The six hundred and first day (601) of the large-scale armed aggression of the russians against ours continues.


Northern Oblasts


In the capital, relatives of captured and missing soldiers held a peaceful action “Hear Us”. Among the demands are an effective search for the missing, decisive action for the exchange of all prisoners, and the return of the bodies of the fallen soldiers.

Compensatory classes are organized for Kyiv students as needed. Compensatory classes, individual and group consultations will be held to overcome educational gaps and educational losses.

Kyiv Oblast

An informant recruited by the russian special services who collected data on the “Offensive Guard” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was exposed in the Kyiv Oblast. The man mobilized to the ranks of the National Guard and remotely helped the intelligence of the russian federation.

The Headquarters for documenting russian war crimes was opened in Gostomel. It was created for prompt and convenient communication between investigators and community residents who either witnessed or were victims of war crimes.

The presidium of the Congress of local and Oblast authorities under the President of Ukraine considered the issue of reconstruction of the Kyiv Oblast. The participants discussed the most problematic issues related to the restoration of the Oblast, in particular, the complex reconstruction of Irpin, Moschun, Andriyivka, Shevchenkove, Markhalivka.

Zhytomyr Oblast

The communities of Zhytomyr Oblast will additionally allocate 108 million hryvnias to support the Defense Forces of Ukraine and strengthen the protection of the Oblast. For each of them, specific military units were attached to which they would provide assistance.

A two-year-old boy who was deported to the russian federation at the age of six months will be returned to Zhytomyr Oblast. He was among the four Ukrainian children who are being returned to Ukraine through the mediation of Qatar.

On the 600th day of the full-scale invasion of russian troops, 100 students of one of the lyceums of Zhytomyr organized a thanksgiving event for the Ukrainian military.

Chernihiv Oblast

During the day of October 16, the russians shelled the border of the Chernihiv Oblast with mortars and fired unguided air missiles from a helicopter. Border guards recorded 35 explosions. The communities of Novgorod-Siversk, Snovsk and Horodnya came under fire.

Sumy Oblast

During the day, the russian military carried out 3 mortar attacks in the Sumy Oblast, 10 explosions were recorded.

At night, the russian military fired mortars at the Krasnopillia community in the Sumy Oblast. Two explosions were recorded.

In Sumy, things will be collected for families living in the five-kilometer border zone of the Sumy Oblast. There is a need for seasonal children’s and adult clothes, products, household chemicals, toys, etc.

Eastern Oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

Six residents of Kharkiv Oblast were killed as a result of russian strikes or detonation with ammunition. Another 11 people were injured during October 9-15, including a 14-year-old teenager.

Yesterday, the russian federation launched a missile attack on the Izyum Oblast. Information about possible destruction and injured people is being established. The missiles were launched from the Valuyky Oblast from the territory of russia.

Gas supply was restored for two thousand households in the Kharkiv Oblast within a day. Another two thousand households remain without gas due to russian shelling.

In the Kharkiv Oblast, they plan to create 15 more rehabilitation departments in the Oblast’s medical institutions by the end of 2024. The new departments will have from 30 to 60 beds.

Donetsk Oblast

Two people died, another person was injured in Donetsk Oblast on October 16.

In total, since February 24, 2022, the russians have killed 1,742 civilians of Donetsk Oblast, injured another 4,261 people. The number of victims in Mariupol and Volnovakha is currently still unknown.

Kramatorsk and Kramatorsk raion

Yesterday, in the direction of Lysychansk in Siversk, as a result of shelling by the russian army, 2 infrastructure objects were damaged, Torske, Zarichne and the vicinity of Lyman were shelled.

On the night of October 17, the russians shelled Slovyansk. The dormitory of the agricultural technical school was destroyed. According to preliminary information, two people may be under the rubble of the building, search operations are ongoing.

In Kostyantynivka, Donetsk Oblast, “points of invincibility” continue to be set up: boiler rooms are being prepared, firewood and briquettes for heating are brought in, generators and field kitchens are installed.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk raion

On the Donetsk side, 2 people were killed in Pervomaiske of the Ocheretyne community. Krasnohorivka and Novomykhailivka were shelled in the Maryinka community.

