Ukraine in brief:

The 29th day of the heroic opposition of the Ukrainian people to the russian aggression continues.

According to the information received, the military-political leadership of russia had decided to adjust plans for further hostilities on the territory of Ukraine because the goals set before the war with Ukraine were not met in time.

In the territories temporarily occupied by the enemy, there are frequent cases of seizure of trucks and special agricultural machinery from private entrepreneurs and farmers.

Over the past two weeks, more than 20 enterprises of the military-industrial complex of russia have been forced to suspend their activities in whole or in part due to lack of components and parts. In particular, the production of aircraft missiles at the russian research and production enterprise “Vimpel” was suspended.

At the same time, the Russian military leadership is transferring weapons and military equipment from military districts to the territory of Belarus and the temporarily occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea. The goal is to attempt to prepare and implement offensive actions for the encirclement of Kyiv.

In the north of Ukraine, the enemy is forced to abandon offensive operations, regroup troops and hold previously occupied borders. Takes measures to mislead our units and continues to conduct reconnaissance.

Enemy units are trying to blockade Chernihiv and capture Slavutych but did not achieve their goal.

The enemy continues to blockade the city of Sumy.

Russian occupation troops did not take any active actions in the direction of Kharkiv. The primary efforts focused on the destruction of the city’s civilian infrastructure. The enemy was not successful in the Izium direction, suffered losses, and retreated to the southern part of the city.

In the Donetsk direction, the enemy does not refuse to conduct offensive operations, with the ultimate goal of reaching the administrative borders of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts.

In Mykolayiv Oblast, the enemy is defending, taking measures to restore combat capability, replenishing ammunition and fuel and lubricants to prepare for the resumption of offensive operations.

Units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine struck at large landing ships in the port of Berdyansk. As a result, a fire broke out on a large landing ship of project 1171, followed by the detonation of ammunition (enemy losses are being clarified).

Northern Oblasts


The night in Kyiv was relatively calm. After the curfew, the city lives under martial law – infrastructure works: utilities, transport, doctors, and rescuers.

On March 22nd, the Russian military dropped phosphorous bombs near Kyiv.

Kyiv Oblast

The situation in Kyiv Oblast is unchanged. Fighting continues in the areas of Zhytomyr highway, Irpin, Gostomel. The Ukrainian military liberated 80% of the city of Irpin.

Makariv, Bucha, Irpin, Dmytriv communities are under fire. In addition, the enemy fired on the Kotsyubyn community and the village Yasnogorodka, Fastiv District.

A new group of Russian propagandists has arrived at the captured Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant (NPP). The purpose of their arrival is to “make another fake” movie “about the station’s work.” In this way, the invaders want to convince the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) of the “normality” of nuclear terrorism and hide the real state of affairs with radiation leaks and environmental pollution.

Zhytomyr Oblast

On the morning of March 24th, Russian occupation troops fired on the Ovruch, Malyn, and Novograd-Volyn communities. Residential buildings, a church, and an industrial facility were destroyed and damaged.

Sumy Oblast

The russians continue to fire on Okhtyrka and destroy residential buildings. Today, a densely populated neighborhood of the city came under fire. One civilian was killed in the attack.

In the libraries of the temporarily occupied territories of Luhansk, Donetsk, Chernihiv, and Sumy Oblasts, the russian occupation forces confiscate Ukrainian historical and fiction literature.

Chernihiv Oblast

In Chernihiv Oblast, the occupiers refused to attack. They are regrouping troops and trying to hold on to previously occupied borders. At the same time, the russian military continues to blockade Chernihiv and try to capture Slavutych.

In Chernihiv Oblast, Ukrainian forces intercepted a deadly cargo of thermobaric missiles for the TOS-1A Solntsepek. The russians shelled Chernihiv with artillery and aircraft all night.

Yesterday at 6:50 p.m., a shell hit one of the city’s enterprises, causing an ammonia leak. It was stopped; the concentration of ammonia vapor is normal. This is what Chernihiv looks like after the month of russian shelling:

Eastern Oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

Fighting continues in the Izium District. Although the russians are trying to strengthen the direction, the Ukrainian army is repelling all attacks. At least 30 people may be under the rubble of one of the buildings in Izyum. It is impossible to dismantle the blockages – there is no special equipment, shelling continues.

In Kharkiv, the russian military fired long-range weapons at a checkpoint where civilians received humanitarian aid. 6 people were killed, and 15 were injured.

