The one hundred and thirty-first day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian nation to the кussian military invasion continues.


About us: The “Active Community” initiative was launched by activists of the “Republika” Institute after the Euromaidan (2014), which focused on the activation and involvement of Ukrainians in the decision-making process. The goal for 2025: to activate and involve at least 1% of citizens in making decisions and promoting reforms in Ukraine on a systematic basis for the well-being of Ukrainian communities. Today we work in 30 communities in Ukraine.

Ukraine in brief:

The one hundred and thirty-first day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian nation to the кussian military invasion continues.

The situation has not undergone any significant changes in the Volyn and Polissky directions. The units of the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus continue the fortification equipment of defensive positions in the border areas.

In the Siverskyi direction, the enemy shelled the areas of Vasylivske, Bilopillia and Atynske settlements of the Sumy oblast.

In the Kharkiv direction, the russian occupiers continue their artillery shelling of the city of Kharkiv and settlements to the north, northeast and east of it. The enemy also carried out airstrikes near Petrivka. Ukrainian soldiers harshly stopped the enemy’s attempt to storm the village of Sosnivka and pushed the invaders back.

Trying to somehow interfere with the logistical support of the units of the Defense Forces, the enemy remotely mined the area near Cherkasy Tyshki. A counter-battery fight continues in the direction.

In the Slovyansk direction, the enemy attempts to improve its units’ tactical position. It conducted artillery shelling in the areas of Dolyna, Dibrivne, Bogorodichne, Mazanivka, Sukha Balka, Krasnopillya, Virnopillya, Velyka Komyshuvakha settlements, and also carried out airstrikes near Dibrivnei and Bogorodichne. The enemy is conducting an assault in the direction of the settlement of Mazanivka, with partial success.

In the Donetsk direction, the occupiers are concentrating their main efforts on hitting our units with fire. The enemy conducted aerial reconnaissance using Orlan-10 UAV near Pavlograd and Pokrovsk.

In the Kramatorsk direction, the aggressor shelled the areas of Bilogorivka and Verkhnokamyansk from tanks and barrel artillery. Conducted an airstrike near Tatyanivka.

Ukrainian soldiers successfully repelled the assault in settlement of Bilogorivka. The occupiers left.

In the Bakhmut direction, enemy shelling from barrel artillery was recorded in the areas of Spirne, Berestov and Vershina settlements. The enemy also carried out an airstrike near Vershyn.

Our defenders forced the enemy to retreat after his offensive in the direction of the Vuglehirskaya TPP and an unsuccessful reconnaissance battle in the direction of the outskirts of Berestovo.

In the Avdiyiv, Kurakhiv, Novopavliv, Zaporizhzhya, and Yuzhnobuz directions, the enemy did not stop shelling from tanks, mortars, barrel and rocket artillery along the contact line. On the latter, the enemy carried out an air strike in the area of ​​Ternivka settlement.

In the waters of the Black Sea, in readiness for missile strikes on objects on the territory of Ukraine, the russian invaders keep three carriers of high-precision weapons. The total volley is up to 20 Kalibr sea-based cruise missiles.

Ukrainian defenders inflict losses on the enemy in all directions where active hostilities continue.

The russian occupiers, in order to somehow justify their destruction of civilian objects on the territory of Ukraine, continue to leak information about the location of military units in schools, churches and hospitals.

We urge you to trust information only from verified sources and not to spread russian fakes and disinformation.

Northern oblasts

Kyiv Oblast

Residents of the Kyiv oblast who lost their homes due to enemy shelling can receive funds for new apartments. This is foreseen by the social program “New Home”, approved by the Kyiv Regional Council.

Zhytomyr Oblast

Serhii Yanchuk from Berdychev died in a battle with a russian aggressor. Oleg Hryban, a defender of Ukraine from the Pulino-Hutsky Starostyn district, also died.

People massively discuss the lack of an adequate number of bomb shelters.

The people of Zhytomyr received almost $4 million worth of medical supplies from the United States.

The people of Zhytomyr make grass camouflage suits for the Ukrainian military.

In Novohrad, they want to reconstruct a building for housing for immigrants.

