​​The one hundred seventieth (170) day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion continues.


​​The one hundred seventieth (170) day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion continues.

Northern regions


Today, the mayor of Kyiv, Vitalii Klitschko, met with the Ambassador of Israel to Ukraine, Michael Brodsky. The embassy passed 50,000 packages of ready meals to Kyiv, they will be handed over to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They also discussed cooperation on the creation of rehabilitation centers in Ukraine.

The Security Service of Ukraine detained a russian agent who is a resident of Kyiv and positioned himself as a military expert. He collected data on the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

Kyiv Oblast

Economic activity is gradually recovering in the Kyiv region. The number of new businesses registered over the past few months continues to grow. Currently, more than 20,000 small and medium-sized businesses are operating in the region.

Zhytomyr Oblast

In the middle of the forest in Zhytomyr Oblast, the wreckage of the russian Kalibr missile was found. It was preliminarily established that the rocket hit the forest area during enemy shelling of the region that took place earlier.

In the Irshan community, they say goodbye to the hero-compatriot Dmytro Padalko. Eternal memory of the Hero!

The coordinator of Ukrainian Innitiative “Active Community” conducted preparations for an art therapy event for children of internally displaced persons, which will take place on August 12.

Chernihiv Oblast

Yesterday, russian troops shelled the communities of Horodnyansk and Novgorod-Siversk.

At 4 p.m., the Horodnya community was shelled by the enemy from the russian village of Chornozemny Horodok. The enemy fired from mortars, border guards recorded 10 explosions. The Novgorod-Siversk community was shelled from the russian village of Sluchovsk for about 22 hours. Shots were fired from self-propelled guns, 7 explosions were recorded.

Yesterday, two caches of russian occupiers were discovered during counter-sabotage measures. The first hiding place was found in an abandoned building of the village of Semenivska hromada, and the second on the outskirts of the village of Mykhailo-Kotsyubynska territorial hromada.

Today, near Yagidny and Shestovytsia, explosives technicians were disarming ammunition.

Sumy Oblast

Yesterday, four houses, farm buildings and a car were damaged in the Khotyn community of the Sumy Oblast as a result of shelling by the russians from barrel artillery.

Over the past day, more than 200 shells and mines were fired from the territory of russia in five communities of the Sumy oblast. The russians also used small arms.

At night, the russian military shelled three border communities in the Sumy Oblast. Yesterday evening at 10:15 p.m. there was artillery shelling of Seredino-Budska hromada, where 7 hits were counted. From 10:20 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., the russian military fired mortars at the territory of the Krasnopil community – 11 hits.

In the morning, from 05:30 a.m., the russians shelled the Mykolaiv rural community with mortars.

Eastern regions

Kharkiv Oblast

At night, the enemy attacked Kharkiv. Around 4:30 a.m., a russian ammunition hit the ground in the yard of a residential building. An office building was damaged, windows were broken in an apartment building. There are no casualties. 

During the day, the enemy continued massive shelling of settlements in the Kharkiv, Chuguyiv and Izyum districts.

For the second day in a row, the occupiers are continuously shelling Tsyrkuny. Yesterday, during the day, 12 attacks on the village were recorded, 10 fires broke out. Destroyed private houses, farm buildings, shops, cafes, garages. A 76-year-old woman was injured, her condition is moderate.

In the Chuguyiv district, grass and a forest strip were on fire due to shelling.

Fighting continues on the front lines. In the Kharkiv direction, the enemy carried out airstrikes on the positions of our defenders. The russians tried to go on the offensive in the area of ​​Udy, Petrivka and Husarivka.

Donetsk Oblast

In the Kramatorsk direction, the enemy used rocket artillery and tanks near Siversk, Verkhnyokamyansk, Serebryanka, and Hryhorivka for fire damage. The enemy led offensive actions near Hryhorivka and Verkhnokamyanskyi, was unsuccessful, withdrew. Fighting continues in the Ivano-Daryivka area.

In the Avdiyivka direction, the enemy carried out artillery fire near Maryinka, Vodyanyi, Netaylovy, Avdiyivka, Pisky, Opytny and Krasnohorivka and conducted an airstrike near Avdiivka. Russians conduct offensive operations in the directions of Maryinka and Piski, hostilities continue.

On August 10th, the russians killed 11 civilians of Donetsk oblast: 6 in Bakhmut, 3 in Soledar, 1 in Krasnohorivka, and 1 in Avdiivka. Another 8 people were injured.

Since February 24th, the russians have killed 716 civilians of Donetsk oblast, injured another 1,831.


The general situation in the community remains alarming.

