Ukraine in brief:

The 107th day of the heroic struggle of the Ukrainian nation against the russian military invasion goes on.

In the north of Ukraine, the situation has not changed significantly.

In the Kharkiv sector, the enemy is trying to prevent the advance of units of the Defense Forces of Ukraine in the direction of the State Border. The aggressor fired mortars, artillery and multiple rocket launchers at our units in order to constrain their actions in the areas of the settlements of Kharkiv, Krynychna, Husarivka, Bairak and Chepil.

Enemy units are preparing to resume the offensive on the city of Sloviansk. The invaders fired artillery at the areas of the settlements of Dolyna, Chervona Poliana, Nova Dmytrivka, Hrushuvakha, and Dibrivne.

In the Severodonetsk sector, the enemy is conducting assault operations in order to establish full control over the city of Severodonetsk and create conditions for the blockade of our units. The fighting continues. The enemy fired artillery in the areas of the settlements of Severodonetsk, Lysychansk, Ustynivka, Toshkivka, Zolote and Hirske.

In the Bakhmut sector, enemy fire activity was recorded near New York, Zolote, Vrubivka, Komyshuvakha, Berestove, and Luhansk.

The invaders did not conduct active operations in the Avdiivka, Kurakhove, Novopavlivka and Zaporizhzhia areas. They carried out shelling with the use of mortars, tube and rocket artillery in the areas of Avdiivka, Tonenke, Nevelske, Marinka, Orikhiv, Opytne, and Novobakhmutivka.

The enemy did not wage active hostilities in the Lyman sector. The occupiers continue to consolidate their positions in the area of Sviatohorsk. They take steps to continue the offensive in the Lyman – Sloviansk sector. They shelled the area near Dronivka and Serebrianka.

In the Southern Buh sector, the enemy is on the defensive. The enemy continues to improve the fortification of the second and third lines of defense. It also implements camouflage measures.

Units of the Defense Forces of Ukraine continue to inflict significant losses on enemy troops and persistently defend their positions in all sectors.

Northern oblasts


British Defense Minister Ben Wallace has arrived in Kyiv. At a meeting with Volodymyr Zelensky, he said that the UK saw Ukraine’s ability to oust the invaders from Donbas.

Deputies of the Kyiv City Council deprived the capital of belarus, Minsk, of the status of a sister city of Kyiv.

Cultural life is being restored in the capital. The Podil Opera House will start the concert season with its stage in the bomb shelter.

Kyiv Oblast

The Independent International Commission of the United Nations on Investigation of Crimes of the russian federation against Ukraine paid an official visit to the Kyiv Oblast. Representatives of the commission visited Irpin and Bucha to record the facts of violations of human rights, international humanitarian law, and other crimes committed by the russian military in Ukraine.

Infrastructure, in particular social facilities and housing, continues to be rebuilt in the Kyiv Oblast.

In Dmytrivka, the first five houses are being built for people who were left homeless due to hostilities. This is done at the expense of patrons.

Demining continues. Over the past day, pyrotechnicians neutralized 368 explosive devices. For the entire wartime period, 40706 such items have been removed and neutralized.

Zhytomyr Oblast

In Zhytomyr, they support people who lost their homes due to the hostilities. Thus, the city council provides a monthly rental reimbursement.

The summer camp of the Caritas-Zhytomyr Charitable Foundation for children from IDP families will be opened on June 14 at 11:00 at the central entrance of the Oblast Scientific Library named after O. Olzhych (Novy Boulevard, 4). Children from 6 to 14 years old will be divided into two groups according to their age. Various master classes, games, entertainments, trainings, etc. are “on the menu” for the kids. Registration is provided by the following link.

As of today, there are no hostilities in the region. The military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine occupy defensive positions in the north of the Zhytomyr Oblast, along the border with belarus, and are ready to repulse a possible offensive of the belarussian army at any moment.

The Zhytomyr City Council has allocated a subvention of UAH 2 million for the needs of the Ukrainian military.

People are discussing information about a significant increase in the number of wounded and killed soldiers.

A traitor from the Chudniv area, who leaked the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the enemy, was taken into custody without bail.

The coordinator of the AUI “Active Community” in Zhytomyr is implementing the Lublin Program in Ukraine to support Ukrainians with disabilities.

