Ukraine in Brief:

Day fifty-ninth of Ukrainian people’s heroic struggle against the russian military invasion goes on.

There has been no active enemy action in the Volyn and Polissya directions and no signs of building offensive groups have been reported.

The enemy continues its partial blockade of Kharkiv, shelling positions of our troops and civil infrastructure in the area of Chuhuiv, Korobochkino and Dovhenke.

In the Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts, the enemy spearheads its main efforts on taking control of Popasna, Rubizhne and prepares to assault Severodonetsk. The enemy’s military actions in the area of Maryinka and in the majority of other directions were unsuccessful.

There has been no active offensive action in the Mykolaiv Oblast with just sporadic conventional artillery fire against our units.

According to available information, the enemy is facing substantial problems with health care and treatment of its units and there are issues with evacuation of the wounded and medicine supplies. Due to the growing number of wounded, the enemy, parallel to a military hospital set up in Balakleya, Kharkiv Oblast, also uses the capacities of a municipal outpatient department. Junior staff of health care institutions in the temporarily occupied Vovchansk are forcibly sent to enemy units on the LoC with the Defence Forces of Ukraine to provide first aid.

The russian troops also have serious problems with personnel replenishment; hence, attempts of forced mobilization of Kherson Oblast residents to the invading troops continue.

Northern Oblasts


More than a ton of russian shells has been extracted and rendered safe in the capital for the time of russia’s full-scale invasion.

Kyiv Oblast

Exhumation of civilians killed by the invaders is drawing to the end on the territory freed from the russian troops in Bucha. The current number of peaceful civilians who were killed or died there stands at 412. The priority task for the utility services now is to identify each of them. There is an information desk near the mortuary that helps the relatives look for, identify and bury their loved ones.

The body of Yuriy Prylypko, a village mayor, has been exhumed in Gostomel. He was shot by russian invaders in early March while delivering foodstuffs and medicines to the residents of Pokrovskiy Condominium in Gostomel.

The land mine-clearing works are in full swing though the Oblast administration says it might take years to fully get rid of mines.

Zhytomyr Oblast

Air raid alerts go off in the Oblast.

Local residents of the Vilshanka community baked more than three thousand Easter bread and painted more than three thousand Easter eggs for the Ukrainian military on the Easter Eve.

Chernihiv Oblast

Chernihiv Border Guard unit was shelled by russians from their own territory in the evening of 22 April.

Sumy Oblast

Provocative shellings of Bilopillya, Nova Slobidka and Putyvl communities of the Oblast bordering russia continue.

Air raid sirens can be heard in the Oblast. According to the AFU Chief of Staff, the russian military used an UAV in the area of Glushkovo. The threat of missile and air strikes remains.

At least 155 Oblast residents are currently kept prisoners in russia, Sumy Oblast Military Administration Chair informs. Some of the prisoners were captures on the territory ob the Oblast but there are also those abducted from beyond its limits.

Eastern Oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

Some 56 strikes dealt by the invaders in the past 24 hours have left 19 wounded and two dead.

The AFU launched a counter-offensive yesterday morning. Fierce fighting raged throughout the day. The Ukrainian military drove the enemy from a number of population centres in the direction of Derhachiv and consolidated their positions.

Russian military has launched forced mobilisation on temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson, Zaporizhzhya and Kharkiv Oblasts. Russians are also forcefully mobilising the Ukrainian health care professionals on these territories to provide first aid to their wounded. In case of refusal, the health workers are threatened to be shot.

Donetsk Oblast


The enemy fired missiles at Kramatorsk district, but no destruction or casualties were officially reported. The situation remains alarming.

The Ukrainian military and the Territorial Defense are preparing to meet the enemy.

Today, volunteers continued to deliver food kits to low-mobility residents. It is worth noting the grouping of apartment building residents. More and more applications are coming from condominiums, in which active citizens undertake to compile lists and receive humanitarian aid. Such self-organization is a great help to volunteers.

The regional coordinator of AUI “Active Community” in Kramatorsk accompanied foreign journalists to film a story about the distribution of humanitarian aid.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk district

Active hostilities took place along the entire front line. In the Avdiivka and Kurakhiv areas, the occupiers tried to carry out assault operations and were defeated.

