Day seventy-ninth of Ukrainian people’s heroic struggle against the russian military invasion goes on.

Ukraine in Brief:

Day seventy-ninth of Ukrainian people’s heroic struggle against the russian military invasion goes on.

There has been no active enemy action in the north of Ukraine.

The aggressor used artillery to shell civil facilities on the territory of the Sumy Oblast from the territory of the russian federation and launched an air strike of Tovstodubove.

In the Kharkiv Oblast, the enemy has been concentrating on ensuring exit of its units from Kharkiv and preventing Ukrainian forces from advancing towards the russian troops in the area of Izyum. The enemy units have been shelling our positions in the areas of Petrivka, Pytomnyk, Ruski Tyshky and Ternova.

In Slovyansk direction, the enemy has focussed its main effort on the offensive in the vicinity of Bohorodychne, but saw no success. There have been shellings of districts in the population centres of Nova Dmytrivka and Krasnopillya as well as air strikes of neighbourhoods of Dolyna and Adamivka. The invaders have attempted to establish control over Novoselivka Druha, Kamyanka, Maryinka and Novomykhailivka. The enemy has unsuccessfully tried to consolidate its objective in the area of Oleksandrivka. In the direction of Bakhmut, the aggressor has been storming towards Zolote and Komyshuvakha, though without success. It has been shelling the population centres of Toshkivka and Orikhove.

In Mariupol, the invaders are doubling down to blockade our units in the area of Azovstal Mill and continue shellings.

In the Luhansk Oblast, the enemy is actively firing in the area of Rubizhne.

In Donetsk and Luhansk directions, the defenders of Ukraine have repelled eighteen enemy attacks in the past 24 hours destroying enemy thirteen tanks, eight artillery systems, twenty seven armoured vehicles, two pieces of specialised engineering equipment and five vehicles.

The invaders continue illegal activities against the local population on the temporarily occupied territories. Administrative and policing actions and counter-intelligence measures are underway. Unsubstantiated detentions of peaceful civilians, particularly with active pro-Ukrainian position, continue.

Northern Oblasts


A trial of the first russian serviceman charged in the killing of a civil Ukrainian has started in Kyiv. Russian Sergeant Vadim Shishmarin is accused of breaching the war laws and customs and of premeditated killing: on 28 February, he shot dead an unarmed resident of the Sumy Oblast. The russian military man is facing from 10 years to life behind the bars.

Kyiv Oblast

According to The Washington Post, bodies of some 37 civilians have been discovered on the road connecting two villages in the Oblast. Those are of the individuals trying to flee the hostilities. The russians shelled the road with mortars.

The Oblast is receiving humanitarian and technical aid from abroad and from various communities inside Ukraine. E. g., the Swedish community of Sursele donated a fire engine to Irpin. A volunteer fire brigade from the Cherkasy Oblast has arrived to Irpin to help put the town in order.

Zhytomyr Oblast

There have been air raid alerts in the Oblast since the evening.

Last respects have been paid in Zhytomyr to 95 Airborne Brigade serviceman Guennadiy Nechytailo who enlisted in the force since the first days of the russian invasion of Ukraine.

Public transport that was put on hold because of fuel shortages has been restored in Berdychiv.

Already in mid-April the residents of Brusyliv community in the Oblast responded to the plea of the chair of the Makariv community in the Kyiv Oblast to help with the clean-up of de-occupied territories. The people had no hesitation to help a village 35 km away from their homes. From the very beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Brusyliv community has been in contact hosting those who suffered at the hands of the russian military. Counselling and advice centres have been set up in every school in the area.

Chernihiv Oblast

The Chernihiv government has addressed 50 wealthiest countries worldwide with a request to take under patronage the city restoration after shellings. The local officials have also contacted overseas private foundations and private corporations as well as architectural design bureaus and design-engineering organisations with a plea for restoration projects.

The population of Chernihiv, currently at 170 thousand, used to stand at 285 thousand before the start of the full-scale invasion.

