The two hundred-ninth (209) day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion continues.


About us: The “Active Community” initiative was launched by activists of the “Republika” Institute after the Euromaidan (2014), which focused on the activation and involvement of Ukrainians in the decision-making process. The goal for 2025: to activate and involve at least 1% of citizens in making decisions and promoting reforms in Ukraine on a systematic basis for the well-being of Ukrainian communities. Today we work in 30 communities in Ukraine.

The two hundred-ninth (209) day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion continues.

Northern Oblasts


In Kyiv, at metro stations, experienced doctors will teach citizens the basics of pre-medical care.

They want to remove the Order of Lenin and the Soviet coat of arms from the stele of heroes of the KPI(Kyiv Polytechnic Institute). Instead of Soviet symbols, the KPI logo will be placed there.


Kyiv Oblast

A russian commander who tortured civilians will be tried in Kyiv Oblast. The investigation established that in March, during the seizure of the village of Lubyanka, Bucha Raion, Kyiv Oblast, the accused, threatening to kill 3 local residents, ordered them to go to the utility room in the household for questioning.

In the Kyiv Oblast, rubble is being dismantled and construction waste is being removed. Since the end of August, it has been possible to remove almost 8,500 tons of construction waste. In addition, the public, volunteers and local residents are also involved in cleaning up the destruction caused by the russians.

The team of the NGO “Dare to Restore” helped in cleaning up the “Champion” stadium in Irpin, which was damaged by the russians.

Today, a meeting was held in Irpen with managers, representatives and volunteers of international and Ukrainian charitable foundations and organizations that supported the community in the most difficult times and continue to help now. The benefactors received thanks from the mayor of the city Oleksandr Markushyn.

In Irpin, business is actively resuming its work, in particular, shops and banks have opened, and large enterprises that were destroyed during the hostilities are being rebuilt.

The “Dream Ukraine” charitable foundation launched the “Warm Ukraine” campaign, the purpose of which is to help the residents of Priirpin who lost their homes due to russian aggression during the cold period of the year. Individual heating thermal panels manufactured by the Ukrainian company “Almaz Term” began to be installed in modular houses, which have become temporary residences for many residents of the region.

After the deoccupation of the Oblast, 85% of bus routes were restored in Kyiv Oblast. All Raions of the Kyiv Oblast are provided with passenger transportation.


There is another loss in Bohuslav. Serhii Yatskov was killed near the village of Opytne, in the Pokrovsk Raion of the Donetsk Oblast, while performing a combat mission. Eternal glory to the Hero!


Zhytomyr Oblast

Zvyagel policemen at the checkpoint during the inspection found explosive ammunition and ammunition in the luggage compartment of the car – 2 cases of offensive hand grenades, 2 detonators and 116 cartridges of 5.45 mm caliber. Therefore, the employees of the investigative-operational group of the Novograd-Volyn district department and specialists of the explosives service of the Main Directorate of the National Police of the Zhytomyr Oblast arrived at the scene of the incident. The law enforcement officers seized everything found.

In the Zhytomyr Oblast, another pensioner was sentenced for collaborative activity. The court sentenced a resident of the Novograd-Volyn Raion ho publicly denied russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine and was waiting for Putin to “restore order.”


Chernihiv Oblast

On September 19, after 10:00 a.m., the russians fired 120-mm mortars at the Snovsk Territorial Community. Border guards recorded five explosions. The russians fired from the direction of the russian village of Kyrylivka.

Around 11:00 a.m., the russians fired 12 shots from barrel artillery on the territory of the Semenivska community from the Lomakivka Raion.

Sumy Oblast

After 15:00 on September 19, shelling from the russian side began in the Krasnopil community. Russian troops targeted the residential building of civilians. Two people were hospitalized. The residential building of a retired couple is destroyed, it cannot be restored. A man and a woman were hospitalized, they received minor injuries and a contusion. There is destruction and damage in four more houses: shrapnel pierced the walls, windows were broken and fences were cut.

