The six hundred and sixty-first day (661) of the large-scale armed aggression of the russians against ours continues.


Northern Oblasts 


In Kyiv, the relatives of the captured defenders of “Azovstal”, as well as other military and civilians detained by russia, took part in an action on Sofia Square. They set up their Christmas tree there as part of the “Holiday without a holiday” flash mob.

After the reconstruction, the “Ukrzaliznytsia” dog training center was opened in Kyiv. 12 enclosures for dogs were rebuilt in the renovated facility. Animals at the center are taught to look for weapons and explosives on railway infrastructure objects.

Kyiv Oblast 

The Borodyanka community is one of those that suffered the most at the hands of the occupiers. Here, 81 high-rise buildings were damaged, of which 10 were completely destroyed; more than 2 thousand private houses, 10 schools, 6 kindergartens, 13 administrative buildings. Today, Borodyanka is part of the Government’s experimental reconstruction project, and the restoration of 4 high-rise buildings under the UNITED24 program is underway.

The remains of ammunition of the russian troops, found in Irpin, were turned into works of art. These objects can be seen in the Pavlo Tychyna museum in the capital. The charity exhibition “Free Ukraine. Ukrainian sappers are risk artists”, at which funds are collected for equipment for pyrotechnicians.

Zhytomyr Oblast 

The marines gave the Zhytomyr community a thank you and a battle flag and showed a photo of a drone with a “Zhytomyr” sticker, which returned twice after russian shelling and became a talisman for them.

Representatives of the municipality of the Polish city of Plotsk brought to Zhytomyr a batch of medicines worth 100,000 hryvnias for the treatment of military personnel. Money for medicines was collected as part of charity performances in Poland by the Zhytomyr School of Ballet “Avante”.

Chernihiv Oblast 

Yesterday, russian troops with BMPs and mortars shelled the border community of Semenivka in Chernihiv Oblast.

Sumy Oblast 

During the day, the russian military carried out 26 shelling of the border territories of the Sumy Oblast. 138 explosions were recorded. One person is injured. As a result of shelling of the Yunakive community on December 16, one person was injured in the village of Basivka.

On December 17, the russian army fired mortars at Krasnopillya and Znob-Novgorodske communities in Sumy Oblast.

On December 17, a 69-year-old woman died in her own home due to russian shelling in Krasnopillya, Sumy Oblast. Three private houses and two vehicles were also damaged.

In the border region of Sumy, the Ukrainian military neutralized a russian sabotage and reconnaissance group. With the joint efforts of the border guards and the security forces, they were knocked out beyond the state border.

Eastern Oblasts 

Kharkiv Oblast 

More than 20 settlements of the Kharkiv Oblast were subjected to artillery and mortar shelling.

Bologhivka, Synkivka, Petropavlivka, Ivanivka, Pishchane, and Berestov were hit by airstrikes. In the Kupyansk direction, Ukrainian defenders repelled 14 russian attacks near Synkivka.

Russian troops struck Vovchansk at least three times. Private houses and commercial buildings were damaged there, no one was injured. The village of Bily Kolodyaz was also shelled.

In the border areas of Kharkiv and Sumy Oblasts, the activation of russian sabotage and intelligence groups is being observed. Daily shelling continues in these territories.

As a result of bad weather, almost 4,000 consumers lost power in Kharkiv Oblast. Work is underway to restore the power supply.

Donetsk Oblast 

Over the past day, the occupiers have beaten the civilian population of Donetsk Oblast 16 times.

In the Donetsk Oblast, on December 16, one person was killed in Illinivka, and three more people were injured by shelling from the russian invaders.

Since February 24, 2022, the russians have killed 1,791 civilians of Donetsk Oblast, injured another 4,380 people. The number of victims in Mariupol and Volnovakha is currently unknown.

In the Donetsk Oblast, 30 thousand subscribers and 77 settlements remain without electricity. Last day, the energy industry restored the largest damaged power plant.