Chernihiv Oblast

The occupiers continue to fire on the border settlements of the Chernihiv Oblast from the territory of russia. From 07:20 to 07:40, observers recorded 11 explosions of tube artillery shells in the direction of Hremiach. From 08:15 to 08:20, in the direction of Mykhalchyna Sloboda 10 explosions were recorded, probably from a 120 mm mortar. Around 09:30, information was also received from the local population about 2 explosions at around 08: 50-08: 55 in Hremiach, probably from a 120 mm mortar.

Almost half of industrial enterprises have resumed work in the Chernihiv Oblast. Some companies that have been relocated to safer regions are also returning. However, most businesses are not yet operating at full capacity.

Demining continues. Over the past day, pyrotechnicians removed 167 explosive devices. In total, since the beginning of the hostilities, 27299 such items have been removed and neutralized.

Sumy Oblast

On the night of June 10, the russians carried out three mortar attacks on the border of the Sumy Oblast. The russian military fired about 20 120-mm mines from the russian settlements of Zernovo and Strachevo in the Bryansk region. Another 1️0 mines fired from the russian village of Popovka, Kursk region, exploded in the Shostka Raion at around 11:00.

More than 2 tons of food products were delivered by volunteers to settlements in the north of the oblast, which are constantly affected by shelling.

Eastern oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

Over the past day, the russians again terrorized the population of the city Kharkiv and the oblast with artillery and MLRS shelling. The Shevchenkivskyi district of Kharkiv, as well as Kharkiv, Chuhuiv, Izium and Bohodukhiv raions of the oblast came under fire. Residential houses, warehouses, and infrastructure facilities were damaged. Coniferous forests and forest belts were burning. During the day, 2 civilians were killed and 15 wounded.

In the urban-type settlement of Pechenihy 6 people were hospitalized, and 1 died. In the village of Mala Danylivka – 2 people. In Zolochiv 5 locals were hospitalized, and 1 killed. In Vyshneve 1 person was hospitalized. In the village of Hrushuvakha a 12-year-old boy was hospitalized.

There was no advance of the enemy on the line of contact. In the Kharkiv sector, the enemy is focused on defense. In the Izium area, the enemy replenishes reserves and regroups forces. Our defenders continue to inflict significant losses on the occupiers in manpower and materiel.

Donetsk Oblast

Over the past 24 hours, the defenders of Ukraine repulsed seven enemy attacks in Donetsk and Luhansk, destroyed ten tanks, seven artillery systems, four armored combat vehicles, three special armored vehicles, four units of vehicles and an enemy ammunition depot. Air defense units shot down five Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicles.

Since the beginning of the russian invasion of Ukraine, 489 civilians have been killed and 1,256 wounded in shelling and bombing in the Donetsk Oblast.

On June 9, the russians killed three civilians in Donetsk: 2 in Avdiivka and 1 in Novoukrainka.


No enemy action has been recorded in the city.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine and local Territorial Defense units are preparing to meet the enemy.

The situation in the community remains alarming.

The coordinator of the AUI “Active Community” continues to coordinate the work of the humanitarian center.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsky Raion 

During the day, the enemy fired on settlements on the line of demarcation.

Residents of the shelled town of Marinka are acutely aware of the humanitarian catastrophe: there is almost no drinking water in the heat. Police officers of the White Angel crew organized a trip to the local well. They were helped by local residents. Together with law enforcement officers, the men collected water in an empty container and loaded it into a car.

The past day in the community was relatively calm. There are no casualties or damage. Utilities work in a regular mode. There were no reports of emergencies on the territory of Pokrovskaya Territorial Community.

Humanitarian aid continues to be distributed in the Pokrovsky community. To date, 5,000 food kits have been delivered to the addresses. They receive privileged categories of the population and migrants according to lists compiled by seniors of apartment buildings and neighborhoods of the city. According to local residents, such assistance is essential and vital.

Immigrants are accepted in the Udachne community of the Pokrovsky Raion

Doctors from Great Britain taught the patrons to provide first aid in case of serious injuries. This is not the first such training for older homes and active residents of the city.

On June 10, a Honda car and a minibus for the defenders of Ukraine were handed over in Pokrovsk. This necessary transport was purchased thanks to volunteers and caring residents of the community. The Honda car was sold by one resident at a low price, the owner is abroad. So he decided to help the community.

