The two hundred thirty-sixth (236) day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion continues.


Northern oblasts


This morning the enemy launched 28 drones towards Kyiv. Thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Air Defense Forces, most of the flying terrorists were shot down. A total of 5 explosions occurred in Kyiv. As a result of the bombardment, a 120-year-old house, which is part of the city’s historical buildings, was damaged. Due to the drone attack, part of the house collapsed, it cannot be restored.
Currently, 4 dead and 19 rescued people are known. The rescuers also retrieved a cat from under the rubble.

European Commission official Peter Wagner arrived on a visit to Kyiv during the drone attack.

The crater in the playground in Shevchenko Park, which was formed as a result of the russian attack on October 10, is proposed to be turned into a playground.

Kyiv Oblast

Today, the Irpin utility workers began to cover the roof of residential building No. 59 on Kotlyarevskyi Street, which was damaged by the russians.

Zhytomyr Oblast

Zhytomyr said goodbye to soldier Andriy Kryzskyi, who was killed in April while defending the Kharkiv Oblast from the russians. Glory to the Hero!

Zhytomyr paratroopers, fighters of the 95th Detached Airborne Assault Brigade, were awarded insignia “For Defending Sloviansk”. The military prevented the aggressor from breaking into the city during the spring and summer of 2022. Already in early September the paratroopers of this brigade took part in the counteroffensive in Slobozhanshchyna (Sloboda Ukraine) and pushed the front line further from Sloviansk.

In the Zhytomyr Oblast, the residents of the village of Karpivtsi purchased and delivered a vehicle to their fellow countrymen soldiers on the front line. Other villages of the community and two children’s checkpoints joined the fundraising.

This year’s harvest of apples from the orchard of the Polissia National University was sent for the military who are undergoing treatment in the Zhytomyr hospital, for the families of internally displaced persons living in Zhytomyr, as well as for processing. Students and professors of the university joined the campaign and collected apples of various varieties. As a result, 40 boxes went to the soldiers, another part went to the families of IDPs, and 100 bags were handed over for processing. The proceeds will be transferred to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Chernihiv Oblast

Yesterday in the Chernihiv Oblast they said goodbye to three soldiers who fell in the Kharkiv Oblast and Kherson Oblast.

Today, explosive devices were disposed of by detonation near the village of Shestovytsia.

Sumy Oblast

Due to yesterday’s enemy shelling of critical infrastructure, part of the Bilopillia community is de-energized.

During yesterday, the russians shelled the Velyka Pysarivka community in the Sumy Oblast 5 times. A total of 54 explosions were recorded. The enemy fired the Grad MLRS and mortars, as well as launched 20 missiles from a helicopter. An agricultural enterprise was damaged.

Today, at 5 a.m., the russian military launched a missile attack on critical infrastructure facilities in the Romny Raion. As a result of the bombardment, people were buried under the rubble. Currently, 3 dead and 9 wounded have been reported.

Eastern oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

Over the past day, the enemy fired mortars and rocket and tube artillery at the settlements of the Kharkiv Oblast, situated along the line of contact and the border with the russian federation.

In particular, the following populated areas were hit: the town of Vovchansk of the Chuhuiv Raion and the villages of the Vovchansk community, the settlement of Dvorichne of the Kupiansk Raion, the settlement of Kozacha Lopan of the Kharkiv Raion, and others. As a result of the shelling, fires broke out in non-residential buildings.

Yesterday, a 45-year-old woman was killed in the Kharkiv Raion as a result of shelling of the village of Lukiantsi. A 47-year-old woman was hospitalized with injuries in Solonytsivka. A 69-year-old man was hospitalized in the Kupiansk Raion.

Electricians of the oblast have partially restored power supply to Vovchansk, the town of Bilyi Kolodiaz, and the villages of the Vovchansk community of the Chuhuiv Raion. Currently, electricity is already available in the homes of 7,700 consumers of the community.

Mine clearance continues in the oblast. During the day, pyrotechnicians of the State Emergency Service defused 630 explosive devices.

Donetsk Oblast

The night in the Donetsk Oblast passed relatively quietly; there were no casualties, but there are destructions in the Kramatorsk, Bakhmut and Pokrovsk raions.

On October 16, the russians killed 4 civilians of the Donetsk Oblast: in Bakhmut, Klishchiivka, Zarichne, and Avdiivka. Another 10 people were wounded yesterday.

Since the beginning of russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, 1,020 civilians of the Donetsk Oblast have been killed by enemy missiles, and another 2,415 people have been wounded.

The number of victims in Mariupol and Volnovakha remains unknown.


On the night of October 17, the russian military attacked the outskirts of Sloviansk. Missiles hit the local enterprise. No one was killed or wounded as a result of the shelling.