Sumy Oblast

There were two russian missile strikes of the Oblast during the night. The missiles hit the border village of Ochkino.

Eastern Oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

The night was relatively calm in Kharkiv. A missile hit the Kharkiv airport area during the day yesterday with no casualties. The shellings of Saltivka throughout the past 24 hours have left three wounded.

Dergachi have suffered the most from the shellings: two killed and four wounded. The russians damaged a local humanitarian aid centre, the civil registration office, a section of the outpatient clinic and the A&E facility. There are three wounded in the Zolochiv community and two more, in Balakliya.

A russian shell hit a storage shed in Shebelinka, Izyum Raion causing a roof fire, scorching 10 lorries and leaving three killed and five more wounded.

Donetsk Oblast

Matters of Donetsk Oblast security and defence in martial law circumstances were discussed during the meeting under the chair of deputy Presidential Office Head Oleh Tatarov. Senior law enforcement officers reported on the security status of the Oblast and discussed ways to improve the defence capabilities of the Oblast as well as measures to improve interaction between the units performing combat tasks there.

The Avdiyivka direction has seen the most active fire: the russians are spending the second day striking the Avdiyivskyi by-product coke plant. One employee was wounded and some of the plant equipment damaged. The shellings and bombardments this morning have left the town without power supply. There were two russian air strikes yesterday, which killed one person and wounded another. The enemy artillery fired the town twice in the night (no information about casualties, damage to residential buildings reported). At least 11 buildings have been damaged in the town for these two days.

The enemy used Smerch MRLS against the Ocheretyne community yesterday. Artillery bombardments have been continuing along the whole frontline today. A local was wounded and five buildings damaged in Toretsk yesterday. The shellings had caused fire at one of local enterprises, which was promptly eliminated by local rescuers. Two residential buildings were damaged by an ATGM in Svitlodarsk. The residents of the buildings had been evacuated before. Also, the russians had tried to breach through Ukrainian defences in the directions of Ocheretyne and Avdiyivka but the attempts were repelled by the AFU. The enemy keeps trying to breach through in the direction of Maryinka, though the situation there remains under control.

The situation in Mariupol remains challenging; the steely defenders take monumental efforts to withstand relentless air, missile, naval cannon, tank and artillery strikes in an all-round defence of Azovstal. The Ukrainian government has addressed the world and international organisations calling to save the lives of our warriors.


Air alarms and sounds of explosions were heard almost all day. There are no reports of destruction or casualties.

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the local Territorial Defense units were preparing to meet the enemy.

The mayor met with the staff of the utility company “Kramatorsk Tram and Trolleybus Department” and congratulated workers on the 50th anniversary. Despite all the troubles, the trolleybus remains a reliable means of transport that allows residents to get to work and home. Thanks to the purchased autonomous trolleybuses, it is possible to connect remote villages with the city.

Today, the need of the residents of the village, which is part of the Kramatorsk community, for humanitarian aid was realized. Volunteers, despite fuel problems, delivered the packages to the recipients. Thanks to the active residents, the elderly and people with disabilities received assistance.

In general, the situation remains worrying. The fuel problem has worsened again. There is almost no diesel fuel.

The team of AUI “”Active Community” carried out preparatory work for the issuance of a large batch of humanitarian aid packages in the community settlements. In total, more than 700 food kits have been prepared.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk raion

The night in the Pokrovsk community was relatively calm, there were no emergencies in the city.

Enemy units are trying to develop offensive operations in the Avdiivka, Ocheretyn and Kurakhiv directions.

Representatives of the local Territorial Defense units are on duty in the community.

Thanks to the coordinated and skilful actions of Ukrainian military, the operational situation in the region remains under control. Utilities are operating normally, currently equipped with fuel and lubricants.

Gas is running out in Pokrovsk, residents are advised to switch to electrical appliances. Gas in the Donetsk oblast remained for a week or two. The reason for this was damage to the pipeline. It is not possible to eliminate the emergency situation, as hostilities are taking place there.