The russians also covered the village of Slavhorod with rocket artillery, 15 hits were counted there. After 6 p.m., there were three more shellings of the community from rocket launchers.

Eastern Oblasts 

Kharkiv Oblast

Yesterday, the Head of the Kharkiv State Administration Oleg Sinegubov together with the Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk visited several de-occupied settlements. The liberated territories of the Kharkiv Oblast are gradually recovering from the six-month occupation.

At around 1:30 this night, the enemy launched a rocket attack on an infrastructure object in the Chuguyiv Raion.

During the past day, the enemy continued shelling the settlements of Kharkiv Oblast along the border line with the russia and the contact line in Kharkiv, Kupyan and Izyum Raions.

During the past day, 3 people were injured in the Kupyan Raion. In the Kharkiv Oblast, 2 men were injured as a result of a mine explosion.

During the past day, 1,110 ammunition and explosives were neutralized. Among them, many anti-personnel mines “Petals” were discovered.

During the occupation of Izyum in the Kharkiv Oblast, the russians set up a torture chamber in the local police department. Residents of the city were kept there and tortured.

The exhumation of the bodies of the dead from the mass burial site in Izyum continues. During this time, 146 bodies were exhumed, the vast majority of which were civilians, including 2 children.

Part of the Borivska community remains occupied. The village council says that russian soldiers are moving into the houses of Boriv residents and taking their property.

Donetsk Oblast

On the night of September 19-20, the russians continued to actively shoot in the Donetsk and Horliv areas. As a result, the infrastructure of more than 33 settlements was damaged in the past day. In particular, these are Slavgorod, Kramatorsk, Bakhmut, Mayorsk, Vodyane, Dorozhne, Soledar, Novopil, Zaporizhzhia, Mykolaiv, Oleksandrivka, Snigurivka, Nova Odesa, Shiroke, Biloghirsk, Myrolyubivka, and Bila Krynytsia.

At half past one in the morning, the Epiphany of the Ugledar community was shelled – the extent of the destruction is being determined.

Russia continues to kill civilians. On September 19, the occupying forces killed 1 civilian of Donetsk Oblast in Toretsk. Another 12 people were injured. It is currently impossible to establish the exact number of victims in Mariupol and Volnovas.


Kramatorsk and Kramatorsk Raion

Tanks, mortars and artillery fired at the enemy in the Kramatorsk direction. As a result, Oleksandrivka, Donetske, Raihorodok, Shchurove, Kryva Luka, Ozerne, Bilogorivka, Pryshyb, Hryhorivka and Siversk came under fire.

On the afternoon of September 20, the nearby Slovyansk was hit. The territory of the furniture workshop came under fire. There were no casualties. 

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk Raion 

At night, the russians shelled the old part of Avdiivka, in the morning – the central part. According to preliminary information, there were no casualties. Today, during the day, about a dozen explosions rang out in Pokrovsk. Several blows were repulsed thanks to anti-aircraft defense. The residential sector of the city and the village of Horikhove came under fire. Information about the dead, injured or destruction is still being established. 

Pokrovsk has become a logistics hub for receiving humanitarian aid. Yes, humanitarian cargo continues to arrive from Ukrainian and international partners who have been deploying their headquarters since the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine. One of these organizations is Caritas of Ukraine, which actively cooperates with the Pokrovsk community and helps in solving humanitarian issues.

Preferential categories of residents of the annexed territories of the Pokrovsk community are provided with wood for the heating season. For example, wood harvest crews work in Starosty Raion. Raw materials are delivered to elderly people over 80 years old and forcibly displaced persons. This week, wood has already been issued in the Novoyelyzavetiv, Lysiv, Pershotravnev, Pishchan and Shevchenkiv Raions.

Due to the critically low water level in the Karliv reservoir, from which water is supplied to the settlements of the Pokrovsk Raion, a new water supply schedule has been developed. It will be served, alternating with the Myrnograd community – three days for each of the communities.


