The three hundred and thirty-eighth (338) day of heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the large-scale russian military invasion continues.


Northern Oblasts


Yesterday, the russians hit objects in Kyiv and Zaporizhzhia with Kh-47 Kinzhal hypersonic missiles, Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ignat said.

Today it was noisy in Bucha and Vyshhorod raions. Sappers eliminated explosive objects.

The exhibition “Embroidered with pain” was opened at the “Zoloti Vorota” [Golden Gate] station. Until February 2, you can see 5 towels here, which encode the generalized memories of women who suffered sexual violence from the russian military.

Kyiv Oblast

The Irpin City Council began cooperation with the public organizations “Law Conscious” and “Legal Headquarters of Ukraine”. The relevant memorandum on partnership with them was signed by the mayor of Irpin. These legal organizations have agreed to provide free legal support for projects to restore Irpin.

The volunteer center of the Irpin Bible Church is already making the second hundred stoves that are used for heating and cooking. About a hundred stoves are already warming the residents of Irpin, residents of the surrounding areas and defenders on the front lines. They are also installed free of charge among those affected by the war.

From February 1, the Education Hub of the Kyiv Oblast will be operational. Therefore, residents of the region will be able to participate in the project for free. Among the fields of study: “Digital education”, “Language. Communication”, “Entrepreneurship and financial literacy”, “Creative space” and others. Project participants will develop new skills, expand their circle of communication, and receive psychological and emotional support.


A rangefinder-sight for a separate detachment of snipers “Holodny Yar” of the 93rd separate mechanized brigade of the 3rd battalion was purchased and handed over by volunteers from Boguslav. The cost of the device is over UAH 10,000. It was possible to collect the funds thanks to the charity caroling and giving that took place in Bohuslav during December and January of this year. In total, people donated almost UAH 80,000 at that time.

Speech therapist, psychologist, art, English and Polish languages, preparation for school and mini-kindergartens – such classes for children are now held at the “Smart Step” educational and development center in Bohuslav. It was opened by one of the winning teams of the training course “From ideas to actions”, which is implemented in the community by the volunteer initiative “Tikha Gavan” from the NGO “Buslav Sich”. The other day, the first trial classes were held in the Children’s Center.

The coordinator of the All-Ukrainian initiative “Active Community” in the city of Boguslav met with representatives of the city government of Myronivka community. The coordinator presented the activity of the initiative and its results in Bohuslav, and on occasion agreed on cooperation. They discussed priority directions for the development of the Myronivka community, as well as planned work on the activation of citizens and their involvement in joint activities.

Zhytomyr Oblast

Dmytro Dudarenko, born in 1991, was killed in the battles for Soledar. He was buried in the village of Ivankiv of the Stanyshiv community.

Zhytomyr said goodbye to Yehor Plotnikov. A soldier was born in Vitebsk (Belarus) in the family of a military man. Later, the family moved to Ukraine. With the beginning of a full-scale war, from the first days, he participated in repelling the armed aggression of russia. He died on January 19 as a result of his injuries.

During the 11 months of the full-scale war, Zhytomyr Oblast allocated 840 million hryvnias to help the Armed Forces.

Hygiene products, clothes and products: Zhytomyr sent another shipment to de-occupied Kupyansk. This is not the only aid that Zhytomyr Oblast provides to regions affected by hostilities. Previously, humanitarian cargo was delivered to residents of southern oblasts of Ukraine, in particular, Kherson Oblast and Mykolaiv Oblast.

Chernihiv Oblast

The Chernihiv Oblast Prosecutor’s Office informed in absentia about the suspicion of two russian servicemen. During the occupation of the village of Yagidne, they held 368 people hostage in the basement of the local school for almost a month.

Installation of the second modular bridge on the road of state importance, which was handed over by France, began in Chernihiv Oblast. Currently, the beams of the girder structure are being installed. Previously, the ruins of the old bridge, damaged during active hostilities, were dismantled, and the extreme supports were repaired, on which new structures are being installed. 

Eastern Oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

At least 17 settlements in the Kharkiv Oblast were shelled by the russian during the day. Villages of Kharkiv, Chuguyiv and Kupyansk raions came under attack.

Russia launched a missile attack on the Kindrashiv Lyceum in Kupyansk raion at night on January 27, the windows and walls of the building were damaged. There are no casualties.