The Pokrovsk community continues to provide food kits tolocal families of vulnerable categories, IDPs, veterans, Children of War, critical infrastructure workers, and almost everyone who stays in the city.


In the Bakhmut direction, the occupiers carried out assault operations in the direction of Orikhove settlement and in the area of Komyshuvakha, they were unsuccessful.

As of May 13, 2022, private trade facilities are operating in a limited mode. The coordinator of AUI “Active Community” was engaged in preparation for art therapy for IDP adolescents in Cherkasy.


The situation is becoming increasingly difficult. The russians continue to bomb the “Azovstal” plant. Under cover of shelling, the occupiers are trying to break through the ground into the middle of the plant.

There are more than 100,000 people in Mariupol. On the perimeter of the city, the russian military has set up filtration camps that prevent people from leaving the city. All humanitarian missions were blocked by the russian side. There is not enough food in the city. The russian army involvs local residents not only in removing the blockages in Mariupol, but also in gathering the killed.

Luhansk Oblast

In the Luhansk oblast, the Ukrainian military is holding back the russian offensive and advancing to other regions of Ukraine. The enemy made every effort to break through the defenses. During the day recorded the passage of two thousand units of russian equipment. The russians storm Rubizhne, Zolote, Nizhne and the outskirts of Severodonetsk.

31 times the russians opened fire in the direction of residential areas in Luhansk oblast on May 12.

In Girske and Popasna communities, the occupiers destroyed almost 60 houses. In Rubizhne, the bridge connecting the city with Severodonetsk was damaged.

It became known about two people killed in enemy shelling. A man from Lysychansk received life-threatening injuries on the evening of May 11. An 11-year-old boy from Zolote, who was in critical condition, recently died at a hospital in Dnipro.

The Red Cross provided more than 60 tons of food to Severodonetsk. These are 3,600 packages to the residents of the city, which are still in the shelters and basements of their destroyed houses. The drivers of three trucks and a car, risking their lives, brought food to the city. Despite the shelling, volunteers continue to provide assistance. Targeted assistance to bedridden people is provided by the National Police.

Southern Oblasts

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

The situation in the Zaporizhzhia oblast remains threatening and tense. Russian invaders are gathering new resources and continuing hostilities in the direction of Hulyaypole, Orikhiv, Polohy. These settlements are under heavy shelling.

In Hulyaypole, SES specialists put out a fire caused by russian shelling: a garage and a house were on fire. In the afternoon of May 13, repeated shelling caused new damage to the city’s infrastructure. According to preliminary information, three local residents were injured.

A fire was also localized in Orikhiv – due to enemy attacks, the flames engulfed the outbuilding. The city’s power lines were severely damaged, leading to shutdowns of pumps and water disruptions. People are asked to stock up on water. Local authorities promise to arrange water supply later.

A garage and a private car were on fire in the Polohy due to artillery shelling.

In total, as of now, there are 88 settlements in the Zaporizhzhia oblast without gas supply, including 48 settlements in Berdyansk and Melitopol raions.

The russian military continues to use the air base in occupied Melitopol. On May 12, at least 7 helicopters were recorded at the base. Near Melitopol, the enemy continues to build a system of trenches and fortifications.

In the temporarily occupied territories, the russians are trying to place as many signs as possible that mark the territories as russian. This applies to various spheres of life: the restoration of communist monuments, the use of fake symbols, and so on.

During the past two days, the defense forces of the Zaporizhzhia oblast destroyed: 2 rocket-propelled grenade launchers “Grad”, 2 self-propelled artillery guns 2C7 “Peony”, self-propelled howitzer 2C19 “Msta-C”, 2 trailed howitzers D-30, 2 mortars, 5 combat vehicles, 11 automobiles, unmanned aerial vehicle, 3 self-propelled artillery units 2C1 “Gvozdika”, 4 units of automobile fuel tanks.


Yesterday the missile hit the nature reserve of Khortytsia island . A fire broke out as a result of the shelling. Rescuers eliminated the burning of two centers of dry grass on a total area of about 500 square meters.

