Ukraine in brief:

The sixty-third day of the heroic opposition of the Ukrainian people to the Russian military invasion continues.

In the north of Ukraine, the situation has not changed significantly, no signs of the formation of offensive groups by the enemy have been identified.

In the Kharkiv oblast, the enemy carried out systematic shelling from artillery, including rocket-propelled grenade launchers, in the cities of Kharkiv and Dergachi and in the settlement of Prudyanka. In the direction of Izyum – Barvinkove, the occupiers attempted an offensive in the area of ​​Nova Dmytrivka. They were unsuccessful, lost and left.

In Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, the enemy continues to fire on the positions of our troops along the line of contact with mortars and artillery. The enemy made an unsuccessful attempt to break through the defenses of our troops in the Kurakhovo area.

In Mykolayiv oblast, units of the occupying forces, under cover of artillery fire, continue to improve the engineering equipment of positions, replenish stocks of material and technical means, ammunition and fuel, and conduct air reconnaissance. The Russian occupiers tried to improve the tactical position of their troops in the direction of Zaporizhzhya. They had no success and left with losses.

Northern oblasts


City officials are asking Kyivites to refrain from visiting cemeteries during martial law.

Kyiv oblast

Demining of buildings in the Kyiv oblast is nearing completion. Demining of forests and forest-park areas is still ongoing. Ukrainian services found and destroyed 866 explosive devices and 2 aerial bombs.

Some houses are not subject to restoration. Public utilities and residents will work to dismantle the rubble of houses and clean up garbage.

A Romanian delegation arrived in the Kyiv oblast. The Prime Minister of Romania visited Irpin and Borodyanka.

Zhytomyr oblast

Two residents of Zhytomyr and one resident of Berdyansk district were informed about the suspicion of collaboration. Another Zhytomyr resident was detained by the Security Service of Ukraine on suspicion of separatism.

The Ovruch community is working to rebuild destroyed and damaged housing after Russian planes dropped three bombs on one of Ovruch’s residential areas on March 6. Currently, the Ovruch City Council is asking the owners of such buildings outside the community to assist in accessing their homes to assess the extent of the destruction.

Chernihiv oblast

The Executive Committee of the Chernihiv City Council has decided to allocate 3 million hryvnias from the budget to strengthen the checkpoints at the entrances to Chernihiv. The old checkpoints will not be dismantled. The funds will be used to purchase concrete structures and materials that will strengthen the existing checkpoints.

Police have established the location of two cars that were stolen by Russian troops during the shelling of Chernihiv. The cars were returned to the owners.

Tomorrow in Chernihiv the clearing of the territory of the specialized children’s and youth school of the Olympic reserve in skiing will begin. Deminers have already inspected the school grounds and seized explosives.

Chernihiv Football Club, which plays in the Second League of the Ukrainian Professional Football League Championship, held its first training session at Chernihiv Arena. Most of the players are not in the city yet, but they are ready to return. The management is doing everything possible to keep the team and continue to perform professionally.

Sumy oblast

There is an air alarm in the oblast.

Yesterday, on April 26th, the Russian military fired mortars at one of the settlements of the Esman community. The head of the Sumy military administration said that the shelling continued from Bachivsk to Bilopillya, Ryzhivka. Almost the entire borderline has been shelled with heavy artillery and mortars in the last few days. These provocative actions have become more frequent lately.

During the week, the State Bureau of Investigation documented about 20 cases of torture by the Russian army of the local population of Trostyanets. Currently, the locations of combat units of the Russian military and the firing positions with which the shelling was carried out have been established.

From tomorrow trains will start running on the routes Kyiv-Shostka and Sumy-Kyiv.

Eastern Oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

The russians keep their artillery and mortar strikes of residential neighbourhoods in Kharkiv and the Oblast. Several hits of residential buildings, among them a nine-storey building, were registered in the Kyiv District of Kharkiv last night. In the past 24 hours the invaders hit buildings in Saltivka, Northern Saltivka and Oleksiyivka.

Shellings of Zolochiv, Derhachy, Chuhuyiv continued. There has been a total of three dead and 15 wounded in Kharkiv and Oblast Raions.

News of alleged use of phosphorous bombs have been spread in social media; the Kharkiv Defence HQ does not confirm the information though. No enemy plane or UAV flights over Kharkiv have been registered either.

