The one hundred and thirtieth day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian nation to the russian military invasion continues.


About us: The “Active Community” initiative was launched by activists of the “Republika” Institute after the Euromaidan (2014), which focused on the activation and involvement of Ukrainians in the decision-making process. The goal for 2025: to activate and involve at least 1% of citizens in making decisions and promoting reforms in Ukraine on a systematic basis for the well-being of Ukrainian communities. Today we work in 30 communities in Ukraine.

Ukraine in brief:

The one hundred and thirtieth day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian nation to the russian military invasion continues.

The enemy continues to launch rocket attacks on civilian objects on the territory of Ukraine.

There are no significant changes in the position and nature of the activities of the armed forces of the belarus in the Volyn and Polissky directions.

On the Siverskyi direction, the enemy fired artillery and mortars at the border settlements of Bachivsk and Vovkivka, Sumy Oblast.

In the Kharkiv direction, the occupiers are concentrating their main efforts on preventing the advance of our troops in the direction of the state border. The enemy carried out artillery fire in the areas of the settlements of Zolochiv, Khrestishche, Malynivka, Cherkaska Lozova and Chepil. In the Slavyansk direction, the enemy shelled the territory near Dolyna, Kurulka, Bogorodychny, Adamivka and Husarivka with artillery. Ukrainian units repelled the assault in the direction of Pasik – Dolyna.

In the direction of Kramatorsk, the enemy has forced the Siverskyi Donets River, is trying to develop success and take possession of Bilogorivka. Fire continues to influence units of our troops in order to constrain their actions. Artillery shelling was recorded near Hryhorivka and Belogorivka. In the Lysychansk direction, the enemy is shelling from barrel artillery in the areas of Zolotarivka and Verkhnokamyanka settlements. He led an assault in the direction of Zolotarivka and took control of the settlement.

In the direction of Bakhmut, the occupiers are shelling the districts of Soledar, Pokrovsky, Bakhmut, and Klynovy with artillery.

Ukrainian soldiers successfully repulsed offensive actions in the direction of Nyrkovo – Berestov. Also, the enemy unsuccessfully tried to carry out combat reconnaissance in the direction of Vasylivka – Berestov. Conducted assault operations in the Vovchoyarivka – Spirne and Mykolaivka – Spirne directions. Suffered significant losses and withdrew.

In the Avdiyiv, Kurakhiv, Novopavliv, and Zaporizhzhya directions, in order to restrain the actions of our units, the enemy carried out artillery shelling of the areas of the settlements of Avdiivka, Pisky, Novomykhailivka, Vremivka, Gulyaipole, Charivne. Airstrikes near Kamianka, Avdiivka and Shevchenko.

In the South Buz direction, the enemy is concentrating its efforts on preventing the advance of units of the Defense Forces on probable offensive lines. Takes measures for the logistical support of the troops and improves the engineering equipment of the positions.

The aggressor continues to launch missile attacks on military and civilian infrastructure facilities in the Mykolaiv direction with the aim of reducing the offensive capabilities of our troops.

Northern Oblast

Kyiv Oblast

Prime Minister of Australia Anthony Albanese visited Kyiv Oblast. The delegation visited Bucha, Gostomel and Irpin.

This is Anthony Albanese’s first trip to Ukraine. He was shocked by what he saw: destroyed civilian houses, traces of mines, the destroyed Antonova airport. Demining continues. Over the past day, 346 explosive objects were neutralized. The area is coming back to life. Borodyanka will be restored as an ecological city. This is proposed by the authorities of the French region of Ile-de-France.

The long-suffering Borodyanka should become an ecological city with “systems that work on modern energy-saving technologies.” The leadership of Ile-de-France has already decided to allocate 1.1 million euros for projects supporting Ukraine.

Zhytomyr Oblast

Representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue the interaction of defense headquarters at all levels.

Representatives of the local Territorial Defense units are on duty at checkpoints and monitor the situation from the side of belarus.

