Ukraine in brief:

One hundred and first day of the heroic opposition of the Ukrainian nation to the russian military invasion continue.

The russian occupiers continue to launch missile and air strikes on military and civilian infrastructure on the territory of Ukraine.

In the north of Ukraine, the situation remained unchanged.

Enemy artillery shelling was recorded in the areas of the settlements of Starikove and Katerynivka in the Sumy Oblast, and Kamianska Sloboda in the Chernihiv Oblast.

In the Slobozhanshchyna sector, the enemy continues to concentrate reserves for attempts to continue offensive operations in the directions of the settlements of Izium, Barvinkove and Sloviansk. In the Kharkiv sector, the enemy is trying to hold the occupied lines and prevent the advance of the units of the Defense Forces of Ukraine. Systematic shelling on the positions of our troops continues.

Fighting continues to establish full control over the city of Severodonetsk. The enemy shelled the areas of the settlements of Severodonetsk, Lysychansk, Ustynivka, and Toshkivka from tube artillery and multiple launch rocket systems. Russians inflicted air strikes by Ka-52 helicopters near Hirske, Yakovlivka and Myrna Dolyna, and by Su-25 aircraft – in the area of the settlement of Ustynivka.

The enemy fired four missiles from the Tochka-U tactical missile system in the areas of the cities of Bakhmut, Kramatorsk, Kostiantynivka, and Lysychansk. In addition, russian invaders launched airstrikes on the cities of Sloviansk and Soledar.

In the Lyman sector, the enemy used artillery near Sviatohirsk, Starodubivka and Mykolaivka.

In the Bakhmut sector, the enemy used mortars, tube artillery and multiple launch rocket systems in the areas of Toretsk, New York, Vrubivka, and Pokrovske. The occupiers inflicted airstrikes by Ka-52 helicopters near Berestove and Klynove.

In the Novopavlivka and Zaporizhzhia sectors, the enemy used multiple launch rocket systems to shell the areas of Huliaipolie, Orikhiv, and Zelenyi Hai. An air strike by Su-25 aircraft was inflicted on the village of Kamianske.

The enemy continues to block civilian shipping in the northwestern Black Sea.

Northern regions

City of Kyiv

Children who were killed as a result of the aggression of the russian army were honored in Kyiv. The action, initiated by the First Lady Olena Zelenska, took place on the territory of the National Reserve “St Sophia of Kyiv”.

An exposition of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine “Safety Area” was opened in the capital. Samples of explosive devices are displayed in the tents, namely modern shells, mines, booby traps and other disguised explosives, as well as training mock-ups, with the help of which the pyrotechnic service specialists show what a hidden deadly threat looks like.

A center for psychological assistance to war victims will open in Kyiv on June 8. Assistance will be provided at the Kyiv City Crisis Center “Sociotherapy”.

Kyiv Oblast

Representatives of the Irpin City Council attended a solemn event of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The mayor of the city talked with the President of the EBRD and foreign ambassadors.

Demining continues. Over the past day, pyrotechnicians removed 318 explosive devices. For the entire wartime period, 38,939 such items have been removed.

Zhytomyr Oblast

In two cities of the oblast, Zhytomyr and Korosten, they plan to build high-rise buildings where IDPs will be able to get housing. According to Vitaliy Bunechko, head of the Zhytomyr Oblast Military Administration, the Zhytomyr Oblast is included in the list of regions of Ukraine where the state program for providing IDPs with housing will be implemented.

Chernihiv Oblast

The Chernihiv Executive Committee decided to allocate almost 70 million hryvnias to increase the defense capability of the city of Chernihiv. Another 150 thousand were allocated for 100 sets of overalls for rescuers.

In Chernigov, they began to repair the church of St. Theodosius, destroyed during the shelling. The ruined bell tower is being rebuilt; new electrical wiring has been laid inside. The first liturgy is planned to be held in the church in a week.

In total, 4,100 buildings were destroyed in the oblast due to hostilities. Approximately 80% of them are housing stock.

Sumy Oblast

Shelling of the border settlements of the Sumy Oblast continues from the territory of russia.