The military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine together with the representatives of the local Territorial Defense repel the enemy.

The past day in the Pokrovsk community was relatively calm. Utilities continue to operate normally.

Employees of Selidivsk Hospital received 184 sets of food and personal hygiene products from religious organizations.

This year there will be no all-night Easter services in the Donetsk oblast – the security situation in the region does not allow it.


The situation in the city is tense.

The coordinator of the AUI “Active Community” provided advice on evacuation from the city of Severodonetsk and advised on obtaining humanitarian aid.


The blockade of Mariupol by the russian occupation troops has been going on for more than 50 days. Russian shelling kills civilians.

Today, the russian military disrupted an evacuation from Mariupol to Zaporizhzhia, which was attended by 200 Mariupol residents.

The russians are carrying out filtration measures. There are the first confirmations of the forced mobilization of men into the “DPR army”. They are sent to Donetsk. The occupiers also announced the registration of housing in Mariupol. Real estate for which the owners have not submitted documents will be “nationalized”.

The occupiers continue to deport locals to depressed regions of russia. At the beginning of April, 466 Mariupol residents were deported to Chuvashia, including 106 children. On April 21, they took 308 Mariupol residents to Vladivostok, 90 of them are children. People were placed in schools and dormitories. Then it is planned to place them in different settlements of the Primorsky Krai. The occupiers are trying to re-teach Ukrainian-speaking children in russian.

The Russians are trying to hide their crimes. They are currently dismantling the rubble of the Drama Theater, which they hit with rockets. In the process of clearing the occupiers packed the bodies of the dead in plastic bags. Tractors and trucks move corpses to a storage facility in the industrial zone near Nikopol Highway. Then, according to the filling, bags with bodies are taken to the village of Mangush, where they are dumped in a 300-meter trench.

Luhansk oblast

Fighting continues in Luhansk oblast. Today, the russians fired artillery at Zolote. As a result, two people were killed and two others were injured. Popasna was under heavy russian fire, killing two people the day before.

House in Zolote

In early April, occupiers abducted a Rubizhne resident and raped her for several days while her children waited for her at home. When the woman was able to return home, she did not find her children.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are defending the Luhansk oblast. The National Guard shot down a russian drone “Orlan”.

Local authorities continue to evacuate civilians, including people with disabilities.

Southern oblasts

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

The russian military continues to try to break through the front line and move forward in the Zaporizhzhia direction, especially in the eastern regions of the oblast. The main goal of their attempts is the city of Huliaipole.

The Ukrainian military heroically resists and restrains enemy attacks. As a result of fighting, over the past day, Ukrainian defenders in the Zaporizhzhia oblast destroyed: 5 russian tanks, 9 armored combat vehicles, 2 120 mm mortars.

SES units near Kamyanske provided assistance to a convoy of humanitarian aid that was heading to Energodar. Cars, buses and trucks with a total of 17 units could not pass the blurred section of the road near the destroyed bridge on their own.

The occupiers began forced mobilization in the occupied territories. Russian servicemen and fsb officers are looking for conscripts to replenish the russian federation’s combat units in the most problematic areas.

Russian invaders are pursuing an aggressive propaganda policy. In particular, one of their main tasks is to create fake messages about the alleged support of the ideas of “russian peace” of locals in the occupied territories. To this end, the russian singer-propagandist chicherina came to Tokmak.

In Melitopol and Berdyansk, local collaborators and representatives of the left forces celebrated lenin’s birthday. In addition, misinformation is being spread to discredit the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Today, the occupiers promoted fake news about the shelling of Vasylivka by the Ukrainian military. This information throw is not true. On April 23, at about 3:30 p.m., the town of Vasylivka was shelled. A missile (rocket system “Urahan | Hurricane”) hit a residential building in the city center. The rocket did not explode, no one was injured, but the house was destroyed. The shelling was carried out from the town of Burchak, which is temporarily under russian occupation. Therefore, the Armed Forces of Ukraine could not carry out this shelling.

Among the good news: the village head of the resort Kirillovka Ivan Maleev was returned from captivity of the russian occupiers.