Two men blew themselves up with an unknown explosive device in the Izyum Oblast on January 26, one of them is in serious condition.

In the Kharkiv Oblast, sappers removed more than 50,000 ammunition, which the russian army used to mine the region. Currently, sappers have more than 2,000 applications from residents of the region for demining.

In Kharkiv Oblast, 28 children became complete orphans as a result of the war, the press service of the regional administration reported. Also, more than 80,000 forcibly displaced children live in the region.

Toponyms in six settlements are planned to be renamed in the Chuguyiv community. An Invincibility Square may appear in Chuguyiv..

Donetsk Oblast

On January 26, the russians killed 6 residents of Donetsk Oblast: 2 in Ocheretin, 2 in Bogoyavlenka, 1 in Avdiivka, and 1 in Paraskoviivka. Another 9 people in the region were injured.

Since February 24, the russians have killed 1,326 civilians of Donetsk Oblast, wounded another 2,905. The number of victims in Mariupol and Volnovakha is currently unknown.

Units of the Defense Forces of the past day repelled the attacks of the occupiers in the areas of the settlements of Ploshanka, Nevske and Chervonpopivka in the Luhansk Oblast and Verkhnyokamianske, Paraskoviivka, Bakhmut, Klishchiivka, Vodyane, Nevelske, Maryinka and Vugledar in the Donetsk Oblast.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk raion

In the east of the Pokrovsk raion, 2 massive shelling of Avdiivka took place at night – there is damage, the extent of the destruction is being determined.

Over the course of the day, russian occupation forces attacked settlements: the city of Avdiivka, the village of Ocheretyne, Krasnohorivka, and Karlivka. russian troops attacked Avdiivka using aviation, «Grads» and artillery. The city withstood nine attacks. 4 apartment buildings were destroyed, there are dead and injured civilian residents.

In the village of Ocheretyne, shells hit 3 private houses, one person was killed and one was wounded. In Bogoyavlenka, we also have the dead and injured.

In Pokrovsk, displaced people and vulnerable categories of the population received humanitarian aid, which was provided by international charities through the local public organization «Gidnist Donbasu [Dignity of Donbas]».

Bakhmut and Bakhmut raion

In the direction of Bakhmut, Spirne, Bilogorivka, Rozdolivka, Krasna Gora, Paraskoviivka, Bakhmut, Klishchiivka, Bila Gora, Pivnichne and New York of the Donetsk Oblast were damaged by fire.

In the Horlivka direction, 1 person was injured and 1 house was damaged in Bakhmut. The day before, the russians damaged 3 houses and a kindergarten in Toretsk, and held the neighborhoods of Pivnichne, Pivdenne, Druzhba and Magdalinivka under fire. 3 more houses were damaged in Katerynivka of Illinivka community — no victims. The night passed loudly in Paraskoviivka, Rozdolivka and Vasyukivka of the Soledar community.

In the morning, russian troops shelled Chasiv Yar in Donetsk Oblast: two people were killed, at least five were wounded. 

Volnovakha and Volnovakha raion

Active shelling of Vugledar continues in the Volnovakha direction: 7 houses and 2 schools were damaged in the city. On the territory of the community, 2 people died and 1 was injured in Bogoyavlenka; shelling of Novoukrainka was recorded.

Kramatorsk and Kramatorsk raion

In the Lyman direction, Yampolivka in Donetsk Oblast came under enemy fire.

Torske, Zarichne, and Yampil came under fire in the Lysychansk direction in the Lyman community, in the Zvanivka community – 3 houses were damaged in Pereyizne, the Zvanivka neighborhood came under fire with phosphorus charges. There was also unrest in Siversk – shelling continued for a day, a private house was destroyed by a direct hit.


Mariupol and Donetsk Oblast are being turned into a concentration camp. The russian invaders will create 25 so-called «correctional colonies» in the occupied territories. The relevant order was issued by the prime minister of the russian federation mishustin. Thus, it is planned to create 12 colonies and one correctional institution in the so-called «DPR».

 «YAMariupol» issues baby packages for Mariupol families. The baby’s set includes: a toy, a children’s blanket and a certificate for 16 thousand hryvnias. The care program is implemented thanks to the mayor and the head of the Oblast state administration. Parents who have a child born in 2022 and who submitted an application last year receive the baby package.