At night, the russian military fired on the territory of the Stetskivka elder district.

At about 4 am, russian aviation made six launches of unguided missiles on the territory of the border settlements of the Sumy Oblast. As a result of the shelling, houses in one of the settlements of the Sumy community were damaged.

Close to 12:04 p.m., a russian jet plane launched about six missiles in the direction of the village of Hudove, Shostka Raion. The Operational Command “North” reported that there were no casualties among personnel and equipment. Information on casualties among the local population and destruction is being clarified.

The Oblast prosecutor’s office announced the detention of two suspects of high treason. The investigation established that they voluntarily agreed to cooperate with the FSB of russia.

Eastern Oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

During the day, the enemy fired at Barvinkove in the Izium district and Tsyrkuny in Kharkiv. A missile strike was fired on the Kharkiv Oblast. the houses were damaged, but there were no victims.

An 11-year-old child was injured during the shelling of Balaklia last night. A total of 8 were wounded in Balaklia and another 2 – in Kharkiv as a result of shelling on the outskirts of the city.

Fighting continues in the Kharkiv oblast. The enemy tried to attack Barvinkove and Svyatogorsk. In the Izyum raion, the enemy attacked in the direction of Vernopil and Bogorodichny. All attacks are repulsed. Our defenders hold their positions.

Donetsk Oblast

In the Donetsk direction, the enemy fired at the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine along the entire line of contact with mortars, barrels and jet artillery. it uses operational-tactical and army aviation. The main efforts are focused on the Severodonetsk and Bakhmut areas.

In the past 24hrs, nine enemy attacks have been repulsed in Donetsk and Luhansk, one tank, one artillery system, six armoured combat vehicles, two special armoured vehicles and three units of motor vehicles have been destroyed. Air defence units shot down a cruise missile, a tactical reconnaissance UAV “Eleron” and two UAV type “Orlan-10”.

On June 3, three civilians were wounded in the russian shelling: 2 in Soledar and 1 in Vasylivka.

Since the beginning of the russian invasion of Ukraine, 464 civilians have been killed and 1,214 wounded in shelling and bombing in the Donetsk Oblast.


Explosions were heard in the city. There are no reports of destruction or casualties.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine and Territorial Defence are preparing to meet the enemy.

The city authorities are reporting possible problems with water supply in the Oblast.

The situation remains alarming.

The coordinator of AUI “Active Community” coordinated the issuance of humanitarian aid in the village. Bilokuzminivka. More than 300 residents received food kits.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsky Raion

The enemy did not conduct active hostilities in the Avdiivka and Kurakhiv direction. The actions carried out by the enemy were most likely aimed at restraining forces and distracting the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Mortar, barrel and jet artillery shelling was recorded in the areas of settlements on the demarcation line.

The head of the Avdiivka VCA Vitaliy Barabash reports that the occupiers are destroying the infrastructure in Avdiivka, there are no whole houses left in the city. Yesterday, drinking and industrial water were delivered to the city, however, the humanitarian situation in the city is deteriorating.

Enemy troops shelled the town of Kurakhove in the Pokrovsky district with “Hurricanes”: there is destruction. The building of the TPP was destroyed.

The last day in the Pokrov community was relatively calm. No casualties or damage were reported.

Educators, doctors and communal workers of Pokrovsk received another humanitarian aid from the city authorities.

In Pokrovsk, volunteers distributed free and delicious pizza.


In the Bakhmut direction, with the support of artillery, the enemy is advancing, without success. After the fire damage from the Ukrainian units, they left.


The russians are demolishing the houses damaged by them without dismantling the rubble. The occupiers do not spend time searching for the dead under the ruins of houses and destroy evidence of their crimes. Together with construction waste, the bodies are taken to a landfill.

Today the second vessel under the flag of russia entered the waters of the port of Mariupol and is moored for loading of Ukrainian metal.

In the occupied territories, the russians continue to destroy the Ukrainian identity. The russians brought 5,000 russian textbooks to one of the Mariupol schools. Instead, the Ukrainians were taken away.

