The one hundred twenty fifth (125) day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion continues.


About us: The Active Community Initiative, launched by activists of the Respublika Institute after the Euromaidan (2014), focused on activating and involving Ukrainians in the decision-making process. The goal for 2025 is to activate and involve at least 1% of citizens in decision-making and promoting reforms in Ukraine on a systematic basis for the well-being of Ukrainian communities. Today we work in 30 communities in Ukraine.

Ukraine in brief:

The one hundred twenty fifth (125) day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion continues.

In the Volyn and Polissya directions, the system of engineering equipment of defense positions in the border areas of the Brest region continues to grow.

In the period from June 28 to July 16 of this year, in Zhlobin district of Gomel region, military meetings with conscripts are planned.

Demonstrative and provocative actions by units of the Armed Forces of the republic of belarus in the areas bordering Ukraine and conducting reconnaissance in order to clarify the positions and nature of the activities of our troops are not ruled out.

In the Siversky direction, in order to restrain the actions of units of the Defense Forces of Ukraine, the enemy holds up to three battalion tactical groups in the border areas of Bryansk and Kursk regions. It carried out artillery shelling in the areas of the settlements of Turya, Krasnopillya, Khmelivka and Popivka in the Sumy oblast and the village of Hirsk in the Chernihiv oblast.

In the Kharkiv direction, the enemy fired artillery at the settlements of Zolochiv, Slatyne, Verkhniy Saltiv, Pechenihy, Korobochkyne, Rubizhne, Peremoha, Yavirske, Ruska Lozova, Tsyrkuny, Chepil, Ivanivka, Ruski Tyshky, Cherkaski Tyshky, Petrivka, Vitrivka, and Svit. The Russian occupiers also fired on the northern part of the city of Kharkiv. An air strike from Ka-52 helicopters was recorded near the village of Yavirske.

Ukrainian soldiers repulsed the assault and forced the occupiers to withdraw in the areas of Dementievka, Dovgalivka and Zaliman. The enemy conducted aerial reconnaissance of UAVs near Kutuzivka and Tsyrkuny.

In the Slovyansk direction, our troops stopped the enemy assault in the directions of the villages of Dolyna and Mazanivka. The invaders retreated.

Artillery shelling by the enemy was recorded in the areas of the settlements of Adamivka, Krasnopillya, Dolyna, Dibrivne, Barvinkove, Mazanivka, Bohorodychne, Hrushuvakha, Kurulka and Velyka Komyshuvakha. Enemy UAVs operated in the area of ​​the village of Dibrivne.

In the Kramatorsk direction, the enemy did not take active action. It fired from rocket-propelled grenade launchers near Mayakiv, Slovyansk, Zvanivka, Serebryanka, Pereizny and Zolotarivka.

In the Lysychansk direction, the enemy fired mortars and artillery shells at the Lysychansk and Vovchoyarivka districts. The enemy does not stop trying to take control of the Bakhmut-Lysychansk highway. It led the offensive in the direction of the settlement of Spirne, had no success, and withdrew.

In the Bakhmut direction, the occupiers fired from artillery and jet artillery near Berestove, Bilohorivka, Bakhmut, Klinove, Vershyna, Novoluhansk, Travneve and Zaitseve. Inflicted a missile and air strike on the Shumy district.

In the Avdiivka, Kurakhiv, Novopavliv and Zaporizhzhia directions, the enemy fired artillery at the areas of the settlements of Kamyanka, Avdiivka, Vodiane, Marinka, Novomykhailivka, Vuhledar, Shevchenko, Vremivka, Zelene Pole, Poltavka, Hirke, Staroukrainka, Zaliznychne, Orihiv, Kamyanske. A unit of Ka-52 helicopters struck near Avdiivka.

In the South Buh direction, the enemy continued shelling with artillery and jet artillery in the areas of Osokorivka, Velyka Kostromka, Trudolyubivka, Shyroke, Kobzartsi, Lyubomyrivka, Blahodatne, Kulbakine, Shevchenkove, Posad-Pokrovske and Stepova Dolyna. Enemy air strikes were recorded near Potemkin, Velykyi Artakov and Oleksandrivka.

Ukraine’s defense forces are skillfully operating on the battlefield and, performing fire tasks, continue to inflict significant losses on the enemy. Total resistance continues in the territories temporarily occupied by the russian occupiers.

Northern Oblast

Kyiv Oblast

A volunteer project to restore destroyed houses in the Kyiv Oblast has started in Gostomel. The task of the project is to collect information from residents of cities, villages and settlements of Kyiv Oblast about the damage to their homes as a result of russian aggression and further free expert recording and assessment of the damage. The first stage of the project to collect applications about destroyed housing lasted 2 months. Residents of Kyiv Oblast were asked to fill out an application in a special chatbot for the restoration of housing in the Kiev Oblast 

Demining continues in the oblast. Over the past 24hrs, pyrotechnics have neutralized 209 explosive devices.

As of yesterday, June 27, 247 groups in 95 preschool institutions have started working in person; in particular in Bila Tserkva, Boryspil, Brovary, Bucha, Vyshhorod, Obukhiv and Fastiv Raions. 257 pre-school institutions continue to operate at a distance form.

