Ukraine in Brief:

Day sixty-fifth of the Ukrainian people’s heroic struggle against the russian military invasion goes on.

A threat of missile and air strikes of facilities in our country from the territory of the republic of belarus persists.

The enemy is focussing its main effort in the Kharkiv Oblast on keeping the taken objectives in the area to the north and south-east from Kharkiv, also tries deploying additional artillery squadrons. In Izyum direction, the enemy’s main effort is to reconnoiter and fire against AFU units.

In the Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts, the enemy units attempted an offensive in the directions of Lyman, Severodonetsk and Popasna. The enemy keeps trying to establish full control over Rubizhne and Popasna and engages in preparations for advancement towards Severodonetsk. It also continues shellings of our troops.

In Mariupol direction, air strikes of the city continue. The main efforts of the enemy have been focussed on the blocking of our troops in the area of Azovstal Mill and re-deploying of its units from Mariupol to Kurakhovo direction.

In the Mykolayiv and Odesa Oblasts, the enemy is using an available task force to launch combat action in order to improve its tactical position. It continues re-grouping, building up the firing systems and improving the engineering setup of its positions.

Northern Oblasts


In the evening of 28 April, the invaders dealt two missile strikes to the center of the city. One missile struck the facility while another, a tower block. The strikes left ten wounded, four of them hospitalized. Also, Vira Hyrych, a journalist and a producer at Radio Freedom, was killed.

The city is gradually coming to life though the local government suggests taking time to return.

Many people coming back to the city have led to fuel price hikes and deficit and huge lines at petrol stations. Because of the fuel deficit, an advisory has been issued for private individuals to avoid driving without utter necessity.

Kyiv Oblast

The repairs of schools, kindergartens and hospitals in Bucha and Irpin have started. Water supply to Irpin is being restored, the water coming from water pumping facilities in Kyiv.

The road infrastructure is gradually restored: a bridge over the river of Irpin from Gostomel to Kyiv has been erected.

Zhytomyr Oblast

The city of Zhytomyr held farewell to the two servicemen fallen in the fight against the russian aggressor, Oleksandr Talko and Andriy Butryk.

The Security Service of Ukraine in the Oblast has identified three more collaborators, two from Zhytomyr and one, for a village in the Oblast.

Members of the Opposition Platform – For Life Political Party faction in the Zhytomyr Oblast Council have announced the dissolution of their faction in the Oblast parliament.

Chernihiv Oblast

In the last days the bodies of two murdered residents of the Nizhyn district were found in the woods after russian troops left the territory of Chernihiv region.

In Chernihiv, a special working group will record the lost, destroyed and damaged property of enterprises of all forms of ownership. This information will be used in preparation of state evidence for further investigation in international courts.

Sumy Oblast

In the morning, more than 30 mortar shells were fired from the russian village of Horodyshche in Sumy region. They landed between the villages of Shostka region.

At about 12.20 pm, in the Khotyn village community, a russian helicopter fired unguided missiles at the territory of Ukraine.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports that the russian military is taking measures to strengthen defense of some areas near the border. The russian military is drawing additional units of the russian Guard to the border zone in the direction of the Sumy region.

The State Bureau of Investigation reported that russians had illegally exported minerals to russia from the Glukhiv quartzites quarry. They could be used to make missiles that strike Ukraine.

Eastern Oblasts

Donetsk Oblast


Fierce battles are taking place. The shelling has intensified in recent days. On the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, the occupiers assure the locals that “Ukrainians are firing at them.” However, people know who brought grief to Donetsk Oblast.

Loud sounds of fighting can be heard in the Olhyn community. Rockets stroke today, three people were injured and one was killed.

The regional coordinator of the “Active Community” found medicines for a man in surgery in the occupied city, helped three families with humanitarian aid and signed up two women for free courses.


The situation remains alarming.

Explosions were heard on the outskirts of the city, but there are no official reports of destruction or casualties.

Fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Territory Defense Forces are getting ready to meet the enemy. The mayor is urging citizens to refrain from visiting cemeteries while hostilities continue. The “Active Community” coordinator continues to coordinate the work of the humanitarian center.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsky district

The enemy fired at our military positions from multiple rocket launchers and artillery along almost the entire frontier. In the village of Solovyove of Ocheretyn community, the russians used phosphorous shells. Lastochkino came under fire, a house and a shop were damaged. The shelling lasted all night in the Mariyinsk and Avdiyivka directions.

At night in Avdiivka, the russians fired from “Grads”, in the morning they carried out an air raid and continued to fire from reactive systems at the city center. Houses and other civilian infrastructure were damaged. At night, the village of Privillya of Cherkasy community, was hit by an air strike. Houses and civilian infrastructure were damaged.