A pre-trial investigation has been completed against a resident of Pokrovsk who is suspected of disseminating materials justifying the armed aggression of the russia against Ukraine, initiated in 2014, committed repeatedly (parts 2, 3 of Article 436-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). The pre-trial investigation established that in March-April 2022, a 46-year-old man, using his own account on one of the social networks, repeatedly disseminated information in support of russia’s armed aggression and illegal armed groups against Ukraine. The content distributed by the attacker justified the criminal actions of the occupiers who shelled peaceful cities of Donetsk Oblast, including the city of Mariupol. The indictment was sent to the Krasnogvardeisky Raion Court of Dnipropetrovsk.


In the Bakhmut direction, the occupiers are actively using operational-tactical and army aircraft. Enemy units attempted to carry out assault operations in the direction of the settlements of Nyrkove and Mykolaivka. Ukrainian soldiers inflicted fire damage. The occupiers withdrew with losses.

The enemy tried to conduct reconnaissance by fighting in the direction of the settlements of Nagirne and Berestov. After retaliation, the Russians withdrew.

The enemy is advancing in the direction of Vozdvyzhenko – Company, has partial success, is fixed on the occupied frontiers.

The coordinator of the AUI “Active Community” was looking for people to weave camouflage nets for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


For the past two days, the russians have been shelling Olginka with phosphate munitions and Hail multiple rocket launchers, killing one woman.

Yesterday, the occupiers took people from the Khlibodariv community on the lists for no reason and took them in an unknown direction. Only one village of Vilne removed 40 inhabitants (before the war only 500 people lived there). 80-year-old grandparents were taken away, parents, people in need of bandaging after the operation, children were left alone (for example, a 17-year-old child was left with a 4-year-old child). In total, the occupiers took people in 10 buses. It was reported that this was a filtration, but nothing was said where and how it would take place. The houses from which people were taken were tied with a red ribbon. There is currently no contact or information with these people. Compiled lists of mayors (commandant’s office) of the occupiers.

People living in the occupied territories of the community say something nonsense: “We are all right, there were shellings, yes, people died, well, that’s normal, it’s war.” There is no water, people believe that they will supply a filter and will give drinking water from a flooded quarry. There is no gas, but people believe that the heating will be in the winter.

The general situation is extremely negative. Donetsk is being shelled by russians. People who go there for food, to the hospital because there is nowhere else, come under fire. The russians say that it is the Armed Forces, but people do not believe them, because it is physically impossible with the weapons that are in Ukraine at the moment.

The coordinator of AUI “Active Community” launches a resource center, develops with teenagers ideas for a quest for tourist attractions in Uman, looking for partners for other activities. She sent packages with things to the villages of Vinnytsia community for mothers with children.


The occupiers brought a new batch of russian textbooks – 10,000 copies. Among the textbooks for all classes – recipes, russian language, russian reading or literature.

Luhansk Oblast

The fighting continues in Severodonetsk, in the Mountain and Popasna communities. The russians tried to storm Nirkovo and Mykolayivka. Ukrainian soldiers inflicted a fire defeat on them – the occupiers withdrew with losses. However, nine more houses were destroyed. An enemy assault was also repulsed on the north-western outskirts of Toshkivka.

Severodonetsk is holding on, but the russians are destroying everything in their path. As a result of their shelling, one of the city’s symbols, the Ice Palace, burned down.

The destruction of 15 houses in Orikhovo, six – in Vrubovka, four – in Lysychansk, four more – in Gorsky. The village of Synetsky on the outskirts of Severodonetsk was severely damaged.

On June 9, the Ukrainian military destroyed a base of Wagner fighters in the temporarily occupied Luhansk Oblast.

Yesterday rescuers delivered 32 tons of water and humanitarian kits to the population of Luhansk region. In addition, two tons of food and drinking water were provided to residents of Vovchoyarivka and Lysychanske villages.

Southern Oblasts

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

The russian occupiers probably plan to reach the administrative border of the Zaporizhzhia oblast, and for this, they do not abandon attempts to resume offensive operations, in particular in the Zaporizhzhia direction. This was reported by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Details of the withdrawal of russian troops from checkpoints in the Melitopol region have become known. In some communities where the so-called “withdrawal” took place, new troops entered, ie rotation took place. The new appointees are representatives of the self-proclaimed DNR, who are trying to continue terrorizing the local population. This was announced by the head of the Zaporizhzhia OMA Alexander Starukh.