The bodies of 7 more civilians killed by the russians during the occupation were found in Liman.

The head of the Sloviansk city military administration, Vadym Lyakh, met with the utility workers and presented them with certificates and valuable gifts. He noted their significant contribution to the defense of the city since the first days of the war. In particular, the employees of the municipal service took part in the construction of fortifications not only in the Sloviansk community, but also in Dolyna, Yampil, and Khrestyshche.

On October 16, 48 residents of Sloviansk left Kyiv for France. People will be provided with housing, food and financial assistance for six months.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk Raion

In the Avdiivka sector, the russian military used tanks, tube and rocket artillery to shell the areas of the settlements of Berdychi, Vodiane, Krasnohorivka, Maryinka, Nevelske, Novomykhailivka, and Pervomaiske of the Donetsk Oblast.

Villages of the Ocheretyne community came under fire in the Pokrovsk Raion. No casualties have been reported.

Police officers of Kurakhove delivered baby food and drinks to residents of the Kurakhove community. The humanitarian aid was received from the national manufacturer and charitable foundations. First of all, they provided for large families, single mothers with children, and the elderly. Earlier, residents of Krasnohorivka, Maryinka and other settlements of the Maryinka community already received such assistance.


In the Bakhmut sector, such settlements as Andriivka, Bakhmut, Bakhmutske, Bilohorivka, Vesele, Opytne, Soledar, and Yakovlivka of the Donetsk Oblast came under enemy fire.

In the Bakhmut Raion, sporadic shelling of the villages of the Soledar community was recorded: one house was damaged in Paraskoviivka. No one was killed or injured.


Yesterday, the occupiers conducted experiments with the voltage of the power grid, which resulted in the death of a woman. A fire broke out, the occupiers did not respond to the calls.

The occupiers repainted the Veselka (Rainbow) Park in the colors of russia.

Luhansk Oblast

The occupiers do not stop opening fire on the recently liberated villages of the Luhansk Oblast. On October 16, the russians shelled Hrekivka, Novoyehorivka, and Bilohorivka, where the local population remains. Currently, only the Ukrainian military can evacuate people from the de-occupied settlements due to the aggravated security situation.

Throughout the Luhansk Oblast, the occupiers are putting concrete cubes and digging trenches, preparing for a long defense.

Southern oblasts

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

At night, the russian military launched missile attacks on Zaporizhzhia. There were no destructions or injuries.

As a result of russian shelling, the Zaporizhzhia NPP again lost connection with the Ukrainian power grid. Currently, the operation of the nuclear power plant is provided by diesel generators.

The occupiers in Melitopol mobilized 3,000 local residents into a pseudo-volunteer battalion. Forced conscription continues in the temporarily occupied territories. People who have received russian passports are primarily subject to mobilization.

In the morning summary of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it is reported that as a result of precision strikes by the Defense Forces, the enemy suffered losses among military equipment and servicemen of the russian federation in the areas of such settlements of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast as Molochansk, Kamianka-Dniprovska, Enerhodar, Orikhiv, Huliaipole, and Polohy. More than 20 pieces of weapons and military equipment were destroyed. According to preliminary information, 170 russian servicemen were wounded. The information is being clarified.

Kherson Oblast

Over the past day, the areas of more than 20 settlements of Kherson oblast were subjected to enemy attacks. Particularly, Pravdyne and Bilohirky. Myrne village was shelled with mortars and artillery. Details are not reported.

In Kherson, Russians are dismantling and removing equipment and other property from factories. Also, the occupation authorities instructed workers of the museums to prepare valuable exhibits for transportation to the territory of Russia.

Valeriy Vasin, Vice-President of the Kyokushin Kai Federation of Ukraine, Director of the Kherson regional branch of the FKU, was killed in the battles for Ukraine. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia he joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine, he was a sergeant of the 36th Marine Brigade.

Kherson policemen started their service in de-occupied Velyka Oleksandrivka. They are working to restore security and law and order.

Mykolaiv Oblast

On October 16, Russian occupation forces attacked with “Shahed-136” kamikaze drones Mykolaiv oblast. Eleven of them were shot down in the oblast. Thus, nine drones were shot down by the forces and means of air defense of the “South” Air Command. One was destroyed by units of the National Guard and the Territorial Defense Forces of Ukraine.

At night, the enemy attacked the city with “Shahed-136” kamikaze drones. Three drones hit industrial infrastructure facilities and a pharmaceutical warehouse. Fires broke out at the places of hits, which were promptly localized by the units of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Mykolaiv oblast.

Yesterday, as a result of enemy artillery shelling of the Pervomaisk community, a social infrastructure facility was damaged. There were no casualties.

