The six hundred and sixty-second day (662) of the large-scale armed aggression of the russians against ours continues.


Northern oblasts


Wiretapping devices were found in the office of the Commander-in-Chief Valeriy Zaluzhnyi and his staff. This was confirmed by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They were found yesterday during a routine inspection of the premises. The detected information reading devices are made of unspecified elements, which does not allow to identify the installer.

Kyiv Oblast

A barrier-free space will be implemented on a large scale in the Kyiv Oblast in 2024. The settlements of the oblast will be significantly reconfigured for comfortable living of people with disabilities.

A photo of Banksy’s graffiti in Irpin was included in the list of the best photos of 2023 by Radio Liberty photographers. Of the 29 photos, 7 are related to Ukraine’s war against russia, including a photo by Radio Liberty Ukrainian Service photographer Serhiy Nuzhnenko.

It shows graffiti by British artist Banksy on the charred wall of an apartment building in Irpin.

A liturgy in Ukrainian was held at the Church of the Apostles Peter and Paul in Bucha. This is the first service after this church in the Kyiv Oblast was transferred to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine in October.

Chernihiv Oblast

Over the past day of December 17, russians shelled the Snovsk and Semenivka communities in the border area of the Chernihiv Oblast.

Sumy Oblast

During the day, the russian army carried out 23 shelling attacks on the territories of the Sumy Oblast. 61 explosions were recorded. 8 communities of the oblast came under fire.

A 69-year-old woman was killed in her own home in Krasnopillia as a result of russian artillery shelling. At the place of her death they found a deaf but alive dog and a crater with water formed by the russian shell burst.

The bad weather left 3 settlements (220 customers) in the Sumy Oblast without power, and another 9 settlements (507 customers) have no electricity due to technological reasons.

Eastern regions

Kharkiv Oblast

On December 17, russia carried out 498 shelling attacks in the Lyman-Kupiansk sector alone. Here, russian troops conducted four airstrikes and used 13 kamikaze drones.

More than 20 settlements in the Kharkiv Oblast came under russian artillery and mortar fire. The building of an agricultural enterprise was damaged in Vovchansk as a result of the shelling.

In the village of Hlushkivka, Kupiansk Raion, a 29-year-old man hit an unknown explosive device in his own yard, suffering acoustic barotrauma and injuries to both hands. The man was hospitalized in moderate condition.  

Border guard units detected and drove away two russian subversive and reconnaissance groups from the state border near the Kharkiv Oblast.

As a result of bad weather, 1,857 consumers have been de-energized in the Kharkiv Oblast.

On October 5, the village of Hroza witnessed the largest one-time death toll in the Kharkiv Oblast during the full-scale war: a russian missile killed visitors to a local cafe who had come to the funeral reception to pay respects to fallen soldier Andriy Kozyr. In memory of those killed in Hroza, they created a special photo project with 28 families who lost their loved ones in the tragedy.

Donetsk Oblast

On December 17, the russian army shelled seven populated areas of the Donetsk Oblast with artillery, aircraft, and Hurricane MRLS 10 times. As a result of shelling, seven residential buildings were destroyed and damaged.

On December 17, one resident of the Donetsk Oblast was injured by russian weapons in Avdiivka.

In total, since February 24, 2022, the russians have killed 1,791 civilians of the Donetsk Oblast, and injured another 4,381 people. The number of victims in Mariupol and Volnovakha is currently unknown.

On December 17, Ukrainian soldiers repelled more than 40 russian attacks in the Lyman, Bakhmut, Avdiivka, and Marinka directions.

Kramatorsk and Kramatorsk Raion

In the Lysychansk direction, a house was damaged in Serebrianka of the Siversk community. Nine shellings of the Lyman community were recorded.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk Raion

Krasnohorivka, Novomykhailivka, Yelizavetivka and Pobieda were shelled in the Marinka community.

1,225 residents remain in Avdiivka as of the morning of December 18. Five more people were taken out of the city yesterday. The russian army is trying to storm 16 areas in the Avdiivka direction, using a large number of troops and equipment for assaults.