In the Mariyinsk community, there was shelling along the entire frontier. The occupiers cut off a high-voltage power line, completely disconnecting electricity in Krasnohorivka.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to hold all positions securely. Representatives of the local Territory Defense Forces are patrolling.

The past day in the community was relatively calm. Utilities operate on a regular basis. Humanitarian aid continued to be provided to community residents, including internally displaced persons, who had not received such assistance in the past month.


The situation is very tense.

Private retail facilities operate on a limited basis.

The Bakhmut-Khlib bakery factory works steadily to meet the needs of the community. The market is functioning.

The regional coordinator of the AUI “Active Community” advises citizens on the provision of humanitarian aid.

Southern regions

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

The russian military does not abandon its attempts to attack in the eastern regions of the Oblast, trying to break through the Ukrainian defenses. To do this, part of the combat units of the russian federation was re-deployed from the Mariupol area to the Huliaipole-Pokrovsk line. Constant hostilities continue in the Huliaipole sector and on the border with the Donetsk Oblast.

Over the past day, it was hot in the Zaporizhzhia Oblast it was hot: on the front line between Novopol and Velyka Novosilka, the Ukrainian military destroyed 8 tanks, 3 infantry fighting vehicles (IFV), an Orlan-10 tactical drone, and 2 trucks. The Ukrainians captured 1 IFV of the enemy.

As a result of shelling by the russian military, three fires broke out on the territory of private households in Orikhiv. Two elderly people were killed. The State Emergency Service (SES) managed to put out the fires.

In the Zaporizhzhia Oblast, 71 settlements remain without electricity, and 85 without gas. There is no water supply in the town of Huliaipole and nearby settlements of the Polohy Raion, the urban-type settlement of Stepnohirsk and nearby villages of the Vasylivka Raion. The town of Polohy remains partially without water supply.

After the completion of the repair of the 330 kV line damaged during the shelling, the capacity of the Zaporizhzhya NPP power units in Enerhodar was restored to the previous level. This was reported by the NNEGC “Energoatom”.

The demining team continues to remove and destroy rockets and artillery shells, cluster missiles and mines that did not explode or were left behind by the russian invaders.

The British volunteer organization Presidium Network announced the abduction of two British citizens by the russians. They tried to help a mother with two children leave the settlement, which had come under the control of russian invaders.


Central regions

Kirovohrad Oblast

A skate park for skaters, rollerbladers and cyclists has been completed in the Dolynska community. Construction of the site began in 2021, as part of the Sky free space area project. Then they made the base, and asphalt concrete pavement. This year, the springboards proper were installed. This was announced by Dolynska Mayor Yevhen Zvizdovskyi.

The day passed quietly in the Oblast center. There were no air raid alerts.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine guarded the Oblast’s borders and military facilities. The Territorial Defense units kept watch at checkpoints and patrolled the city together with the police.

The first social hostel for IDPs is being set up in Kropyvnytskyi. The city community has been active in joining this process. The hostel is designed for 150 people. It will have a household unit, a bathhouse, a first-aid post and a mini-kindergarten.

An IDP from Slovyansk, Donetsk Oblast, gives computer literacy lessons to Kropyvnytskyi residents for free. The classes are organized for people over 50 at the Goncharenko Center. She used to do this in her hometown before the full-scale invasion of the aggressor. In Kropyvnytskyi, she decided to continue her work. The teacher has ten laptops for her students. She managed to take them out of Slovyansk during the evacuation.

Children were invited to free classes in the club of robotics, which operates at the Chizhevsky Scientific Library. All young citizens of Kropyvnytskyi and children of internally displaced persons who have come to the city are invited to join the robot modeling/simulation.

The regional coordinator of the AUI “Active Community” took part in weaving camouflage nets, as well as sorting clothes and food products brought by the local citizens.

Poltava Oblast

There was one air alarm in Poltava oblast at night.

Two people in Poltava oblast are being checked for involvement in cooperation with the enemy.

The day of victory in the Second World War will not be celebrated on May 9 in Poltava region. This was announced by the head of the Poltava Oblast Military Administration Dmytro Lunin during a briefing. He noted that May 9 is a working day, not a holiday. Apart from laying flowers, the administration will not hold any festive events.

Spring field works are underway in Poltava oblast. Agrarians of the region have already sown 266.3 thousand hectares of agricultural crops, including early cereals and legumes – 91.9 thousand hectares. Corn for grain was sown on an area of 63.6 thousand hectares (10% of the forecast), sunflower – 70.8 thousand hectares (18% of the forecast). Sugar beet sowing is nearing completion – 19.8 thousand hectares (98% of the forecast).