Around one in the morning, the enemy carried out an airstrike on Bakhmut — they hit a high-rise building. Three entrances to the building collapsed. Two people can be under the rubble. Rescuers are working on the spot. Also, on the territory of the community, the village of Khromov came under shelling the night before – one person was injured.

The night passed loudly in Siversk, Bakhmut Raion. As a result of shelling, at least 2 private houses were destroyed. Information about the victims has not yet been received.


The residents of Mariupol complain about the inflated prices. People cannot even afford to buy food. In addition, no one controls the quality of the food. At the spontaneous market, meat is being sold right next to the dump. Such conditions, which are usual for russians, do not suit the residents of Mariupol at all. Our residents are used to proper service and the proper conditions of sale but now they have to experience “civilization” from the russian invaders.

The occupiers and collaborators no longer hesitate to come and disassemble everything that can be removed from the burnt cars in a landfill.

The occupiers continue to kidnap children from Mariupol. 135 children were taken to Moscow by the Russian Defense Ministry plane. The children are immediately given russian citizenship and are planned to be resettled with Russian families in different regions.

Luhansk Oblast

In the village of Bilogorivka, russians destroyed the entire infrastructure of the Popasna Regional Water Supply, leaving about a million of Luhansk oblast residents without water supply. Almost nothing remains of this settlement, as well as of the villages of Popasna, Novotoshkivske and the other villages of the Hirske community

In Svatovo, units of the Joint Forces Operation defeated on the area where the enemy’s manpower was concentrated – 70% of the russian military personnel at the specified object died.

Southern Oblasts


Yesterday, on the 19th of September, Zaporizhzhia and Zaporizhzhia 

 oblast suffered several air attacks.

The first enemy attack with S-300 missiles occurred around 2 a.m. The two missiles has hit a distribution substation in one of the districts of the city of Zaporizhia. Part of the district was disconnected from the electricity supply, the medical facilities were also at risk of being de-energized. Fortunately, there were no losses. 

The social infrastructure buildings such as the multi storey residential buildings, the detached houses and the facility of an educational institution were damaged; the windows of those buildings were blown out. Around 5:20 a.m., the occupiers launched another missile attack, again using the S-300. One rocket has hit a park area near the shore of Dnipro that is located not far from the residential area of Zaporizhzhya. Another one has hit the village of Privitne of Zaporizhzhia oblast. More than 15 detached houses were damaged. An injured 70-year-old woman was rescued from the rubble.

In general, during the previous day, the occupiers have shelled the civilian infrastructure in the area of ​​21 settlements of the Zaporizhzhia oblast. As a result of shelling 54 reports were received about the destruction of the civil infrastructure.

In the near future, the IAEA will hold consultations at the UN regarding the creation of a nuclear safety and protection zone around the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station.

Kherson Oblast

In Pivdennyi Buh direction, Russian troops have shelled more than 28 settlements. Among them are Oleksandrivka, Novohryhorivka, Zoria, Shevchenkove, Myrne, Shyroke, Bilohirka, Bezimenne, Myroliubivka, Visokopillia and Olhyne.

The attempts by the russian troops to set up alternative crossings across Dnipro in the districts of Nova Kakhovka and Kozatskie were stopped by the fire control of Ukrainian сombatants. In addition, the missile and artillery units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit four places of concentration of russian troops’ reserves in the Berislavsk, Henichesk, Kakhovka and Kherson raions.

The Southern Defense Forces killed 90 Russian soldiers, and destroyed three tanks, the eight units of equipment, three howitzers, four self-propelled howitzers Akatsiya, two Hyacinth-S guns, six multiple rocket launchers Grad and an ammunition warehouse in Pravdyno.

The anti-aircraft missile units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed russian unmanned aerial vehicles “Orion” and “Orlan-10” in the area of ​​Novovoskresenski and Arkhangelsk, where russian troops were conducting aerial reconnaissance.