There are active fights in the Izyum direction.

Donetsk Oblast


The situation in the region is generally worrisome.

The enemy air force assaulted Druzhkivka and Kramatorsk. No official information about the strike location, damage or casualties has been provided.

The AFU and TDF servicemen prepare to face the enemy.

The city works as intended. Information about ATMs where cash withdrawal is possible has been published today.

Humanitarian aid delivery to the population continues. A phone hotline to register for aid has become operative today. Targeted humanitarian aid delivery has been arranged for residents of the neighbourhood hit by an explosion some weeks ago.

Active Community, AIU, Regional Coordinator is participating in preparations for the inauguration of a new humanitarian aid delivery point in the old town.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk Raion

The invaders continue their assault on Maryinka in an attempt to take over the city.

According to Donetsk OMA Chair Pavlo Kyrylenko, the first strike came yesterday evening in the area of by-product coking plant and the one in the morning today has landed in the centre of the city. The strikes have led to several fires in the city.

The invaders shelled Avdiyivka twice with phosphorous munitions! Following the second shelling, the aggressor dealt an air strike of Avdiyivka hitting a multi-storey building. At least one person is known to have been injured.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled russian troops’ attempted breakthrough in this direction. Local territorial defence force representatives have been on duty in the community.

A water purification plant has been brought to Pokrovsk. The delivery of meals kits among IDPs and community residents belonging to social security beneficiary groups is continuing int he Pokrovsk community.


More than 100 thousand peaceful residents remain in the city. The humanitarian situation is extremely dire: no operating pharmacies and catastrophically not enough food.

The russians are turning Mariupol into a ghetto. Starting yesterday, the invaders have prohibited entry to the city even from temporarily occupied Novoazovsk. Besides, the russians have limited movement inside the city. It is not possible for Ukraine nationals to get into the city without a ‘filtration clearance certificate’. Russia and ‘dpr’ citizens are given filtration-free entry permits for three days; for all the rest the filtration clearance is only valid for seven days. On top of that, the invaders have also announced another separate document, a permit to stay on the street.

Air strikes of Azovstal Mill continue unabated.

Luhansk Oblast

The invaders purposefully shelled a hospital in Severodonetsk. A woman was killed in that shelling. Also, the russians dealt a strike on the Girska community taking one life as a result. The enemy targeted the mine and infrastructure facilities in the population centre. A shell hit led to fire in power substation. The air strike left Girske without power and telecommunication supply. These might possibly be not restored until after the combat action.

The Ukrainian government and volunteers continue evacuating people from the Oblast in spite of the looming threat.

Southern Oblasts 

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

In the Zaporizhzhia direction, the aggressor’s army continues to launch air strikes and hit the infrastructure of peaceful settlements with artillery. In order to improve its tactical position, the enemy regroups units, increases the system of fire damage, conducts air reconnaissance.

Last day, the russian invaders fired using tanks, Hail multiple rocket launchers, 120 mm barrel artillery, mortars and large-caliber machine guns in the following directions: Yanske, Novodanylivka. A fire broke out in the village of Kamyanske near Vasylivka as a result of the shelling – a house was on fire. The SES group extinguished the fire.

As a result of shelling and active hostilities in the Zaporizhia Oblast, there is no electricity supply in 85 settlements, gas supply – in 83 settlements.

During the past day, Ukrainian defenders destroyed a lot of equipment of the occupiers: anti-aircraft missile system S-300, 5 tanks, 6 units of 122 mm howitzers D-30, 6 combat armored vehicles.

In Berdyansk, the Municipal Enterprise “Misksvitlo” stopped its work due to the inability to work in the legislative field of Ukraine. In addition, the russian occupiers seized two medical facilities and have already appointed a new head (from among the collaborators) in one of them, as well as appointed its head of the city’s health department. Attempts to illegally appoint to senior positions are also being made in the Berdyansk city education department.

The City Council warned that in case of pseudo-appointment, the financing of salaries of employees of the department and the entire field of education from the local budget will be stopped.