Also yesterday, at 22:51, as a result of shellings by the kamikaze drones “Shahed-136” in the Koblivska community, a fire broke out in an open area. There were no destructions and no casualties.

The Berezneguvata community remains under constant fire from the Russians. At night there was shelling between the two settlements. An agricultural enterprise was hit. There were no casualties.

Yesterday two villages of the Shyroke community were shelled. There were hits on open areas, roads, and outside the settlements.

Odesa Oblast

Continuing to terrorize the southern regions, the enemy launched a missile attack on Odesa oblast.

“X-59” missile was launched from the Black Sea from the Su-35 aircraft, which hit one of the infrastructure sites of Odesa oblast. There were no casualties.

Central Oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

At night the enemy attacked with missiles Dnipro oblast. Three were shot down by air defense – over Nikopol and Kryvyi Rih raions. One of them hit an energy infrastructure facility in Kamianske region, which is why rolling blackouts will be introduced in the oblast. The local authorities urged citizens to save electricity.

In Nikopol raion, the Marhanetska and Chervonohryhorivska communities came under enemy fire. Houses were damaged there. In the afternoon, residents witnessed an explosion near the town of Vilnohirsk.

Dnipro City Hall together with the TAPS-Ukraine Foundation and the Volunteer Coordination Headquarters continue to help the military and civilians. Over the past week, the city has delivered a large food cargo for 400 defenders. Soldiers of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army also received food packages. And the soldiers of the Territorial Defense received instant food, dry rations, stew and trench candles.

At the same time, a cargo of cereals, humanitarian food boxes, as well as juices, and sweet water left Dnipro for the residents of the de-occupied territories.

Charitable Foundation “TAPS-Ukraine” together with the city authorities and the Coordination Headquarters of volunteers of Dnipro handed over to the hospitals of the city and oblast a large cargo of medicines and medical equipment worth UAH 20 million received from “Direct Relief”. Among the donations are resuscitation drugs, syringes, catheters, infusion solutions, as well as antibiotics, medicines for cancer patients, etc. In total, this time the city received humanitarian medical aid weighing about 40 tons from the partner “Direct Relief”.

In Dnipro, since the beginning of the war, more than 170 apartment buildings of communal property and condominiums have been damaged by rocket attacks. The city authorities are helping to restore them.

Kirovohrad Oblast

On October 17, the residents of Kropyvnytskyi were laid to rest by the military hero Oleksandr Lekont. The warrior was killed on October 5 in the area of Soledar, Donetsk oblast. Oleksandr Lekont entered into eternal rest in his native Kropyvnytskyi on the Alley of honorary military burials of the Far Eastern Cemetery. Glory to the Heroes!

In Kirovohrad oblast, the volunteers of territorial communities were improving their skills for several days. The classes consisted of theoretical and practical blocks. The instructors were experienced servicemen of one of the units of the 121st separate territorial defense brigade who have combat experience.

Today, there was met another evacuation train from Donetsk oblast. 47 IDPs arrived, including 5 children. Most of the IDPs were sheltered by the Rivne community of Novoukrainka raion. In total, more than 90 thousand IDPs have found shelter in Kirovohrad oblast since the beginning of the war. In Donetsk oblast, the mandatory evacuation of people began on August 2. From there, about three thousand people were accepted into Kirovohrad oblast.

In the Oleksandriya city community, during the charity marathon in support of the Armed Forces “Defender sees – Moskal jumps”, they raised more than 48 thousand hryvnias. Almost 17 thousand hryvnias were donated by teachers of the Pedagogical College and more than 5 thousand – by the staff of the kindergarten №25. The funds are raised by the Volunteer Coordination Center. The marathon will last until October 22. The volunteers will purchase thermal imagers for Oleksandriya defenders who are on the front line today.

Poltava Oblast

The residents of Poltava oblast said goodbye to four defenders. Volodymyr Harmash from Horishni Plavni, Andrii Altufiev from the Hoholevo village, Yaroslav Kapko from Pustovary and

Andriy Logvinenko from Kremenchuk.

The families of six fallen defenders of Poltava oblast received awards of warriors. Sergeant Oleh Kulakovskyi, soldier Yevhen Yehunov, Sergeant Dmytro Sokoliuk, Junior Sergeant Hennadii Makukha were awarded with the Order “For Courage” of the III degree. The major Ihor Novikov and Junior Sergeant Viacheslav Perednya were awarded with insignia “For Exemplary Service”.

A memorial plaque was unveiled to Junior Sergeant Gennady Makuha in the village of Petrivka, Myrhorod raion. It was placed on the facade of a local school, which was once graduated by a Ukrainian defender. The soldier was the commander of the fire support platoon of the 10th Mountain Infantry Brigade. Died on March 20, 2022 near Ozerschyna during mortar fire. Hennadiy Makuha was posthumously awarded the Order “For Courage”, III degree. 

