Ukraine briefly:

The 91st day of the heroic confrontation of the Ukrainian people against the russian military invasion continues.

The main focus of the enemy is on the defeat of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. In addition, the russian occupiers continue to actively prepare for offensive operations in the Novopavlovsk and Zaporizhzhya directions.

The situation in the north of Ukraine is unchanged. The aggressor’s units fired on civilian infrastructure in the settlement of Krasnopillya in the Sumy Oblast and Ternovo, Ruski Tyshky, Dovhenke, and Nova Dmytrivka in the Kharkiv Oblast.

The enemy is trying to improve the tactical position of its units in the areas of Izyum and Slovyansk. The russians attempted assaults and offensives near Dovhenky (Kharkiv Oblast), and Bohorodichne (Donetsk Oblast), but were unsuccessful and withdrew.

In the Donetsk direction, the enemy inflicts artillery and airstrikes in the Lyman and Komyshuvakha raions in the Donetsk Oblast, Severodonetsk, and Novozvanivka in the Luhansk Oblast.

The enemy attempted offensive and assault operations in the Severodonetsk and Bakhmut directions near the settlements of Berestove, Lypove, and Nyrkove, but was unsuccessful and retreated to the previously occupied frontiers.

In the Avdiivka direction, the russian occupiers carried out unsuccessful assaults in the areas of Krasnohorivka, Kamyanka, Avdiivka, and Pisky. Enemy units tried to improve the tactical situation in the direction of Mykolayiv and ensure access to the administrative borders of the Kherson Oblast.

Northern oblasts


At night, air alarms were heard in the capital and Kyiv Oblast. The threat of a missile strike by russian occupation troops remains. The city authorities said that the draft Kyiv City Development Strategy until 2035 will consider the challenges, threats, and consequences for the capital’s economy, which arose due to a new stage of russia’s military aggression. It is about the need to adjust approaches to economic development, urban planning, logistics, social sphere, taking into account the enhanced security component and the global challenges of the recovery phase.

Kyiv Oblast

Demining work continues in Kyiv Oblast. Over the past 24hrs, pyrotechnics have neutralized 389 explosive devices. In total, in Oblast this number exceeded over 35 700.

Zhytomyr Oblast

The Oblast is relatively calm. At night, air alarms sounded twice. Zhytomyr Oblast accepts businesses for relocation from currently dangerous areas.

From the beginning of the active war phase, internally displaced people (IDPs) from Kyiv, Chernihiv, Zaporizhzhya, Kharkiv, and Mykolayiv oblasts came to the Zhytomyr oblast. Over the past two weeks, the number of IDPs from Luhansk, Donetsk, and Kherson oblasts has increased. They have already taken refuge. About 250 IDPs from Bakhmut have arrived in the past three days.

Chernihiv Oblast

More than 500 people died during active hostilities, and more than 1500 were wounded in the Chernihiv Oblast. Chernihiv Mayor Vladislav Atroshenko attended the Economic Forum in Davos. At the conference, the mayor draws investors’ attention to the city’s reconstruction. A memorandum with one international company has already been signed.

Sumy Oblast

In the evening, the russians attack the civilians of Sumy Oblast. At about 5:00 pm, russia opened fire on the Esman and Novoslobidka communities from its territory. At 8:00 pm, the russians launched an airstrike on the Shalyhin community. At night they fired rockets at the village of Krasnopillya. 20 civilian homes and power lines were damaged. Half of the village was left without gas.

Today the Sumy Oblast is also restless: there were several air alarms during the day. Despite the attacks, the Oblast is being rebuilt. In Okhtyrka, people continue to dismantle the blockages at the thermal power plant, clean up the city after the enemy’s air raid and improve communications. Yesterday eliminating the consequences of the night shelling and bombing of peaceful Bilopillya was almost completed. There works a commission to inspect the houses damaged by the shelling.

Eastern oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

The russian occupiers were repulsed from Kharkiv, but they continued to fire on and terrorize the civilian population. That night, the russians struck three missiles at the city of Merefa. One of them was shot down by Ukrainian air defense forces. As a result of shelling, the administrative building of the Southern Railway substation was partially destroyed. There are no victims.