In one of the occupied communities of Zaporizhia Oblast, the occupiers, using threats and blackmail, are forcing teachers to resume their studies on May 2 under the russian program. Local educators refused to cooperate with the enemy and wrote applications for dismissal. But russia’s newly appointed “head of the education department” is demanding that they return to work, threatening to kill teachers’ families and relatives. Parents of schoolchildren are blackmailed by deprivation of a high school diploma. Schools plan to prepare for the “holiday” by May 9, according to russian propaganda. The ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova reported about it.

Large-scale “filtration measures” are being carried out in the enemy-occupied territories of the Zaporizhia Oblast. The victims of the occupiers are often men of military age. First of all – ATO / OUP veterans, former military and law enforcement officers, pro-Ukrainian activists.

Meanwhile, humanitarian centers and volunteer hubs continue to work actively in the regional center. So the volunteers turned the milk truck into a fuel truck for the military. They carried out full maintenance, installed gas stations with hoses for diesel fuel and gasoline, repainted the modified car in camouflage color.

The Active Community team continues to work to help Ukrainian defenders and internally displaced persons.

Kherson Oblast

Another rally of locals against the russian occupation and a pseudo-referendum on the creation of a fake republic of the belarus took place in Kherson. The occupiers dispersed the peaceful assembly, using tear gas and light-noise grenades. There are victims: a woman (71 years old) – a ruptured lung, chest burns, a man (50 years old) – an open leg fracture, two more men – chemical burns of the eyes and nasopharynx.

In the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson Oblast, the russian military is abducting men of conscription and taking them to the Crimea. First of all, ATO / OUP veterans, former military, law enforcement officers and pro-Ukrainian activists are abducted. According to Ukrainian intelligence, more than 300 people are being held in the Kherson pre-trial detention center. They are being interrogated and tortured.

In the village of Velyka Lepetykha, the russian military set up filtration camps. About 400 russian servicemen dressed in Rosguard uniforms arrived there.

Mykolayiv Oblast

Russian troops are advancing in the Mykolaiv direction. But the Ukrainian army is in control.

As a result of hostilities for the last days in the Mykolayiv area, 15 people were wounded.

The Oblast receives humanitarian aid. Drinking water and Easter cakes from Chernivtsi are distributed to the centers of social protection of Mykolayiv. Voznesensk gained access to the Starlink satellite Internet.

From now on, the Yuzhno-Ukrainsk NPP is South Ukrainian. The renaming was initiated by the station staff.

Odesa Oblast

In the morning, the russians fired for the second time at the bridge across the Dniester estuary in the Odesa Oblast. As a result of the missile strike, the bridge was destroyed, no railway workers were injured. Yesterday at noon the russians hit the bridge for the first time, it was damaged. The mayor of Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi said that the destruction of the bridge will be problematic for the city, as it will complicate the logistics of oil and food supplies.

In the Black Sea Operational Zone, ships and submarines of the russian navy continue to keep Ukraine in tension over missile strikes. Operational Command “Pivden” (“South”) reported that today russian ships did not approach the shores of Odesa. Occasionally the Millennium Spirit tanker, hit by the russians in early March, heaves in sight. However, there is no staff there. Also unguided barges washed out to the sea may be noticed. Other ships are blocked by russian ships.

People unite and give their help. In Odesa, volunteers collected nine tons of water for Mykolayiv. Before sending humanitarian aid, people put up bottles in the form of a map of Ukraine.

A farewell ceremony for the victims of the missile strike (Valeria Hlodan, her three-month-old daughter Kira and her mother, Lyudmyla Yavkina) is conducted at the Odesa Transfiguration Cathedral. They died on April 23rd in the Tiras residential complex.

The Active Community AUI Regional Coordinator in Odesa coordinates procurement and receiving of humanitarian aid for IDPs.

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

In Dnipro humanitarian information hub “I am Mariupol. Dnipro” was opened. Here every Mariupol resident can receive humanitarian, medical and psychological help.

Kirovohrad Oblast

The general situation in Oblast is under control.

Andriy Raikovych, the head of the Kirovohrad Oblast Military Administration, said: “It is the 63rd day of the war. Oblast residents are on watch. One of the priority tasks is to work with IDPs”.

In the central part of the Katerynivka community, local residents together with IDPs made a new alley, dedicating it to Ukrainian hero cities. The head of the Katerynivka Village Council, Tetyana Puchka, said: “People were very pleased to create here their home land where they have to hide from the war. We agreed to meet here on the Victory Day of Ukraine!”

