The two-hundred-sixty second (261) day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military large-scale invasion continues.


Northern oblasts


Yesterday evening, the liberation of Kherson was celebrated on Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square.

Foreign journalists publish footage of happy residents of Kherson in Kyiv.

 A board with the cities waiting for de-occupation and restoration of the rail service was installed at the Central Station of Kyiv.

Emergency power outages were also applied in Kyiv today.

Kyiv Oblast

Mine clearance in the Kyiv Oblast continues. The units of the State Emergency Service have defused 72,162 explosive items. During the last day, they worked in 10 settlements of the Bucha, Vyshhorod, and Brovary raions.

The mayor of Irpin, Oleksandr Markushyn, called on religious organizations in the United States to help rebuild private houses in Irpin, which were destroyed during the hostilities.

Windows are being installed in 5 high-rise buildings in Hostomel on Buchanske Shosse Street. On one of them, the roof is being restored, on the other, roofing repairs will begin next week. The funds have been allocated from the state budget reserve.

Zhytomyr Oblast

In Zhytomyr, in honor of the liberation of Kherson, a rally of the patriotic community of the city took place in the evening of November 11. Having self-organized, several dozens of participants under Ukrainian flags drove by cars through the streets of the city to Soborna Square. There they held an action in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and in honor of the liberation of Kherson.


In the morning of November 11, about 80 employees of the local police district department and subordinate units from all over Zhytomyr Raion came to the oblast blood center in Zhytomyr. All of them responded to the request of doctors to help replenish the stocks of donated blood.

Two dozen families from the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, who were forced to leave their homes because of the war, received money to rent housing in the Zhytomyr Oblast. The payments were provided by the Caritas-Zhytomyr Charitable Foundation.

Writers Serhiy Zhadan and Maryana Savka collected 123,000 hryvnias for an ambulance for the military at a charity event held in Zhytomyr. Before the start of the creative meeting, a box was set up in the foyer of the Philharmonic, where every visitor to the event could make a contribution for the purchase of an ambulance. Money for the purchase of the vehicle for the military was also collected from the sale of books and T-shirts.

Chernihiv Oblast

Yesterday in the Chernihiv Oblast they said goodbye to three defenders of Ukraine – soldiers Leonid Danylenko and Ihor Dovhyi, and senior sergeant Dmytro Moroz.

Also yesterday, in Horodnia, they said goodbye to border guard Tetiana Vynohradska, who was killed on November 9 while performing her border protection duties. During another shelling of the territory of the Chernihiv Oblast by the russians, Tetiana received a shrapnel wound incompatible with life.

In addition to stabilization power outages, Ukrenergo also applied emergency outages in Chernihiv today.

In the Chernihiv Oblast, volunteers from Latvia delivered two off-road vehicles filled with military ammunition and supplies to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The money for them was collected by business representatives and residents of the town of Salacgriva under the leadership of former Latvian Minister Vinet Veldre. The initiative belongs to Anzhelika Frankovska, a resident of Ichnia, who has friendly relations with Latvians. Before sending the humanitarian cargo to the frontline, the volunteers visited Pryluky.

The campaign “Light will defeat darkness” started in Chernihiv. Patrol policemen distributed reflective bracelets to pedestrians and reminded them of the traffic rules.

Sumy Oblast

Yesterday, the russians shelled the Seredyna-Buda community. 10 explosions were recorded.

Eastern oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

Over the past day, the enemy shelled civilians in the settlements of the Kupiansk, Chuhuiv, and Kharkiv raions adjacent to the line of contact and the border with the russian federation.

In the village of Vovchanski Khutory, Chuhuiv Raion, the shelling damaged farm facilities and caused fires. There were no casualties.

In the Saltivskyi district of Kharkiv, a cluster munition exploded and injured 2 boys, aged 15 and 12. The victims were hospitalized, they are provided with all possible assistance; doctors assess their condition as average.

An 80-year-old woman was wounded and hospitalized as a result of shelling by the occupiers in the Chuhuiv Raion.

Mine clearance continues. During the day, pyrotechnics of the State Emergency Service defused 294 explosive devices.

Donetsk Oblast

On November 11, it became known about 2 civilians killed by russians in the Donetsk Oblast: in Bakhmut and Avdiivka. Also, law enforcement officers discovered the bodies of 5 people killed by the russians during the occupation: four in Yampil and one in Yarova. Four more people in the oblast were wounded.

Since the day of russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, russian missiles have killed 1,200 civilians in the Donetsk Oblast and wounded another 2,587. The number of victims in Mariupol and Volnovakha is currently unknown.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk Raion

The enemy attacked the town of Avdiivka, the village of Karlivka. The occupiers used artillery and the Grad multiple rocket launcher. Avdiivka withstood the most hitsThere were seven in total. Russian rockets hit a house, one person died.