In Poltava, the executive committee approved the program “Victory Gardens”, which will provide UAH 13.7 million in assistance to peasants. The funds will be used for the inventory and land management of vacant lands, for the purchase of seeds, fertilizers, fuels and greases. At the same time, public organizations joined in overcoming the potential shortage of products. For example, NGO “Ekoltava” helps homeowners by providing seeds for gardening.

Poltava residents continue to support the military by purchasing equipment. Thus, the architect and author of books Borys Tristanov appealed to all those who transferred funds to republish the book “Provincial Architect”. He asked to be allowed to buy thermal imagers with the raised funds. The local historian does not refuse to republish and plans to resume the project after winning the war.

Educational institutions in Poltava have not been open since the beginning of the full-scale war. There are no plans to resume studies offline by the end of the year. Therefore, the school year in Poltava will end remotely.

An exhibition of retro cars from the Kharkiv Feldman Ecopark will take place at the entrance to the Ecopark “Kovalivka”. It is planned to open in May, and preparatory work is underway. Citizens will be able to visit the exhibition for free.


180,000 residents of the Kremenchug community may be left without heat and hot water due to enemy rocket fire at the CHP. The debris will be dismantled in about two more weeks, at which time conclusions will be drawn about the extent of the destruction. Currently, the Poltava Oblast State Administration is considering the possibility of building two new boiler houses in order to diversify the heat supply so that the whole city does not depend on one CHP.

Poltava oblast received another humanitarian aid from Poland. This is 54 tons of food: cereals, canned food, vegetables and water. All this will be transferred to internally displaced persons in communities, schools and kindergartens.

The coordinator of AUI “Active Community” conducted a survey on the establishment of the Ukrainian conversational club “Ukrainian – above all!”

Vinnytsia Oblast

20 wagons with mineral fertilizers followed to the self-proclaimed and uncontrolled territory of the Transnistrian Republic in transit through Vinnytsia Oblast from commercial structures of russia. But they did not arrive. They were nationalized. Fertilizers worth more than 16 million hryvnias were confiscated in favor of the state. This was reported in the SBU in Vinnytsia Oblast.

A monument to Maksym Gorky was dismantled in the Vinnytsia Central Park named by M. D. Leontovych. The monument to Gorky was taken to the Vinnytsia Museum of Local Lore, where all the dismantled elements of the totalitarian regime are stored

Vinnytsia transfers 420 tons of artesian water to Mykolaiv which inhabitants suffer without water more than two weeks. The russians cut off the water supply and there is no way to repair it under fire. 20 trucks – 70 thousand bottles were sent.

The coordinator of AUI “Active Community” held a meeting with the editor of the local newspaper “Life Horizons”. The recording of the meeting will be posted on the Facebook page Active Community of Khmilnyk


The city officially calculated the damage after two missiles hit the territory of the enterprise on April 25. In general, the damage is estimated at 100,000 UAH. The mayor stated that russia should reimburse everything.

People living near the site of the explosion suffered minor damage – those who had wooden windows, glass flew. Eyewitnesses of the missiles entering the city on April 25 say that they looked at the markings on the missiles. Due to the powerful railway connection, the fear of re-shelling remains.

In general, the city is working. Internally displaced persons are employed in pharmacies, shops and on the railway. Such citizens are provided with psychological, legal and humanitarian assistance, as well as medical care and education for schoolchildren.

Cherkasy Oblast 

Checkpoints were set up in the region and equipped with patrol police teams to check documents. Troop units in those positions where there are no police have their own functions: surveillance, protection of facilities, escort of goods. They do not check. They have the right to inspect only near critical infrastructure.

The head of the Oblast’s state administration Igor Taburets reports that the security situation does not allow to resume full-fledged work of kindergartens in the region today. Most do not even have shelters. And the safety of children – above all!

Since the beginning of the war in Cherkasy

Oblast, our law enforcement agencies have initiated 24 criminal cases, of which 17 – non-recognition of russian aggression, 2 – disclosure of the activities of our armed groups, the rest – collaborationism.

Cherkasy Oblast sends sets of food kits to the Kyiv Oblast, especially to the northern districts: Irpin, Makarov. During this month, about 500 tons of products were sent to Kyiv Oblast alone – that’s about 50-55 thousand food kits. Many flour and priority products were sent to the liberated cities of Chernihiv and Sumy Oblasts.

Construction materials (plywood, fiberboard, wood, metal, nails) are also sent to the liberated united territorial communities of Chernihiv and Sumy Oblasts. Brigades of volunteers are sent to strengthen the activities of the SES. They help to dismantle the ruins. Many volunteers from Cherkasy Oblast went to help.