In the morning, the occupiers fired on the Derhachiv community. As a result of the shell hit, a commercial establishment exploded. A 69-year-old woman was killed, and another was injured.

In the village of Savyntsi (Izyum Raion), two people were injured in shelling by russians. The russian occupiers in the Kharkiv Oblast are focused on maintaining their positions and are preparing to resume the offensive. Today, the enemy conducted reconnaissance near Izyum in the area of Pasika settlement. Ukrainian defenders inflicted losses on the enemy and forced him to withdraw.

The Oblast is working to restore critical infrastructure and dismantle the debris. Civilians are provided with food. Each community receives 20 tons of flour and 10 tons of sugar.

Residents of Kharkiv Oblast will soon receive food and financial assistance from the United Nations. Aid products are purchased from Ukrainian producers, packaged, and delivered with the participation of national companies. Financial support is intended for 49 thousand people in Kharkiv Oblast.

The media platform “Kharkiv Media Hub” has been launched in Kharkiv. It is a communication platform for local, national, and foreign media. Up to 200 groups of journalists, photographers and documentarians work in the Kharkiv Oblast every day.

Donetsk Oblast

Nine attacks by russian invaders have been repulsed in Donetsk and Luhansk directions over the past 24 hours. 3 tanks, 8 artillery systems, 11 units of combat armored vehicles, a special armored vehicle and one unit of other motor vehicles were destroyed.

On May 24th, the russians killed 12 civilians in Donetsk Oblast: 3 in Bakhmut, 2 in Toretsk, 2 in Avdiivka, 2 in Raigorodka, 1 in Lyman, 1 in Mykolaivka, and 1 in Kalinovo. Another 10 people were injured.

Since the beginning of the russian invasion of Ukraine, 427 civilians have been killed and 1156 wounded in shelling and bombing in the Donetsk Oblast.


In Kramatorsk, late at night, a shell hit an unfinished high-rise building, destroying two entrances. The shock wave damaged the windows of nearby houses. There are no victims.

There was also a missile hit in the yard of the private sector. Due to this, a significant part of the city’s settlements was left without electricity. Also, due to the shelling, public transport was blocked.

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and local Territorial Defense units were preparing to meet the enemy. The mayor once again called on citizens to evacuate. Also, it was reported about the contacts of the services, where residents whose homes were damaged due to enemy shelling can turn.

Residents of the community must promptly repair the damage after the shelling. In general, the situation is alarming. Due to the lack of gas supply and morning problems with electricity supply, locals needed to cook on the fire. Demand for electric stoves instantly increased in the region.

The AUI “Active Community” coordinator shipped a large consignment of food kits to one of the villages within Kramatorsk.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsky Raion

Along the entire line of defense, the enemy uses combat aircraft, multiple rocket launchers, large-caliber barrel artillery, tanks, mortars of various systems, and launches missile and bomb strikes on civilian infrastructure and peaceful residential areas.

The Head of the Donetsk Oblast Military Administration, Pavlo Kyrylenko, reports that in the Avdiivka and Kurakhiv areas, the enemy attacked and attacked with assault and army aircraft, and carried out mortars and artillery shelling in the Avdiivka and Marinka raions. Heavy fighting is going on in Avdiivka. AFU soldiers repulsed enemy attacks. Local Territory Defense units intensively patrolled the city together with police.

The entire infrastructure of the Pokrovsk community works stably. All utilities, enterprises, and medical and social institutions operate full-time basis and are provided with everything necessary.

In the morning, the city of Pokrovsk was hit by two missiles. Three infrastructure facilities were damaged. Five civilians were injured to varying degrees, and the building and property of a local enterprise were destroyed. According to preliminary data, the shelling of the city took place, including the use of Iskander cruise missiles. Open criminal proceedings under Art. 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (violation of the laws and customs of war).

The Pokrovsk Coordinating Committee for Self-Organization of the Population continues to issue humanitarian aid. People with disabilities receive assistance from the International Organization for Migration – anti-decubitus mattresses and hygiene kits.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the leader of the band “Okean Elzy” Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, has been actively traveling around the cities of Ukraine and supporting the military and civilians in the hottest spots. Yesterday he sang for the military in Novohrodivka, Pokrovsk Raion, Donetsk Oblast.


