The four hundred and twenty-eighth day (428) of large-scale armed aggression by the russian against our state continues.


Northern oblasts


President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy had a meeting with Timothy Barrow, National Security Adviser to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The meeting was also attended by Chief of the British Defense Staff, Anthony Radakin, and Assistant to the Prime Minister for Military Affairs, Jamie Norman. The Head of State emphasized the leadership of the UK in the defense support of Ukraine. The President and the British Prime Minister’s adviser discussed the issue of further provision of defense assistance to Ukraine.

Ruslan Kravchenko, Head of the Kyiv Oblast Military Administration, met with Matsuda Kuninori, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to Ukraine. He thanked for the comprehensive assistance that the Government of Japan has already provided to the Kyiv Oblast. They discussed further cooperation and interaction in the reconstruction of the Kyiv Oblast.

On April 29 and 30, the Hryshko Botanical Garden will host a training session on mine safety, first aid basics, safe handling of pets, and psychosocial support.

Kyiv Oblast

Google Maps service has updated its satellite imagery. From now on, people in every corner of the world will be able to see Ukrainian cities destroyed by the russian army. In particular, satellite images show the scope of destruction in Irpin. Analyzing the maps, one can see that the photos were taken last spring. They show the destroyed Romanivskyi Bridge and abandoned cars near it. It was in the spring of 2022 that tens of thousands of civilians from Irpin and nearby settlements fled to safety across this bridge. Google Maps platform also shows other destroyed facilities and structures in Irpin. In particular, the Central House of Culture, the Irpinski Lypky residential complex, the Champion Stadium, the State Tax University, the Giraffe Mall, Irpin Lyceum No. 3, and more.

Chernihiv Oblast

On April 26, russian troops shelled the border areas of the Chernihiv Oblast. Three hits were recorded in the vicinity of Yanzhulivka, eight hits in the area of Medvedivka, six hits in the vicinity of Zarichchia, 17 hits in the area of Karpovychi, and 10 hits in the area of Bleshnia. There were no reports of casualties among the local population or damage to civilian infrastructure.

Also on April 26, russian shelling destroyed a bridge over the Sudost River in the Novhorod-Siversk community. It connected the border village of Muravyi with the starosta district – the village of Hremiach.

The russian soldier who shot a car with a family in the village of Krupychpole, Pryluky Raion, on February 26, 2022, was sentenced in absentia to life imprisonment. The soldier was found guilty of violating the laws and customs of war, combined with premeditated murder.

Google has updated satellite images that show what the city of Chernihiv and the oblast looked like during the russian blockade in February-March 2022. It shows where Russians hid their equipment in the surrounding villages, where they went to fire on the city, and where their equipment was hit and destroyed.

37 schools in the oblast received equipment from Finnish benefactors to set up shelters. Finn Church Aid, an international non-governmental organization, provided the schools with TV sets, heaters, coolers and other accessories. In addition, schools are provided with fan heaters, oil radiators and convectors upon individual requests.

Sumy Oblast

On April 26, the russian military shelled the Bilopillia, Esman, Yunakivka, Shalyhyne, and Seredyna-Buda communities in the Sumy Oblast, firing a total of 100 shots from various weapons. In the Seredyna-Buda community, 4 houses were damaged. In the Esman community, a residential building was also damaged as a result of mortar shelling. In one of the villages of the Shalyhyne community, 2 residential buildings were damaged.

At night, on April 27, the russian army bombarded the border areas of the Sumy Oblast with artillery, mortars and guided aerial bombs. In the village of Chernatske, Shostka Raion, the building of an educational institution and nearby houses of local residents were damaged.

In the morning and afternoon of April 27, the russian army shelled the border areas of the Sumy Oblast 8 times. They used mortars, artillery and helicopter-launched missiles. One person got lower extremity wounds.

Eastern oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

On April 27, russians shelled the village of Lyptsi, Kharkiv Raion, with artillery. There were hits to residential buildings. Emergency services are working at the site. Information about casualties is being established.