Five new medical vehicles were transferred to Liplyavsk, Katerynopil, Mankivsk, Monastyryshche and Ruskopolyansk Territorial Communities today. From now on, all-wheel drive crossovers will work to enable locals to receive medical services faster. Even in the most remote villages.

At the same time, doctors will be able to reach patients more comfortably.

The coordinator of the AUI Active Community continues to provide the received humanitarian aid on the requests received from the social protection services of local Territorial Communities.

Western Oblasts

Lviv Oblast

Yesterday the aid-raid warning lasted almost 2,5 hours in Oblast. There was a threat of a missile strike.

Lviv Oblast leads the process of relocating enterprises that move their offices from the epicentres of hostilities. 1/3 of all relocated businesses move to Lviv Oblast. Oblast received 770 applications from all over Ukraine from those willing to relocate their facilities. 115 companies have already moved.

Last week, Lviv Oblast received two ambulances from the Malta Aid Service, and yesterday they were transferred to the Department of Health of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast State Administration.

The sowing campaign of early spring crops is in process on the farms of Lviv Oblast. Local farmers have already sown more than 30% of the targeted territory.

IDPs in Lviv Oblast started to receive humanitarian aid from the actor Sean Penn’s charitable organization. Today, Lviv residents hosted another 250 IDPs.

Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

The situation in Oblast is stable.

Today there is a memorial service for Roman Smetana who is the victim of the war with the russian invaders, Anti-Terrorist Operation veteran, activist and volunteer from Ivano-Frankivsk.

The mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk said that 2,100 IDPs had already registered for military service. More than 900 are already serving. In addition, the situation with the arrival of IDPs in Oblast changes. Kyiv Oblast residents are actively returning home, while citizens from the eastern Oblast are arriving.

Rivne Oblast

The general situation is relatively calm, there were no air-raid warnings.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) patrol the border with Belarus. Territorial Defence Forces patrol and stand guard at checkpoints.

In the Myrohoshchanka community of Rivne Oblast people weave Kikimora camouflage suits for the soldiers. The Myrohoshchanka community notes that the need for camouflage suits remains, so they need to expand the production. Volunteers have already sent dozens of such camouflage suits for the soldiers.

The first thirteen streets in Rivne are being de-sovietizated. This decision was made today at a meeting of the Commission on the naming of city sites, the installation of memorials, memorial and annotation plaques in Rivne.

Also, a social canteen will work in Rivne while martial law is declared. It will be opened on Monday, May 2nd, on the premises of Rivne educational complex №2.

Citizens are united, they help volunteer headquarters financially and not only.

Chernivtsi oblast

Today, Bukovyna is outside the scope of active hostilities, but since the beginning of the war, it has been actively assisting the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Since the beginning of the war, 49 servicemen from the Chernivtsi oblast have died.

Every day without weekends, Bukovina police forensic experts help their colleagues document the war crimes of the russian occupiers.

A book about Heroes who died in the war with Russia was published in Bukovyna for the first time. The author of the book Svitlana Garyuk said that this is a pilot project and only a thousand books have been published. The purpose and idea of ​​this book are to help the parents of the Heroes of Ukraine who died.

In Chernivtsi, doctors taught citizens to provide first aid. Doctors gave practical lectures where people had the opportunity to learn how to provide first aid. They were taught to do indirect heart massage and use a defibrillator.

70 enterprises moved their equipment, finished products, raw materials and supplies to the Chernivtsi oblast as part of the state relocation program.

More than 1,500 displaced children study in Chernivtsi schools.

Some of the migrants have already found work. For example, Andriy Bichev works in the Chernivtsi Trolleybus Department. He worked as a trolleybus driver in Mariupol for more than a year. He left the city with his mother and grandmother; they now live in Novoselitsa. And the guy stayed in Chernivtsi, got a job in the trolleybus management. The trolleybus administration also provided him with temporary housing.

Inna Pashanyuk, Regional Coordinator of the All-Ukrainian Active Community Initiative in Chernivtsi, conducted an online training on information hygiene during martial law for students of Yu. Fedkovich Chernivtsi National University.

Zakarpattia Oblast

The situation in the region is calm.

Transcarpathia conducted an analysis of the real estate market. Thus, about 500 apartments have been prepared for IDPs. According to the head of the Transcarpathia Oblast Military Administration Viktor Mykita, they will be bought out and transferred to people for use at the expense of the state budget.

Oleg, an immigrant from Donetsk, took the initiative to create flower beds at the Uzhhorod school. Together with his family, the man settled in one of the Uzhgorod schools. However, he could not sit back and decided to do something useful. First, he repaired almost all the chairs. And his professional activity is related to nurseries. So he walked around the area, found plants and began to arrange flower beds. Oleg says that his initiative is a small thank you for the warm welcome

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