The coordinator of AUI “Active Community” held consultations for active residents of the Zhytomyr community and worked with internally displaced persons.

Chernihiv Oblast

The russians continue to shell the border areas of Chernihiv Oblast. At midnight and early morning on July 4th, machine-gun fire and nine explosions were recorded in the border community of Snovska in Chernihiv Oblast. No one was injured in the shelling.

Sumy Oblast

Yesterday, the russians shelled Sumy oblast and used prohibited weapons. During the day, the russians released more than 230 mines and shells of various calibres.

Five communities were affected:Znob-Novgorodska, Novoslobidska, Velikopysarivska, Bilopolska, Khotynska.

In the morning, mass shelling began in the Znob-Novgorod community, probably from self-propelled guns, using phosphorous and flechette shells of 120, 152 mm calibre. A total of 120 shots.

One car was burned. At 9:45 a.m. there was also a mortar shelling, 20 shots, in the vicinity of one of the villages of the Znob-Novgorod community.

Around 10 a.m. in the Novoslobodsk community, two private houses, a public transport stop, and a power line were damaged by mortar shelling.

At noon, a residential building caught fire in the Velikopysariv community after mortar shelling. The Khotyn community also came under fire.

In the evening, the russians began firing mortars at the territory of the Atyn Psychoneurological Dispensary. A fire broke out in the institution’s dining room, and the administration building and the dormitory were destroyed. Three hospital patients were injured.

The night in the oblast passed peacefully. But in the morning, the russians shelled the Shalyginsk community with mortars. 10 explosions were recorded. No casualties or damage were recorded.

Kharkiv Oblasts

Today at 4 in the morning, the russian occupiers launched a rocket attack on the Shevchenkiv district of Kharkiv. As a target, the military chose a comprehensive school. Now the rescuers are sorting out the debris. Previously, there were no casualties, no one was in the gymnasium.

On the territory of the oblast, the enemy raided the towns and villages of the Kharkiv, Izyum and Bogodukhiv districts during the day. Residential buildings, farm buildings, garages and other buildings were destroyed as a result of the shelling.

During the day, 3 residents of the village of Bezruky, Dergachiv community, were killed in the oblast by the actions of the occupiers. The russians shelled the settlement with artillery and injured 6 people.

During the day, the russian occupiers tried to attack the village of Prudyanka, which is in the Kharkiv direction. The enemy suffered losses and retreated. In the Izyum area, the enemy is advancing in the direction of Bogorodichny, Mazanivka, and Dolyna.

Ukrainian defenders restrain the enemy. The fighting continues.

Donetsk Oblast

In the Donetsk direction, the main efforts of the enemy groups are focused on the gradual displacement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine units to the Siversk – Fedorivka – Bakhmut border.

In the Kramatorsk direction, after artillery preparations, the enemy forced the river Siverskyi Donets, and was entrenched in the areas of the settlements of Lysychansk and Bilogorivka.

In Avdiivka and Kurakhove directions, the occupiers carried out assaults in the direction of Pobyeda and Mariinka settlements. The enemy’s attack aircraft launched missile strikes in the areas of the eastern outskirts of Avdiivka and Mariinka.

In the Slaviansk direction, enemy units are trying to establish control over the settlements of Bohorodichne, Mazanivka and Dolyna through assault actions. Fighting continues.

6 people were killed, including 1 child, and 19 locals were injured – these were the consequences of today’s massive shelling of Sloviansk. The occupying army once again purposefully struck the residential area. About 40 houses, a market, a garden association and a water supply facility were damaged. Sloviansk has always been an important city for rashist propaganda since 2014. Unable to capture it, the russians seek to kill as many civilians as possible and sow panic.

Ukrainian aviation and missile and artillery units are successfully continuing to fire damage to ammunition warehouses, accumulations of manpower and military equipment of the russian occupiers.

Since the beginning of the russian invasion of Ukraine, as a result of shelling and bombing in Donetsk Oblast, 563 civilians have died, and another 1,467 have been injured.