The enemy continues to block the evacuation of residents from the occupied territories to oblasts controlled by Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine, 200 people have been released from russian captivity in the Zaporizhzhia oblast. 121 civilians continue to be held captive by the occupiers.

In four districts of the Zaporizhzhia oblast (Vasyliv, Berdyansk, Melitopol and Pologiv) there will be an extended curfew. It will start at 22.00 on June 11, 2022, and end at 05.00 on June 13, 2022.

Mykolayiv Oblast

For days of the ninth of June in the Mykolaiv raion 15 people were wounded. Mykolaiv and Bashtansky districts – Shirokivska, Ingulska, Bereznehuvatska, Pervomaiska communities – came under fire. Two fires have been reported in the past 24 hours as a result of russian shelling.

Odesa Oblast

The psychological support service has started working in Odessa. Every day at 0 800 333 161 volunteers provides free psychological assistance to people throughout Ukraine. Since the end of March, more than 1,010 citizens have applied to the line.

The day in the community was peaceful, but the danger of rocket fire remains.

At night, you could hear how the air defence works.

Active military exercises are also being conducted. Operational Command “South” reports that the explosions, which were heard during the day and in the evening – are training.

All the people of Odesa, each in his place, are making their contribution and approaching the victory of Ukraine. The mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov told about it in an interview with the journalist of the Japanese television and radio corporation NHK.

People are quite united and active in volunteering, and taking part in charity events.

In general, the situation is tense due to the danger of rocket fire.

The coordinator of the Active Community AUI provided information on receiving psychological, social and humanitarian assistance. Conducted an art-therapeutic event – “Painting of eco-bags”.

Central Oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

On the morning of May 10, the aggressor fired a missile at the Dnipro raion. The agricultural enterprise was severely damaged.

The enemy fired 3 artillery shells at 3 communities in the Kryvyi Rih raion. In the village of Velyka Kostromka, Zelenodolsk community, a 41-year-old woman received shrapnel wounds and received medical treatment. A house was damaged, and a hayloft and an outbuilding were on fire. In the village of Ukrainka of the Apostolic Community, the enemy hit a garage and an outbuilding. In the Shirokiv community, rescuers are continuing the survey.

The situation in the Dnieper remains stable. The city economy works in harmony. However, the city lacks fuel, so the work of utilities is slowing down.

The Volunteer Coordination Headquarters is currently distributing two large palettes of medicines and medical supplies to centres for displaced persons and people in the occupied territories. The most necessary things in the boxes are turnstiles, thermal blankets, medicines of the various spectrums, betadine solution, bandages, sterile gloves, antifungal ointments, antibiotics, syringes, etc.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Dnieper medical institutions have been recruiting immigrants. Today there are 109 specialists who were forced to leave their homes. Of these, 57 doctors, 34 – paramedics, 9 – junior nurses and 9 – technical staff. They all came to the city from the hot spots of Ukraine.

In the Dnieper, an immigrant from Mariupol tried to commit suicide due to depression. He was rescued.

Kirovohrad oblast

An air alarm sounded in the oblast.

In general, the situation in the community is calm and under control.

In Kpopyvnytskyi, preparation for the new heating season remains a priority for Kopyvnytskyi city authorities. This was emphasized by the head of Kirovohrad OMA Andriy Paykovych.

Immigrants from areas where active hostilities continue, as well as from oblasts liberated from the racist occupiers, continue to arrive in the Kirovohrad oblast. Adviser to the head of OMA Valentyna Kulachko said that over the past day 521 internally displaced persons from Donetsk, Zaporizhia, Luhansk, Kherson, Mykolaiv, Kharkiv, Kyiv and Chernihiv oblasts arrived and remained in the oblast, 330 people left Kirovohrad oblast. There are already 80,156 citizens left in the Kirovohrad oblast, of whom 23,478 are children.

The other day in Kropyvnytskyi mini-football competition “Volunteer Super Cup” took place, where they managed to raise UAH 31,000. The organizers decided to divide these funds equally between the two volunteer organizations: “Together we are the Force” and “Krop: hub”. In the organization “Together we are the Power” the funds received UAH 15,500 added funds from caring people and bought another car for the defenders of Ukraine.

