The six hundred and sixty-fourth day (664) of the large-scale armed aggression of the russians against ours continues.


Northern oblasts


Last night, russia attacked the capital again on a massive scale. All drones were shot down by the air defense forces on their approach to Kyiv. According to preliminary reports, there were no casualties or damage.

Kyivstar reported problems with communication and mobile internet in cities in southern and western Ukraine. By the end of the day, the problems were fixed.

On December 22, the “Polar Express” of the Kyiv Children’s Railway will depart on its first journey this year. An entertainment program is planned to mark the opening of the winter season.

Kyiv Oblast

In the Kyiv Oblast, thanks to the efficient work of air defense, russian UAVs failed to hit any critical or civilian infrastructure facility. There were no casualties as a result of the attack.

Rescuers and police officers conducted a training exercise at a gymnasium in the Hostomel Raion. The defenders practiced a scenario of evacuating schoolchildren, detaining criminals, and extinguishing a fire in an educational institution.

A department of medical and psychological rehabilitation was opened in Vorzel. During the year, it was intensively rebuilt. International and public organizations helped to do that. At the same time, the medical base was restored to provide quality psychological and rehabilitation services. Both military and civilians will be treated here.

Hollywood actress Barbra Streisand donated a fourth ambulance to Vyshhorod. Earlier, she already donated 240 thousand dollars.

Zhytomyr Oblast

In 2024, the Zhytomyr community expects to receive 382 million hryvnias in aid from international financial institutions to its budget.

A portable DNA laboratory for express tests has started operating at the Main Department of the National Police in the Zhytomyr Oblast. From now on, it will be possible to establish a person’s DNA profile in 90 minutes.

Chernihiv Oblast

During the day on December 19, the Russian army shelled the Semenivka community in the Chernihiv Oblast with an IFV gun and mortars.

The Air Force reported that 18 Shaheds were destroyed overnight in 8 oblasts, including the Chernihiv Oblast.

The police department, which was dissolved six months ago, has been reactivated in the Sosnytsia community.

Sumy Oblast

A civilian was wounded in the russian shelling of the village of Esman in the Sumy Oblast. He was hospitalized in a medical institution. In total, on December 19, the russian army attacked 5 communities in the oblast. 100 explosions were recorded.

Russians attacked Krasnopillia in the Sumy Oblast in the evening of December 19, one person was wounded and hospitalized. Administrative buildings in the center of the settlement were damaged.

On December 20, the russian military shelled the Khotyn, Krasnopillia, Velyka Pysarivka, Seredyna-Buda, and Svesa communities in the Sumy Oblast. There were 26 explosions.

In Seredyna-Buda, Sumy Oblast, a private house caught fire, the district court building was damaged, and two more apartment buildings were damaged by russian army shelling. 

Due to hostilities in the Sumy Oblast, 2.8 thousand local customers were left without electricity

Eastern oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

At least two hits were recorded in one of Kharkiv’s districts near residential buildings late last night. Information on injuries and damage is being clarified.

At night, russian occupiers shelled Kurylivka, a two-story building caught fire. The fire was extinguished in two hours.   

In total, at least 20 settlements of the Kharkiv Oblast were attacked by the russian federation over the past day.

Russia hit the village of Odradne in the Dvorichna community with S-300 missiles at 01:00 am. No one was injured.

The russian army launched missile attacks on the territory of one of the Kharkiv transport depots. It does not function now, they store vehicles there that are no longer in use. At the site of impact, they found debris of S-300 missiles, as well as a crater 9 m in diameter and 3.5 m deep was formed there. Transport vehicles, houses and several cars were damaged.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled three russian attacks near Synkivka. The russian federation also carried out an airstrike on the village during the day.

Donetsk Oblast

In the Donetsk Oblast, during December 19, the occupiers fired at civilians 13 times. One person was injured.

Since February 24, 2022, the russians have killed 1,792 civilians of the Donetsk Oblast, wounded another 4,382. The number of victims in Mariupol and Volnovakha is currently unknown.

The Security Service of Ukraine reported the suspicion to the “first deputy head of the government” and two officials from the fake Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor General’s Office of the “DNR”. They persecute Ukrainian patriots in the temporarily occupied territories of the Donetsk Oblast. They coordinate illegal detentions, searches, investigations of criminal cases against local residents.