Kramatorsk and Kramatorsk raion

In the Lysychansk direction, Siversk and Torske of the Lyman community were fired upon.

In just one day, the russians killed 1 resident of Donetsk Oblast and wounded 3 more.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk Raion

In the Donetsk sector, russian troops shelled the Kurakhove community 7 times: a man was wounded in Kurakhove, 4 multi-storey buildings, 8 private houses, a cultural institution and an industrial area were damaged; a man was wounded in Veselyi Hai; 2 houses were damaged in Horishne. Three houses were damaged in the Hrodivka community in Prohres.  

Russians struck Novoekonomichne village with an S-300 missile and fired at Kostyantynivka with “Uragan” rockets.

The russian occupiers have night FPV drones, which complicate the defense of Avdiivka.

Also yesterday, on December 16, the occupiers tried to advance on Avdiivka with a convoy of vehicles again. 

Bakhmut and Bakhmut Raion

In the Horlivka sector, 1 person was killed and 1 wounded in Illinivka. In Pivnichne of the Toretsk community, 2 multi-storey buildings and 1 private house were damaged. 

In the Chasiv Yar community, 2 houses and 3 outbuildings were damaged. A warehouse was damaged in Kostyantynivka.

Volnovakha and Volnovakha Raion

Novoukrainka of the Vuhledar community was shelled twice in the Volnovakha sector.


In the temporarily occupied Mariupol, russians demolished the building of the regional police department, which had a torture chamber and a filtration unit. The occupiers continue to clean up the traces of their crimes in the city.

Luhansk Oblast

Orders “For Courage” of the third degree were presented to the families of four fallen border guards from the Luhansk border guard detachment. Three of them were killed during the clearing of the village of Terny in Donetsk Oblast in March 2022, and the youngest, a 23-year-old sergeant, was killed in Bakhmut in January this year. 

The occupiers have installed payphones in three cities in Luhansk Oblast to replace mobile phones. However, they cannot be used to call outside the city or on cell phones.

Southern Oblasts 

Mykolaiv Oblast

On December 16, russian troops fired twice at the city of Ochakiv and the waters of the Ochakiv community. No one was killed or injured.

On December 16, a car hit a mine near the village of Yevhenivka in the Snihurivka community. Two men were driving along a field road in search of firewood.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Air defense forces shot down two russian “Shahed” UAVs in Zaporizhzhia.

Two fires broke out as a result of russian shelling in the Polohiv Raion of Zaporizhzhia yesterday, December 16. A social infrastructure facility was reportedly damaged as a result of an enemy attack.

A 55-year-old woman and a 73-year-old man were injured as a result of shelling by the russian army in the village of Gulyaypilske yesterday.

12 attacks by the russian army west of Novopokrovka and Robotyno were repelled by the Ukrainian Defense Forces in the Zaporizhzhya sector.

Employees of the occupied Zaporizhzhia NPP are being forced to obtain russian passports and sign contracts with the russian nuclear power company ”rosatom”. Those who refuse are having their passes to the plant revoked.

In Zaporizhzhia, more than 100 people came to a rally in support of prisoners of war. These are relatives, friends, and parents of the soldiers of the 501st Separate Marine Battalion and the 3029th Military Unit of the National Guard of Ukraine.

Odesa Oblast

Ukrainian troops destroyed nine “Shahed” drones in Odesa Oblast. One of the fired drones fell on a private residential building in Odesa Raion and exploded. The surrounding houses and a hangar with the property of a private sports institution were damaged.

A 54-year-old resident of Odesa Raion was killed by a russian drone attack. His house was completely destroyed.

Kherson Oblast

Over the past day, the russian military fired 96 times at Kherson Oblast using various types of weapons. They hit residential areas of the oblast’s settlements, an administrative building, an educational institution, an enterprise, and the territory of a park in Kherson. No one was killed or injured.

During a nighttime drone attack by the russian military in Kherson Oblast, air defense units destroyed seven russian kamikaze drones.

The wreckage of the downed Shahed-131/136 drones damaged a house, an office building, and a service station.