In the morning, an explosion was heard in Radomyshl: the city council reported that an enemy mine had been defused in the “Topol” area.

There is currently no official information regarding the sounds of night explosions near Zhytomyr.

Today, people are quite united. Engaged in volunteering.

The coordinator of the AUI “Active Community” provided information to citizens about receiving psychological help.

Chernihivska Oblast

4 communities in Chernihiv Oblast were included in the list of those where hostilities are taking place. Namely – Snovska, Novgorod-Siverska, Semenivska, Horodnyanska communities.

Sumy Oblast

Yesterday russians continued shelling Sumy Oblast. During the day, Shostkinsky Raion was shelled three times from its territory.

After 8 a.m., the russians opened fire with mortars on the Shalyginsk community. 12 projectile hits. After 2 p.m., there were 5 mortar hits in the Esmansk community.

At almost 9:00 p.m., mortar shelling was repeated in the Shalyginsk community, 14 explosions. There are no casualties or damage.

The night in the region passed quietly. But the morning in the Shalyginsk community began with mortar fire. Recorded 10 hits. There are no casualties or damage.

Eastern Oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

Today, residents of Kharkiv woke up at 4 a.m. to russian rocket attacks. In the morning, the occupiers hit one of the critical infrastructure facilities of the Kyiv Raion. As a result of the shelling, one person died, at least four were injured.

The enemy also struck private households in the Novobavar Raion. Windows were blown out in a nearby house and school. The injured owner of the house is a 54-year-old woman.

Chuguyiv, Kharkiv, Bogoduhiv and Izyum Raions were shelled throughout the Oblast.

 In fact, the occupiers attacked Chuguyiv Raion all day long: they burned farm buildings, garages, and shelled open areas.

Over the past day, 4 injured people have gone to the hospital.

Ukrainian defenders are holding defensive positions. In the Kharkiv direction, the occupiers are trying to defend the previously occupied positions. The Raions of Ruska Lozova, Peremoha, Verkhniy Saltov, Zamulivka, Volobuyvka, Pytomnyk, and Prudyanka were shelled with artillery.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine successfully repelled the assault of the russians near Prudyanka.

Donetsk Oblast

In the Donetsk direction, the occupiers are concentrating their main efforts on securing positions in the area of ​​the cities of Lysychansk and Verkhnokamyanka. They carried out offensive actions near Beilohorivka, had no success, and were forced to withdraw.

On the Avdiiv, Kurakhiv, Novopavliv, and Zaporizhia directions, the enemy shelled Ukrainian positions in the areas of Pisky, Nevelske, Novomykhailivka, Novodanilivka, Poltavka, Biloghirya, Olgivske, and Kamianske settlements. With offensive actions, the enemy is trying to improve the tactical position in the area of ​​Spartak settlement.

In the Slovyansk direction, the occupiers are defending themselves. Areas of the settlements of Dibrovne, Mazanivka, Krasnopillya, Sukha Kamianka, Virnopillya and Mayaki were shelled from tanks, mortars, barrel and rocket artillery. On several occasions, unsuccessful attempts were made to conduct assaults near Mazanivka. However, they were repulsed and left. The enemy uses electronic warfare complexes.

The city of Slovyansk was shelled with cluster shells. Previously, 6 people died and 15 were injured. The State Emergency Service continues to extinguish fires caused by shelling.

Public electric transport is temporarily suspended in Slovyansk. The authorities were forced to take this step due to the constant threat of shelling and the inadmissibility of crowding. The resumption of trolleybus traffic will be notified in addition.

At least 2 dead and 3 wounded – the consequences of the russian attack on Dobropyll.

Among the wounded are two children – 4 and 7 years old. One house was destroyed, another 6 were damaged to varying degrees.

On July 2nd, the russians killed 4 civilians of Donetsk oblast: in Orlivka, Novomykolaivka, Krasnohorivka, and Sloviansk. 5 more people were injured, including 2 children in Dobropilly.

