The seven hundred and twenty-seventh day (727) of the large-scale armed aggression of the russians against ours continues.


Northern Oblasts 


11 Ukrainian children who were in the temporarily occupied territories or in russia were returned to Ukraine. Among the children are six girls, in particular, two two-year-old twin sisters, and five boys. The youngest child is two years old, the oldest is 16.

A theatrical performance was held in Kyiv as part of the project “The world needs security. Ukraine needs victory.” It was dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the russian-Ukrainian war. The action was dedicated to russian president putin and his crimes. Relatives of captured Ukrainian civilians called for the return of their relatives with placards.

Kyiv Oblast

At the request of veterans, a rehabilitation center for military personnel will be created in the village of Chernyn of the Taraschany community. The institution will be set up in the building of a former kindergarten with the financial support of benefactors.

Chernihiv Oblast

The russians shelled two border communities in the Chernihiv Oblast with a drone, barrel artillery and mortars. Consequences are clarified.

Sumy Oblast 

In the Bilopillya community, a local resident received a concussion due to russian shelling. During the day of February 20, the russian military made 325 strikes. Two private residential buildings, a service station, three cars, three tractors, and power lines were damaged.

At night, the russian military carried out 4 shellings of the Oblast border. 19 explosions were recorded in three communities.

Eastern Oblasts 

Kharkiv Oblast 

Russian troops shelled more than 20 settlements in the region with artillery and mortars last day. On February 20, 9 communities were hit by airstrikes. At least 10 private houses, warehouses and a water tower, a cafe, a cultural center, a lyceum, three buses, private cars, power lines were destroyed and damaged.

During the day of February 20, the Defense Forces repelled 10 russian attacks in the Lyman-Kupiansk direction.

Donetsk Oblast

Ukrainian troops repelled 50 russian attacks in the Lyman, Bakhmut, Avdiyivka, Novopavlivka and Maryinka sectors on February 20.

The situation was the most intense in the Avdiyivka and Maryinka sectors.

One person was killed in the russian shelling of Kostyantynivka in Donetsk Oblast over the yesterday. Two people were wounded in Dobropillia.

Kramatorsk and Kramatorsk raion

In Druzhkivka, administrative buildings and residential buildings were damaged after a russian shelling in the evening of February 20. No one was injured or killed. 

Kramatorsk also came under missile strike yesterday. Seven people were injured. 12 high-rise buildings were damaged.


In the occupied Mariupol, there is a large flow of russian migrants of Asian appearance who came to the city to work. They brought their families with them. The occupiers are trying to turn Mariupol into a “russian city” by bringing their citizens here.

Southern Oblasts

Mykolayiv Oblast 

On February 20, russian troops shelled the Ochakiv community three times. In particular, with artillery. They also attacked the water area. There were no casualties.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Russian troops conducted 516 strikes in 17 localities in Zaporizhzhia Oblast yesterday. In particular, 8 communities were attacked 108 times from UAVs.

As a result of hostilities yesterday, February 20, a high-voltage power line in the Oblast was de-energized. As a result, Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant was left on one power line. Fighting continues in the area.

Yesterday, the Defense Forces repelled seven attacks by the russian army near Mala Tokmachka and Robotyne in ZaporizhzhiaOblast.

Kherson Oblast

Over the past day, the russian military fired 47 times at Kherson Oblast. They fired 159 shells from artillery, mortars, tanks, and UAVs at the region. Residential areas of the region’s settlements were hit. Four people were wounded.

As a result of russian shelling at night in Kherson, a garage and cars in a parking lot caught fire.

Volunteers evacuated an 83-year-old resident of Beryslav, Kherson Oblast, from constant russian shelling. Her children live in the temporary occupation on the left bank. The woman was taken to Irpin. She is staying in a center for people with limited mobility who suffered from the war.

The Southern Defense Forces denied information about the clearing of a bridgehead on the left bank of Kherson Oblast. Russian troops tried to storm the positions of Ukrainian defenders once during the day, suffered significant losses and retreated to their previous positions.

Central Oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

Four russian army “shaheds” were shot down by air defense systems over Pavlohrad and Dniprovskyi Raions of Dnipropetrovsk late on February 20.

Russian troops shelled Marhanets in the Nikopol Raion with heavy artillery. No one was killed or injured.

Poltava Oblast

An X-59 guided missile was destroyed in Poltava Oblast.

Western Oblasts

Volyn Oblast

Overnight, Polish protesters have eased the blockade of the “Zosyn-Ustyluh” checkpoint. All cars are now crossing the border again without restrictions from Polish farmers.

Lviv Oblast

On February 20, Ukrainian carriers launched a peaceful protest in response to the blockade of the checkpoints by Polish protesters at the “Krakivets-Korchova” checkpoint.

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