As part of the #PostEast project, the Shtuka public organization created a documentary film about Mariupol. The film will show not only the tragedy of the city, but also its strength and indomitability. The teaser uses illustrations by Asia Kravchuk and singing by Maria Boyko.  

Luhansk Oblast

According to Serhii Gaidai, the head of the Luhansk Oblast state administration, the russian military closes the cities, movement in the occupied territories is only with passes, the local population is «educated» in torture camps, from which many do not return.

The army of the russian federation plans to create seven prisons in the occupied Luhansk Oblast, so that there would be a place to lock up deserters and intimidate civilians.

Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine struck Kreminna and Rubizhne. The number of injured occupants is being determined.

Southern Oblasts

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

During the past day, January 26, the russian military shelled 20 settlements in the Zaporizhzhia Oblast. 14 reports were received about the destruction of citizens’ houses and infrastructure facilities as a result of shelling.

Mykolayiv Oblast

On January 26, 13 cruise missiles were destroyed during another massive missile strike over the Mykolaiv Oblast. On the same day, russian troops shelled the communities of Ochakiv and Kutsurub.

During the day of January 26, pyrotechnicians found 58 munitions in the Mykolayiv Oblast. Explosive objects were destroyed by controlled detonation in a specially designated place.

Volunteers from the volunteer battalion are helping to repair administrative and civil buildings of the Mykolayiv Oblast that were damaged by shelling. As of January 27, the brigade is working in the Lymany village of the Halytsynove community. 

As part of the SOS Children project, families from the Halytsynove and Bashtanka communities received 470 tablets and 500 school sets. Children will be able to use this equipment for distance learning.

Kherson Oblast

On January 26, russian troops shelled Kozatske in the Kherson Oblast. They kissed in the building of the village council. A man died, three more residents were injured.

During the day, russian troops shelled four communities of the Beryslav raion. In the village of Kochubeivka, one person died, three others were injured. Three residents of Olhivka were also injured.

This morning, russian troops shelled the village of Komyshany near Kherson. 20 streets were left without electricity, houses of an entire block were damaged. A 24-year-old resident of the village died, her husband was wounded. The mother lost her 6-year-old son.

The russian military forcibly evicted the residents of Nechaeve near Oleshky from their homes in order to house their troops there.

In the temporarily occupied Gornostaevka, in the former police building, the russian military set up a torture chamber. They can be taken there on suspicion of cooperation with the Armed Forces.

The russian occupiers are preparing for a massive “loyalty” check of residents of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson oblasts, the National Resistance Center reports. In particular, they are increasing the number of checkpoints and planning a large-scale check of phones for Ukrainian applications.

Over the past day, the aviation of the Defense Forces carried out 8 strikes on the areas of concentration of russian troops and a strike on the position of an anti-aircraft missile system. Three reconnaissance drones were shot down.

Missile and artillery units hit 4 enemy control points, a manpower concentration area, 2 artillery units, an ammunition depot, and 2 important russian military facilities.

Central Oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

Russians shelled the community of Myrove with multiple rocket launchers. The shelling damaged a shop, a bakery, and a beauty salon. About a dozen residential buildings and outbuildings, gas pipelines, and power lines were also hit. The premises of one of the enterprises were damaged – the walls and roof of one of the administrative buildings were destroyed. Earlier, the Marhanetsk and Chervonohryhorivka communities were shelled.

Defending Ukraine, 56-year-old Viktor Kuznetsov from Myrolyiubivka, 39-year-old junior sergeant Dmytro Lozynskyi from Kamianske, 25-year-old senior soldier Maksym Podstrielov from Shyroke, and Ivan Sliusar from Kryvyi Rih were killed. Eternal glory to the Heroes.

The SBU exposed two more collaborators in Dnipropetrovsk oblast. The detainees supported the enemy regime and approved the actions of the russian army. They published propaganda materials on their social media pages.

In Dnipro, soldiers of the Regional Directorate of the Territorial Defense Forces “East” were awarded state and regional awards. In addition to the awards, the leaders of Dnipropetrovsk oblast handed over three off-road vehicles, as well as laptops and radios to the defenders.