Since the beginning of the russian invasion of Ukraine, as a result of shelling and bombing in Donetsk oblast, 554 civilians have died, and another 1,442 have been injured.


Last night and this morning, the city was bombarded with enemy rockets.

According to preliminary information, the Rashists fired rockets of the Smerch multiple-launch rocket system. One of the rockets destroyed a hotel and residential complex. The other two are part of the road in a residential area. Emergency services and law enforcement officers are currently working at the scene. So far, there has been no information about the victims.

The armed forces of Ukraine gave a decent repulse to the enemy, helped eliminate the consequences of shelling. Territorial Defence fighters are preparing to meet the enemy.

The curfew has been shortened from today. It will start at 23:00.

The situation in the community is extremely alarming, the city has been under enemy shelling for the second day.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk Raion

On Saturday, June 2, russian troops continued to fire on civilians in the Donetsk oblast. The head of the oblast military administration reported that the position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has not changed, despite all the enemy’s attempts to develop the initiative.

The soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine defended their native land. Representatives of the local security forces patrolled the Pokrovsk community.

The past day in the Pokrovsk community was relatively calm. No facts were recorded regarding casualties and damage caused by shelling on the territory of the community.

The prosecutors of the Donetsk oblast prosecutor’s office sent an indictment to the court against a resident of the city of Rodynske, Pokrovsk territorial community, on the fact of distributing materials containing justifications, denials of the armed aggression of the russia against Ukraine, which began in 2014, as well as glorification of the persons who carried it out (part part 2, 3 of Article 436-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).


In the direction of Bakhmut, the enemy fired near Novoluhansky and Travnevy. Conducted an airstrike near Pokrovsky. Attempts are being made to conduct an offensive in the area of ​​the settlement of Spirne. Currently, hostilities continue.


In Mariupol, the heat is terrible, many people faint. It is impossible to provide emergency aid, so the number of deaths is increasing. Drinking water is also unavailable in the city.

Luhansk Oblast

The russians are entrenched in the Lysychansk oblast, the city is on fire. The occupiers threw large syds at Lysychansk. They attacked the city with brutal tactics. In a short period of time, they completely destroyed the administration building.

The russians are suffering significant losses, but are stubbornly advancing. They establish themselves in the city, as well as in Verkhnokamyanka, and continue to destroy settlements.

Today rescuers extinguished the fire of high-rise buildings and private estates, a store, as well as another shopping center.

Zolotarivka and Bilogorivka were also affected by shelling carried out by the russian army.

Southern Oblasts

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

In the Zaporozhzhia direction, the situation has not changed significantly. During the last day, the enemy launched 44 attacks along the entire contact line using tank weapons, rocket and barrel artillery.

The threat of artillery shelling in the Orihiv and Preobrazhensk territorial communities.

During the last two days, the russian military shelled the center of the city of Orihiv, as well as the settlements of Stepove, Kamianske, and Verkhnya Krynytsia. Today, the occupiers shelled the village of Tavriyske for an hour. As a result of shelling, there is destruction of civil infrastructure objects.

On the night of July 3rd, the Armed Forces of Ukraine struck one of the russian military bases near Melitopol. Thanks to this, it was possible to destroy the reserves of fuel and lubricants and the equipment of the occupiers. This was announced by the mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov.

In addition, it is reported that the railway bridge between Melitopol and Tokmak was blown up. The explosion occurred in the occupied village of Lyubimivka. As a result, the railway branch, which the russian invaders used to transport weapons and military equipment, was damaged. According to rumors, it is the handiwork of Ukrainian partisans.

Near Tokmak, temporarily occupied by russian troops, a conflict arose between the occupiers, which turned into an armed clash. At least four occupiers were killed and ten wounded. Such clashes are not uncommon. Their main reasons are inter-ethnic conflicts and the distribution of looted property.

