the network’s one and a half years of operation. It is about more than 383 thousand food sets and 147 thousand hygienic ones.

Luhansk Oblast

Two so-called “heads of life support departments” from the Luhansk Oblast are suspected of collaborationism. One of them is a resident of Privillia, a former entrepreneur, who has been supporting the actions of the aggressor country since 2014. He was in the ranks of the illegal armed formation of the so-called “LNR”. Before the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion, he hid in the territory of the pseudo-republic.

On the road between Novopskov and Starobilsk, the russian military stops civilian cars, checks the passengers, and issues summonses to the men.

Southern oblasts

Mykolaiv Oblast

On October 9, the enemy fired artillery at the village of Dmytrivka in the Kutsurub community. As a result, the administrative building, school, private houses and farm buildings were damaged. There are no casualties.

On the night of October 10, one “Shahed-136/131” type attack drone was destroyed by the forces and means of anti-aircraft defense in the Mykolaiv Oblast.

Today, three specialized cars were handed over to the Mykolaiv Oblast to provide social services to the population. These cars are equipped to provide social services to people with disabilities, the elderly and people with reduced mobility in remote areas.

An interactive event “Journey to Mental Health” was held in Mykolaiv on October 10, World Mental Health Day. All those willing had the opportunity to use the services of psychologists.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Yesterday, russian military personnel opened fire on 21 populated areas of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast. They hit 117 times. Two aerial bombs hit Novodanylivka. More than 10 settlements came under shelling from MLRS and drone attacks. 29 reports were received about the destruction of residential buildings, farm buildings and infrastructure facilities. The civilian population was not harmed.

The location and personal data of the armed forces soldiers were handed over to the occupiers: two women suspected of treason were detained in Zaporizhzhia. Thus, according to the investigation, the women scouted the combat positions of the air defense system of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and handed over personal data of the Ukrainian military to the occupiers. They are currently in custody.

In the Zaporizhzhia area, the Defense Forces are restraining the russian army in the Levadne area of ​​the Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

Odesa Oblast

At night, 23 russian drones were shot down over Odesa, and logistics infrastructure was hit. There are no injuries.

There are two submarine missile carriers on combat duty in the Black Sea, equipped with up to eight Kalibr missiles. Due to the storm, the ship group of the russian fleet was brought to the base.

A 43-year-old woman from Odesa, who in one of the social networks supported the russian federation, denied the war and occupation, and also asked to “save Odesa from the Nazis” will be tried on suspicion of collaborationism.

Kherson Oblast

Over the past day, the russian army fired 443 shells in the Kherson Oblast. They visited the library building in Kherson, the cultural center in the Beryslav Raion. Four people were injured.

At night, the russian military with artillery attacked Inzhenerne and Sadove in the Kherson Oblast.

At three o’clock in the morning, the russian army shelled Novodmytrivka in the Kherson Oblast. There were hits on an agricultural enterprise. A dozen cows died.

At night, three russian drones were shot down over the Kherson Oblast.

An 85-year-old woman was injured as a result of another shelling in Komyshany. She is in a moderate condition. Almost 30 houses were damaged in the village.

In the temporarily occupied Nova Kakhovka and Skadovsk, activists of the “Yellow Ribbon” movement burned the flag of the russian federation, which hung on the administrative building, and a hundred russian newspapers. Instead, they distributed a hundred new pro-Ukrainian posters and stickers.

Central Oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

On the morning of October 10, russian troops attacked Nikopol in the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. The consequences of the shelling are being investigated.

Another 13 pickup trucks were handed over to defenders from the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. Partners from the charity fund helped to purchase off-road vehicles with high cross-country ability. During the full-scale war, they transferred 165 cars, dozens of drones and thermal imagers to the front. As well as ATVs, ammunition, generators, first-aid kits.

Kirovohrad Oblast

In Kropyvnytskyi, the Security Service of Ukraine detained a woman who financially supported the кussian army. The woman from Kropyvnytskyi transferred more than UAH 30,000 to the card accounts specified on the “Solovyev LIVE” Telegram channel. The woman was informed that she was suspected of committing a criminal offense for collaborationism.

30 teams of energy engineers continue to work in the Kherson Oblast, that is 114 workers and 46 units of equipment. The brigade from PRJSC “Kirovohradoblenergo” is helping to restore networks.

Residents of the Kirovohrad Oblast have the opportunity to learn how to fly drones. The teachers of the Dnipropetrovsk Center of Vocational and Technical Education of the State Employment Service organize theory and practical classes to practice the skills of using drones in the energy, agricultural and other spheres.