The IX Open Inclusive Table Tennis Tournament dedicated to the memory of the Hero of Ukraine Vyacheslav Chornovil took place in the village of Dmytrivka, Kropyvnytskyi district. As part of the event, a fundraising campaign in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is being held. The funds will be sent to one of the military units, whose servicemen asked for help in purchasing a car. The cup of the tournament was won by the team from the city of Smila, which took first place. At the end of the event, the organizers summed up the fundraising campaign for the Armed Forces of Ukraine – UAH 14,140 was raised.

The coordinator of the AUI “Active Community” provided migrants from Kramatorsk with advice on obtaining documents on the status of internally displaced persons, as well as information on the available resources of employers of the regional centre and surrounding communities.

Poltava oblast

The night was not very calm: there was one air alarm. It all worked out.

On the border of Poltava and Sumy oblasts, a Ukrainian plane shot down an enemy missile.

In the Poltava oblast, law enforcement officers are suspected of committing crimes in an organized group of four people, including deputies. (

In the Poltava oblast, almost 13,000 children are planned to be enrolled in the first grades. Educational institutions in the oblast are preparing for the new school year. The enrollment process itself has been extended until August 23, and enrollment conditions have been simplified. Also, the work of 35 kindergartens has been resumed – 1,124 children are already attending institutions.

The team of AUI “Active Community” of Poltava today met a large family that arrived from the Kharkiv oblast. The team has provided a place for free accommodation for the family – Reshetylivka, Poltava oblast. The family will be accompanied to the place of stay.

Vinnytsia Oblast

In Vinnytsia Oblast, IDPs are receiving humanitarian assistance from Japan.

The last day in the Khmilnytsky community was relatively calm. Utilities work in a regular mode. There were no reports of emergencies on the territory of Khmelnytsky TG.

10 tablets, 2 laptops and 22 chemical kits will be sent to the front line again so that the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine can confidently defend the country from enemy attacks. At the request of Mayor Mykola Yurchyshyn, the team of the Help Heroes of Ukraine Representative Office in Ukraine (Lviv) sent this high-tech and protective equipment to Khmilnyk as humanitarian aid.

Every day, housewives from the Khmelnytsky oblast prepare hundreds of delicacies for Ukrainian servicemen: stews, pies, porridges, dumplings, condensed milk and many, many different and useful delicacies, all for the sake of victory.

Coordinators of AUI “Active Community” of Khmilnyk and Khmilnytskyi raions were preparing for the next event.

Western Oblasts

Lviv Oblast

It is calm in the Lviv oblast. Over the past 24hrs, 278 IDPs arrived in Lviv by two evacuation trains.

Lviv Oblast State Archives announced the collection of documents and evidence of the russian-Ukrainian war. Indifferent citizens are asked to send memoirs and materials to the address: st. Pidvalna, 13, Lviv, 79008 and e-mail of the State Archives of Lviv region:

In the Lviv oblast, they help migrants. Sheptytsky Hospital in Lviv provides free medical consultations for internally displaced persons. Immigrants can consult a physician, neurologist, traumatologist, psychologist and gynaecologist. It is also possible to do ECG tests, and ultrasounds of the abdominal cavity, mammary and thyroid glands.

The Maltese Aid Service is opening a summer camp for displaced children in the oblast. The Order of the Treasure Mountain camp will operate in one of the villages near Lviv. Each shift will last 10 days.

A rich cognitive program and a comfortable living space were prepared for the children. The camp is designed for children aged 11-16, and participation is free. You can register for the camp by following the link.

The First All-Ukrainian Volunteer Forum “Formula for Effective Cooperation” started in Lviv. It brought together hundreds of volunteers, as well as government and business representatives, to share their experiences during the war.

Lviv Oblast launches Volunteer Games. On June 11, for the first time in Ukraine, sports competitions among volunteer associations will be held at the Dynamo Stadium in Lviv. Each team will have 20 participants. Volunteers will compete in mini-football, volleyball, cornhole and air gun shooting. The organizers will take into account the experience of pilot competitions and will later hold competitions in an open forum.

Rivne Oblast

The general situation is relatively calm, there were no air alarms.

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine patrol the border with belarus. Representatives of the local Territorial Defense unit patrol and are on duty at checkpoints.

Today the Oblast Defense Council allowed to visit the forest to collect wildflowers in Rivne Oblast. Restrictions will apply only in certain border areas of the oblast.

The Oblast Defense Council has decided to seize cars during martial law: in particular, to allow the National and Patrol Police to seize cars only on a certain list, which is provided at the link.