On July 1st, NAEC “Energoatom” restored the connection between Zaporizhzhia NPP and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The IAEA lost remote communication with the nuclear material monitoring system on June 29. This happened due to the disconnection of all Ukrainian mobile operators in Energodar by the russian occupiers. As of today, all mandatory monitoring data are being transmitted, the Agency has confirmed their receipt.

The Estonian Refugee Council opened a representative office in Zaporizhzhia. The Council will work in cooperation with the “Unity for the Future” charitable foundation and will provide assistance to forced migrants.

Mykolayivska Oblast

In Mykolaiv Oblast during the day of July 2, russian troops intensified aerial reconnaissance. The Ukrainian military destroyed three enemy unmanned aerial vehicles and an ammunition depot near Snigurivka.

The occupiers continue to shell Mykolaiv Oblast. Settlements of Bashtan and Mykolaiv districts were hit. Shelling was recorded in Shevchenkivska, Berezneguvatska, Ingulska, Pervomaiska, Radsadivska and Galitsynivska communities. In the past day, 4 people were injured in the Mykolayiv oblast.

Central Oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

The aggressor hit Zelenodolsk several times in the morning. 3 houses and 2 outbuildings were destroyed on the territory of the country estate. Another 1 house and 2 outbuildings were damaged. The sports complex was also partially damaged. There, the roof of the warehouse and the windows of the sports hall were broken.

In Dnipro, in Pryberezhnyi Square, on July 2, an event was held in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as part of the #ART_offensive campaign. This time there was a craft and baking fair.

The head of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Council, Mykola Lukashuk, announced that Hollywood actor Sean Penn had arrived in Dnipro. According to him, the visit, in particular, is related to the shooting of a new film about the war in Ukraine. Sean Penn is making a documentary about the Russian-Ukrainian war. He wants to tell the whole world the truth about the crimes committed by russia against the Ukrainian state. Mykola Lukashuk told him about how Dnipropetrovsk Oblast lives during 4 months of full-scale war.

In Dnipro, a training was held for the employees of the municipal enterprise “Municipalna Varta”. Representatives of the police and the State Emergency Service taught how to behave when a saboteur or a suspicious object are detected.

Kirovohrad Oblast

An air alert was announced in the oblast due to the threat of a missile attack.

In general, the situation in the community is calm and under control. Representatives of the local Territorial Defense unit are on duty at checkpoints and patrol the city together with the patrol police.

With the assistance of the Kirovohrad Oblast Military Administration, 10 new buses were sent to the Luhansk Oblast. These buses will operate in humanitarian corridors and will also evacuate people from the war zones.

On Monday, July 4, in Olexandria, food kits from the UN international organization will be issued to IDPs. It is about a 160-ton cargo that Olexandria received earlier. In order to receive humanitarian aid, a person must have a ticket and an identity document. There will be two points for issuance:

– the center for assistance to IDPs on 9 Pershotravneva Street. Working hours: Monday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Coupon numbers for receiving products from P-0001 to P-0385.

– the volunteer center at 66 Soborny Avenue. Working hours: from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The Institute of Socio-Cultural Management announces a competition for resettled women to participate in the “Adaptation through Culture” project. The purpose of the project is to facilitate the adaptation of internally displaced persons in Kropyvnytskyi and Kirovohrad Oblast through an educational and cultural project using cultural institutions as a platform for interaction. Within the framework of the project, the training program is planned. It includes:

• educational seminars on hairdressing for 3 groups of resettled women (5 people in each);

• training seminars on massage for 1 group of resettled women (5 people);

• online training for displaced women who have completed training in hairdressing or massage to promote their own services on the Internet. 

More details on the organization’s website.

The coordinator of AUI “Active Community” worked at the Humanitarian Center named after St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, helping citizens to receive food packages and clothing items.

Poltava Oblast

The mayor of Kremenchuk, Vitaly Maletsky, announced that the demolition of the debris in the “Amstor” shopping center has already been completed. As a result of the shelling, 21 people died, 29 body fragments were found and 1 person went missing. The examination of the remains continues.