A T-shirt of former FC Dnipro player Mateus is being raffled off in Dnipro. To participate in the drawing, you need to donate at least UAH 250 to the needs of the Armed Forces.

An art object was installed in Haharin Park in Dnipro. It is a huge bulletproof vest. It symbolizes the invincibility of Ukrainians and the unity of the nation. The object is made of car springs and weighs 2.5 tons. Its author is Yevhen Balahun, a resident of Zaporizhzhia and a volunteer.

Kirovohrad Oblast

The Regional Children’s Hospital in Kropyvnytskyi became one of the three winners of a grant project from the German government and the Ministry of Health. Its cost is more than six million hryvnias. The money was used to open a simulation and training center at the hospital to train doctors, interns, and nurses. 

In Kropyvnytskyi, horses, goats, sheep, donkeys, cats, and dogs help the military rehabilitate. This is a joint project of the regional hospital and a local rehabilitation center. During the sessions, the soldiers rest and train their muscles and nervous system. All classes within the project are free. 

Poltava Oblast

Poltava oblast has received another batch of humanitarian aid from the UN. 3,000 pillows, bedding sets, and blankets, as well as 1,500 towels and 1,000 thermoses, will be sent to places of compact settlement of IDPs. Humanitarian aid was also received from the International Committee of the Red Cross. 330 folding beds with mattresses for IDPs.

Pershotravnevyi Avenue is to be renamed in honor of Poltava doctor Oleksandr Nesvitskyi. He spent 40 years of his life developing medicine in the city. The second proposal for the new name of the avenue is in honor of Vasyl Tatsiy, a lawyer and rector of the Poltava Law Institute.

Western Oblasts

Rivne Oblast

A 57-year-old defender Vasyl Titus, who was killed in Sarny oblast, was buried. On January 22, the soldier was seriously injured while performing a combat mission near the village of Bilohorivka in Donetsk oblast.

The Ostroh community said goodbye to defender Volodymyr Kolodyazhnyi. The soldier was killed on January 21 as a result of a grenade attack near the village of Chervonopopivka in Luhansk oblast.

In Berezne raion, the fallen defender Andrii Moiseits was buried. The soldier was killed while performing a combat mission near the village of Makiivka, Luhansk oblast.

In Rivne today, three soldiers paid their last respects on Independence Square: 41-year-old Serhiy Sharuda, a radio miner who died on January 8 as a result of artillery shelling in Donetsk oblast, a 30-year-old Serhiy Savchuk, a platoon commander who died on January 21 during hostilities near Soledar in Donetsk oblast, and 40-year-old Serhii Dzhurich, a senior soldier who fought his last battle on January 16 in Donetsk oblast.

Chernivtsi Oblast

Bukovyna said goodbye to its faithful sons who died for the freedom of Ukraine: senior soldier Hennadii Nuku was laid to rest in the village of Tarasivtsi, and soldier Oleksandr Tkachuk in the village of Novoselytsia. May they rest in peace.

In between the shelling, Bukovyna’s terrorist fighters help civilians. Soldiers of the 97th Battalion of the 107th Separate Brigade of the Anti-Terrorist Defense together with Kharkiv residents are restoring housing destroyed by the russian military. The defenders also share food and medicine with local residents.

A donor day was held at the Bukovyna Clinical Oncology Center. The initiative was attended by 50 employees of the institution. As a result, 20 liters of blood were collected. All donated blood will be sent to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

A draft of the Regional Program of Social Support for ATO/JFO Participants, Defenders, and Their Families for 2023 was presented in Bukovyna. It provides for financial assistance, dental prosthetics, financial support for NGOs, medical and psychological rehabilitation, etc. Most of the funds will be allocated for financial assistance and medical and psychological rehabilitation.

Zakarpattia Oblast

An evacuation bus has arrived in Uzhhorod for the first time, bringing wounded soldiers to one of the city’s medical facilities. It is an intensive care unit on wheels that can provide assistance and transport patients in all critical conditions. Ukraine received the special vehicles as humanitarian aid from Europe. The buses are fully adapted to the needs of medics to work in war conditions and can quickly transport patients from the war zone.

50 soldiers donated blood at St. Martin’s Hospital in Mukachevo. They did this as part of the national campaign “Your blood can fight. Become a donor”.

Last modified: 28 Січня, 2023