On July 3, the russians killed 9 civilians in Donetsk Oblast: 6 in Sloviansk, 1 in Avdiivka, 1 in Bakhmut, 1 in Zaitsevo. Among the dead were two children: 1 in Sloviansk, 1 in Zaitsevo. Another 25 people were injured.


No enemy activity was recorded in Kramatorsk today.

The shelling of the Mykolaivka community continues – Raihorodok and Donetske are under attack. There are no victims.

The mayor of Mykolaivka, Oleksandr Gadyatskyi, released information about the damage to the water main, which left the entire city without water supply.

Community residents neglect their safety. Even after yesterday’s shelling, they do not respond to air alarm signals and gather in large groups near humanitarian aid distribution centers.

The coordinator of AUI “Active Community” worked in the humanitarian center. A total of 600 food kits were issued.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk Raion

Representatives of the local Territorial Defense unit repelled the enemy’s onslaught.

The past day in the Pokrovsk community was relatively calm. There were no recorded facts about casualties and damage caused by shelling on the community’s territory.

Electric stoves are provided to vulnerable categories of citizens in Myrnograd community (Pokrovsk Raion).

The funds for the plates were allocated at the session of the city council in order to support families with many children, low-income families and citizens in difficult life circumstances.

According to the statements received by the Department of Labor and Social Protection from citizens who are cared for by specialists of the Territorial Center and the Children’s Service, 17 electric stoves were purchased and distributed in a few days. Work in this direction will continue.

Humanitarian aid was delivered to the city of Krasnohorivka with an tranship in the city of Kurakhove. The Mariinka Raion Organization of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine continues to help!


In the Bakhmut direction, the enemy intensified shelling of the positions of Ukrainian troops with barrel and rocket artillery along the contact line. The russians launched massive rocket attacks in the areas of Pokrovske, Berestove, Spirne and in the area of the Vuglegirska TPP.

With the support of artillery, the enemy conducts offensive actions in the areas of the settlements of Vasylivka, Berestove, Spirne, Klynove and Mayorsk, but without success.


Residents of occupied Mariupol are dying from a lack of medicine. In the city, there is a shortage of drugs for cancer patients, people with diabetes, tuberculosis and problems with the thyroid gland. For more than 2 months, the russian invaders have blocked residents’ normal access to drinking water, a sufficient amount of food and medicine. Occupiers push people to the edge of survival. In addition, all the doctors left the city, even those who were brought from the russian federation.

The russians began harvesting in the temporarily occupied Mariupol Raion. Only collaborators are allowed to harvest. All other local residents are threatened and allowed to keep the harvest only for their own needs. 

A fourth vessel was spotted in the water area of the Mariupol port, which will probably be transporting grain or scrap metal stolen by the russians.

The russians also take rolled metal and grain from Mariupol through Syria. The stolen goods are transported by small vessels to the Kerch region, where the cargo is transhipped onto large vessels that are bound for Syria using fictitious documents of loading in ports of other countries.

Luhansk Oblast

The command drove the Armed Forces of Ukraine from positions in Lysychansk after heavy fighting and significant numerical advantages of the russian army. In this area, the russians were particularly brutal. In addition, the Ukrainian military lacked long-range weapons to hold the city.

The russians also captured Bilogorivka and Zolotarivka. Currently, the Ukrainian military holds a small part of the Luhansk Oblast and is building fortifications.

In Severodonetsk, the occupiers formed a “commandant’s office” that is supposed to manage the temporarily occupied city. The occupation administration seeks to conduct a census of the population, including children. The russians justify this by trying to organize the work of schools from September.

They are also looking for specialists in the maintenance of the city’s housing and communal services. However, it will not be possible to ensure water supply, as the Russian military destroyed the city’s infrastructure.

Southern Oblasts 

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

The situation in the Oblast – without significant changes.

On the 3rd of July, russian troops shelled the villages of Tavriyske and Yurkivka (Zaporizhsky district) with Uragan multiple rocket systems. There are no casualties or injuries. As a result of shelling, a house and a car were damaged in the village of Yurkivka.