An 81-year-old man died in Kherson after another shelling of the central part of the city. His body was discovered this morning.

In the morning, the russian army shelled Daryivka in the Kherson Oblast. Six police officers were injured.

In the communities of Kherson and Beryslav raions, after shelling by the russian army over the past day, buildings, private houses, cars, the territory of an enterprise for processing agricultural products, and a gas pipe were damaged.

An explosion was heard in temporarily occupied Skadovsk.

Residents of the Komyshany starosta`s district were provided with pellets for heating their homes. More than 90 households in Zymivnik, Priozerne and Komyshany received solid fuel.

Central Oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

On the night of December 17, russian troops struck Nikopol raion twice. Artillery shelled the raion center and the Pokrovsk village community. There are no casualties or injuries. At present, the consequences of the shelling are being clarified.

Kirovohrad Oblast

Yesterday, after 11:00 p.m., an explosion rang out in Kropyvnytskyi. The Air Force informed about the guided air missile “Iskander-K”. She did not achieve her goal. There were no casualties or destruction of civil infrastructure.

In Kropyvnytskyi, a memorial plaque was opened to Volunteer Hero Viktor Sharom. It was placed on the premises of the Department of Justice, where the soldier had worked since 2007. During his lifetime, he was the regional chieftain of the Buga-Hardiv palanka of the Ukrainian Cossacks, an activist of the veterans’ organization, a member of the ATO, a member and co-founder of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army. He died in December 2022. 

Western Oblasts

Volyn Oblast

The action “Don’t be silent! Prison kills!” was held in Lutsk in support of the prisoners of war defenders of Mariupol.

1,955 kilograms of russian-language books, magazines and encyclopedias were collected in the Volyn library for youth within the framework of the campaign “Say NO to russian literature”. Everything collected was handed over to waste paper. Almost 6,000 hryvnias raised were used to purchase materials for camouflage nets and the needs of the military.

Lviv Oblast

There are about 2,150 trucks at three checkpoints on the Ukrainian-Polish border. Most of the trucks are in front of the checkpoint “Sheghini – Medyca”.

Khmelnytskyi Oblast

At night, air defense forces neutralized two UAVs of the “Shahed” type within the Oblast. Debris from one of them damaged a private house, as a result of which the roof of the house caught fire. There was no information about the injured and the dead.

Ruslan Jafarov, a sixth-grader from Khmelnytskyi, has been volunteering since the fall of 2022. The boy collects funds for a drone, prepares goodies, bakes sweets and passes all this to the soldiers on the front lines.

A Christmas run in New Year’s costumes took place today in Khmelnytskyi. The event is charitable. Part of the funds paid by the participants during registration will be transferred to the assistance of the Armed Forces.

Chernivtsi Oblast

Bukovyna intelligence officer Oleksandr Pyslar (Safryuk) with the call sign BRAVO received his third order “For Courage” in November, so he became a full knight of this order. The military has been protecting Ukraine for almost five years. During the full-scale invasion, he participated in the liberation of Kyiv Oblast, and from the summer of 2022 he will defend the Zaporizhzhia border.

On the basis of the Bukovyna Medical University, under the organization of the 107th Separate Territorial Defense Brigade of the Armed Forces, training of instructors in tactical medicine is conducted. Military personnel from various Oblasts learn the theoretical and practical skills of providing pre-medical care according to the M.A.R.C.H. protocol. Military personnel from Lviv, Rivne, Zakarpattia, Volyn and Chernivtsi Oblasts took part in the training.

Zakarpattia Oblast

The deputy who detonated grenades at a session of the Keretsky village council is suspected of committing a terrorist act. The bomber was detained, he regained consciousness and is currently in the hospital under the supervision of doctors and law enforcement officers. Later, a preventive measure will be chosen for him.

One of the injured as a result of a grenade explosion in the Keretsky village council in Zakarpattia died in the hospital. The man was 55 years old. He was previously in the intensive care unit in critical condition.

Last modified: 19 Грудня, 2023