The so-called “public council” of the Kherson oblast appealed to the Gauleiter-“leader” of Saldo and to the “head” of the fake government Yelisiev with a request to urgently hold a referendum on the recognition of the Kherson oblast as a subject of russia. This is reported in the russian mass media. The saldo’s collaborator stated that he considered the appeal of a pseudo-public organization and decided to hold a referendum in the Kherson oblast. In the propaganda media, it is stated about the 23-27th of September.

The police revealed another female collaborator in the Kherson district. The woman cooperated with the occupation authorities and voluntarily assumed the position of the so-called “head” of the kindergarten. She encouraged the co-workers to cooperate with the occupiers and warned that the institution will work in accordance with the standards of preschool education of the russian federation.

The prosecutor’s office suspects the former employees of the Kherson temporary detention center of collaborative activity. The suspects voluntarily agreed to hold positions in a pseudo-law enforcement agency. For this, they may be imprisoned for 15 years with confiscation of property and the right to hold certain positions.

Mykolayiv Oblast

Yesterday, the enemy attacked the aqua zone and the coastal zone of Ochakov.

Yesterday, from 9:20 a.m. to 17:00 p.m, russian troops shelled the borders of the villages of Chervona Dolyna and Shyroke of Shyrokiv community.

The Berezneguvat community remains under enemy fire. On the 19th of September, the enemy shelled the area of the Berezneguvate station in the village of Murakhivka. There were explosions near the village of Lyubomyrivka, near the outskirts of the villages of Chervyn Yar and Lepetyha. In the evening, another explosion was in the field between the villages of Malomykhailivka and Chervyn Yar, and there was also an explosion between the village of Berezneguvate and the village of Tetyanivka. At night, the settlement of Berezneguvate itself was shelled, as a result of which the educational institution was damaged – the windows of the building were blown out. 

Central Olasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

Russian troops attacked three communities five times of the Nikopol oblast – Marhanetska, Chervonohrihorivska and Nikopolska districts. People were not injured. There was a fire at a recreation center in the Nikopol community. There are also destructions of the residential buildings in the Marganets community.

Vasyl Pelesh, a Ukrainian combatant from Nikopol, whose arm with the Trident tattoo was cut off by russian militants, died in the Dnipro hospital. 40-year-old Vitaly Rybalkin from Kryvorizka raion was killed during the military actions in Kherson Oblast.

Dnipro journalist Viktor Ozhogin was wounded during the military actions for Lyman in Donetsk oblast. So far, he has already undergone two operations. Viktor Ozhogin once headed the Dnipro Regional State Broadcasting Company. He has been in Donbas since 2014.

A 48-year-old resident of Nikopol waved the USSR flag at the local market and called for the return of the communist regime, and in the Pavlograd raion, a 56-year-old citizen shared photos with communist symbols on a social network. The police suspect them of collaboration.

ConcordBank has already allocated more than UAH 62 million to help the Ukrainian army. ConcordBank provides not only financial support, but also provides the ammunition supply. So, two drones, 32 quadcopters, 24 thermal imagers, 16 radio stations have already been purchased and handed over to Ukrainian defenders. Except that, headphones and necessary equipment were handed over. The military also received almost fifty specialized first-aid kits and two dozen paramedical bags.

Almost 470 entrepreneurs of Dnipropetrovsk oblast received financial compensation from the government for employing internally displaced people. Be advised that: about 400,000 internally displaced people were officially registered in the Dnipropetrovsk oblast.

Dmytro Chernyshov, Regional Coordinator of AUI “Active Community” in Dnipro, received and sent humanitarian aid to the military unit fighting in the east of Ukraine. The entrepreneurs provided the Ukrainian military unit with a computer and a supply of batteries.

Kirovohradsk Oblast

The Deputies of the Kirovohrad Regional Council during the session supported the draft decision, which provides for the fastest possible completion of decommunization and de-russification. The elected officials also proposed to appeal to the Verkhovna Rada with a request to speed up the process of renaming the Kirovohrad oblast.