The morning in Kramatorsk began with a missile attack on the private sector. The russians used the S-300 complex and aimed at the yard of one of the houses.

The shell left a hole 4 meters wide and 1.5 meters deep. There were no casualties, but 3 houses were damaged to varying degrees. Kramatorsk remains in the relative rear, but this does not prevent the russians from regularly hitting the city.

Lukyanenko Olena, a student of Kramatorsk Secondary School I-III degrees No. 16, scored 200 points in three subjects at once: Ukrainian language, mathematics and history of Ukraine during the national multi-subject test. Starting from the 10th grade, the student carefully prepared for the external examination in four subjects: Ukrainian language and literature, mathematics, history of Ukraine, and biology. When it became known about the national multi-subject test and changes in the programs for some subjects, it took four months to prepare for its successful completion. All years, the girl studied excellently and graduated from school with a gold medal. To the question of whether Olena has decided on her future profession, she answers that she has. “I want to connect my future with legal activity, because it will give me the opportunity to grow personally and contribute to the development of society, protecting the rights and freedoms of people in Ukraine.”

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsky district

The past day in the Pokrovsk community was relatively calm. No facts of victims or destructions were recorded.

In the community, people unite and start to act. This is a story about people who live in one of the high-rise buildings of Pokrovsk and without waiting for the authorities, they independently set up a shelter.


In the Bakhmut direction, the enemy fired at our troops from tanks and artillery. Russians carried out airstrikes near Vyimka, Spirnyi, Soledar, Bakhmut and Zaitsevo.

The occupiers conducted reconnaissance by fighting near Yakovlivka. Ukrainian soldiers drove the invaders back. The enemy unsuccessfully conducted offensive and assault actions near Bakhmutskyi and Zaytsevo, though retreated with losses. Fighting continues in the areas of Vershina and Dacha settlements.

The coordinator of Ukrainian Innitiative “Active Community” was preparing to organize art therapy.


In Mariupol, local residents continue to find explosive objects throughout the city. Occupiers tie grenades to door handles. This is reported by the Mariupol City Council.

Luhansk Oblast

The russian army cannot reach the administrative borders of the Luhansk Oblast. The Ukrainian military confidently hold the fort. This was announced during the telethon by Serhiy Haidai, head of the Luhansk Oblast Military Administration.

During August 10, the russian occupation forces tried to storm the positions of the Ukrainian military on the border of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled all attacks and forced the invaders to retreat.

Yesterday, in occupied Smolianynove, two power engineers were killed and another was wounded as a result of a car detonation caused by an unexploded ordnance. The occupiers do not carry out demining of residential areas and critical infrastructure facilities in the captured territories.

Southern oblasts

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

The russian occupiers continue to attack the Kushuhum community near Zaporizhzhia. Two rockets that hit Kushuhum in the morning of August 10 were of the high-explosive fragmentation type. As a result of the bombardment, 69 buildings were damaged, five of which were completely destroyed. One woman was killed. Two more missiles were shot down by the anti-aircraft defense forces near Zaporizhzhia.

In Melitopol, Ukrainian guerillas damaged the headquarters of the United Russia party. On August 10, an explosion was heard in Melitopol, as a result of which the building of the service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, captured by the russians, caught fire. An occupational pseudo-organ worked there, issuing fake documents for cars.

The russian occupiers again fired at the Zaporizhzhia NPP and the territories near it. Ten hits were recorded. Half of them are in the area of the commandant’s office of the NPP, right next to the welding site and the radiation sources storage. A fire broke out in a limited area, but, fortunately, no one was hurt. Five more hits occurred in the area of the fire station near the Zaporizhzhia NPP. The situation at the plant is currently under control, but due to shelling, it was not possible to carry out a “shift change” of the personnel at the NPP.

Around 7 p.m., the Zaporizhzhia NPP was shelled for the fourth time in a day. They hit the territory of the plant near the first power unit, “Energoatom” reports. The pumping station is damaged, there is smoke. The situation is escalating: radiation sources are located nearby and several radiation sensors are damaged.

Kherson Oblast


The occupiers plan to conduct a sweep of Skadovsk. They reinforce checkpoints, check documents and personal mobile phones, and inspect the property – garages and houses. Looting and interrogation of people continue.

Russian invaders have surrounded the Antonivskyi bridge from all sides, they don’t let local residents to get close to it. In dealing with people, the russians behave inadequately.

The occupation authorities stopped providing financial aid to people without any announcement.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine launched 6 airstrikes on ammunition depots and a concentration of russian troops. As a result, the enemy suffered losses: 41 personnel, 3 Msta-B howitzers, 7 pieces of armored and automotive equipment.

