Ukraine briefly:

The 89th day of the heroic confrontation of the Ukrainian people against the russian military invasion continues.

In the north of Ukraine, the situation has not changed much. The threat of missile and bomb strikes from the territory of belarus remains.

The russian occupiers do not stop shelling the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), which are deployed near the state border of Ukraine in Sumy and Chernihiv oblasts.

In the Kharkiv Oblast, the invaders try to keep the occupied borders. The russians are shelling Ukrainian troops to prevent them from advancing toward the state border. The occupiers are also trying to improve the tactical position of their units. The enemy used rocket-propelled grenade launchers and heavy flamethrower systems in the area of the Studenok settlement and fired artillery at the territories of Husarivka and Chepil.

In the Donetsk Oblast, the enemy’s main efforts were focused on maintaining the occupied positions, conducting reconnaissance, and creating conditions for the resumption of the offensive. The russians launched an airstrike near Bohorodicne settlement and fired artillery at Svyatohorsk city. Enemy units did not stop trying to break through the defenses of Ukrainian troops to surround them and reach the administrative borders of Luhansk Oblast. The main efforts are focused on the Bakhmut direction.

No active hostilities have been reported in the Lyman direction. The enemy carried out artillery shelling of units of the AFU and civilian objects in Lyman village. In the Severodonetsk direction, with the support of artillery, the enemy conducted assault operations, had no success, suffered losses, and retreated. In the Bakhmut direction, the enemy tried to launch an offensive but was unsuccessful. Russian occupation troops conducted reconnaissance by battle in the Luhansk direction, but had no success, and withdrew.

In Mykolayiv and Kherson oblasts, the occupiers continue to shell the positions of Ukrainian troops to restrain their actions. Engineering equipment for defensive lines in the area of the Posad-Pokrovsky settlement proceeds.

Measures of the administrative-police regime in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine continue. Thus, according to available information, the occupiers created 19 so-called “commandant’s offices” in the temporarily occupied territories of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia oblasts.

The moral and psychological condition of the occupiers remains low, and there is a systematic use of alcohol and desertion. The personnel of the enemy’s units complain about their attacks’ ineffectiveness on the AFU positions.

Northern oblasts


In Kyiv, citizens can take first-aid workshops.

Kyiv Oblast

Another body of a civilian killed by the russian occupiers was found in Kyiv Oblast. The victim was found in the forest line between the villages of Horenka and Moshchun. The victim’s eyes and legs were wrapped in duct tape, and his hands were tied with a construction collar. The sister city of Irpin, Borna (Germany), will help restore the Irpin Lyceum №3, which suffered from shelling by the russian occupiers.

Zhytomyr Oblast

On the night of May 23rd, explosions were heard in Korosten town. The air defense worked. At 4 am, a hit in the railway infrastructure was recorded.

As a result of yesterday’s attack on Malyn, an employee of Ukrzaliznytsia died. Also, 100 residential buildings were damaged. The damage caused to residential buildings in Malyn as a result of missile shelling by the russian troops is recorded and described. The owners of such houses are asked to apply to the executive committee of the Malyn City Council.

Chernihiv Oblast

87 people died due to a missile strike by russian occupation troops on the Desna. The russians shelled the village on May 17th. Work on dismantling the debris has just been completed. At the Economic Forum in Davos, investors were presented with projects to rebuild the facilities destroyed by the russians in Chernihiv.

Sumy Oblast

All night russia shelled the peaceful city of Bilopillya and its environs. From their territory, the russians fired missiles and fired from the ACS. At about 1:00 am, there was an airstrike. 11 houses were damaged.

The enemy also used mortar fire at night in the northern part of the Shostka Raion, firing from the territory of russia. Russian soldier Shishimarin was found guilty of killing a man in the Sumy Oblast. He was sentenced to life imprisonment under the article “violation of the laws and customs of war”. It is the first russian soldier to be convicted of a crime against a civilian.