Bakhmut and Bakhmut Raion

A house and an industrial building were damaged in the Horlivka direction in the Chasiv Yar community.

Volnovakha and Volnovakha Raion

Chaotic shelling of the Vuhledar community was recorded in the Volnovakha direction.

Southern oblasts

Mykolaiv Oblast

On December 17, one russian drone of the “Shahed-131/136” type was shot down in the Mykolaiv Oblast. The russian military also struck the coastline of the town of Ochakiv of the Ochakiv community and the village of Dniprovske of the Kutsurub community.

Kherson Oblast

Yesterday, russian troops attacked the Kherson Oblast 80 times. 374 shells from various types of weapons were fired. One person died.

Broken windows and roofs, destroyed houses and buildings. Kherson has survived repeated shelling by the russian army.

The number of injured policemen due to russian shelling in Darivka on December 17 has increased to nine. There is no threat to their lives. Shells damaged two official cars, seven residential buildings and an administrative building.

Activists of the Ukrainian resistance movement “Yellow Ribbon” continue to oppose the occupation in Skadovsk of the Kherson Oblast. Despite the danger and the increase in russian patrols, they once again distributed patriotic ribbons and posters.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

18 settlements of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast came under enemy fire. 118 hits were recorded. Six reports were received about the destruction of residential buildings and infrastructure facilities. There were no casualties.

Four attacks by the russian military to the west of Verbove and Robotyne of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast were repulsed by the Defense Forces yesterday, December 17.

In the temporarily occupied territory of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast, the occupiers eavesdrop on the conversations of citizens, and then come to them with searches.

Central Oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

On the night of December 18, russian troops attacked Nikopol with artillery. Consequences are established. There are no dead or injured. No shelling was recorded in other territories of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.

This night, within the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, air defense destroyed enemy drones.

Kirovohrad Oblast

A free first aid training workshop will be held in Kropyvnytskyi. All those willing will be taught how to save a person in a crisis situation, what to do when a stroke or heart attack occurs, how to stop bleeding and help until the ambulance arrives. The workshop is free.

The Holovanivsk community handed over 182 units of winter tires for the total amount of UAH 822,000 to the servicemen. The funds were allocated from the budget of the settlement council. The anti-lancet nets, which are needed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine for protective measures, were also handed over.

In the Mala Vyska community, russian-speaking IDPs were helped to switch to the Ukrainian language. The conversation club “Free speech” worked for half a year at two locations – in the city of Mala Vyska and in the village of Manuilivka. The project was implemented by the charity fund “All-Ukrainian Angel of Help” with the support of UNHCRUkraine – the United Nations Agency for Refugees in Ukraine and the public organization “Tenth of April”. The goal is to support all people who want to communicate in Ukrainian.

Vinnytsia Oblast

This night, within the borders of the Vinnytsia Oblast, the anti-aircraft defense shot down attack drones. Information about the consequences is being clarified.

Western Oblast

Volyn Oblast

The checkpoint “Yagodin-Dorohusk” is blocked again. Polish carriers have warned that they will let through 1 truck per hour. According to border guards, currently 2,300 cargo trucks are waiting in line to cross the border to Ukraine.

Khmelnytskyi Oblast

At night, air defense forces neutralized one “Shahed” UAV in the region. There was no information about the injured or the destruction.

In Chemerivtsi, the Khmelnytskyi Oblast, a commemorative plaque to the soldier Valentyn Liubarets was unveiled. It was installed on the facade of the local children’s and youth sports school, where the defender practiced.


Two EcoFlow charging stations, masts and automatic scanning devices (radio stations) in the amount of UAH 202,000 were transferred from the community to the units where military personnel from Kamianets are serving.

Chernivtsi Oblast

Within the framework of the “eRobota” government program, three Bukovyna veterans will receive a grant to create or expand their own business. In particular, two entrepreneurs will develop business in the field of trade and agriculture, and one will open a repair service with an online store.

A meeting of the Council of Churches and Religious Organizations under the Chernivtsi Oblast Military Administration took place. Bukovyna was visited by representatives of the Permanent Synod of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

Last modified: 20 Грудня, 2023