During the shelling of the village of Primorske, Vasyliv district,Zaporizhzhia , the Russian occupiers destroyed one of the plots of the local cemetery. Andriy Honcharuk, a diver of the Zaporizhzhya NPP hydraulic workshop, who was brutally beaten by the Russian occupiers on Thursday, died in Energodar. Enemies subjected Andriy Honcharuk to torture. He was taken to the hospital with multiple injuries in a coma, but the doctors could not save the man.

There is a possibility that the russians are trying to create a provocation at the nuclear power plant and drain the cooling pools. For this, they accused the station workers of hiding weapons in the pools.

Odesa Oblast

On the island of Zmiiny, which was under the occupation of the russians, the Ukrainian flag was again installed.

Central Oblast


The enemy shelled Velika Kostromka, as a result of which a non-residential building there caught fire. Shirokivska and Zelenodolsk communities were also shelled. A school, a kindergarten, and the head office were damaged by the shelling of the Rashists.

The occupiers have already destroyed 90 hectares of the future harvest in the Kryvorizka Raion.

Ukrainian air defense forces shot down an enemy drone over Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. Previously, its fragments fell in the field. In the Kryvorizka district, two people were blown up by a projectile during field work. One person died, another was hospitalized with multiple shrapnel wounds.

The Mayor of Dnipro, Borys Filatov, is currently in the city of Lugano in Switzerland at a conference on the restoration of Ukraine.

A rehabilitation camp for displaced children is being set up in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. They are planning a total capacity of 200 children. 1 shift will last 7 days. Children will live in comfortable rooms, and various recreation areas will be arranged on the territory of the camp. The program of the camp will also include rehabilitation trainings, which should help children cope with stress and post-traumatic syndromes associated with war. The initiators of the camp are Educational Holding “Logos” and the Charitable Organization “Ukrainian Student League”.

In Dnipro, volunteers organized a charity photo shoot project. Eighteen girls took part in the photo shoot, taking pictures in embroidered dresses and crowns while kayaking. With the help of the event, 7 thousand hryvnias were collected for the needs of the army for a mobile medical center at the front.

The regional coordinator disseminated useful information for residents of the Kyiv Oblast and Kyiv, the communication coordinator works at the volunteer headquarters in Kharkiv.

Kirovohrad Oblast

An air alert was announced in the region due to the threat of a missile attack. In general, the situation in the community is calm and under control. The local Territorial defense units conducts tactical training and patrols the city.

On July 4, the head of the Kirovohrad Oblast’s Administration, Serhiy Shulga, thanked police officers for their service and presented regional awards on the occasion of the National Police Day of Ukraine today.

The Chizhevsky Regional Library called on residents of Kirovohrad Oblast to participate in the collection of books that will be given to military personnel undergoing treatment.

The regional entrepreneurship support fund in the Kirovohrad Oblast has announced educational meetings that will be of interest to both entrepreneurs and those who are just planning to start their own business. The first meeting is scheduled for July 7. As the director of the fund, a member of the Kropyvnytskyi City Council Olha Kovalova-Alokili, informed, during the meetings, those interested will be told about financial opportunities for starting or expanding a business.

The coordinator of AUI “Active Community” took part in weaving camouflage nets, as well as in sorting things and food products.

Poltava Oblast

Ten medical institutions of the region that accept pregnant women will receive ten Polish Sigmafon systems from the Ministry of Health. Sigmafon is a miniature wireless cardiotocograph that pregnant women can use at home, in the clinic or anywhere convenient. This device makes it possible to detect a threat to the development of the fetus at an early stage, and immediately transfer the data to the doctor. How does the device work? It is connected through a smartphone, after which the patient conducts the research on her own. The doctor receives information online and deciphers it. The Sigmafon system has high measurement accuracy and a clear interface. It will be given to women who have a difficult course of pregnancy.

For technical reasons, Ukrzaliznytsia is forced to promptly change the routes of three trains currently heading to Poltava: No. 722 Kyiv — Kharkiv; No. 22 Lviv — Kharkiv; #150 Chernivtsi — Poltava. Instead of Myrhorod and Poltava-Kyivska, the mentioned trains will temporarily go through Romodan, Kremenchuk and Poltava-Pivdenna. Travel time will increase by approximately 5 hours.