Eastern oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

Last night, the russian occupiers fired on Kharkiv and other settlements of the Oblast. So, yesterday the Kyiv district of Kharkiv was fired from the jet systems of volley fire. At night, the occupiers fired on the Chuhuiv Raion. As a result of the shelling, private houses, a shop, and a cafe caught fire.

This morning, the russian occupiers struck in the area of Pavlovo Pole. The shell hit near a public transport stop. The blast injured one person. In total, there were two wounded in Kharkiv in a day. Fighting continues in the Oblast. Over the past day, the enemy fired on the positions of the Ukrainian military and prepared new attempts to launch an offensive. In the Kharkiv direction, the occupiers focused on defense. In the Izyum direction, the enemy tried to conduct reconnaissance in some areas but suffered losses and retreated.

Donetsk Oblast

11 enemy attacks have been repulsed in the Donetsk and Luhansk directions over the past 24 hours. Six tanks, ten units of armored combat vehicles, and six units of enemy vehicles were destroyed. Air defense units shot down one unmanned aerial vehicle, “Orlan-10” and an enemy aircraft, “Su-25” in the following areas:

Since the beginning of the russian invasion of Ukraine, 412 civilians have been killed and 1140 wounded in shelling and bombing in the Donetsk Oblast.

On May 22nd, the russians killed five civilians in the Donetsk Oblast: 2 in Lyman, 1 in Dachny, 1 in Klynov, and 1 in Avdiivka. Another 11 people were injured.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsky Raion 

In the Avdiivka and Kurakhiv areas, the russian army is digging into occupied positions. The city of Avdiivka was shelled with artillery. The Donetsk Oblast’s Military Administration Head said that at least 20 houses and kindergartens were damaged, and at least three civilians were reported injured. According to deputy Musa Magomedov, it was “one of the worst shellings in the city since 2014.”

Local Territorial Defense units are on duty in the city. The last day in Pokrovsk was relatively calm. No casualties or damage were reported. Utilities continue to operate normally. Due to the damage to the main gas pipeline and the lack of alternative sources of natural gas transportation to Donetsk Oblast, given the sharp deterioration of the natural gas supply situation, DONETSKOBLGAZ was forced to stop distributing natural gas to its consumers on May 23rd.

In the town of Rodynske, Pokrovsky community, IDPs received humanitarian aid from local governments. The humanitarian assistance itself came from international partners (


In the Bakhmut direction, with the support of artillery, the enemy fought in the area of ​​Alexandropol. As a result of the fire damage by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), the enemy suffered losses and retreated. He also led the offensive in the areas of Lypovo and Trypillya but was unsuccessful.

Russian occupation troops are waging a war of annihilation – destroying settlements along the entire front line from Vugledar to the Lyman, beating cities in the relative rear such as Bakhmut and Soledar.

In Bakhmut, medical care was provided to one person who was injured in Luhansk Oblast.

The AUI “Active Community” Coordinator provided advice on humanitarian assistance.


Kadyrovtsi(ramzan kadyrov’s troops) patrol the Mariupol Raion. First, dirt roads lead to Zaporizhia and Berdyansk to bypass the occupied Manhush and Nikolsky. Those who try to leave are sent back to Mariupol. Local authorities are urging people to refrain from trying to evacuate. Yesterday, the russians deported 257 people from Mariupol to the filtration camp in the village of Bezimianne. 30 of them are children.

Luhansk Oblast

The russians do not stop trying to capture the free settlements of Luhansk Oblast. They are advancing on Severodonetsk. On the border of Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts, the russians, trying to advance and capture this highway, hit a large gas pipeline. Donetsk Oblast was left without gas. An evacuation bus came under fire near Vrubivka. But 17 people were taken out.

Southern oblasts

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

In the Zaporizhzhia Oblast, the situation is difficult and tense. Active hostilities continue in the Zaporizhzhia direction. Air alarms are very often heard. The russian military continues to shell civilian infrastructure and residential areas. Last night, the Zaporizhia Oblast came under rocket fire: the russians launched three cruise missiles at a civilian facility. The occupying forces also fired on the village of Novoyakovlivka from multiple rocket launchers “Hrad”. As a result of the armed attack, dozens of private houses and the Kalinka preschool were severely damaged. Fortunately, there were no children in the school.