People hold on. The majority of the local population does not support the “russian world” and informs the Armed Forces of Ukraine about the locations and whereabouts of enemy equipment and warehouses. In general, the situation in the Kherson Oblast is difficult. In Skadovsk, not a single bank, ATM or any other institutions are operating now. There is one supermarket and several small shops, and medicine exchange that work today. The Internet disappears and there is no Ukrainian connection.

The occupiers force people to apply for the passports of the russian federation.

The coordinator of the AUI “Active Community” joins volunteering, raises money with activists to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Mykolaiv Oblast

Yesterday at 11 a.m., as a result of enemy shelling of the Shevchenkove community in the village of Zoria, residential buildings were destroyed. There were no casualties.

Last night and this morning, the russians shelled the village of Kostiantynivka of the Pervomaisk community.

In the afternoon, as a result of the hit of ammunition and their fragments, a fire broke out in coniferous litter and forest plantations in the Balabaniv forest tract.

Yesterday at noon, the village of Shyroke of the Shyroke community was shelled. Two residential buildings were destroyed, plus a ruined school and a stadium were hit. There were no casualties. From approximately 10 p.m., there were shellings outside the community’s settlements. As of now, shelling continues outside the community.

The shelling of the territory and nearby settlements of the Bereznehuvate community continues. 

Over the past day, the villages of Lepetykha and Kavkaz were under enemy’s fire.

Odesa Oblast

The day in the community passed quietly. Currently, the danger of rocket attacks remains.

Odessa Mayor Hennadiy Trukhanov donated 1,000 IFAK tactical first aid kits to the military. The first aid kits are stocked with essential medicines and dressing materials.

In the period from August 10 to August 11, 2022, a “Storm Warning” was announced on the territory of the city of Odessa and the Odessa Oblast. As a result of unfavorable weather conditions, 18 mm of precipitation fell during this period. More than 45% of the monthly rainfall fell in one night. In the morning, all the cleaners of municipal public utilities went to clean up the city. 1,636 people and 100 pieces of equipment were involved. First of all, the consequences are removed: branches and leaves. Particular attention is paid to the clearing of storm sewers.

People are united and active; they are involved in volunteering and take part in charity events.

The coordinator of the AUI “Active Community” provided information to citizens about receiving psychological, social and humanitarian assistance.

Central oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

In the Nikopol Raion, the Chervonohryhorivka community and Nikopol came under enemy fire. The russians fired 120 shells from the Grad MLRS on these territories. In Nikopol, 3 people were killed by shelling. 7 citizens were wounded. Three of them are in the hospital. 40 high-rise buildings and 2 private houses, as well as garages were damaged, 5 apartments were completely destroyed. 3 schools and a children’s art center, 2 shops and a fitness club were hit. 6 cars and a minibus were wrecked. Power lines were broken, and over 6,000 residents of Nikopol remained without electricity.

14 private houses, a dispensary, warehouses of an agricultural enterprise, a shopping center and a stadium were damaged in the Chervonohryhorivka community. The sawmill workshop caught fire. Up to 1,000 residents do not have electricity.

In the Synelnykove Raion, a married couple was wounded as a result of shelling. A 70-year-old woman was hospitalized in a moderate severity condition. Private houses and a mill where grain was stored were damaged. Safe fragments from cluster shells were found on the street.

The russian army fired from Uragan MLRS at the Zelenodolsk community. Hay and dry grass burned on an area of 1 hectare.

A rocket hit was recorded in the Dniprovskyi Raion. 

Due to enemy shelling, 2 cultural monuments were damaged in Marhanets. The aggressor defaced the cultural center and art school. 

There are 11 medical facilities have been moved from the Kharkiv and Luhansk oblasts to the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. More than 100 doctors work there.

The Dnipro City Council donated another batch of vehicles to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. These are six Reno TRM 2000 trucks and five Peugeot P4 jeeps. The city authorities, together with the “TAPS-Ukraine” foundation and the Coordination Center of Dnipro volunteers, handed over 800 packages of dry rations for the Ukrainian defenders.

Dnipro, Pokrov and Pereshchepyne were selected for the project by the EU program “Strong regions – Special support program for Ukraine”. IDPs living in these territories are invited to take a free training course. There they will be able to improve their skills. Also, experts will tell them how to start their own business.

Centers for the provision of administrative services in the region began to accept applications for the “Shelter” social program. It is meant for those who have hosted IDPs from the war zone. The state compensates the caring citizens for part of the costs of utility services.

The regional coordinator of the AUI “Active Community” wrote and distributed useful news about studies in schools, starting September 1, for residents of different cities of Ukraine.

Last modified: 13 Серпня, 2022