In the Bakhmut direction, the enemy conducted offensive operations in the area of ​​Komyshuvakha, Yakovlivka and Troitske, had no success, and suffered losses.

The situation around the community remains extremely difficult. The enemy continues to fire on Bakhmut and the old districts. Many of the community’s residents have temporarily moved to safer oblasts, but about 30 000 Bakhmut residents remain in the community. These are mostly residents of the private sector of cities and villages.

The mayor held several important meetings to discuss community livelihoods in difficult military circumstances. He once again appealed to all the people of Bakhmut to evacuate because the most important thing today is life, and you do not need to try your luck.


Yesterday, 346 Mariupol residents, including 24 children, were taken from Mariupol to the filtration camp in the village of Bezimianne. From there, the russians deported 230 Ukrainian citizens to taganrog in russia, 15 of whom were children. The russians opened another filtration point in Mariupol on the premises of the former METRO shopping center. They have a “humanitarian headquarters” and a camp for civilians in one place.

The wife of the commander of the Azov Regiment said that Azovstal defenders were being held captive in “satisfactory” conditions. Her husband told her about it over the phone. However, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

The occupiers began an inventory of the library, school, and other book collections. Books on the history of Ukraine and works by Ukrainian writers are confiscated from libraries.

Luhansk Oblast

The shelling of Severodonetsk is increasing day by day. The city is attacked by aircraft, artillery, and mortars. Fighting took place on the outskirts of the city. The russians sent 2500 units of military equipment to the Oblast.

For the past 24hrs, 6 people have died, and 8 have been injured. Every day in various settlements russians destroy private houses.

The Lysychansk-Bakhmut highway is under Ukrainian control, which unites Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts. The russians are constantly shelling it, but the Ukrainian authorities continue to deliver humanitarian aid. Travel by road is possible.

The last gas distribution station in the Luhansk Oblast has been shut down. Now the whole area is without gas. Due to the shelling near the station, an employee who was adjusting the automation was injured.

Southern oblasts

Zaporizhzhya Oblast

Invading troops are preparing for an offensive in the Zaporizhzhia direction. It is evidenced by the increase in the russian military contingent along the front line, the supply of military equipment, and the fortification work of the occupiers.

The Ukrainian military continues to defend itself. During the past 24hrs, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) destroyed 2 tanks, a self-propelled artillery installation, 5 armored fighting vehicles, 3 Orlan-10 UAVs, 2 radar stations, 2 electronic warfare stations, and 7 vehicles in the Zaporizhzhya direction.

The enemy army continues to shell Hulyaipole, trying to destroy the city, which holds the defense and prevents the enemy from advancing on Zaporizhzhya. As a result of russian artillery attacks, farm buildings, warehouses, and the conveyor belt of the elevator burned. Other settlements of the Zaporizhzhya Oblast were also shelled – more than 20 villages and settlements.

The president of the aggressor’s country signed a decree on the simplified granting of russian citizenship to residents of the Zaporizhzhya and Kherson oblasts. Previously, citizenship of russia under the simplified procedure could be obtained by residents of ORDLO (temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts).

In the occupied territories, the occupiers are trying to destroy everything Ukrainian and replace it with russian. In Berdyansk, a soft sign was removed from the Berdyansk inscription in the center of the city, thus russifying the name. Russian occupants are seizing shops and cinemas and setting up their network outlets.


Today at 5:13 am, enemy troops launched 4 cruise missiles in Zaporizhzhya. One of them was shot down by the Ukrainian Air Defense Forces. The other three hit densely populated areas of the city. The missiles hit civilian objects in the Shevchenkivskyi District and a shopping center in the Oleksandrivskyi District.

At least 62 homes in the private sector have been damaged. As a result of the shelling, one woman was killed, and three others were injured.

The city has partially suspended the operation of electric vehicles due to damage due by a missile strike. Towards evening, trolleybuses and trams resumed.

Mykolaiv Oblast

Every day the russian occupation troops fire at Mykolaiv Oblast. Last night, they opened fire from Tornado-C multiple rocket launchers and hit an apartment building. The shelling was also recorded in Pervomaisk and Halytsyn communities. Over the past 24hrs, 4 people were injured in the shelling.