It is currently impossible to leave the temporarily occupied territories in the direction of the regional center from the cities of Melitopol and Enerhodar. The russian military does not allow road transport through the checkpoint in the city of Vasylivka. The queue of more than 400 cars is already crowded. The humanitarian convoy from Zaporizhzhia also cannot pass to the occupied territories.

Partisans worked again in the Melitopol Raion: they damaged the armored train of the occupying forces. The humanitarian situation in the temporarily occupied territories remains difficult. There is a lack of fuel, food, medicine, and hygiene products. The occupiers continue to terrorize the local population. The situation in Enerhodar has significantly deteriorated after a local “leader” was injured in the blast.

Mykolaiv Oblast

During the past 24hrs, 11 people have been injured in the fighting. Last night the russian occupation troops fired at one of the areas of Mykolaiv. These were Reactive Volley Fire System cluster munitions “Smerch”. The private housing sector came under fire.

Central oblasts

Kirovohrad Oblast


There was a missile strike threat in the Oblast, and an air alert was issued. The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) guard the Oblast’s borders and military facilities. President Volodymyr Zelenskyi posthumously awarded six defenders from the Kirovohrad Oblast, soldier Vadym Boykov from the Malovysk community, with the Order of Courage of the Third Degree; soldier Vyacheslav Budyuk from the Znamyansk community; senior lieutenant Mykola Kanaykin from the Holovanivka community; lieutenant Vladyslav Serdyuk from the Huriv community; senior soldier Yevhen Suvorov from Kropyvnytskyi; soldier Daniel Solonin from Alexandria.

In Kropyvnytskyi, the Head of the Kirovohrad Oblast Military Administration, Andriy Raikovych, and the director of the Kirovohrad branch of Ukrposhta Tetyana Kapustina and the military made a special redemption of the second series of the Ukrainian postage stamp “russian warship… DONE!” In Kropyvnytskyi, people who wanted to buy a stamp have been queuing since dawn, and people have been lining up in front of closed doors since five in the morning.

Oblast plans to build 20 five-story buildings for internally displaced persons (IDPs) with ​​43 000 square meters. It is 2000 apartments. According to the Oblast Military Administration, as of May 23rd, 77 100 IDPs remained in their permanent residence in Kirovohrad Oblast, of whom 22 763 were children. Most IDPs live in Kropyvnytskyi – more than 18 000.

The Regional Coordinator of the AUI “Active Community” in Kropyvnytskyi assisted IDPs in finding housing for permanent residence and work.

Poltava Oblast

Police officers seized not registered weapons and munitions at the home of a 45 y. o. resident of the Myrhorod Raion. The stash included a rifle, an object similar to F-1 hand grenade, a loaded magazine for an AK assault rifle, and more than 180 rounds. The man faces three to seven years behind bars.

The service members of the Lubny Community’s Volunteer Unit No. 1 have taken the oath today and are ready to defend their motherland with weapons. The Lubny Volunteer Unit is generally among the biggest in Oblast and Ukraine. More than 800 signed volunteer contracts.

On May 25th, Poltava residents will be treated to an improvised comedy show by the Chornyi Kvadrat (Black Square) Theater. The Kvadrat Show (Square Show) keeps doing good deeds with the Defense of Poltava, CSO. Last time they collected more than 10 thousand Hryvnias, using them to make backpacks for anti-tank grenade launchers. This time the proceeds will also support the AFU and the local Territorial Defense units.

The AUI “Active Community” team in Poltava continues collecting humanitarian aid and distributing clothes and footwear among the IDPs who have come into the Oblast.