As part of the “Gardens of Victory” project, the hot harvest season has almost ended in the communities. All traditional garden crops are grown. The harvest is plentiful. It will be enough for communal institutions, as well as for internally displaced families with many children, and people with reduce mobility, and to stock up for the winter, – reports the head of Kirovohrad Regional State Administration Andriy Raikovych. On the 268th anniversary of the foundation of Kropyvnytskyi, active citizens joined the eco-walk, which took place under the slogan “Let the sky be peaceful and Ukraine will be clean!”. Almost a hundred participants, including students, the police, rescuers and the public organization “Let’s do it Ukraine” gathered together to clean up the park of Cosmonauts. 

They collected 15 cubic meters of cut green vegetation, dry branches and garbage. The action was organized by Kropyvnytskyi City Council together with the city’s youth and sport community of the city. 

Poltava Oblast

Today in Poltava Oblast, they said goodbye to Heroes who died performing their military duty. In the Myrhorod raion, soldier Oleg Bugai was paid with the last tribute, in Shcherbanivsk community – soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Kostyantyn Horizdra.

On the outskirts of Balaklia, the Directorate of the SBI in Poltava Oblast found a spare command post of the russian military. Occupants equipped it in one of the private houses. And in the basement they kept a whole arsenal of ammunition. Among the finds are projectiles for guns and tanks of various calibers, mines, grenades, throwing powder charges. In addition, the SBI found 2 infantry fighting vehicles with ammunition. The seized ammunition and equipment were handed over to the units of the Armed Forces.

Last day, the police solved 24 crimes in Poltava Oblast. More than 560 statements and reports about criminal events, facts of domestic violence, domestic conflicts, administrative offenses, etc., were received by the citizens to the GDNP (“102”). 173 of them had signs of criminal offenses.

The branch manager of the “Ukrposhta” will be judged in the Poltava Oblast. The Globin raion prosecutor’s office submitted the relevant conviction to the court. The manager, while in office, during December 2019 – January 2020, appropriated more than UAH 350,000, which was assigned for the payment of pensions, subsidies and other types of social benefits, as well as citizens’ funds paid for housing and communal services. 

The number of patients with COVID-19 has tripled in the region compared to the previous week. On September 12-18, 1,333 people infected with the coronavirus were found in the Oblast, while the week before last – 464 patients. One death from complications of the infection was registered in Kremenchuk.

Western oblasts

Lviv Oblast

Three more evacuation trains arrived in Lviv from the epicenters of military actions. 243 people came to the city in search of temporary shelter. Also, 20 men were evacuated from a boarding house in Kharkiv Oblast, who had been under occupation for half a year. In Lviv, volunteers and employees of the Department of Social Protection of the Population of the Lviv OMA took care of them. The young men were accommodated in the Hrushkiv psychoneurological boarding school, where they are provided with everything they need. People from the Slavyansk psychoneurological boarding school and from the boarding school in the Zaporizhia Oblast also live here.

604 people went to Przemysl from Lviv Oblast. Today, 18,920 people have left Ukraine through checkpoints in the Oblast. 18,644 Ukrainians applied for entry.

Vaccination against coronavirus continues in the Oblast. There are 169 vaccination points and 12 mobile teams.

Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, 8 factories were relocated to Ivano-Frankivsk from abroad – belarus and the russian federation. In particular, a Finnish enterprise that moved from russia came to the production association “Karpaty”. According to the head of the Ivano-Frankivsk community Ruslan Martsinkiv, the first month and a half had to convince investors not to winding down their business, and today 59 enterprises from other regions of Ukraine have moved to the city.

Rivne Oblast

Six off-road vehicles for the military were purchased from the Varash community. Employees of the Rivne NPP and city council, entrepreneurs, educators, “Gurkit – Varash Youth Center”, as well as caring residents collected more than half a million hryvnias for the needs of the Armed Forces. The cars were loaded with everything necessary for the military: binoculars, starlinks, camouflage nets, tablets, warm clothes and goodies. Defenders in Kharkiv Oblast and Donetsk Oblast are already waiting for help from Varash. 