Commander of the 55th Artillery Brigade “Zaporizhzhya Sich”, Colonel Roman Kachur, was awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine with the Order of the Golden Star for personal courage and selfless actions in defense of state sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Kherson Oblast

In the evening of May 12, the russian occupiers fired on a column of migrants from the Kherson Oblast. The shelling affected civilians, including a child.


A new cyberattack by russian hackers: a mailing list on the subject of the temporarily occupied Kherson Oblast about the so-called “revenge action in Kherson”, the file is: “Kherson Plan.htm”.

Russia is preparing for the complete capture of the entire territory of Kherson Oblast under its control, attracting resources and installing more equipment.

Today at 5 o’clock in the morning shells arrived in Stanislav and Shiroka Balka.

The villages were left without electricity. 350 houses in Alexandriivka were destroyed by shelling.

Mayor Skadovska works remotely. People come together, help each other. Almost all elderly people remained in the city. The situation is consistently critical. Russians bring a lot of products from the Crimea at space prices. Pharmacies are still closed. There is no internet and no connection. Works on the exchange of drugs and the hospital.

AUI “Active Community” coordinators ensure that the drugs that can be found are delivered to the elderly.

Mykolayiv Oblast

For last days in the Mykolaiv area there were 9 fires. 5 of them were engaged in the russian shelling.

During this time in the Mykolaiv area 13 people were wounded. All the victims were taken to Ukrainian medical institutions and receive the necessary assistance.

Points of delivery of humanitarian aid work in each area of ​​Mykolaiv. Free bread is distributed to locals every day.

Odesa Oblast

The situation in the Oblast is tense, the threat of missile strikes remains. The russian military is trying to patrol and reconnoiter the Odesa Oblast.

As a result of one of the rocket attacks on Odesa, the Vorontsov Palace was damaged. It is an architectural monument built in the early 19th century. The blast damaged windows and stucco elements.

Today the coordinator conducted art therapy on the painting of eco-bags. Participants, including internally displaced citizens, received a lot of fun and positive emotions.

Central Oblast


Enemy troops fired artillery at a peaceful convoy of migrants leaving the Kherson Oblast last night. The wounded in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast have been provided with all necessary assistance, one woman is currently in hospital.

The Victory volunteer team together with the World Central Kitchen created the Hospitable Lunch project to feed the migrants on the Dnipro . Thus, in 16 Dnipro institutions, migrants are treated to a hospitable dinner free of charge.


The area is quiet, without air sirens. The Armed Forces of Ukraine protect the borders of the Oblast and military facilities. Troops are on duty at checkpoints and patrolled the city together with police.

Sowing of spring cereals and legumes is almost completed. Sugar beet has already been planted on 90% of the planned areas. Farmers have completely finished planting vegetables.

The Kropyvnytskyi Center for Administrative Services accepts applications from IDPs who want to register for temporary housing. Deputy head of the administrative services department Anna Shevchenko said that they register the application and submit it to the housing department of the city council within 24 hours.

The Alexandria Theater organized a charity concert in support of the Armed Forces. Volunteers of the Coordination Center of the city of Alexandria raised 5741 hryvnias during the charity event. The funds will be spent on the needs of the army.

Children of internally displaced persons who have chosen Kropyvnytskyi as their place of temporary residence will be exempted from paying 50% of their tuition fees at art schools in the Kropyvnytskyi City Territorial Community. The relevant decision was made by the Kropyvnytskyi City Council at its meeting. Fees for library services of the City Centralized Library System will be abolished for IDPs. The benefits will last until the end of martial law in Ukraine.

The coordinator of the AUI Active Community provided IDPs with advice on obtaining documents on IDP status, as well as information on the available resources of employers of the Oblast’s center and surrounding communities.

Poltava Oblast

In Poltava, educational institutions were awarded to the winners or participants of the annual competition for landscaping and landscaping “Schoolyard (kindergarten) – a zone of comfort, beauty and security in the Poltava territorial community.”