The enemy also fired at the village of Tokarivka, Kharkiv Raion. Employees of Kharkiv Oblenergo, who were working on the restoration of power lines, were affected. One person was killed and four others were wounded. Currently, medics are providing all necessary assistance to the victims.

Yesterday, the enemy massively shelled civilians and civilian infrastructure in the settlements of the Kharkiv, Kupiansk, and Chuhuiv raions.

In Vovchansk, Chuhuiv Raion, the shelling damaged a private household, the buildings of an oil production facility, and the building of the fire and rescue unit.

In the villages of Ustymivka, Vilkhuvatka, and Petropavlivka in the Kupiansk Raion, private houses, outbuildings and a shop were damaged.

At least 3 private houses were destroyed in the village of Podoly, Kupiansk Raion. There were no casualties.

Mine clearance activities continue in the oblast. Over the past day, pyrotechnics of the State Emergency Service inspected more than 14 hectares of territory and neutralized 181 explosive devices.

Donetsk Oblast

Over the past day, 16 settlements in the Donetsk Oblast came under fire from aircraft, S-300, Smerch, Uragan and Grad MLRS, and artillery.

As a result, 3 residents of the Donetsk Oblast were killed: in Kostiantynivka, Diliivka, and Zvanivka.

4 more people in the oblast were wounded.

Since February 24, 2022, Russian weapons have claimed the lives of 1,486 civilians of the Donetsk Oblast and wounded another 3,440 people.

Kramatorsk and Kramatorsk Raion

The russian military shelled the Kostiantynivka community with artillery four times over the past day. One person was killed and another one was wounded as a result of the shelling. The industrial zone, railroad tracks, and the Predtechyne starosta district came under fire. Private and multi-apartment buildings, cars, the power grid, and a gas pipe were damaged.

The russian military fired five rockets at Druzhkivka, damaging private houses and a school. There were no casualties.

1 person was injured and 8 houses were damaged in Yampil, the Lyman community.

A resident of the city of Lyman was detained in the Donetsk Oblast. According to the investigators, in April, in the banned “Odnoklassniki” network, he transferred data on the location of the military and equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to his acquaintance, a representative of the “Donetsk people’s republic.”

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk Raion

During the past day, the enemy carried out fire attacks on 8 towns and villages of the Pokrovsk Raion. The russian army hit the civilian population with aviation, “S-300” air defense systems, “Smerch”, “Uragan” and “Grad” multiple launch rocket systems, artillery.

In the east of the Pokrovsk Raion, 1 person was injured and 10 houses were damaged in Veselyi Hai, the Kurakhove community.

Regular shelling took place in Mariinka and Krasnohorivka.

Avdiivka was shelled by “Grad” multiple launch rocket systems at night, and was hit by an anti-aircraft missile attack in the morning. Private houses, cars and electrical networks were damaged. 80 residents were left without electricity.

The French non-governmental organization SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL visited the “Unity” hub with a humanitarian mission. As a result, internally displaced persons from the Pokrovsk Raion of the Donetsk Oblast, who rent housing in the Chervonohrad Raion of the Lviv Oblast, received hygiene kits from French benefactors. A total of 135 sets were issued.

Bakhmut and Bakhmut Raion

The russian army shelled the Bakhmut direction 324 times during the day.

9 houses and an infrastructure facility were damaged in the Toretsk community. In the Lysychansk direction, 1 person died and 3 houses were damaged in the village of Zvanivka.

During the day, the Ukrainian military destroyed two electronic warfare stations, an unmanned aerial vehicle, two field warehouses with ammunition, eliminated or wounded more than 250 russian soldiers.

Volnovakha and Volnovakha Raion

In the Volnovakha direction, the enemy shelled Prechystivka three times with artillery and Novoukrainka twice from “Grad” multiple launch rocket systems.


The occupiers continue to strengthen and build defense lines around Mariupol.