Donetsk Oblast

In Dokuchaevsk, Donetsk Oblast, the occupiers set up filtration camps. That’s where all the captured Ukrainians are sent. After that, russian federal security service representatives talk to them.


Air alarms were heard during the day; no hits were recorded. Given that the fighting is relatively close to the city, the situation remains alarming. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing to meet the enemy.

Communal infrastructure is functioning. Repair of highways has begun. The evacuation of the population continues. Volunteers continue to help the city evacuate the population, receive and distribute humanitarian aid, weave nets, and more.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk District

The enemy tried to advance and gain a foothold in Maryinka and surround Avdiivka, but they failed. Russian occupation forces fired on the Ocheretine railway station. The Armed Forces of Ukraine restrain the advance of the enemy. The Territorial Defense Forces, together with the police, are on duty.

Pokrovsky City Council organized the evacuation of citizens. In the morning, a bus with 43 residents of the Oblast went to the western part of the country, among the passengers – women, and children.

UNICEF humanitarian goods arrived in the city, with more than 2000 warm blankets and 500 sets of children’s winter clothes for children aged 3 to 12. Myrnograd received a large amount of humanitarian aid from the Right to Protection Charitable Foundation. 237 tons of humanitarian aid from the Ministry of Social Policy arrived in Donetsk Oblast. They received 39.6 thousand food kits for vulnerable groups, including necessities: cereals, pasta, canned meat, oil, sugar, cookies. The Donetsk Oblast Military Administration has accepted the cargo and has already started handing out humanitarian aid to the communities. In Pokrovsk, diesel fuel, gas, and 95th gasoline are available at gas stations.


The situation in the city is tense. The missile hit the military unit, and the windows were broken in neighboring houses.

Sirens started working in the city. There were several alarms during the day today. Internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Popasna, Rubizhne, and Severodonetsk continue to arrive in the city.


22nd day of the complete blockade of Mariupol. Evacuation to safe Ukrainian cities from Mariupol continues.

Residents of the Left Bank District are being deported en masse to russia. A total of 15,000 citizens were deported to russia. Ukrainians forcibly deported to russia are offered jobs on Sakhalin. After passing the filtration camps, Ukrainians are sent to economically depressed areas of Russia.

A car of the russian occupiers with a loudspeaker drives in Mariupol and announces that Zaporizhzhya no longer accepts refugees and that it is necessary to go to russia and that Odesa has already been made been taken. This information is a lie.

Luhansk Oblast

At night, Luhansk Oblast was shelled with rockets and probably phosphorus bombs. Four people died, including two children. 

Southern Oblasts

Zaporizhia Oblast

In Zaporizhzhia Oblast, the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the past day destroyed: armored personnel carrier; 8 units of motor vehicles; 2 self-propelled howitzers “Msta-C”; 2 122-mm howitzers D-30; 18 servicemen of russia. In addition, 2 russian servicemen were taken as prisoners.


Humanitarian aid continues to arrive in Zaporizhia. In particular, 20 tons of humanitarian assistance (food and medical supplies) were delivered from the sister city of Oberhausen (Germany). The city sounded the air alarm at least 5 times a day. The situation is tense but controlled.


Units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine struck at large landing ships stationed in the temporarily occupied seaport of Berdyansk. The russian landing ship “Orsk”, which could carry up to 20 tanks, 45 armored personnel carriers and 400 paratroopers, was destroyed.

There was a fire on the enemy military landing ship “Saratov”, the detonation of ammunition took place. There are also three dead and three wounded on the russian military landing ship “Novocherkassk”. 


In the village of Obilne near Melitopol, three teenagers found an explosive device that detonated due to careless handling. The children are hospitalized in Melitopol Hospital.


Most deputies of the Energodar City Council have resigned. Deputies call the reason for refusal of mandates “prevention of forced voting”. Deputies who have left will continue to engage in public work and ensure the city’s livelihood.

Teachers of the Energodar Children’s Art School made an installation “Strong Ukraine”, dedicated to the month of the heroic resistance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to russian aggression. 


Residents continue to suffer from the tyranny of the russian occupiers and the acute humanitarian crisis. The power supply was restored in Polohy and Rozivka Districts. The village of Antonivka, where about 100 families live, remains without electricity.