Since the beginning of the russian invasion of the Mykolaiv Oblast, 3678 civilian objects have been partially or completely damaged. Most of them are residential buildings. Hospitals (34), educational institutions (194), cultural institutions (36), and life support facilities also suffer from the shelling: gas supply – 145, electricity supply – 290, water supply – 16, heat supply – 53.

Two ambulances from the Dutch charity fund Zeilen van Vrijheid were delivered to the Mykolaiv Oblast. The cars will be handed over to oblast hospitals.

Odesa Oblast

Several times during the day, there were air alarms – there was a threat of rocket fire. Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) are engaged in the defense of the Oblast. Local Territorial Defense units are building fortifications to defend the Odesa Oblast. Local authorities say they are monitoring the situation. However, the threat of shelling Odesa from the sea remains. People are active, cohesive, and volunteer. The coordinator of AUI “Active Community” was engaged in informing citizens about the possibility of receiving social, humanitarian, and psychological assistance.

Central oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

The invaders use artillery, mortars, and missiles to shell the Kryvyi Rih Raion. A power line was cut due to the firing in Apostolove. An enemy missile fell in the Samara river near Pavlohrad. There was an airstrike near Mykolayivka on the border with the Kherson Oblast. The enemy missiles hit the railroad infrastructure. Seven residential buildings, service buildings, and a passenger car were damaged in the Pavlohrad Raion. Three missiles hit the Synelnikovo Raion damaging a section of railway infrastructure (some tracks, a railway station, and four service buildings) and five residential buildings.

The enemy launched a missile strike against the mining processing plant in Kryvyi Rih, causing substantial damage.

An enemy UAV was downed near Dnipro. Dnipropetrovsk Battalion Azov has taken up positions near Novopillya on the border between the Zaporizhzhya and Donetsk oblasts. The Vakulivka community has hosted 142 IDPs families, mostly from the Kharkiv, Donetsk, and Kherson oblasts. The community has also received 50 thousand euros from UNICEF to aid children.

An AUI “Active Community” Coordinator has been publishing on the Internet and distributing useful news for the public about medical assistance.

Kirovohrad Oblast

There was an air raid alert due to a missile strike threat. The AFU have been defending the Oblast borders and military facilities. The situation in the Oblast is generally under control.

The local Territorial Defense units are on duty at checkpoints and patrolling the Oblast center with the police. Some 47 local construction companies are ready to participate in the national residential development program for IDPs in the Oblast, Kirovohrad Oblast Military Administration (OMA) Chair Andriy Raikovych says. For this, the managers of line OMA departments have to join efforts with the builders for a systematic review of the supply on the construction materials market, availability and price ranges for materials, and specifics of their production and distribution.

A charitable selling exhibition of paintings by Natalya Tkachenko, Oleksandria is My Inspiration, will open at noon on May 27th at the reading hall of the Central Library of the Oleksandriya Municipal Centralized Library System. The amateur painter will exhibit her portraits of Oleksandriya residents who have substantially contributed to the city’s development: renowned actors, theater figures, painters, and volunteers whose destiny has intertwined with Oleksandriya – the exhibition is dedicated to the 276th anniversary of the city’s establishment. It will be possible to buy the paintings presented at the exhibition, and Nataliya Tkachenko will give the collected money away to support the AFU. The situation in the community is generally under control.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyi has decorated Soldier Pavlo Semenov from Znamyanka Druha with the Bravery Order of III Degree (posthumously).

An AUI “Active Community” Coordinator has been working at the Humanitarian Center for IDPs (preparing food kits and sorting clothes) and counseling some of the IDPs who arrived at the Humanitarian Center with small children offering psychological support.

Vinnytsia Oblast


There was an air raid alert in Khmilnyk. All the utility services, enterprises, health care, and social institutions in the Khmilnyk community operate in normal mode and provide with everything they need.

Aid from the Vinnytsia Oblast Humanitarian Headquarters has come to the Khmilnyk territorial community that hosts more than 6000 IDPs, including more than two thousand children.

A central Raion hospital in Kalynivka and the Center of Primary Health Care of the Kalynivka Town Council of Khmilnyk Raion received humanitarian aid from the Inter-regional Humanitarian Coordination Center with support from Kalynivka Town Mayor Vasyl Polishchuk. The humanitarian center representatives provide Kalynivka residents with personal hygiene items and medicines.