Vinnytsia Oblast


There have been air raid alerts throughout the day in Khmilnyk. The air defense has been engaged. The past 24 hours have been calm in the Khmilnyk community. Local Territorial Defense units have been patrolling the community territory. Khmilnyk City Mayor Mykola Yurchyshyn gave a detailed interview on how martial law has been affecting the development of Khmilnyk and the challenges that had to be overcome to ensure the livelihood of the town.

A humanitarian cargo from the UN Mission for IDPs sheltering in the Kozyatyn community has arrived in Kozyatyn (Khmilnyk Raion). The load includes linen, mattresses, and tableware for the displaced.

Khmilnyk athletes won nine medals during the charitable mixed martial arts tournament held to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). The match took place in the town of Tulchyn. It was the first time the young Khmilnyk residents took to the ring since the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion – and with handsome results.

The AUI “Active Community” coordinators in the town and the Khmilnyk Raion have been preparing to coordinate an event for IDPs.

Western Oblasts

Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

The situation in Prykarpattya is generally stable and controllable. The police work in an enhanced mode. Ivano-Frankivsk City Mayor Ruslan Martsynkiv pleads with the locals to use public transport more to avoid fare hikes. The public transport fare using the Galka card currently stands at six Hryvnias while private carriers charge eight.

Volunteers continue being proactive in Oblast; the medical staff of the Snyatyn Multidisciplinary Hospital has delivered three medical vehicles compliant with AFU requirements to the hotspots. The medics have additionally fitted out the cars with mobile stretchers for convenient transportation of the wounded. An ambulance vehicle has also been transferred to Kharkiv by the Frankivsk Archdiocese of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. The vehicle was purchased with donations from UGCC community parishioners from Italy.

For some time, a regional AUI “Active Community” coordinator has been assisting handicraftsmen from Prykarpattya to enter the sales market in the U.S.

Rivne Oblast

There have been two air raid alerts in the past 24 hours. The AFU are patrolling the border with belarus. Local Territorial Defense units are also on patrol and man the checkpoints. Some additional security limitations have been imposed on the border Raions of the Oblast. There is a ban on any movement of civilians within the 1000 m-wide stretches immediately adjacent to the state border, excluding the territory of population centers squarely adjoining the state border. For the complete list of limitations, please follow the link.

A russian agitator has been caught in Rivne. The city resident used the Internet to support and deny russia’s military aggression against Ukraine. Pro-russian paraphernalia and a passport of an aggressor country national have been found during the search of the agitator’s flat by the staff of the Security Service of Ukraine Office in the Rivne Oblast. The man has been slapped with a criminal charge.

A ceremonial cancellation of the “russian warship… DONE!” postage stamp has taken place at the central UkrPoshta branch in Rivne today. The cancellation was followed by a spectacular line of those willing to buy the stamp.

The Oblast has received almost five thousand tons of humanitarian aid from European partners. The assistance is being distributed among various oblasts of Ukraine.

The locals continue volunteering: the volunteers from the Borshch Community in Mlyniv have made 21 000 dry soups, individual borshch sets, and soup kits in three months ( The coordinators are preparing for a focus group survey. They have also discussed an action on collecting drawings for the military with their partners, a NOTA Youth Space, and the Rivne Oblast Youth Library.

Zdovbytsia community

The situation in the community is calm overall. There was one air raid alert. Local Territorial Defense units continue watching the checkpoints. More than 350 IDPs are living in the community.

Local MPs have transferred cargo of MREs they made themselves to fellow service members in the south of Ukraine. The locals have been assisting the MPs financially to deliver the load. Also, a batch of long-shelf-life milk brought by Polish volunteers has been delivered. A vehicle has been bought with assistance from Polish volunteers; it will be delivered to Ukrainian defenders before long. The Polish volunteers have also brought around medicines that will be also transferred to military hospitals. They continue making camo nets for the AFU at the local Lyceum.


Khmelnytskyi Oblast


Last week in Kamianets-Podilskyi was held under the slogan “SUPPORT THE ARMY. TAKE CARE OF CHILDREN. APPROACH THE VICTORY!” During several days patriotic chamber events took place in the city. Some of them were charitable and aimed at raising funds for the Ukrainian military.