Kherson Oblast

Kherson Oblast is under the military occupation of russia. Kidnappings have become frequent, including mayors, utility workers, and activists. A new Ukrainian flag was hung in the city council of the temporarily occupied Kherson.


More than 10 enemy vehicles were spotted in Skadovsk. Public patrols continue to work. Thanks to them, it is possible to ensure public order in the community.

The mayor asks to stay together and not panic. He thanks everyone who helps maintain order in the community and helps others. He also urges to refrain from traveling outside the settlements in the dark.

Utilities provide the minimum necessary services. There is water, gas, electricity, communication. In each headman county, the headman works every day until noon. Skadovsk Bakery provides bread to Skadovsk and neighboring communities.

The carrier “Bravo-Lux” plans to resume bus services on Skadovsk- Kherson’s route. The schedule will be announced later. Public transport does not work now.

The children’s library has resumed its work. In addition to books, you can get advice and practical assistance in using electronic services to pay utility bills, use the Internet, print or scan a document. There is a lack of medicines in the community; the issue is still being resolved. The community is quiet, but residents stay at home. Some are afraid to go outside.

Odesa Oblast

The shelling of the Oblast from the sea continues. The Air Defense units are constantly working. The Ukrainian military is defending the territory. The Territorial Defense Forces are preparing to repulse the enemy, reinforcing the coast and roadblocks.

The local authorities are talking about preparations for defense and are in control of the situation. People are active, helping the Territorial Defense Forces and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Central Oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

Positional battles are being fought north of the Kherson Oblast on the border with the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.

Residents of Dnipro are urged to dismantle satellite TV dishes with antennas. They can help the enemy’s guidance to the targets.

Famous American actor Robert Patrick supported the appeal of the Mayor of Dnipro Borys Filatov and volunteered to become the Goodwill Ambassador of the city of Dnipro and joined the fundraising campaign for providing humanitarian aid (

Employees of the Dnipro National Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater named after Taras Shevchenko weave camouflage nets, sew balaclavas, warm clothes, and other ammunition items. They bring food to the needy and gather clothing and other useful things.

Farmers have launched a sowing campaign in the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. The works started in the Nikopol area. Barley, sunflower, and corn will be sown there. In total, the oblast plans to use more than one million hectares under crops.

In the city of Kamyanske, a Deputy of the City Council and a businesswoman donated an off-road vehicle and certain equipment to the State Emergency Service.

The Pokrov Mining and Concentration Complex has been uninterruptedly operating in Pokrov. Negotiations are underway with Procter & Gamble to re-start the operation of their plant in the city.

Kirovohrad Oblast


The situation in the city and oblast is under control. The Armed Forces of Ukraine defend the oblast’s borders and guard military facilities. The Territorial Defense Forces keep watch at checkpoints and patrol the city with the police. Agrarians of Kirovohrad Oblast came out into the fields. The sowing campaign started in three districts of Kirovohrad Oblast – Kropyvnytskyi, Novoukrainka, and Oleksandriya. There are 136 vacancies for doctors in the Kirovohrad Oblast. As many as 1561 internally displaced children study in schools of the Kirovohrad Oblast.

Serhiy Nedilko, a pensioner from Kropyvnytskyi, created a hostel for pets and owners. The Kirovohrad Oblast Academic Puppet Theater has launched daily free performances for internally displaced children.

In Haivoron, on the initiative of concerned residents of the city and the community, a mass-scale cleaning-up of the “Yunist” park (one of the city’s green zones) is being organized.

Poltava Oblast

Air raid alerts were heard in the oblast during the day. The situation is under control. Poltava judges supported the initiative of their colleagues from the Supreme Court to transfer funds to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine, where judges of the courts of appeal will donate 50% of their monthly salary, and judges of the first instance courts – 40%. Monthly financial assistance to the military will amount to at least UAH 2.5 million.

The police carried out more than 900 preventive raids in the Poltava oblast settlements to identify the illegal sale of alcohol. More than 10 000 liters of various alcoholic products and alcohol-containing drinks were confiscated. Over the past day, district police officers of the Poltava Oblast checked 805 vehicles and 2217 suspicious persons.

In the city, in the stores of the ATB chain, collection points for targeted humanitarian aid have been set up to support the Ukrainian warriors.

Western Oblasts

Lviv oblast

The day passed quietly in the Lviv Oblast. The air raid alert never sounded.