Luhansk Oblast

A mother and child were killed in a shelling by the russian army on June 3rd in Hirske. Another resident of Zolote received another life-threatening injury. It also became known about a resident of Hirske who died three days ago.

There are wounded in Severodonetsk, where fighting is taking place. The russian invaders suffer losses, regroup, replenish and continue to storm the city. Once again, they tried to cut off the settlement by shelling another bridge. Yesterday, one of their shells hit one of the surviving apartments.

Today, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) pushed the russian military in Severodonetsk by 20%. Russia now controls about half of the city. Russia is throwing all its reserves in this direction.

The humanitarian situation in the city is difficult. It is impossible to deliver medicines to Severodonetsk.

Southern oblasts

Kherson Oblast

The situation in the Kherson Oblast is restrainedly optimistic, – the chairman of the Oblast Council noted. There were small victories of the Ukrainian army in the north and the Mykolaiv direction. They give hope that Kherson Oblast will be liberated soon.

There is no mobile connection and no Internet in the Kherson Oblast for the sixth day in a row. Sales outlets of russian cell packages in exchange for passport data are increasing in the Oblast, and a branch of united russia has been opened in Kherson, where collaborators are trying to gather information about people.

In the occupied villages, the situation is stably difficult; there are fights, and the occupiers, as always cynically, have equipment near or between the houses of civilians hiding near dwellings. They do not allow to deliver food and medicine — no green corridors. People continue to survive without water and light.

There is information that the invaders want to open their business in the Oblast. All they need for this – they plan to take away from local entrepreneurs.

Mykolaiv Oblast

In the morning of June 4th, the russian occupation troops once again fired at residential quarters of one of the areas of Mykolaiv. The shelling killed at least three people and injured four others.

Over the Odesa and Mykolaiv oblasts, the Ukrainian military shot down four rockets.

About 5 pm in Mykolaiv, explosions were heard.

Odesa Oblast

The danger of rocket fire remains.

An air-based cruise missile was fired at the Odesa Oblast in the morning.

Air defense is constantly working. Soldiers of the South Air Command recorded another downed enemy reconnaissance and strike UAV “Outpost”. The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) are conducting training. Local Territorial Defense units equip fortifications to defend the area.

City officials say the situation in the community is under control, but the threat of rocket fire remains.

People are united and active; they volunteer.

The situation is tense due to the threat of rocket fire.

The AUI “Active Community” coordinator provided information on receiving psychological, social, and humanitarian assistance. Conducted art therapy “Painting of eco-bags.”

Central oblasts

Kirovohrad Oblast

The situation is under control. There was an air alert, the threat of a missile strike. The AFU guard the Oblast’s borders and military facilities. Local Territorial Defense units are on duty at checkpoints and patrol the city with police.

There is a lot of talk in the community about the heroism of the defenders of Ukraine, who, for a hundred days since the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine, give a decent rebuff to the occupiers and defend their homeland at the cost of their own lives.

In Kropyvnytskyi, a rescuer dog Derek helps displaced children with psycho-emotional relief. A series of meetings with rescuers for children from IDPs families are organized at the Kropyvnytskyi Tourist Information Center. Here, the specialists of the main department of the State Emergency Service in the Oblast and the psychologists of the service in the form of the game “Safe Journey” remind children of the safety rules and handling of fire and get acquainted with the profession of rescuer.

In Kropyvnytskyi, the dormitory of the Technical University was decided to be handed over to IDPs for housing. The hostel was built in 1968. It is designed for 372 beds.

The AUI “Active Community” coordinator took part in weaving camouflage nets.

Poltava Oblast

It was restless in Poltava that night. Three air alarms were triggered. It all worked out. Big thanks go to the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU)!

During a video conference, the Head of the Poltava Oblast Military Administration, Dmytro Lunin, said that the enemy made 242 billion hryvnias losses since the beginning of the full-scale war in Poltava Oblast. During this time, 44 missiles were fired in the Oblast direction in Myrhorod, Kremenchuk, Poltava, Karliv, Lubny, and Tereshkiv communities. Almost 50 buildings in Poltava Oblast were damaged due to such rocket attacks. Air alarms have been announced more than 350 times.