Households of the Pokrovsk community will receive grain for feeding livestock and poultry. Today, 45.4 tons of wheat were brought to the Novoyelyzavetivka starosty district. Each household located in the district was able to receive 300 kilograms of grain for feeding livestock and poultry. This assistance was provided by the non-governmental organization “Eastern Ukrainian Agricultural Advisory Service” together with the Donetsk Research Station with the financial support of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations and the Government of Japan. 99 farmers and 665 households of the Donetsk Oblast have already received 383.4 tons of winter wheat seeds.

The Pokrovsk community received another humanitarian shipment from Nova Ukraine. With the assistance of the “Community Development Agency”, benefactors handed over 150 camping beds and 50 Euro folding beds to Pokrovsk.

Kramatorsk and Kramatorsk Raion

In the Lysychansk direction, mass shelling of Torske and Zarichne in the Lyman community continues. There were more than 40 airstrikes in the previous day. Information on the victims and extent of destruction is being established.

From next week, bus traffic will resume on all routes. At the same time, trolleybus traffic on temporary routes, which were launched after the start of the war, is stopped. The fare will be 20 hryvnias in buses and shuttle taxis, and 12 hryvnias in the trolleybus.

Bakhmut and Bakhmut Raion

Three civilians were wounded in Bakhmut in the Horlivka direction. Eight private houses were damaged in Rozdolivka of the Soledar community.


In the direction of Volnovakha, the russians conducted intensive shelling of Vuhledar. They damaged four residential buildings and an administrative building. On the territory of the community, there were hits from the outskirts of Prechystivka, Novoukrainka and Vodiane.


The Mariupol cemetery in the Old Crimea is getting bigger and bigger. Even a new sector of mass graves has already appeared – No. 21.

“Mariupol Reborn” has been launched. This is the largest reconstruction project of the city since the Second World War. Representatives of the city, oblast and state authorities, together with business and international partners, will develop a step-by-step plan for the reconstruction of Mariupol. It includes several stages. Among them is a step-by-step action plan after the deoccupation of the city, in order to quickly start solving urgent problems and restoring critical infrastructure. As well as a comprehensive revitalization strategy – the creation of a new Ukrainian Mariupol, which will combine the best experience of urban planners, advanced solutions and the latest approaches.

Luhansk Oblast

11 settlements were deoccupied in the Luhansk Oblast. The advance of the Armed Forces is there, but not as rapid as in other areas.

The occupiers continue to dig in and withdraw reserves, mining everything around. The villages around the front line are being deserted, the rashists are driving people out of their homes and settling in with militants.

The occupiers took away almost all modern equipment from the hospital in Sievierodonetsk, leaving the medical workers who agreed to cooperate with the occupiers virtually alone with the means of first aid.

Southern oblasts

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

During the past day, in the direction of Zaporizhzhia, russian troops carried out shelling from tanks and the entire range of artillery in the areas of the Dorozhnianka, Huliaipole, Zeleny Hay, Malynivka, Olhivske, Stepove, Charivne, Chervone and Shcherbaky settlements.

According to the information of the General Staff, it was confirmed that the Defense Forces hit the concentration area of ​​russian troops in the Zaporizhzhia Oblast on November 10. The russians lost more than 100 people, who were wounded.

The destruction of a russian Mi-8 helicopter has been confirmed near the settlement of Dniprovka

in the Zaporizhzhia Oblast. A Ka-52 helicopter was also destroyed near the city of Energodar. In addition, the enemy’s command post was hit there. More than 50 occupants were killed, and more than 40 were wounded.

Kherson Oblast

During the night of November 12, russian troops fired artillery and mortars at the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the de-occupied territorial communities of the Beryslav Raion. There are no injuries or losses.

The russians are taking the collaborators and their families out of the temporarily occupied Nova Kakhovka in the direction of the Arabat Spit.

The police opened criminal proceedings on the facts of war crimes by the russian army due to the shelling of populated areas of the Kherson Oblast, as a result of which people died.

It will take a day or two to restore Ukrainian communications in Kherson, because the russian occupiers have blown up the towers of mobile operators.

The Defense Forces destroyed the headquarters of the russian troops in Chervonyi Maiak of the Kherson Oblast. More than 30 soldiers of the russian federation were killed, two tanks and four trucks were destroyed.

Mykolaiv Oblast

Yesterday there was shelling of the settlement of the Kutsurub community. There was hitting in an open area. There were no injuries or damage. According to Operational Command “Pivden”, the enemy fired at the community from the Kinburn Spit with “Grad” multiple rocket launchers.