100,000 hryvnias will be paid to the families of those who died in the “Amstor” shopping center. 

The sale and use of firecrackers, fireworks, firecrackers and other pyrotechnics for entertainment was banned in Poltava Oblast. The ban will remain in effect until the end of martial law.

The movement of cars and motorcycles without mufflers is also prohibited.

The sale of the new “Ukrposhta” stamp “Ukrainian Mriya” [“Ukrainian Dream”] has started. The special repayment was symbolically held in the Museum of Heavy Bomber Aviation. The stamp is dedicated to the world’s largest aircraft AN-225 “Mriya”, which was destroyed by the russian invaders at the end of February in Gostomel.

Vinnytsia Oblast

Khmilnyk and Khmilnyk Raion

During the day, the air alarms were sounded.

The past day in the Khmilnyk community was relatively calm. A record number of Khmilnyk residents responded to donate blood for war victims.

The coordinators of AUI “Active Community” in Khmilnyk and Khmilnyk Raion conducted preparations for the next event.

Rivne Oblast


The general situation was relatively calm, as of 16:30 there were no air alarms.

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine patrol the border with belarus. Representatives of the local Territorial Defense unit patrol and are on duty at checkpoints.

In the Rivne Oblast, 153 employers received compensation from the state for employing 287 internally displaced persons.

Today, a 2.5 km charity race called “With the Police in the Heart” took place in the Rivne Oblast. All funds collected during the race will be donated to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In Rivne, a girl who currently lives in the Rivne community makes amulets for Ukrainian soldiers. She weaves patriotic bracelets. Now such patriotic bracelets can be purchased at the headquarters. The funds will be used for consumables. 

On the 130th day of the war, several dozen members of voluntary formations of Rivne community took an oath of loyalty to the Ukrainian people. 


The general situation in the region was calm. There were no air alarms.

More than 300 internally displaced people live in the community. Representatives of the local Territorial Defense unit continue to guard the checkpoints.

Deputies from “European Solidarity” party handed over dry rations, bars, canned goods, insect sprays and some medical preparations to the front line.

Residents of the community, temporarily located in Poland, handed over a quadcopter, bandages from Israel, tourniquets and tactical caps for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Local volunteers also handed over walkie-talkies to the front line.

The local lyceum weaves camouflage nets for the Ukrainian military.

Khmelnytskyi Oblast


For the 4th month, the city continues to feed and provide free housing to internally displaced persons. Such help is possible as long as it is possible for the local budget, the Red Cross organization, volunteers and entrepreneurs who make a significant contribution to this cause.

On the page of the city council, the mayor congratulated the defenders of the Ukrainian sky and sea waters with a professional holiday.

Today, residents of Kamianets-Podilskyi and guests of the city were invited to take part in master classes on disassembling and assembling the Kalashnikov training machine gun. The participants also got acquainted with the tactical features of the using means of detention (handcuffs). During the event, people could voluntarily participate in the collection of funds for the needs of the army.

6 transmissions with camouflage from local volunteers were sent to the front.

The public organization “Civic rescue headquarters of Kamianets-Podilskyi” together with the public organization “Center for resource-efficient and clean production”, the Public Council under the executive committee of the Kamianets-Podilskyi City Council, the charitable organization “Nadia” invite to a round table to discuss the preparation of housing and critical infrastructure of the city before the autumn-winter period, which will take place on July 7. Discussion topic: “On the way to energy independence: implementation of local, regional policy on energy saving and energy efficiency, and how to warm the homes of Kamianets-Podilskyi residents in winter.”

The regional coordinator of AUI “Active Community” was included in the commission for the preparation of cultural events from the humanitarian policy department of the city council for the period from September 1, 2022. On July 1, 2022, the first meeting was held, where the strategy and the list of measures were planned, which must now be approved at the next meeting of the commission.

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