Eleven gifted residents of Kozyatyn, Khmilnyk Raion, and a Kharkiv resident have hand-painted grocery eco-bags, which will be put on sale. The collected money will be channeled for charity.

Thanks to the joint efforts of volunteers, residents, and media outlets in the Kozyatyn community, Khmilnyk Raion, it became possible to collect nearly 30 thousand Hryvnias in just a matter of days. The money was used to buy four powerful professional food dryers that would be used to prepare dry borshch and fruit mixes for the military.

AUI “Active Community” Coordinators in Khmilnyk and Khmilnyk Raion visited to a local health resort to contact IDPs from the Donetsk Oblast on treatment there.

Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

The situation in Prykarpattya is stable and controllable. An AUI “Active Community” coordinator held a meeting with IDPs yesterday at one of the city shelters. She invited children to attend master classes and held interviews with teenagers during a performance. She also informed the IDPs about psychological assistance available from the “Active Community”.

Rivne Oblast

The general situation is relatively calm, with just one air raid alert reported. The AFU are patrolling the border with belarus. The local Territorial Defense units are on patrol and duty at checkpoints. The Rivne OMA provides regular updates on fuel availability at petrol pump stations. Representatives of the city military administration joined City Mayor Oleksandr Tretyak and his deputy Maryna Kuzmichova in Kreminna to plant aspens and matsuda willows in Ostvytsia. 

Three friends are organizing a fair in Ostroh, Rivne Oblast, to collect money to buy vehicles for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Khmelnytskyi Oblast

The situation both in the city and the Oblast is calm and controllable. Another aid cargo has left Khmelnytskyi for the frontline: the military will receive several vehicles, thermal imaging cameras, night vision devices, summer clothes and footwear, and first-aid kits. Most of the items were purchased abroad with money from benefactors and patrons.

Sister cities of Khmelnytskyi are also assisting in providing AFU service members with everything they need. Some of the drones and thermal imaging cameras have come from Ciechanów and Prague. A new faculty has opened in the Third-Age University. 19 students are mastering the Ukrainian language in its entirety. Studies are also offered to those who have come to Khmelnytskyi from other cities.

The AUI “Active Community” team held a meeting with the staff of the Youth Counseling Center to discuss AUI “Active Community”’s lines of activities and agree on cooperation.

Chernivtsi Oblast (Bukovyna)

During the night in Oblast, there was an air raid alert; the situation is currently calm and under control. The land of Bukovyna has bid the last farewell today to the soldiers who died on the frontline, Senior Soldier Mykola Bauer, Soldiers Volodymyr Andriiv, and Ihor Burdeniuk.

The Olimpia Humanitarian Aid Center sends daily aid to IDPs staying in Bukovyna communities. The IDPs placed with education and social care institutions of the Oblast receive food and personal hygiene kits. The support also comes to specialized institutions – boarding schools, orphanages, etc. Besides, food products and toys are distributed among low-income and multi-child families.

The fourth batch of humanitarian aid from the sister city of Dusseldorf has reached Chernivtsi. A Dnipro painter Valeriy Kolor has painted a mural in Chernivtsi depicting a lady with pigeons breaking out from the cage and a shattered sword:

Since the beginning of the war, Bukovyna has become home to more than 103 thousand, of them 33 thousand children.

AUI “Active Community” Coordinator in Chernivtsi Inna Pashaniuk held a meeting with the manager of the Management, Creative Industries, and International Cooperation Unit at the Bukovyna Centre of Culture and Arts Kateryna Borodkina-Krasnikova to discuss further art activities, among them preparations for the upcoming master class in embroidery.

Zakarpattia Oblast

A press conference with volunteers from Zakarpattia Oblast took place in Uzhhorod. The volunteers spoke about their work throughout the three months of the full-scale war in Ukraine.

Happy Children, CSO, has kicked off a project on Care: For Those Keeping the Rear in Uzhhorod to support volunteers.

Hungarian Prime minister Viktor Orban posted a video address on his Facebook page to declare an emergency starting Wednesday at midnight in his country due to the war in Ukraine.

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