On the eastern part of the front, during the last day of December 19, the Ukrainian military repelled 69 attacks by the russian invaders.

russian actor ivan okhlobystin came under fire in the Donetsk Oblast while delivering humanitarian aid to the russian military. The bullet hit the body armor.

Kramatorsk and Kramatorsk Raion

In the Lysychansk direction, three streets of Serebrianka of the Siversk community, Pereizne of the Zvanivka community, as well as Torske and Zarichne of the Lyman community came under fire.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk Raion

In the Donetsk direction, a person was injured and a house was damaged in the Marinka community in Krasnohorivka, Novomykhailivka and Paraskoviivka were shelled. In the Kurakove community the industrial zone is affected.

Bakhmut and Bakhmut Raion

Four private houses, one high-rise building and one industrial building were damaged in the Horlivka direction in the Chasiv Yar community. Rozdolivka and Minkivka were fired upon in the Soledar community.

The russian military near Bakhmut has a large advantage in the number of people, so the most important task is to prevent direct shooting battles in which the russians can push the defense line in numbers.


The russian occupiers in Mariupol are strengthening the security of their military bases, installing cameras and observation points. In this way, they are trying to protect military facilities from the strikes of the Ukrainian army with missiles and drones.

Luhansk Oblast

The russian occupiers launched airstrikes on the front-line town of Novoliubivka in the Luhansk Oblast.

Southern oblasts

Mykolaiv Oblast

In the Mykolaiv Oblast, on the night of December 20, the russian military struck the town of Ochakiv of the Ochakiv community. There are no injured or dead.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Yesterday, the enemy made 190 strikes on 21 settlements. Civilians were not injured. There were two reports of damage to residential buildings and commercial buildings.

Nine attacks by the russian military to the west of Novopokrovka and Robotyne were repulsed by the Defense Forces in the Zaporizhzhia direction, where the russian army, with the help of aviation, tried to dislodge the Ukrainian defenders from the occupied lines.

In Zaporizhzhia, public hearings were held regarding the priority directions for using the city’s community budget for 2024.

Odessa Oblast

On the night of December 20, air defense forces destroyed four drones over the Odesa Oblast.

For the first time in three weeks, the russian army deployed an underwater missile carrier equipped with four Kalibr missiles into the Black Sea.

Four streets in Odesa are planned to be renamed in honor of the soldiers who died in the russian-Ukrainian war. The historical and toponymic commission supported the appearance in the city of the streets of Heroes of Ukraine Denys Maksyshko, Igor Bedzai, Vitaly Blazhko and Valery Samofalov.

Kherson Oblast

Over the past day, the russian army shelled the Kherson Oblast 82 times with mortars, artillery, Grad MLRS, tanks, unmanned aerial vehicles and aircraft. They targeted critical infrastructure facilities and educational institutions in the Kherson Raion and the regional center, a medical facility, a post office and a boat station in Kherson. 16 people were injured.

russian troops shelled Kherson. As a result of the night shelling, nine people were injured, including four children. Four injured people were hospitalized.

At night in the sky over the Kherson Oblast during another drone attack, the Defense Forces destroyed six “Shahed”UAVs.

In the Kherson Oblast, seven FPV drone strikes and ten fragmentation munitions drops from UAVs were recorded in Kizomys, Yantarne, Tiahynka, Beryslav and Zmiivka. Three more people were injured.

In the temporarily occupied Henichesk in the Kherson Oblast, the russian military searched local residents at night. People who were found with books by Ukrainian writers were detained.

More than 156,000 hectares of territory were demined in the Kherson Oblast. 133,000 of them are fields. Pyrotechnics destroyed 135,000 mines, streamers, and shells.

Central oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

The Kh-59 guided air missile was destroyed by air defense forces in the sky over the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. And in the Kryvyi Rih Raion, the military eliminated the “Shahed” type UAV.

A street has appeared in Dnipro in honor of the fallen policeman Mykhailo Kuratchenko. Colonel Kuratchenko died in December 2022 while leading the Cherkasy Oblast police unit in the de-occupied territory.

Leonid Brezhnev was deprived of the title of “Honorary Citizen of the Dnipro”. The title of General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union was conferred in 1979.

In Dnipro, local residents took part in an action under the walls of the city council. The protesters demand consideration of the petition to increase the budget for the assistance of the Armed Forces.