The President of Ukraine dismissed Viktor Ivanenko as the Head of the Myrhorod Regional State Administration. He is suspected of extorting a bribe of UAH 500 000.

The marble plaque to field marshal of the russian empire paskevich in Poltava is being dismantled. This decision was made with difficulty because paskevich is a controversial person.

The Poltava community will rename streets named after soviet or russian figures and politicians and those containing the names of russian and belarusian places. A total of 195 streets are planned to be renamed. Residents will be involved in the discussion of the new names. (

In Poltava, 90 000 hryvnias were collected during the “Mother’s Cookies” campaign. More than thirty Poltava housewives baked cookies, including the AUI “Active Community” coordinator in Poltava. With the funds raised, it is planned to purchase a car at the AFU’s request.

The AUI “Active Community” Poltava team purchased and transferred for the AFU on the front line, and the wounded soldiers treated in the city hospital, hygiene products.

Vinnytsia Oblast


Air defense sirens sounded in the city.

The last day in the Khmilnyk community passed quietly.

In the village of Vyshenka the day before, villagers honored children killed by russian aggression. Various children’s toys were placed on the steps of the school, and the inscription “Childhood killed by war” was placed. Cherries “under the slogan” Remember the innocent angels “.

Kozyatyn resident Khmilnytskyi Raion Natalia Mazur lost contact with her son, who is defending Ukraine, more than two weeks ago. Today, June 4, she announced that her son, Andriy Muravsky, was alive but in captivity.

Western Oblasts 

Lviv Oblast

Yesterday a siren once sounded an air alarm. There was a threat of a missile strike by Russia from the Black Sea. The danger did not come true.

Over the past 24hrs, another 116 people have been received and resettled from other regions where hostilities continue.

36,000 people left Ukraine across the western border. Instead, 35,000 Ukrainian citizens returned.

Rivne Oblast

The general situation is relatively calm, there were no air alarms.

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine patrol the border with Belarus. Representatives of the Terror Defense are patrolling and on duty at checkpoints.

Exactly on a visit was visited by Victoria Sparts – a member of the US House of Representatives.

Rivne Oblast Military Administration provides information on the availability of fuel at gas stations in the region.

On June 4, a monument to “Soviet” soldiers, guerrillas and underground fighters was removed from Victory Square in Rivne. He was included in the list of objects to be dismantled. The demolition of the monument was announced by a member of the working group on de-Sovietization and de-russification. According to the art critic, the monument was erected in 1974.


Representatives of the local Defense Forces units continue to stand guard at checkpoints.

Local deputies from the European Solidarity handed over clothes to the soldiers to the east. They also form cakes for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The deputies were given energy bars and energy drinks for the military. They also sent a car with food to Kharkiv.

Local volunteers sew the necessary clothes for the soldiers. Also in Zdovbytsky Lyceum camouflage nets continue to be woven.

The general situation in the region is calm. There were no air alarms. More than 350 internally displaced persons live in the community.

The coordinator of AUI “Active Community” conducted art therapy for children of internally displaced persons.

Chernivtsi Oblast

An air alarm was sounded in Chernivtsi Oblast for two hours in the evening. Currently, the situation is calm and under control.

In the territorial defense of Bukovina, relatives were urged not to share photos and data of the disappeared military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on social networks.

In Chernivtsi, the public organization “World Embroidery Day” together with the charity fund “Circle” created a limited series of embroideries by Stepan Bandera. Proceeds will go to purchase bulletproof vests for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Zakarpattia Oblast

In Uzhgorod, the memory of children who became victims of russian aggression was honored, because at least 261 children have been killed since the beginning of the full-scale invasion by the occupiers.

In Uzhhorod, the participants of the project “Discover Uzhhorod” met with guests from other cities of Ukraine who came to Transcarpathia due to hostilities in the social laundry-cafe “Bulka”. The settlers were told about the opportunity to get to know Uzhgorod with the help of special audio guides.

Transcarpathian farmers have implemented a plan to sow spring crops. Most of the land in the region is sown with corn – 50 thousand hectares and potatoes – 28 thousand hectares.

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