The charity online auction for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “Poltava in business” started today. All the funds from the sale of lots will be donated by the organizers to the Poltava Battalion of Indifferent for the purchase of thermal imagers, helmets and bulletproof vests for Ukrainian soldiers. Lot №1 – FC Vorskla T-shirt with autographs of football players.

Thanks to the comedy improvisation from “Square Show”, 10 thousand hryvnias were collected for the defenders of Ukraine. Proceeds from the event were donated to the Poltava Defense public movement in support of the Armed Forces and the local Territory Defense.

Today in Poltava private carriers did not go on routes because of lack of fuel. City officials have increased the number of trolleybuses and will meet today with fuel suppliers for talks.

In the Poltava Oblast, in the village of Kolomatskoye, a monument to the Bulgarian communist and Stalin’s ally, Tsvyatko Radoinov, was dismantled. Next will be a monument to Dmitry Blagoev – the founder of the Communist Party of Bulgaria and another ally of Lenin.

In Poltava Oblast, a fraudulent scheme of renting housing for migrants was exposed.

The AUI Active Community team in Poltava consulted and looked for opportunities to send IDP families who arrived in the city in transit to the border. We managed to send a mother with three children with the help of the Light of Hope car and now this family will be able to get to the European Union safely.

Vinnytsia Oblast


In the Transnistrian Oblast of the Republic of Moldova, units of the operational group of Russian troops are on alert.

The servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been transferred to an enhanced mode of service. Representatives of the local Territory Defense were on duty in the community.

The operational situation in the Khmilnytsky community remains under control.

Utilities operate on a full-time basis.

The Khmelnytsky community continues to be relentlessly supported by Poland. Urząd Miasta i Gminy w Busku-Zdroju again received humanitarian aid with long-term storage products, children’s goods, water, medical supplies, bandages, karemats (rugs), personal hygiene items, as well as blankets and cots.

Thanks to volunteer initiatives, residents of Osterland (Netherlands) responded to help Ukrainians. From them, 100 first aid kits came to our community.

For the second time Khmilnytsky community receives a consignment of humanitarian goods from the charity Pun Fund, which brought a significant stock of food, including: oatmeal, 230 packs of pasta, as well as rice, peas, wheat groats. For the kids, we gave baby food in a mixture – 350 packages, as well as a jar of fruit puree – 2400 cans, cookies (1930 packages) and tea (240 packages)

The coordinator of the Khmelnytsky AUI Active Community of Vinnytsia Oblast talked to Yevhen Bolyubash, the head of the Khmilnyk district council department.

It was about joint actions, activities in the interests of economic and cultural development of the population and ensuring a safe environment for everyone and life.

Western Oblasts

Lviv Oblast

As of May 12, there are 867 applications from entrepreneurs who want to move their business to the Lviv Oblast. 141 companies have already done so, 85 of them have earned in the Oblast, and the rest are completing preparations for this.

More than $ 1.4 million worth of medicines and medical supplies were donated to regional medical institutions in the Lviv Oblast.

Medicines are provided for residents of the Lviv oblast and internally displaced persons, in particular for people with diabetes.


There were no reports of air alarms.

More than 35,000 internally displaced persons live in the Drohobych raion. These are mostly children, mothers and the elderly.

Coordinators of AUI “Active Community” purchased paints for painting the shelter. The event was discussed with the headmaster of the school.

Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

No air alarms. IDPs continue to come to the Oblast. There is a catastrophic lack of free housing in cities.

Humanitarian aid has arrived in the Frankivsk Oblast from Kazakhstan. The Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Kazakhstan facilitated the collection and organized the logistics of volunteer assistance to Prykarpattia. The oblast received more than 19 tons of food products: canned food, pasta, sweets and cookies. Part of the aid will be sent to the area where the fighting is taking place. Internally displaced persons living in Prykarpattia will also receive this assistance.

The coordinator of the Active Community AUI conducted art classes for IDP children.