Thus, on May 20th, during the Center of Culture and Arts “Rozmay” performance in the European Square, people managed to raise almost 4000 hryvnias. The funds will be used to repair a UAZ car, which will be sent to the forefront to transport the wounded.

The organizers of the Brukivka Film Festival raised several thousand hryvnias to buy the thermographic camera for the military during the first screening of films in the city park. Film screenings continue. The total amount of money will be announced after three days of the festival.

Tomorrow the organizers of the children’s exhibition “Children of the World for Peace in Ukraine”, which takes place in the exhibition hall, will calculate the money they received from the sale of paintings. They will be directed to the needs of IDPs. The Lviv Cultural Center NGO, which also held events in the city, will also help the military battalions currently at the forefront. The amount is now being calculated.

The city authorities help everyone who wants to get and prepare land for gardening. 12 people, most of whom are IDPs, have already received 3 acres of land.

The situation with the IDPs arriving and departing remains stable in Kamianka. Over the weekend, 17 people officially came to the community. They are mostly from Donetsk Oblast. Residents of Irpin and Bucha are returning home.

Municipal enterprises of the city collected almost 50 000 hryvnias on their own and thus helped purchase a car for the needs of the medics in the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). Much humanitarian aid, medicine, and other provisions were transferred with the vehicle.

Today the community remembers Ukrainian heroes and heroines who fought for their freedom throughout the history of Ukraine. Citizens lay flowers at memorials and on the Walk of Fame.

Having agreed to be the coordinator of the annual exhibition “Kamyanetska Vesna”, the regional coordinator of the AUI “Active Community” organises a charity event, “Buy a picture – help the Armed Forces”. It will start on May 27th.

Chernivtsi Oblast (Bukovyna) 

Currently, the situation is safe in Chernivtsi Oblast. Law enforcement officers guard the Oblast residents in intensified mode 24/7. Bukovyna residents paid their last tribute to the brave defenders of Ukraine who died in the war. These are Captain Andriy Kravchenko, Sergeant Serhiy Simchina, and soldiers Mykhailo Matei and Serhiy Nistiryuk.

Residents of the Kamyanets community are actively working to approach Ukraine to victory. From the first days of the large-scale russian invasion, they began to help Ukrainian soldiers. People sewed more than two thousand first aid kits and created balaclavas, load-bearing vests, and Kikimora camouflage suits.

In Chernivtsi, internally displaced artists created a mural “Garden”. To thank the city for its hospitality, four Kyiv and Chernivtsi artists worked together to develop a new sightseeing place for several days.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast received aid from Vyzhnychchyna. In particular, it was food. In addition, Oblast has become known at the international level. Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk, a director from Chernivtsi, presented the film “Pamfir” at the Cannes Film Festival.

Today, the regional coordinator of the AUI “Active Community” in Chernivtsi, Inna Pashanyuk, looked for volunteers to prepare free lunches, addressed humanitarian aid issues, and showed social canteen activities in the media.

Zakarpattia Oblast

Today in Uzhhorod, in the atrium of the Zakarpattia Oblast Military Administration, there was a special redemption of the postage stamp “russian warship… DONE!”. Oblast leadership workers, Ukrposhta workers, and Uzhhorod Club of Philatelists attended this event.

Free open-air fitness classes were held in Uzhhorod. 28 people, both the locals and IDPs, took part. Coaches Roman Dorofeev and Khrystyna Kuryshko conducted such training.

The other day the “Women’s Battalion” of the Zakarpattia Academic Oblast Puppet Theater “Bavka” returned from the Polish city of Rzeszów, where they took part as honorary guests at the 12th International Festival of Theatres of Animated Forms “MASKARADA 2022”. The trip was supported by the Department of Culture, Nationalities, and Religions of the Zakarpattia Oblast Military Administration.

Last modified: 7 Червня, 2022