In the morning, Avdiyivka was subjected to massive artillery shelling – two streets were hit. In the Novodonetske community, private houses were damaged in Kalynove and Memryk.

The intensity of russian occupiers’ assaults around Avdiyivka is decreasing due to significant losses and the effectiveness of Ukrainian air defense.

Since the beginning of the aggravation of the situation on the Avdiyivka front, since October 10, four people have been buried under rubble due to shelling. Two men and two women. They died, their bodies remain under the ruins.

Bakhmut and Bakhmut raion

In the Chasiv Yar community, 2 high-rise buildings, 2 private houses and an educational institution were damaged. 4 houses were destroyed in Diliyivka, Toretsk community.

Forced evacuation of children with their parents will be implemented in Toretsk, as well as in three villages of this community — Petrivka, Nelipivka, and Shcherbynivka. Currently, a total of 240 children remain in the community, the largest number are in the city.

Volnovakha and Volnovakha raion

In the direction of Volnovakha, Vugledar and Bogoyavlenka were fired upon – no information was received about the victims.

Luhansk Oblast

After two weeks of attacks on Makiyivka, the russian military began storming Stelmakhivka and Nadiya, and also increased the number of airstrikes on populated areas of Luhansk Oblast. Nevske, Novolyubivka, Makiyivka and Bilogorivka came under fire.

Special operations forces confirmed the attack on airfields in Luhansk and Berdyansk, Zaporizhzhia raions, on the night of October 17. In total, as a result of the “DRAGONFLY” operation, nine helicopters of various modifications, special equipment, an air defense launcher, and an ammunition warehouse were destroyed. Airfield runways were also damaged. The detonation in Luhansk lasted until 11 am.

Southern Oblasts

Mykolayiv Oblast

On the night of October 17 in Mykolaiv Oblast, air defense forces and means destroyed an X-59 missile.

In Mykolaiv, a polytechnic college damaged by russian shelling in 2022 is being restored. As a result of russian shelling, more than 50 million hryvnias were damaged to the polytechnic college.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

86 strikes were carried out by the russian army on the cities and villages of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast last day, on October 16. The enemy used drones, MLRS and artillery. In total, more than 10 settlements came under fire.

Defense forces of Ukraine struck the airport near the temporarily occupied Berdyansk. The ammunition warehouse was detonated before 4 am.

In the temporarily occupied Melitopol, the russians are erecting a memorial to the victory in the Second World War. So, in the main square of the city, the occupiers destroyed the flower beds and paths and repaired the tank that had been standing on the pedestal for more than half a century.

Odesa Oblast

Over the Black Sea, six “Shaheed” were destroyed, moving from the Crimean peninsula in the direction of Odesa.

The wreckage of one of the downed drones fell on the yacht club in Odesa, where the building of the sailing school and a hangar for storing property were destroyed, civilian private boats and yachts were damaged. People were not injured.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the coast of the national natural park “Tuzlivski lymani” in Odesa, more than 40 dolphins have been thrown out. They died from russian shelling and noise from explosions.

Kherson Oblast

During October 16, the russian army shelled the Kherson Oblast 32 times. A damaged medical facility in Beryslav. There are no casualties or injuries.

At night, the russian aviation dropped five guided aerial bombs on Berislav and Vesele. There are no dead or injured, information about the destruction is being clarified. Also, during the night, russian troops shelled Prydniprovske and from artillery.

This morning there were explosions in the Dniprovskiy district of Kherson. Shots were recorded in a residential area. Five people were injured. One of them is in moderate condition. 

During the day, the russian army continued shelling Kherson. There is a hit in the territory of the transport company. Previously, one person was injured.

In Kherson, in connection with the urgent repair of power grids damaged by shelling, electricity supply was temporarily stopped in part of the Korabelny and Suvorovsky districts.

In the evening, Kherson came under fire again, women aged 57 and 66 were wounded. They were helped on the spot.

The russian army once again attacked the villages of Chervyn Mayak and Zolota Balka in the Kherson Oblast. There are no casualties or injuries.

Explosions were heard in temporarily occupied Skadovsk. The information is being clarified.

Three more children who were in the temporarily occupied territory of the Kherson Oblast were returned to the territory controlled by Ukraine. The parents sent the children, aged 10, 8 and 6, to their grandmother in the village at the beginning of the full-scale invasion. After the liberation of Kherson, when the russian military blew up the Antoniv bridge, they found themselves under occupation.