Odesa Oblast

The City Humanitarian Center for compact housing of internally displaced persons is being established in Odesa. It will be located in a building with an area of 1,400 square meters. After the completion of all works, up to 100 internally displaced persons will be temporarily accommodated there, in comfortable conditions.

To date, Odesa has sheltered more than 13,000 IDPs from the Kherson Oblast, including 4,000 children.

In Odesa, several hundred Kherson citizens came to the opera house with flags and posters. They gathered in honor of the liberation of their hometown.

Central Oblasts

Poltava Oblast 

The 45-year-old defender of Ukraine will be solemnly buried in Poltava. Oleksandr Marusevych took up arms at the beginning of the full-scale war.

The soldier Oleksandr Yaremenko died while fighting the enemy. He served as a senior rifleman of the 2nd division of the 1st patrol platoon of the 4th patrol company of the rifle battalion.

Serhii Tkachenko was killed in Donetsk Oblast as a result of shelling. The 38-year-old soldier was a junior sergeant from the village of Komyshnia. The defender died on November 8 near Bakhmut.

Oleksandr Nekhaiev, an operator of a communications platoon and a soldier, died of life-threatening injuries in the Kharkiv Oblast. He lived and worked in Pyriatyn. In January 2015, Oleksandr was mobilized. For the second time, he joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on March 5 of this year.

On November 12, emergency power outages were applied in the oblast due to enemy shelling of Ukraine’s infrastructure the previous day.

In the perinatal center of the oblast hospital named after Sklifosovskyi, a shelter for pregnant women and women in labor has been set up. It has beds in the corridors, a delivery room, incubators for babies, a supply of water, medicines, and consumables.

As part of the project “Life between sirens” in the Poltava Art Museum named after Mykola Yaroshenko, a concert “Songs in the native language” was held. The project is designed to create conditions for the psychological rehabilitation of internally displaced people who found shelter in Poltava, fleeing the war.

Western Oblasts

Rivne Oblast

In the Rivne Oblast, the Security Service of Ukraine detained a russian agent who was passing data on the region’s military to the enemy. As the investigation established, on the instructions of his “curator”, the mobilized serviceman collected information of an intelligence nature (about forces, means, availability of the latest weapons and the number of personnel) in one of the military units of the Rivne Oblast. Also, while staying in one of the oblast’s hospitals, the traitor provided representatives of the russian federation with personal data and the number of servicemen who were receiving inpatient treatment.

Volunteers from the Rivne Oblast sent 35 cars with products for the military. From the first day of the full-scale invasion, Zoryana Zhuk from the village of Bohdanivka (Korets community), organized a volunteer headquarters. Local residents meet here 3-4 times a week and prepare food for the defenders. They also collected medicines and hygiene products, wove camouflage nets, handed over sleeping sets and clothes.

In Kvasyliv, there is a volunteer shop on the basis of the local lyceum where ammunition for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is sewn. It was organized by professional seamstresses and involved teachers. The workshop sews plate carriers and tactical raincoats that can be transformed into a tent. Women collect money for materials and accessories at charity events – fairs and lotteries.   

Chernivtsi Oblast

Bukovyna is one of the regions that received a record number of IDPs. The International Organization for Migration undertook to create comfortable conditions for their residence. With IOM help, old sanitary ware is updated, washing machines are bought, and humanitarian aid is provided. Thus, repairs have been carried out in 7 shelters to date.

The deputies of the Chernivtsi city council allocated 1.7 million hryvnias for the purchase of heaters for shelters in schools.

With the money raised during the charity fair, the parents and teachers of Chernivtsi Kindergarten №1 purchased caps and balaclavas for servicemen of the 8th Mountain Assault Battalion. The children personally presented the soldiers with hats and their own drawings. The children could talk to the defenders, see official vehicles and equipment. The military gave them goodies and a battalion flag in return. Also, part of the collected amount was sent to the Serhii Prytula Foundation.

Zakarpattia Oblast

In Zakarpattia, the aid will be provided to injured military personnel. The project called “Veteran” will be launched with the participation of the largest volunteer medical battalion and a private clinic.

“Civil society should now help Ukrainian soldiers to survive the trauma of war: both physical and psychological,” say the project initiators.

“VONA hub. Uzhgorod” [“SHE hub. Uzhgorod”] helps Ukrainian women to find work and retrain. Training from “VONA hub” was held in the oblast center of Zakarpattia. This event was designed to help women affected by domestic and gender-based violence to successfully find employment.

In Mukachevo, the “Hope in Action” Mobile Aid Center will be open until November 19. Here, people can get various types of assistance – from blood tests to the services of a massage therapist. The idea was implemented thanks to the support of the United States of America. The mobile center houses a radio studio where visitors can share their story with the Voice of Hope radio listeners.

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