The team of AUI “Active Community” provided targeted support to a family from Volnovakha, which is in a hospital in the city of Poltava, due to the poor condition of a child with a disability. Activists prepared food, bought necessary medicines and visited the family.

Vinnytsia Oblast

Khmilnyk and Khmilnyk Raion 

During the past day, the air-raid siren has sounded continuously.

The past day was relatively calm in the Khmilnytskyi community.

Today, July 4, Mayor Mykola Yurchyshyn had the pleasure of congratulating Hanna Kozak, head of the Branch of the Rural Club of the village of Serbanivka (Kryvoshiiv Starostyn District of the Khmilnytsia Community), on her “golden” anniversary.

Kozyatinsky band “Formless reflection” recently released an album. Funds from its implementation will be directed to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “Consequence” is the name of the guys’ EP (extended play), which means “consequences” in English.

Western Oblasts 

Lviv Oblast

In Lviv, near the monument to Taras Shevchenko, a photo exhibition was opened in support of the defenders of “Azovstal”. They presented photos of the soldiers who defended Mariupol. The event was organized by the families of Heroes.

Rivne Oblast

The general situation is relatively calm, as of 17:00 there were no air alarms. Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine patrol the border with Belarus. Representatives of the security forces patrol and are on duty at checkpoints.

The Rivne Oblast Military Organization informs about the availability of fuel at regional gas stations.

Residents of Rivne continue to weave camouflage nets and “kikimora” for the military. 1.5 hectares of camouflage nets, approximately 180 sets of “kikimor” and 20 camouflage cloaks were woven in one of the volunteer centers in Rivne. 

A working group was created in the Rivne community, which will work directly on solving issues of population protection. According to the mayor, the task force will focus on two aspects: shelters and storage facilities in community schools and shelters for city residents. 

They plan to build housing for forcibly resettled people in the ethnopark in the Rivne Oblast. The task is to build a small, comfortable house quickly and from locally available materials. The idea was motivated by the story of a woman who moved from Mariupol. 

The coordinators of AUI “Active Community” communicated with representatives of public organizations that work with internally displaced citizens, and representatives of departments and departments of the city and regional councils, with the aim of inviting them to participate in the presentation of a focus group study on the problems and needs of internally displaced persons.

Khmelnytsk Oblast


In general, everything is calm in the community. Utilities are working. Public transport and minibuses run through the city. Higher education institutions are preparing dormitories in order to be able to start settling in students from August 1.

On the page of the city council, the mayor congratulated all those involved on the Day of the National Police of Ukraine and presented awards to law enforcement officers on behalf of the community.

On Saturday and Sunday, 18 migrants from regions of active hostilities arrived in the city.

Gas, diesel and gasoline are freely sold at almost all gas stations. There is a noticeable tendency for the price to decrease.

The regional coordinator of AUI “Active Community” took part in the meeting of the organizational commission for cultural and artistic events in the community with the working title, which was defined today as “Philosophy from Hryhoriy Skovoroda to Ivan Ohienko”.

In the period from November 17 to 27, 10 cultural and artistic events will be held in the community. The commission is starting to work on creating a concept of events.

Transcarpathia Oblast

A charity evening of Italian culture was held in Uzhhorod. Thanks to organizational contributions, secret auctions and voluntary donations, the organizers collected almost 8,300 hryvnias to support 128 Transcarpathian mountain assault brigades. 

At least 12,970 children will go to the first grade in Transcarpathia Oblast this year.

Today in Uzhhorod, the “I’m Ukrainian” charity run in support of the Ukrainian military gathered almost two hundred people – residents of Uzhgorod, guests of the city, participants from Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic also joined. In the regional center of Transcarpathia, 2 distances were run – a short one – 2 km, and a longer one – 6 km. Those willing could take part in the race online – anywhere in the world. The participants of the sports event have already collected more than 110,000 hryvnias, which will be donated to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, the amount is not final, because the online auction continues until 23:00, among the lots are a T-shirt with the autograph of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi, paintings, stamps, jubilee coins, medals and much more.

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