Central Oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

The russian army shelled Nikopol in the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast in the evening of October 16 with artillery and struck with two drones. The consequences of the attacks are being clarified. There are no dead or injured.

Two residents of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast are suspected of publicly supporting russian troops. One of the suspects is a native of Ufa in russia who has been living in Pavlograd for a long time. Another is a resident of Ternivka. They posted appeals to support the actions of the russian army.

Kirovohrad Oblast

In Znamianka, Kropyvnytskyi Raion, the mother of fallen defender Dmytro Shcherbyna was presented with her son’s Order “For Courage”, III class (posthumously). The soldier, born in 2002, was killed in March this year near Bakhmut, Donetsk Oblast.

The Novoukrainsk community has begun planting catalpas in honor of the Heroes-Defenders of the Novoukrainsk community along one of the city’s central streets. They will become one of the symbols of memory of the Heroes of the russian-Ukrainian war.

Cherkasy Oblast

Serhiy Petryshyn, a 53-year-old military man from Uman, has created anti-drone guns that can be used to shoot down russian drones. The weapon can hit a Mavic 3T unmanned aerial vehicle at a distance of about 700 meters. This is exactly the distance where a person can see the drone with his or her own eyes without the use of special optics.

Poltava Oblast

 “Svyatoslav Voznyi from the Velykobudyshchanka community received the ‘Golden Cross’. He defends Ukrainian lands in the separate presidential brigade named after Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytskyi. This award is given to soldiers who, in the absence of an officer, took command of the unit’s operations.

A school in Poltava unveiled memorial plaques to four graduates who died in the war. They honored the memory of Serhiy Ivashchenko, Kostiantyn Kaptan, Artur Skorokhod, and Ruslan Babinets. They studied at Tarandyntsi school, and a plaque was installed on the facade of the school for each soldier.

150 thousand hryvnias are being raised for the car for the soldier from Poltava Oblast and his comrades. Viktor Bodak from Poltava Oblast is defending Ukraine in the ranks of the 143rd separate rifle brigade. The defenders need a vehicle.

Vinnytsia Oblast

Twenty-seven families of the Kalynivka community in Vinnytsia Oblast whose homes were damaged by russian shelling used “єВідновлення” (”eVidnovlennia”) electronic public service. Twenty-four of them have already received financial compensation.

Western Oblasts

Rivne Oblast

 In it, the writer tells about his attempts to join the ranks of the Armed Forces and his combat path until his injury during a counteroffensive in Kharkiv Oblast.

Khmelnytskyi Oblast

In 2023, an agent of the federal security service was exposed in Khmelnytskyi region who was trying to monitor the work of the railroad to guide missiles.

Chernivtsi Oblast

Verenchany territorial community purchased another car for the Armed Forces of Ukraine – a Nissan Navara pickup truck.

Bukovyna’s military and their families will receive UAH 190 thousand of one-time targeted assistance under the Regional Social Support Program for ATO/JFO (Joint Forces Operation) Participants, Defenders and their families.

Kostiantyn Sinkovskyi is a military pensioner. In 2015, he was in the ATO and returned with injuries. Currently, the volunteer makes more than a thousand trench candles a day on his own.

Ternopil Oblast

Ternopil Oblast has developed a schedule of hourly power outages from October 16 to 22. It will be used to stabilize electricity supply.

Ternopil students raised 152 thousand hryvnias during a school fair. The money was used to buy a drone, a portable power plant, and sweets for the soldiers of the 44th separate artillery brigade. Another part of the money was donated to help rehabilitate a wounded soldier.

Ivan Kosmina from the village of Vilkhivchyk, the Husiatyn community, climbed in a wheelchair to the Steryshora mountain meadow in the Carpathians. He took part in the filming of a documentary, one of the episodes of which was a person with a disability climbing a mountain.

Zakarpattia Oblast

A new format for providing social services in Zakarpattia was presented at the Forum of Regional Coordination Centers in Kyiv. The idea is to combine existing civilian support centers and veterans’ space into a resilience center. This will ensure the rapid provision of a range of services to vulnerable citizens.

Last modified: 18 Жовтня, 2023