The six hundred and sixth day (606) of the large-scale armed aggression of the russians against ours continues.


Northern Oblasts


The Ukrainian military received a batch of the latest Canadian-made Senator MRAP armored vehicles. It has improved protection against detonation on mines, which provides additional advantages for the military when performing various combat tasks.

This year, Kyiv plans to install a Christmas tree on Sofiyivska Square.

Kyiv Oblast

That night, enemy drones were spotted in the sky over Kyiv Oblast.

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, got acquainted with the process of restoration of buildings destroyed by the russians in the Kyiv Oblast. Thus, more than 60 houses are being restored in Irpin using the funds of the regional budget. Some of the houses have already been renovated. Another part is being built “from scratch”.

The first line of “Hansen’s town” was opened in Tarasivka, Kyiv Oblast. 80 families who lost their homes due to the aggression of the russia received the keys to their apartments. Housing built by benefactors will be rented out free of charge for 5 years.

Boryspil Airport is preparing to resume operations in the post-war period. The airport will be able to receive and send flights a month after the end of the war. The state-owned enterprise has retained most of its staff and is negotiating cooperation with airlines.

Zhytomyr Oblast

32 applications were submitted by the residents of the Korosten community of Zhytomyr Oblast under the “eRecovery” program. In total, as a result of russian aggression, 217 residential buildings were damaged in the community, 9 were completely destroyed.

Sumy Oblast

On October 21, the russian army shelled the border areas of Sumy Oblast. 31 explosions were recorded. The communities of Bilopillya, Yunakive, Shalygine, Esman, Znob-Novgorodske came under fire.

At night and in the morning, the russian army shelled the border communities of Sumy Oblast – 22 explosions were recorded. The Seredina-Buda and Velikopysarivka communities were under fire from the russian side.

Eastern Oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

On the evening of October 21, russian troops hit the Nova Poshta terminal in Korotych with two S-300 missiles. At the time of the russian attack, there were 22 workers in the terminal. 6 people died and another 17 were injured. Two of the wounded are in extremely serious condition, six are in serious condition, and the rest are in medium and light condition.

Seven trucks and two semi-trailers were damaged as a result of the russian strike. There was a fire on an area of ​​about 300 square meters.

“Nova Poshta” announced mourning for the colleagues who died during the attack on the terminal near Kharkiv. They say that the workers did not have a chance to run to the shelter in time: “The sirens sounded seconds before.”

Three people were injured as a result of shelling in Kupyansk in the morning of October 22, a 17-year-old boy, a 15-year-old girl and a 63-year-old woman were hospitalized in a moderate condition. 

A 39-year-old woman was injured as a result of the shelling of Kurylivka, Kupyansk raion, on the morning of October 22. The enemy struck with a FAB-250 aerial bomb. Residential buildings, commercial buildings and a private enterprise were damaged.

Donetsk Oblast

In total, on October 21, the russian army shelled 7 cities and villages of the Donetsk Oblast.

Over the past day, three people were injured by shelling from the russian army in Donetsk Oblast.

Since February 24, 2022, the russians have killed 1,746 civilians of Donetsk Oblast, wounded another 4,268. The number of victims in Mariupol and Volnovakha is currently unknown.

Kramatorsk and Kramatorsk raion

On the night of October 22, the russian invaders attacked Kostyantynivka with 5 rockets. No injured or dead were found. There was no information about the dead or injured.

A house and a non-residential building in Siversk were damaged in the Lysychansk direction, and 8 shellings of the Lyman community were recorded.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk raion

Three people were killed as a result of air rocket strikes on Avdiyivka this night. The city is bombarded around the clock, several high-rise buildings have been destroyed, and it is no longer possible to track the destruction in the city.

In the Donetsk direction, 1 person was injured in Avdiyivka, and houses on four streets were damaged. 2 people were injured in the Ocheretyn community: in Ocheretyn and Voskhod.

The russian army unsuccessfully advanced in the Avdiyivka direction, in just one day the Defense Forces repelled more than 15 assaults.

Bakhmut and Bakhmut raion

The russian invaders dropped two FAB-250 aerial bombs on Toretsk.

As a result of enemy shelling during the last week, a private house was damaged in Chasiv Yar community.

Volnovakha and Volnovakha raion

The russians shelled Vugledar and Bogoyavlenka in the Volnovakha direction, damaged a house in Novoukrayinka.


The Defense Forces of Ukraine continue to conduct an offensive operation in the Melitopol direction.

The Ukrainian film “20 days in Mariupol” was nominated for the prize of audience sympathy in the American documentary film competition.

Luhansk Oblast

In the temporarily occupied Luhansk Oblast, the russians began to displace local goods and replace them with goods imported from russia, despite the promise to support local businesses.

Southern Oblasts

Mykolayiv Oblast

On October 21, russian troops carried out artillery strikes on the territory of the Kutsurub community. There are no injured or dead. No damage was recorded either.

In Mykolayiv, comprehensive repair work on the arrangement of shelters is ongoing in 16 schools.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Yesterday, the enemy made 175 strikes on 23 settlements. 6 reports were received about the destruction of residential buildings and infrastructure facilities. Civilians were not injured.

In the Zaporizhzhia direction, the Defense Forces repelled all attacks by the russian army in the area north of Pryiutyne, Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

Yesterday, an explosion rang out in the temporarily occupied Berdyansk, which could be heard in all areas of the city.