The training of local Territorial Defense forces is taking place in Rivne Oblast.

Coordinators of AUI “Active Community” held a meeting with partners on the upcoming event. The coordinator also helped to moderate the integration event in the youth space, which was conducted jointly with young people from the IDP category.

Khmelnytskyi Oblast


A team of 27 Khmelnytskyi communal workers went to Chernihiv for two weeks to help the city eliminate the consequences of the “russian peace”. They continue to restore damaged Chernihiv houses. Today, more than 2 million hryvnias have been allocated from the city budget for military expenditures. Since the beginning of the war, 25 million hryvnias have been allocated from the city budget to help the army.

An open-air charity concert was organized by the oblast police orchestra the day before. For the residents of Khmelnytskyi, the team performed for the first time since the beginning of a full-scale russian invasion. The art event was organized to support the leader of orchestra Viktor Shaida. A man and his two sons are now at the forefront.

The 88th Territorial Defense Battalion celebrated its anniversary. On this occasion, the servicemen were awarded by the oblast military administration with a gift. The soldiers were also presented with a Starlink satellite terminal, which will be useful for them to perform combat missions.

Coordinators of AUI “Active Community” met with the leadership of Stara Ushytsia community. The meeting discussed aspects of community development in the current conditions and the development of tourism during the full-scale war.


An IDP Education Center has been opened in Kamianets-Podilskyi, where those who wish can prepare for a new job. The first groups of hairdressers, manicurists, tailors and florists have already started training. Upon successful completion of the course, participants receive certificates to help them find a job. So far, more than 15 people have expressed a desire to acquire new professional skills. The recruitment is still ongoing. It is also possible to take courses in electric welding, tiling, photography, barista or make-up artist, etc. Registration continues here.

In Kamianets-Podilskyi, in the Tankists’ Square, a soviet army tank is being moved to another storage location. The toponymic commission recommends to develop the concept of this square as a park of Heroes, where the memory of Heroes and defenders of Ukraine at all times would be honored.

Since the beginning of the active phase of the war, the community has provided 230,000 lunches and dinners to IDPs who have officially registered at resettlement sites. Cooperation with the Red Cross continues in this direction.

In general, the situation in the community is under control. Since the beginning of the war, 137 people from different regions of Ukraine have been employed in Kamianets-Podilskyi. 20 employers are already receiving compensation from the state for each internally displaced worker, including 11 legal entities and 9 individual entrepreneurs.

The coordinators of AUI “Active Community” for the exhibition of children’s drawings from Israel brought and set up stands in the Exhibition Hall. The received charitable contributions were donated for the purchase of generators for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The coordinators also handed over hygiene products to one of the city’s residents at the request of her neighbors. During a charity auction “Own for Your Own” in support of the army, the regional coordinator Slavko Polyatynchuk sold the book “Return of Taras Bulba” for 500 hryvnias.

Chernivtsi Oblast (Bukovyna)

It is currently safe in Chernivtsi Oblast. Representatives of law enforcement agencies are guarding the peace of Bukovynians and guests of the region around the clock.

Bukovyna paid its last respects to three defenders – senior soldiers Volodymyr Boyko, Ihor Horanchuk and soldier Denys Morarash.

The International Organization for the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities “Disability Rights International” will help the residents of Bukovyna. The organization will provide training for social workers and support parents raising special children.

Volunteers of Vyzhnychchyna donated humanitarian aid to Zaporizhzhia Oblast. Food kits and hygiene products were sent there for the military.

In Bukovyna, police conducted training for children: minors enthusiastically listened to the work of police officers, examined special equipment and tried on ammunition:

Zakarpattya Oblast

A joint project of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and UNICEF has been launched in nine oblasts of Ukraine. The initiative is implemented by the Charitable Foundation “Football Development of Ukraine” in cooperation with the Ukrainian Football Association and with the support of the UEFA Children’s Fund. The project aims to help children and adolescents aged 6-16 affected by the war through sports. The Zakarpattya Football Association is also involved in the events.

A student of Uzhhorod National University, Ihor Ryzhak, who is currently fighting in the 128th Zakarpattya Brigade, took the state exam at the forefront. This was announced by the head of the Department of Journalism Eugene Solomin.

Since the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine, 21,789 IDPs temporarily residing in Uzhhorod have officially received the status of internally displaced persons. This was reported by the Department of Social Policy of Uzhhorod City Council.

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