The team of AUI “Active Community” in Zaporizhzhia helps the volunteer hub and volunteer kitchen, and works in the call center for the evacuation of IDPs. Today, they helped unload a truck with medical equipment, prepared products for Easter dinners, tactical equipment and household items for defenders, handed out food and toys for children in the temporarily occupied territories.

Kherson Oblast

In the occupied territory of the Kherson oblast, the occupiers are going to announce the mobilization of men.

A rocket fell in the village of Tarasivka, Skadovsk district. Military action continues. The number of checkpoints has increased significantly. The occupiers looted elevators in the villages and took all the grain to the occupied Crimea!

The Armed Forces are trying to control the situation in the oblast. Troops patrol cities and villages.


On Tuesday, April 19, in Skadovsk, the occupiers dismantled and removed in an unknown direction the memorial sign “Victims for a United Ukraine”, which was installed by citizens in the city centre in 2014 in honour of the heroes who laid down their lives in the struggle for free Ukraine.

The occupiers are actively preparing for the May “holidays”.

The number of people in the city is decreasing every day. People are leaving. They do not want to be with Russian soldiers and live in the Soviet past. The situation is consistently critical, there are no medicines, no cash and no food. But the remaining people are trying to stick together.

The mayor of the city reports on his Facebook page: “Since Thursday, the work of the branches of the Pension Fund of Ukraine has been suspended in Skadovsk and in the whole Kherson oblast. According to the PFU, pensions for the whole of April and additional payments are listed. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. People will be able to get the money through another bank.

The Executive Committee of the Skadovsk City Council continues to work remotely. Despite the fact that the city budget revenues have decreased, the available funds are enough to ensure payments to all employees of the public sector. Teachers, doctors, social workers and others continue to receive salaries.

The Active Community AUI coordinator is involved in volunteering and delivering medicines and products.

Mykolayiv Oblast

The occupiers continue to fire at Mykolayiv. For the last days in the Mykolaiv oblast, 8 people were wounded.

Odesa Oblast

Russian troops fired missiles at Odesa and hit the residential complex. Two missiles fired from the Caspian Sea were shot down by the Ukrainian air defence.

A rocket attack killed six people, including a three-month-old baby. Another 18 people were injured.

Local authorities say that all forces are aimed at protecting the territory. People are united, help and volunteer. The situation in the city is uneasy.

Central Oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

A rocket arrived in the Dnieper area. The rocket flew to the outskirts of the village, left a huge – more than 4 meters deep – hole in the ground and touched the low-pressure gas pipe. Another missile was shot down in the afternoon. Air defence was activated.

Dnipro Mayor Borys Filatov discussed with Lithuanian parliamentarians the prospects of targeted financial assistance for Dnipro.

Volunteers from Wales (UK) will donate 5 jeeps to defend the Dnieper and the oblast.

Kyrovohrad Oblast


The situation in the city is under control. There was an air alarm. The Armed Forces of Ukraine protect the borders of the oblast and military facilities. Troops are on duty at checkpoints and patrol the city together with the police. Katerynivka Village Council received humanitarian aid with sowing material from Kirovohrad Oblast State Administration

The coordinator of the Active Community AUI took part in weaving camouflage nets, as well as sorting things and food brought by citizens for IDPs.

Poltava Oblast

Employees of the district police bodies of Poltava oblast last night took 27 people to the police stations to check their involvement in cooperation with the enemy.

The owner of a farm near Poltava destroyed by a Russian missile will not be able to receive compensation from the state for failing to register his farm in time. Currently, the farmer has about 250 head of cattle. About UAH 1.5 million is needed to restore it and purchase a tractor. In 5 days, volunteers and concerned citizens collected UAH 300,000, which will be enough to buy a tractor.


On the night of April 23rd in Poltava, there was one air alarm.

Today, representatives of the humanitarian headquarters located in the Center for Culture and Leisure, treated children living in kindergartens in Poltava with delicious Easter cakes. Almost 400 Easter cakes were distributed.

The city is holding an auction to support the development of the School of Aesthetic Education for Immigrant Children. Currently, almost 200 paintings by Poltava artist Yaroslav Ternovsky are on display near the Puppet Theater, in the Sunny, Petrovsky and Corpus Parks. By purchasing a drawing, you can support the development of the School of Aesthetic Education, which already has 165 children of migrants.