12-year-old boys from the village of Dolynske, Zaporizhzhia raion, set up an improvised checkpoint where they collect money for the needs of the Armed Forces. Children stop car drivers, offer to join a good cause, and treat them with cookies in return.

Odesa Oblast

The sea mine that was discovered on October 20 near Chornomorsk will be detonated in the near future. Until now, the weather has prevented this. Residents of the city are urged to refrain from walking along the coast.

A memorial plaque to Ihor Teryokhin, a soldier of the 126th brigade, was opened at the Odesa National University of Technology. Before the full-scale invasion, the man devoted his life to the criminal case. After February 24, 2022, he joined the ranks of the Armed Forces. He died in January of this year in the Kherson Oblast.

Kherson Oblast

During October 21, the russian military shelled the Kherson Oblast 103 times. The residential quarters of settlements, the territory of an educational institution, administrative buildings and a public catering establishment in Beryslav raion were targeted. One person is injured.

Over the course of a day, the russian military dropped 36 guided aerial bombs on six settlements in the Kherson Oblast, most of them in the Beryslav raion. There is a lot of destruction due to attacks.

At night, the russian army struck Zelenivka in the Kherson Oblast with artillery. The Korabel microdistrict in Kherson was attacked with mortars. There are no casualties or injuries.

Also at night, the russian army struck Stanislav in the Kherson Oblast. More than 30 residential buildings, a lyceum, shops, a church, and buildings of a communal enterprise were damaged. Shells hit power lines and a gas pipeline.

Today, closer to noon, the russian military dropped four guided aerial bombs on one of the settlements of the Kherson raion. There are no casualties or injuries

People with mental disorders were evacuated in Kherson Oblast. They will be taken to medical facilities in safer Oblasts of the country for further treatment.

Central Oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

During the day of October 21, the army bombarded Nikopol raion with heavy artillery and drones. A private enterprise, two houses, a garage and a solar panel were damaged. A 71-year-old man died. He was fishing on the shore. Rescuers found the man’s body with a fishing rod in his hand. He had been killed by shell fragments, and several other fragments fell nearby.

A russian missile was destroyed by the military of the Vostok Air Command over the Synelnyk Raion at night on October 22. In general, the night passed without any shelling in the communities of the region.

Cherkasy Oblast

Law enforcement officers Mykhailo Kuratchenko, Mykhailo Pustovit, Viktor Mazurenko, Serhiy Nenada, and Ihor Melnyk were awarded the honorary title of “Defender of Ukraine – Hero of Cherkasy”. The Cherkasy law enforcement officers exploded on a cascade of enemy mines in December 2022 while conducting stabilization activities in Kherson Oblast.

The author of the viral phrase “Easter will be here soon,” which became famous on the Internet and television in the spring of 2023, 5-year-old Matviy Brus from the Zolotonosha Raion of Cherkasy Oblast, together with his Instagram followers, bought and donated an SUV to the Armed Forces.

Poltava Oblast

In Myrhorod, the inspection of residential buildings and apartments that were damaged as a result of an enemy attack is being completed. These are 137 objects: 91 apartments and 46 houses. 153 people have applied for compensation for damaged property. Next week, the first 28 people will receive funds from the Myrhorod community totaling UAH 542.7 thousand.

Western Oblasts

Lviv Oblast

Volunteer Oleksandr Serdiuk cycled 1091 km to raise money for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He started the journey on his bike, which he calls a “swallow,” on October 1. Kharkiv is the man’s hometown, but Drohobych has become one for him in two years. The volunteer raised almost 400 thousand hryvnias.

Khmelnytskyi Oblast

Overnight, air defense forces were working in Khmelnytskyi Oblast as russian troops attacked the region with “shaheds,” said First Deputy Head of the Military Operations Department Tiurin. There are no reports of casualties or damage.

Thanks to the close cooperation of the regional military administration with local government, charitable organizations, businessmen and volunteers, 16 off-road vehicles were delivered to the region for the Ukrainian military.

The book “History and War” was presented in Khmelnytskyi by a soldier Yuriy Hudymenko

This is a collection of historical texts, speeches, and essays. After the full-scale invasion, blogger, TV presenter, and publicist Yuriy Hudymenko joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine, where he served as a sapper. In June last year, he was wounded. He worked on the design of the collection while undergoing rehabilitation.


Students and staff of the Kamianets-Podilskyi Lyceum 15 collected aid for children in eastern and southern Ukraine, which will be delivered by a volunteer crew of the Kamianets-Podilskyi Town Hall NGO.

As part of the SOS-Care 60+ project and the SOS-Women Support Program for IDP women, older women IDPs are undergoing a series of trainings on stress management techniques. The training consists of 10 sessions, where women learn simple and effective stress management techniques and share their experience of applying them.

Ternopil Oblast

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, 2600 soldiers have undergone rehabilitation at the Mykulynets Regional Physiotherapy Hospital. Now the hospital treats both military and civilians.

Zakarpattia Oblast

The head of the Ministry of Social Policy, Oksana Zholnovych, and the deputy head of the Regional Military Administration, Petro Dobromilsky, visited the Regional Center for Comprehensive Rehabilitation for Persons with Disabilities in Uzhhorod. More than 700 people have received rehabilitation services here since the beginning of the year. Adults and children are taken care of, including children under the age of three, who are at risk of disability.

Last modified: 24 Жовтня, 2023