Rivne Oblast

Relatively calm, there were no air alarms. The Armed Forces of Ukraine patrol the border with Belarus. Representatives of the Territory Defense are patrolling and on duty at checkpoints.

Rivne cynologists together with four-legged companions continue to demine the Kyiv Oblast. 

The oblast received 1,600 tons of flour and peas from the World Food Program at the UN. Part of the flour was distributed to four districts of the Rivne oblast and the city of Rivne. The flour will be sent to internally displaced citizens and to social institutions in the oblast. (

Another humanitarian consignment arrived from the charity organization “To Victory Together” Charitable Foundation. The foundation received assistance from the independent international medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders. They handed over a range of diapers for adults, medical gowns and masks to doctors.

Citizens come together to help volunteer staff financially and intangibly.

The coordinator of the Active Community AUI moderated and helped organize the Board Games Club for young people and teenagers who were forced to come to Rivne from other cities and the Rivne community in partnership with the NOTA youth space and the LIP initiative.

Khmelnytsky Oblast 


The situation in the community is stable. All utilities are currently operating.

Yesterday, 8 IDPs were granted shelter.

This week, our soldiers received another 117.5 thousand hryvnias in aid from the community budget. The local council purchased 5 freezers, 37 lanterns, 20 axes, 100 shovels, car tires, and stationery. In total, since the beginning of hostilities, the military has received about UAH 2 million from the community.

From friends from the sister city of Kalisz, the community received another humanitarian cargo of food, basic necessities for the military and internally displaced persons.

There are already 13 companies operating in Kamianets-Podilskyi that have moved from dangerous oblasts. Another 10 – at the stage of registration of documents.

The coordinator of the Active Community AUI took humanitarian aid (hygiene products) to the Holy Trinity Church. The priest of this church conducts services in one of the churches of Kharkiv and helps the parishioners and receives help from the city of Kamianets-Podilskyi for the people of Kharkiv. He also delivered humanitarian aid to the Reformed Church of Grace in the village of Ruda, where several families from the occupied territories found refuge.

Chernivtsi Oblast

The situation in the Chernivtsi oblast is calm and controlled, travel is safe.

Bukovyna lost three more defenders of Ukraine.

About one and a half thousand Christmas trees and larch trees will grow in the Bukovynian Carpathians thanks to IDPs. They joined the project “Bukovyna. Recovery time! ” and together with the inhabitants of the Selyatyn community planted trees in the local forestry. More than 150 IDPs who now live in mountain communities of the Chernivtsi oblast took part in the action. They were provided with seedlings by foresters.

In Chernivtsi, the international humanitarian organization Save the Children in Ukraine has set up a children’s space for IDPs. It was opened in a dormitory of a higher vocational school, which became a temporary home for internally displaced persons.

The coordinator of AUI “Active Community” in Chernivtsi is looking for volunteers to prepare free lunches for the needy and solved the issue of temporary housing for IDPs.

Zakarpattia Oblast

The official distributor of ŠKODA cars in Ukraine – Eurocar in Zakarpattia – resumed accepting orders in May, and in June the plant’s production facilities should start working again. A charity bike ride in embroidered shirts will take place in Uzhhorod, and all the funds raised at the event will be donated to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The gathering of participants will begin at 18:30. near the Zakarpattia Academic Oblast Music and Drama Theater. The race starts at 19:00.

Daffodils bloomed in Zakarpattia. The Daffodil Valley near the town of Khust is one of the few places in Europe where mountain daffodils grow and bloom in the first half of May. This massif is located on the territory of the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, which is part of the network of biosphere reserves of international importance under the auspices of UNESCO.

The Mariupol Theater, located in Uzhhorod, will be the first to present a play about Vasyl Stus, a symbol of the Ukrainian people’s struggle against the invaders.

The team of AUI “Active Community” was engaged in weaving camouflage nets, as well as attracting volunteers to a photoshoot for fundraising funds for the needs of defence and IDPs.

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