On April 28th, in Novoukrainka on Kovalsky Lane people plan to plant an alley of catalpas in honor of 10 cities-heroes of Ukraine. These are Bucha, Volnovakha, Hostomel, Irpin, Mariupol, Mykolaiv, Okhtyrka, Kharkiv, Kherson, and Chernihiv.

Myroslav Lohvynov, a senior soldier from the Ketrysanivka community, was posthumously awarded the Order for Courage of the Third Degree by President Volodymyr Zelenskyi.


The air-raid warnings went off one after another in the city, because there was a threat of a missile strike.

The AFU guarded the Oblast’s borders and military facilities. Territorial Defense Forces stood guard at checkpoints and patrolled the city along with the police.

The Active Community AUI Regional Coordinator helped IDPs find housing for permanent residence as well as work.

Poltava Oblast

The air-raid warnings went off four times in Poltava Oblast.

In Kremenchuk people clear the ruins after enemy missile strikes on an oil refinery and a combined heat and power plant. Local authorities report significant damages.


There were explosions in Poltava last night. According to preliminary information, there were at least two of them.

Volunteers raised more than 180,000 hryvnias from the charity sale of Easter bread (Paska).

A flash mob and a patriotic concert are to be organized in Poltava. Visitors may buy the entrance ticket for any price. All raised funds will be donated in support of the AFU.

The Active Community AUI coordinator distributes hygiene kits and baby food in Poltava and Poltava District.

Vinnytsia Oblast

Over the last two days, the situation around self-proclaimed “Transnistria” has escalated. In the unrecognized republic, the enemy put the troops on alert.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have been transferred to the enhanced mode of service. Representatives of the local Territorial Defense Forces kept watch together with the police.

In the Vinnitsa Oblast, three suspects were detained who may be involved in the recent missile strukes on the Vinnitsa Oblast.

Mykola Yurchyshyn, Mayor of Khmilnyk, and Volodymyr Marunko, Head of the Vinnytsia Oblast Department of Labor, discussed the possibility of relocating enterprises from war-affected oblasts to the territory of the Khmilnyk community in accordance with the Government Program for Relocating Ukrainian Enterprises and production capacities of the community.

Another hero from Vinnytsia, a husband and also father of two sons, was killed in action in the Donetsk Oblast.

An 80-year-old woman from Vinnytsia got a patriotic tattoo on her leg. The woman dedicated it to her native Ukraine, and her granddaughter implemented this idea.

The coordinator of the Active Community AUI held a meeting with Andriy Baraban and Vasyl Pavlenko, the assistants of the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Petro Yurchyshyn (the material will be posted on the page of the Active Community Khmilnyk (Vinnytsia Oblast).


The situation in the city is quiet, the city is working. Two days passed after the explosions, and the citizens calmed down. Most of them believe that there will be no more missile strikes, although Zhmerynka is a railway junction, and this raises some concern.

Cherkasy Oblast

In the city of Cherkasy, everything is relatively quiet. There have been air raid alerts during the day. The units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine arrive in Cherkasy and the Oblast, where they are trained and then go to the Joint Forces Operation (JFO) zone. The local Territorial Defense units maintain control over the checkpoints located at the entrance to Cherkasy.

The situation in the oblast continues to be stable. Infrastructure and businesses are functioning. The utility companies operate as normal.

The sowing campaign is going according to plan: the farmers “hold the line”. The completion of the sowing campaign is scheduled for early May.

The Cherkasy Oblast continues to receive IDPs. Today, there are almost 114 thousand new residents. Most of them are in the Cherkasy Raion. Today there are more than 27 thousand places for settlement.

72,000 food packages have already been dispatched to the Kyiv Oblast.

The coordinator of the Active Community AUI joined the meeting of representatives of the public sector of the Cherkasy Oblast. Possible ways of cooperation, and assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and internally displaced persons were discussed at the meeting.

Western oblasts

Lviv Oblast

Since the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine, the Lviv Oblast has received more than 330,000 residents of other regions who needed temporary housing, including those who later crossed the border. More than 190,000 people have registered as IDPs, including 62,000 children.

About 25,000 temporarily displaced persons live in educational institutions of the Lviv Oblast.