Lviv paratroopers destroyed saboteurs who drove civilian vehicles. The saboteurs used various types of civilian transport to carry out acts of sabotage and provocations in the rear towns and villages of Ukraine. Units of the 80th Detached Assault Brigade of the Air Assault Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine successfully eliminated them (

More than 20 000 people applied to join volunteer formations of the territorial communities of the Lviv Oblast. Of this number, more than 15 thousand come from the oblast and more than 6.5 thousand from the city of Lviv. Two territorial defense brigades have already been formed. Those are the 103rd brigade, which is responsible for the defense of the Lviv Oblast, and the 125th brigade, which defends Lviv.

Volunteers are recruited in the Oblast for the territorial communities’ formations, which will help territorial defense battalions to defend Lviv and Lviv Oblast. The volunteers are trained in military affairs and medical care.

During the first month of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the Lviv Oblast became the most significant humanitarian hub in Ukraine. In Lviv, the Center for Provision of Clothing and Footwear of the Humanitarian Office continues to operate in the Andriy Krupinsky Lviv Medical Academy premises.

More than 230 000 temporarily resettled Ukrainians have already found shelter and necessary support. Currently, more than 195 000 IDPs are officially registered.

The oblast authorities are developing a program to support IDPs. This program will contribute to solving the issues related to the settlement, logistics (delivery to places of temporary residence), and food for the people who were evacuated from areas of active hostilities.


Many social support services and organizations provide food and bed to everyone in need, not just IDPs, on the community territory.

Eco-activities to green the area and woodlands will kick off soon in the community. Due to fuel and spare part price hikes, the Drohobytske ATP, PE, a local public transport carrier, is operating at a loss with no chance of upgrades to its rolling stock. A motion has been lodged with the local executive committee to increase the fare to UAH10.

Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

Yesterday night, on March 23rd, the city could hear the sound of an enemy UAV being shot by the the Ukrainian military. The police and the Territorial Defense Forces work enhanced patrols in the city.

1500 children evacuees have registered for school attendance. The community has launched a Ukrainian language course for those willing to learn spoken Ukrainian. 

Rivne Oblast


It is relatively calm in the city despite an air raid siren. The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) monitor the border with Belarus. The Territorial Defense Forces are on patrol and duty at checkpoints. Rivne Oblast Military Administration Head Vitaliy Koval has notified the locals about the ban to visit woods in the Oblast effective today. The only exception is afforded for AFU, law enforcement, rescuers, representatives of the Executive and local self-government bodies, and the wood managing staff. The ban will remain in force for the duration of the war ( 

A Centre for Economic Development and Business Relocation has been launched to assist in transferring businesses from regions affected by the war to the Rivne Oblast (

The residents are united and assist volunteer centers. A SpivDiyaty (CoAct) Project has been initiated for volunteer groups involving community activists and educators to provide psychological ‘defusing’ of children forced out of their homes because of the war (

Khmelnytskyi Oblast


The situation in the city is calm and controlled. The Khmelnytskyi Oblast Art Museum hosts a creative space with daily master classes; these have been already attended by more than 829 visitors, of them 441 children. 

The Oblast police were able to locate 28 nationals from various parts of Ukraine with whom connection had been lost because of the war. For the month since the beginning of russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the law enforcement agencies and police precincts in the Khmelnytskyi Oblast received 48 statements of the disappearance of next of kin or acquaintances because of military operations on the territory of our country. Searches continue.


It is calm in the city and the Oblast; the situation is under control. The AFU perform their duty. The Territorial Defense Forces patrol strategic facilities and watch at checkpoints. A directive prohibiting visits to the woods on foot or by transport in the Khmelnytskyi Oblast has been made known. A memorial service for Borys Orikh, a lifetime military, ATO/JFO veteran, and peacekeeper, was held in the city today.

Zakarpattia Oblast

It is calm in the Oblast, and the situation is under control. The Security Service of Ukraine exposed a group of individuals who had been mass mailing threats to the Hungarians in the Oblast. The offenders used bot farm networks located in Kyiv, Dnipro, Odesa, and Vinnytsia.

A memory service for a fallen defender will be held in Mukachevo tomorrow. The Oblast has procured 12 armored minivans to evacuate residents from war-torn areas.

A russian MIA colonel (retired) was found in the Oblast. He moved into Ukraine a year ago. He renounced his citizenship, destroyed the uniform and the documents issued to him in russia.

Last modified: 25 Березня, 2022