Cherkasy Oblast

Officers and sergeants of the 56th battalion of the 118th brigade were presented state awards. The defenders were awarded the “For Courage” and the “Bohdan Khmelnytskyi” orders. The fighters received the awards from the hands of the head of Cherkasy Oblast Military Administration, Major General Ihor Taburets.

Ukrainian intelligence received FPV drones from volunteers from Cherkasy. They handed over 200 kamikaze drones to the Security and Armed Forces of Ukraine. Such quadcopters can destroy enemy light equipment and manpower without endangering the Ukrainian military. Today, more than 200 companies are engaged in the development of drones in Ukraine.

Children are actively involved in volunteering in Chyzhivka, the Zvenyhorod Oblast. In particular, they make motanka amulets filled with lavender. With the proceeds from the sale of charms, they plan to purchase medical backpacks for military medics.

Poltava Oblast

Three families of those who died as a result of an russian missile attack on an industrial facility in Hoholeve will receive assistance from the oblastbudget. This month they will be paid UAH 50,000 each. UAH 30,000 will be paid to the three victims who received injuries of varying degrees. Financial aid will also be provided to victims of the missile attack on Kremenchuk. Payments will be received by 15 people who sent applications and necessary documents.

Vinnytsia Oblast

A “Patient School” was opened in Vinnytsia on the basis of the Podillia Oblast Oncology Center. Not only patients of the institution, but also their relatives can become participants of the school. Psychologists, lawyers, social workers, rehabilitators and representatives of the clergy will work with cancer patients free of charge to help them learn to live with the disease.

Western Oblasts

Rivne Oblast

In the Rivne Oblast, a citizen of belarus was sentenced to 6.5 years in prison for spying on the northern borders of Ukraine and moving military equipment. The man has a permanent residence permit in Ukraine and lived in the Varash Raion in the Rivne Oblast for a long time. The prosecutor’s office demands the maximum term.

In Rivne, retired spouses Alla and Ivan Poliukhovichi set up their own workshop for the production of trench candles and energy rations. Together with volunteers, up to 300 candles are made per day.

Lviv Oblast

The Lviv Oblast hosted one of the largest official foreign agrarian delegations that have visited Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale war. This is the delegation of the Kingdom of Denmark headed by the Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Jacob Jensen. The guests took part in a round table on cooperation between Ukraine and Denmark in the agro-industrial sector.

Khmelnytskyi Oblast

Natalia Kovalenko, a resident of Starokostiantyniv in the Khmelnytskyi Oblast, wife of the deceased colonel, a participant in the russian-Ukrainian war Mykola Kovalenko, was presented with her husband’s posthumous awards – the medal “For the Defense of Ukraine” from the president of and the “Eagle Cross” from the head of Kharkiv National University of the Air Force named after Ivan Kozhedub.

During the period of the russian-Ukrainian war, the volunteers of “Defense – volunteer association” in Khmelnytskyi produced more than a thousand “kikimoras” [camouflage suits] and twice as many nets.

Chernivtsi Oblast

With the help of the trade union organization and the city authorities, the staff of the Kalynivskyi market purchased night vision binoculars and a thermal imager. The equipment was handed over to the soldiers of the Chernivtsi Territorial Defense unit.

Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

In Ivano-Frankivsk, a memorial plaque to fallen soldier Volodymyr Klid was installed on the facade of Lyceum No. 10. The soldier died in July last year as a result of a missile attack in the Zaporizhzhia Oblast. He was 49 years old. Before that, he fought in the Anti-Terrorist Operation.

Before World Mental Health Day, psychologists of the “Voices of Children” charitable foundation in Ivano-Frankivsk conducted art therapy for children aged two to eight years and their parents. The greatest attention was focused on working with parents – they were taught to respond correctly to children’s emotions.

Ternopil Oblast

Volodymyr Moseiko, a volunteer from the Ternopil Oblast, handed over a charitable cargo to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. With the beginning of autumn, volunteers of the public organization “Paratrooper-Cossack Swarm” began to send stoves to the military.

Zakarpattia Oblast

An earthquake of magnitude 4.5 was recorded in the Zakarpattia Oblast. Its epicenter was in Slovakia. According to the classification, it belongs to very moderate. Tremors were felt almost throughout the region. Employees of the State Emergency Service collect information on possible damage to infrastructure and residential sectors. 

Last modified: 11 Жовтня, 2023