Poltava volunteers delivered ambulances to medics, as well as military equipment. More than 4,000 IDPs received assistance from the Center for Humanitarian Aid “Common Cause Poltava Region”.

The coordinator of the Active Community AUI delivered humanitarian aid to the homes of IDPs.

Vinnytsia Oblast


Everything is calm in the community now. People are calm about the situation in the city, they work.

Troops patrol the territory.

The work of volunteer centers has the support of many regional and city deputies.

Western Oblast


The Oblast is calm, the situation is under control. Another 1,196 internally displaced persons were received and resettled.

In accordance with the new intelligence, as well as information about the possible activities of sabotage groups in the region, a decision was made to resume the curfew on Easter night and beyond.

The German charity HOPE will help children affected by russia’s war against Ukraine. The aid will come to the Lviv region, and the Lviv regional state administration will coordinate the process of transporting goods to where they are needed.

Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

The curfew has been changed in the community. Residents are urged to be very careful and respond to air raids. Police officers are patrolling in an intensified mode.

Rivne Oblast

There was one air alarm. The general situation is calm.

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine patrol the border with Belarus. Representatives of the Terror Defense are patrolling and on duty at checkpoints.

During the morning briefing, the head of the Rivne Oblast’s Military Administration and the mayor of Rivne called on citizens to join the services online, night services will be held in the absence of citizens.

The staff of the City House of Culture prepared Easter treats for Ukrainian defenders.

Citizens are united, help volunteer headquarters financially and immaterially.

Khmelnytska Oblast


The situation in the community is under control.

Khmelnytskyi residents received about two hundred Easter sets from the Caritas Charitable Foundation. It contains the essentials – cereals, canned food, dairy products and Easter cakes. Such packages were distributed to those residents of the city who are in trouble.

This year, Easter liturgies will be held in churches on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings. Parishioners are asked not to ignore air alarm signals. And law enforcement officers advise to have identity documents with you. This decision was made due to information about possible threats and provocations.


The European Association of Builders has confirmed the possibility of financing and assisting with construction materials for the reconstruction of housing for IDPs.

The head of the community appealed to the residents to avoid mass places of people during the Easter holidays.

Easter gifts were presented to the families of soldiers who died for Ukraine, as well as to 250 single people in the community and among the displaced.

Teachers and masters of Podilsky CPTO made a decorative painting of an Easter egg for the European Square of the city. The painting is made in patriotic colors with a symbolic image of the Guardian, the Doves of Peace and the Tree of Life.

The coordinator of AUI “Active Community” took part in a charity fair, during which he sold books authored by himself. UAH 1,000 received. Part of the money was immediately spent on the purchase of unloading for a serviceman of the Community Volunteer Battalion. The rest was transferred to the humanitarian center. The coordinator also organizes focus groups.

Chernivtsi Oblast

Bukovina remains a relatively safe area. Managers of housing and communal services, condominiums, dormitories, institutions and organizations, regardless of ownership, as well as in general, all those who provide temporary accommodation to displaced persons, are prohibited from settling men without military registration for more than two days.

The chairman of the Chernivtsi Oblast council, Oleksiy Boyko, visited Bukovynian soldiers stationed on the border near the enemy and handed them bulletproof vests, necessary medicines and hygiene items. In social networks there is a charity sale of T-shirts to raise funds to support the soldiers of the 10th Mountain Assault Brigade.

A doctor from Chernivtsi organized help from Belgium: he brought a minibus of medicines.

The Victory Monument of 1941-1945 on Soborna Square is planned to be moved to the Museum of Soviet Totalitarianism, which they want to create in Chernivtsi: the city council has a working group that is studying this issue.

The coordinator of AUI “Active Community” fully supports the local initiative to prepare and distribute free lunches to the needy.

Transcarpathian Oblast

A curfew was introduced in Transcarpathia for the first time. The head of the Zakarpattia Military Administration Viktor Mykita, the head of the Zakarpattia Oblast’s Council Volodymyr Chubirko and Uzhhorod Mayor Bohdan Andriyiv ​​briefed on the need to impose a curfew on Easter night.

Original postcards in support of the Armed Forces are created by Uzhhorod, whose fiancé is defending Ukraine in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Last modified: 26 Квітня, 2022