The Security Service of Ukraine exposed 11 collaborating teachers in occupied Mariupol. Teachers were notified of suspicion of voluntary cooperation with the occupiers under Art. 111-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Luhansk Oblast

Dibrova, Bilohorivka and Novoselivske were hit by artillery fire last day.

In Severodonetsk, electricity and water are supplied hourly. The process is more like “emergency connections”.

Two residents of the Luhansk Oblast were exposed for collaborating with the russian occupiers. In particular, they agitated local residents to actively support the russian federation.

Southern Oblasts

Mykolaiv Oblast

On the night of April 27, the enemy attacked Mykolaiv with four “Kalibr” missiles. It is known that one person died and 23 were injured, including a child. As a result of rocket shelling, private houses were destroyed and significantly damaged, a high-rise residential building and a historical building were damaged. Also, due to the hits of ammunition and their parts, two fires broke out. The fires were quickly extinguished by units of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Mykolaiv Oblast.

On April 26, kamikaze drones of the “Lancet” type were shot down on the territory of the Bashtanka Raion.

In the Pervomaisk and Voznesensk raions, the day and night passed relatively calmly.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

During the past 24 hours, the russian military shelled 20 settlements in the Zaporizhzhia Oblast. As a result of russian shelling, two civilians were killed in Orihiv.

This morning, April 27, an explosion occurred in the temporarily occupied Melitopol. As a result, the collaborator Oleksandr Mishchenko died.

The non-governmental organization “Spilna diia” provided a car to the medical center of the division of the 55th separate artillery brigade “Zaporizka Sich”.

Odesa Oblast

During the exchange, a military officer of the Odesa 35th separate marine brigade named after Rear Admiral Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi was released from russian captivity. This is a serviceman of the 137th separate battalion. His name has not been released yet.

On April 27, a storm warning was announced in Odesa and the oblast. Residents are asked to be vigilant and refrain from walking along the sea, as the mine danger increases.

In Great Britain, a ceremony was held to declare a brotherhood between the Central Library of Liverpool and the Mykhailo Hrushevskyi Odesa Scientific Library. It was attended by King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla.

Kherson Oblast

Over the past day, the russian army shelled the Kherson Oblast 65 times with heavy artillery, drones and aviation. Kherson was under fire 10 times. The enemy hit the residential quarters, the territory of the electric substation in the Beryslav Raion and the administrative buildings in the Stanislav community. One person died, and three were injured.

As a result of the russian shelling of Kherson, a 42-year-old man died.

The russian air force also dropped five guided aerial bombs on Kizomys, the Belozerka community. Rescue services are working on the spot, information about the destruction and victims is being clarified.

In Nova Kakhovka, unknown persons blew up a car with russian propagandist Serhii Tvetinskyi. He died. The 61-year-old russian headed the lobby of the political party “Just russia – for the truth”. He also actively cooperated with the occupation administration of the Kherson Oblast.

In Kherson, the notification system will be operational by the end of May. Before that, it did not work due to inconsistencies in the equipment. About 5 million UAH will be spent on improving the system.

Central oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

The russian aggressor shelled the Chervonohryhorivka and Marganets communities in the Nikopol Raion four times. More than two dozen shells from heavy artillery were fired. A pumping station was damaged

Dnipro received a batch of six special vehicles from the Japanese partner city of Osaka. These are trucks with cranes, ambulances and a bus with rescue equipment.

An exhibition dedicated to women whose husbands died in the war was opened in Dnipro. The author of the photos is a Lviv photographer Kateryna Moskaliuk. The goal of the project is to support thousands of Ukrainians who have lost their loved ones, to learn to empathize. This is what representatives of the “Memorial” memory platform, which organized the exhibition, say.

Kirovohrad Oblast

12 million 213 thousand UAH were allocated from the regional budget for the treatment and rehabilitation of military personnel. The deputies of the regional council agreed on the corresponding changes to the regional budget at the session. Also, more than 509 thousand UAH were sent to the regional institution where soldiers are treated for the purchase of medicines and dressing materials.