Kirovohrad Oblast

On the night of December 20, air defense was working in the Kirovohrad Oblast. The military destroyed several “Shahed”UAVs. Previously, there were no casualties or destruction of civil infrastructure.

At the charity fair at the Khashchuvate Lyceum of the Hayvoron city community, students collected UAH 17,000 for the 6th battalion “Hrim”(Thunder) of the first operational brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine “Bureviy”. All collected funds were given to the Defender’s sister, who studies at the Khashchuvate Lyceum.

Vinnytsia Oblast

In Vinnytsia, the Vinnytsia Vocational College of Construction, Architecture and Design is under investigation due to reports of landmines. All people were evacuated from the building. All relevant services are currently on site.

In the Vinnytsia Oblast, an interactive performance “Saved Christmas or other adventures of the Grinch” was organized for internally displased children from the Kherson Oblast. It was prepared by amateur actors from Illintsi.

Western Oblasts

Volyn Oblast

As of December 20, the checkpoint “Yagodin” is empty again. Due to the resumption of the Polish carriers’ strike, 1,500 carriers are waiting in line on the Polish side in front of Dorohusk to enter Ukraine.

Residents of Lutsk rallied near the city council building. They demanded that the funds of the city budget be redirected primarily to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Khmelnytskyi Oblast

In Khmelnytskyi, air defense forces shot down 2 unmanned aerial vehicles of the “Shahed” type. The civilian population, property and critical infrastructure facilities were not affected.

Chernivtsi Oblast

Soldiers Oleksandr Ponych from the village of Horishni Sherivtsi and Ihor Poberezhnyi from the village of Zarozhany were awarded the “Golden Cross” badge.

Serhii Niaiko, a soldier from the Hlyboka community, was posthumously awarded the Order “For Courage” of the III degree.

The Territorial Defense Forces received another batch of aid from the Chernivtsi community – 78 drones: 68 of them are FPV, 6 Mavic, 4 Autel.

Volunteers of the Kitzman community delivered cargo for the 8th separate mountain assault battalion of the 10th “Edelweiss” brigade, which protects Ukraine in the Bakhmut direction. The trip was timed for Christmas, so a lot of goodies were transferred to the front line, as well as generators, night vision systems, and alcohol burners.

Residents of the Putyla and Rukshyn communities bought jeeps for their compatriots who serve on the front lines. And the volunteers of the Perebykivtsi headman county delivered more than six tons of humanitarian goods to the front. In addition, the defender from Zelena Lypa, Mykhailo Buchatskyi, was given a thermal imager.

Chernivtsi and Izmir (Turkey) became sister cities.

Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

In the village of Seredniy Maidan, the Nadvirna Raion, memorial plaques were opened to servicemen Mykola Bevziuk, Serhii Mikhalchuk and Ivan Hubal, who died at the front.

82-year-old pensioner Yevdokiia Bychuk from the village of Pasichna in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast donated UAH 18,500 for a drone for the military defending Avdiivka.

Ternopil Oblast

In Ternopil, in the drama theater, orders “For Courage” were awarded posthumously to the families of servicemen who died in the russian-Ukrainian war.

In the village of Suraj of the Shum community, an alley was dedicated to the memory of the fallen defenders of Ukraine. It was created in honor of seven fallen soldiers from the villages of Suraj and Khodaky. These are military personnel who have been protecting the territorial integrity of Ukraine since 2014.

A voluntary fire station was opened in the village of Shyly of the Zbarazh urban community in the Ternopil Oblast.

Zakarpattia Oblast

The first candidates for the positions of veteran’s assistants in the Uzhhorod community were interviewed today at a meeting of the specialized commission. These are combatants, persons with disabilities as a result of war, and military personnel.

The Norwegian Refugee Council will strengthen support for the people of Mariupol in 2024, during the full-scale war, the municipality’s team opened 25 “YaMariupol” centers in 17 cities of Ukraine. Among them is Uzhhorod. Mariupol residents will receive comprehensive assistance here.

19 Zakarpattia children of military and other categories will spend almost a month of winter vacation in Italy. This is the first group of children from the Zakarpattia Oblast, who, as part of a joint initiative of the Zakarpattia Oblast Military Administration leadership and the Italian foundation “Let’s help them live”, went on such a vacation.

Last modified: 22 Грудня, 2023