Today in the Varash raion, the algorithm of actions during emergency situations was worked out: an emergencies at the Rivne NPP with the evacuation of the civilian population, demining, fire elimination, mine protection in the border areas. The military command and related services and institutions were involved in the exercises: the SSU, the State Emergency Service, the police, local leaders, and others. Working out the coherence of actions at all levels takes place regularly.

Trench candles are made by pupils of the patriotic circle “Dzhura” in the Dubno raion. They are indispensable at the front, because they can burn for up to five hours. During the first two days of work, students of the patriotic circle from the Tarakanivka community processed two bags of wax and as a result received 90 trench candles.

Khmelnytskyi Oblast

The territory of Khmelnytskyi Oblast received 283,513.25 kg of humanitarian aid, including: hygiene products, food – 85,278 kg, 48 cars, 1 fire truck, 27 medical multifunctional beds, 1 quadcopter.

As part of the “eRobota” state program, 28 entrepreneurs of Khmelnytskyi region received micro-grants for the creation and development of their own business.

In Khmelnytskyi, the maintenance of the notification equipment at the communication nodes was carried out.

Agricultural formations of the region have started harvesting late crops – soybeans and sunflowers. With the arrival of optimally acceptable terms, the farmers of Khmelnytskyi Oblast began sowing winter grain crops for the 2023 harvest.

Workers of the Center for Humanitarian Aid at the Khmelnytskyi Oblast Council collect warm clothes and shoes for the displaced people. After all, according to the volunteers, many guests of the city left autumn and winter things in their homes. Therefore, the residents of Khmelnytskyi are now being urged to join the good deed and bring everything necessary to the Starytskyi Theater.



The “KO-KHATI” project, which provides for the creation of comfortable housing for forcibly displaced people, began operating in the city. The pilot project was the restoration of a part of the university dormitory in Ivano-Frankivsk. Currently, they have taken up the restoration of the hostel in the village Zinkivtsi. After renovation, 250 displaced people will be able to settle there. The project budget is at least 400,000 euros. These are international grant funds raised by NGO “Metalab”. It is planned to complete the work by the end of the year.

Mobility Week is held in the community. On September 22, the city-wide action “Day without a car” will take place. Citizens are invited to come to work on foot or use eco-transport. Also, until September 22, there is a week of discounts on electric scooter rentals and a week of reduced tariffs for electric taxi. Community participation in the European Mobility Week gives it the opportunity to compete for a prize in the grant program.

Zakarpattia Oblast

In Uzhhorod, a construction company relocated from Melitopol is turning an old machine-building plant into social housing with smart apartments. The project to renovate abandoned industrial facilities into residential buildings is new for Zakarpattia. The area of ​​the plant is 10,000 square meters. Of them, 7.5 will be reconstructed into apartments. The first residents are planned to move in already in December.

Zakarpattia Oblast Clinical Hospital named after Andriy Novak received the Ukrainian Business Award. This is an annual award that honors the most successful companies in Ukraine in 4 business segments and 99 types of activities in the country. The main goals are the formation of a healthy business environment and the stimulation of fair competition. The UBA award confirmed the reputation of the Zakarpattia Oblast Clinical Hospital named after A. Novak, which provides highly qualified highly specialized medical care to the population of the region.

More than 120 people cleaned the banks of the Vilshany Reservoir during an eco-picnic in Zakarpattia Oblast. Such an event by the eco-initiative “” is already taking place in the Khust raion for the sixteenth time. People from all over Ukraine and Slovakia joined it. The volunteers were supported by singer and bandurist Maryna Krut and stand-up comedian Ivan Bon. According to the organizers, the eco-picnic yields results: residents from the surrounding villages, who threw garbage into the river, have already organized the removal of garbage, sorting has begun on site. The next eco-picnics are planned to be held in October and November 2022.

Last modified: 21 Вересня, 2022