The Poltava Aviation Museum presented the exhibition “The enemy’s equipment is burning – Ukraine will win!”. Among the exhibits are a russian tank, a howitzer, an infantry fighting vehicle, an armored personnel carrier, a helicopter, and the tail of an SU-25 aircraft. Destroyed and captured russian military equipment was brought from Trostyanets, Okhtyrka, Kyiv Oblast and Gadyach. Helmets, caps, uniforms, orc dry rations are also presented in the exhibition. All exhibits were handed over by the military.

Another 29 streets were renamed in Kremenchuk. In total, about 90 streets out of the planned 136 have already been renamed in the city. Voting for the next 30 streets will begin on October 20.

Since the beginning of the year, the prices of goods and services in Poltava Oblast have increased by 21.5%, and compared to August, by 2.1%. Prices for fuel (59.7%), food (26.3%), household items (19.4%), alcohol and tobacco products (19.3%) increased the most. The price of clothes and shoes went up by 10.7%, in particular, clothes — by 10.9%, shoes — by 10.6%. The increase in tariffs for housing, water, electricity, gas and other types of fuel by 0.2% occurred due to an increase in fees for own housing by 2.1%.

Most of the schools of Poltava Oblast, which are currently working full-time or mixed, have Wi-Fi in the shelters. Today, another 65 routers were handed over to educational institutions. In a wartime environment, this is important for a safe training process and to reduce the stress level during an air raid alert.

Vinnytsia Oblast

Vinnytsia Oblast is again under rocket fire. Residents heard explosions during the three-hour extreme air raid alert. The authorities reported that a critical infrastructure object had been hit. In advance, without victims.

Western Oblasts

Rivne Oblast

In the Goshcha raion, people said goodbye to senior lieutenant Andrii Troyanovsky. The defender died heroically on October 13 in the village of Oskil, Kharkiv Oblast. Bright memory of the Hero.

The protection of the nuclear power plant is being strengthened in the Rivne Oblast. This decision was made at a meeting of the Regional Defense Council on October 17. In particular, they were instructed to set up roadblocks, limit the movement of individuals who are not employees of the Rivne NPP, prohibit the use of video recorders on vehicles, photo and video recording within the sanitary protection zone, etc.

British Simon Burnage from Morpeth brought a car for the Rivne Voluntary Formation of the Territorial Community. The transport was handed over by another British who wished to remain anonymous. The car is named after his mother. The volunteer repainted it with his own hands, filled the former mobile home with humanitarian aid. Caring residents of Canada helped to deliver it to Ukraine. Items collected by the British will be distributed among the military and internally displaced persons.

Poet Andriy Permyakov from Rivne will donate 10,000 Svitochiv Literary Award to treat military personnel.

Khmelnytskyi Oblast


During the last month almost every day Kamianets-Podilskyi community officially receives, registers and resettles about half a dozen forced migrants. Most of them today are from Zaporizhzhia and the Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

In the Kamianets-Podilskyi community, distribution of food aid continues. According to separate lists, it is provided to elderly people who find themselves in difficult life circumstances.

Over the last week, 245 types of assistance were assigned in the community, including 101 types of assistance for internally displaced persons and 71 types of assistance for families with children.

In the higher educational institutions of Kamianets-Podilskyi, training on civil defense was held. The exercises are devoted to the actions of students and educators during the announcement of the “Air Raid Alert” signal, evacuation, placement in protective structures.

Slavko Polyatynchuk, the regional coordinator of the AUI “Active Community” in Kamianets-Podilskyi, planted fresh flowers near the stone where the “Oath 1919” monument should appear.

Chernivtsi Oblast

Bukovyna said goodbye to Hero, who defended his native land from the russian invaders. Soldier Ivan Holodryga was taken on his last journey in the village of Valya Kuzmina.

Oleg Potapenko, a resident of the village of Malyntsi, Klishkivtsi community, was awarded an award by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny. Bukovynets received the medal “For Exemplary in Military Service”, III degree. The defender was awarded for high performance in combat training.

More than 80 internally displaced families living in Sokyryany raion received humanitarian aid from the charitable organization “Caritas International” through the “Caritas Chernivtsi” Charity Fund. It is about long-term storage food products. Centralized distribution points for humanitarian aid were organized in Sokyryany, as well as in the villages of Romankivtsi and Hrubna.

In the village of Luzhany, Chernivtsi Oblast, employees of the non-governmental organization “Dreams of Special Children” have equipped a room for children with disabilities. Psychological trainings, workshops and groups for children are held there.

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