In the Dmytrivka community of the Kirovohrad Oblast, communal workers will take care of abandoned graves. This service was introduced in view of the fact that many people have left their homes and cannot visit the cemetery in time.

Cherkasy Oblast

The relatives of the soldier from the Zolotonosha Raion were presented with the Order of Bohdan Khmelnytsky III degree, which was awarded posthumously to their son. In accordance with the Decree of the President of Ukraine, 23-year-old senior lieutenant Mykola Sapozhnik was awarded. He served as a deputy company commander, he was an airborne training instructor.

Five defenders from Cherkasy are preparing to participate in this year’s “Invincible Games”. Each of them will perform in several disciplines. This year’s Invictus Games will be held in Düsseldorf, Germany in September. Veterans and servicemen from more than 20 countries will perform there.

Poltava Oblast

In the Poltava Oblast, a hotline to help participants in hostilities, families of mobilized and deceased military personnel was launched. Specialists of the regional contact center will provide consultations by calling 095-186-53-60.

Soon, resettled people who currently live in schools will move into the modular houses on the territory of the regional institution for the provision of psychiatric care. Each room will accommodate four people. The houses have common spaces: a kitchen, storerooms, a shower, etc.

Western oblasts

Lviv Oblast

The mother of the deceased defender Oleksandr Sozansky purchased four drones for the 80th separate amphibious assault brigade. The drones were bought for almost a million hryvnias. This amount was transferred by the residents of the oblast to support the Hero’s family.

In the village of Cherneve in the Mostyska Raion, as part of the decommunization process, a monument to a soviet soldier was dismantled. In total, more than 180 soviet objects are planned to be demolished in the Lviv Oblast.

Khmelnytskyi Oblast

Two defenders from Khmelnytskyi were released from russian captivity yesterday. One of them is 31-year-old Orest Hrytsyuk, a paramedic from Netishyn. He was captured almost a year ago in the Donetsk Oblast.

The first mural by Odessa artists appeared in the village of Stara Ushytsia. It was created by high school students of the Stara Ushytsia Lyceum under the leadership of a team of artists from Odesa. They are known for creating murals and works of art in different parts of the country and the world. One of their most famous projects is a series of patriotic cats.

Chernivtsi Oblast

Snipers of the 107th separate brigade of the Territorial Defense Forces of Bukovyna received nine “Savage 110” sniper rifles with optical and thermal imaging sights from the mayor of Chernivtsi. They are capable of hitting targets at a distance of about 1,200 meters. The military adapts them to their needs, conducts daily training and will soon go to the combat zone.

Three private entrepreneurs from the village of Petrashivka, in the Hertsa community, purchased and handed over a cargo van for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Eduard Lupu, Mykhailo Rypta and Oleg Rypta have been helping the army with transport since the beginning of the full-scale war.

The Bukovyna police handed over the generator to their colleagues from the Kherson Oblast. The equipment will ensure uninterrupted work of law enforcement officers in the event of an emergency power outage. The help came from the non-governmental organization “Colping Case in Ukraine”.

Chernivtsi Oblast Children’s Clinical Hospital received a charitable shipment of medicines and products from the “Bukovyna Agency for Initiatives and Development” and the International Organization “Doctors of the World – Greece”. Another 300 cans of baby food were provided by the Chernivtsi Oblast organization of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine.

At the session of the Chernivtsi City Council, deputies voted unanimously to deprive the UOC MP of the right to use more than twenty plots of land in the community.

Zakarpattia Oblast

The Court of Appeal supported the position of the prosecutor’s office regarding the preservation of the cultural monument in Uzhhorod. Therefore, the Board House of the Ung Committee will be included in the State Register of Immovable Monuments of Ukraine. The struggle for its preservation continues since 2021.

In Uzhhorod, recruitment to a psychological support group for families of soldiers who lost loved ones as a result of hostilities continues on an ongoing basis. Here, family members can find a safe space where support and understanding, acceptance and professional psychological help await. Groups are held once every two weeks at the Tree of My Life Charitable Foundation.

Last modified: 28 Квітня, 2023