Since the beginning of the great war, еру air defense forces of Ukraine have shot down more than 20 cruise missiles and about 10 enemy UAVs over the Lviv Oblast.

The Lviv Oblast Military Administration helped one of the country’s largest pharmaceutical companies to start operating at full capacity.


There was an air raid alert during the day. Drohobych fighters are going east, where fierce battles are being fought for our freedom.

Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

The night in the community passed without air raid alarms. Volunteer humanitarian aid came from the Czech city of Tabor. At present, there is a decrease in the aid coming from abroad. 80% of the relief supplies are sent to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the cities where it is needed. 20% is used for the needs of internally displaced persons in the community.

A housing project for internally displaced persons is being developed with international partners. The community has 10 hectares of land that can be allocated for social housing.

Ivano-Frankivsk is approaching the 360th anniversary of the city. “We will not celebrate, but we should mark this occasion,” said the mayor. Currently, a new Administrative Services Center (ASC) is planned to be opened in the Opryshivka microdistrict by the festive date.

Rivne Oblast

The general situation is relatively quiet, there was an air alert during the past day. The Armed Forces of Ukraine patrol the border with belarus. Representatives of the Territorial Defense Forces patrol the oblast territory and keep watch at checkpoints.

In the Rivne Oblast, the readiness of bomb shelters in communities is being enhanced.

Businesses registered in the Rivne Oblast will pay the personal income tax (PIT) to their territories.

A program from the UN World Food Program to support displaced persons has started in Rivne. IDPs will be able to receive financial assistance from this Program.

Citizens are united, they provide the volunteer centers with financial and non-financial assistance.

Rivne residents are encouraged to join the fairs organized by volunteers abroad to raise funds for the defenders of Ukraine.


An air alarm sounded today.

Yesterday, local authorities sent a load of food, hygiene products, lanterns, gas stoves and gas cylinders to Ukrainian defenders. And the volunteer center handed over sleeping bags, two boxes of turnstiles, tactical gloves and flags to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

A separate area for internally displaced persons has been set up in the lobby of the Department of Social Protection. Here people can get certificates of IDP status.

Yesterday, 650 citizens were issued certificates of internally displaced persons.

Citizens who apply to the Department for IDP status by April 30 will receive payments starting from March 1, 2022.

Privileges and subsidies for housing and communal services are accrued to the residents of Kamianets-Podilskyi automatically. And now these payments are fully, without delay, financed for March inclusive.

State social benefits are funded and paid in April. Accrual for all types of benefits has been extended automatically in May.

At night, the regional coordinator of AUI “Active Community” was involved in loading humanitarian cargo, which was going to Kyiv, and then to Bucha. Cooperation has been established with the deputy of the city council, to whom the humanitarian cargo is transferred with further distribution to the needy.

Chernivtsi Oblast (Bukovyna)

There is no active hostilities on the territory of Chernivtsi and the oblast.

Five international organizations that help internally displaced persons plan to open offices in the communities of Bukovyna.

In Chernivtsi, IDP artists set up a space in engineering coworking. They create sculptures and lamps from scrap and sell them online. Part of the earned money is transferred to the needs of the Ukrainian army.

There is a humanitarian family hub on the border with Ukraine and Romania at the checkpoint “Porubne”, where volunteers provide all the necessary information on crossing the border, relocation and security rules abroad.

The coordinator of AUI “Active Community” was looking for volunteers for the social cuisine team, which prepares more than 400 lunches a day for the needy: internally displaced persons, military, the Territorial Defense.

Zakarpattya Oblast

In Zakarpattya, everything was calm and no military events took place.

At the same time, there are many IDPs in the region. Events in support of the affected citizens and the Armed Forces of Ukraine are constantly taking place.

The Kyiv artist initiated the creation of the art gallery “Shelter” in Uzhhorod. People are invited to escape from reality into art, or get into the “Shelter”. But not in such a shelter, which Ukrainians had to get acquainted with because of the war, but in an artistic shelter.

The Situation and Analytical Center was launched on the basis of the Oblast Military Administration. It will collect data on everyone who came to Zakarpattya.

The head of friendly Slovakia, Zuzana Chaputova, released a video in which she addressed officers and soldiers of the “Rashist Reich” in russian.

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