Zhytomyr Oblast

The soldier from Andrushivka Andrey Vasilyev was tragically lost in Mykolaiv Oblast.

In Zhytomyr Oblast, there is a “HOTLINE” for internally displaced persons.

In Zhytomyr, the head of the charity fund sold military ammunition and equipment intended for the Armed Forces of Ukraine for almost UAH 500,000.

Residents of Zhytomyr are massively discussing frequent air alarms in the oblast. They also complain about the lack of shelter in homes.

The coordinator of the AUI “Active Community” held consultative talks with active residents of Zhytomyr Oblast. She prepared materials for art therapies for children of internally displaced persons.

Chernihiv Oblast

Yesterday in the evening, the Operational Command “North” recorded 30 explosions near the village of Hirsk in Chernihiv Oblast.

In the morning, the russians again fired on the border of Chernihiv Oblast. Border guards recorded seven explosions with a 120-millimeter mortar. The shelling was heard near the village of Zarichchia (Novgorod-Siverskyi Raion, Ukraine), from the side of Lomakivka (russia).

Two weeks ago, the installation of the first modular town began in the village of Novoselivka. It will be able to accommodate 350 people in 180 houses. This is a free aid from the Polish government. Housing will be given primarily to families whose homes have been destroyed. The village council has been tasked with compiling lists of people and the order in which they will be settled.


Air alarms were heard throughout the day.

Yesterday, the кussians fired on the entire social infrastructure in Slavgorod (Krasnopillia community): a school, an outpatient clinic and the House of Culture. One person was injured in the shelling by the russian troops. Also yesterday at 10 pm, the russian military opened fire on the Bilopillya community.

After 2 am, the mortar shelling of the Velykopysarivka community began from the Russian side. There were 9 hits. The head of the Oblast Military Administration, Dmytro Zhyvytskyi, said there were no casualties or damage.

In the village of Velykyi Bobryk, a priest and the community of the Church of the Ascension joined the local Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

Eastern Oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

Yesterday, the russians fired on Nemyshlyansky, Kyiv districts of Kharkiv and Northern Saltivka.

Photo: Remains of russia’s multiple rocket launcher system “Uragan” in Northern Saltovka, Kharkiv, after the June 27 afternoon shelling

As a result of the shelling of Kharkiv by russian troops, 7 people were killed. 31 civilians were injured. Among the injured are five children aged 8-12.

Photo: Anna Yukhimivna at the place of death of her husband, 82-year-old Olexandr

On the night of June 27, a russian missile struck Pokotylivka near Kharkiv. The missile fell between a children’s recreation camp and a private house. 18 houses and two cars were damaged. The russians also fired on the village of Pechenihy during the evacuation of people from the temporarily occupied territories.

Today the occupiers fired on the Industrial and Kyiv districts of Kharkiv. A fire broke out at one of the enterprises with an area of 50 square meters. According to preliminary data, 5 residents were injured. Their condition is average, 1 wounded is hospitalized in serious condition. A school and a car dealership came under fire in the Kyiv district.

Specialists returned light to the part of Chuhuyev, which was de-energized due to the shelling, and gas to almost 5,000 houses in the Derhachiv region.

The most intense fighting takes place in the north of the Kharkiv Oblast.

Donetsk Oblast

On June 27, the russians killed two civilians in Donetsk: Slovyansk and Selidovo. Another 13 people were injured today.

Since the beginning of the russian invasion of Ukraine, 537 civilians have been killed and 1,389 wounded as a result of shelling and bombing in the Donetsk Oblast.


Distant sounds of explosions were heard in Kramatorsk. No casualties were reported. Slavyansk came under attack by enemy missiles.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine give a decent rebuff to the enemy, who is trying to break through in the direction of the city. Local Territorial Defense units are preparing to meet the enemy.

Slovyansk Mayor Vadym Lyakh published an appeal: “June 28. Another missile strike by the enemy on Slavyansk. At night, a garage cooperative on Myru Street came under fire. Very close to the multi-storey buildings and the private sector. In the morning, the rocket flew to one of the industrial enterprises. Fortunately, in both cases there were no casualties. The shelling of the city is becoming more intense. This is a good reason to decide on an evacuation. Keep yourselves. We are together! Hold on! ”

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk Raion 

The enemy fired on the towns of Marinka, Krasnohorivka, as well as the villages of Malynivka and Pervomaiske in the Pokrovsk Raion. Occupying troops fired at the town of Avdiivka, the villages of Netaylove and Lastochkine from the Hail multiple rocket launcher.

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine repulsed enemy attacks. Representatives of the local Territorial Defense units were on duty in the Pokrovsk community.

The past day in the Pokrov community was relatively calm. There were no reports of casualties or destruction as a result of shelling in the community. According to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, there were no emergencies or fires on the territory of the Pokrovsk community.

Utilities operate normally, provide electricity and water, and clean the streets of debris.

Petunias are planted in Pokrovsk city flower beds.


In the Lysychansk direction, in order to inflict losses, the occupiers, in addition to using mortars and artillery, launched air strikes in the areas of Mykolayivka and Yakovlivka. These are villages that are located near the city of Bakhmut. The enemy does not give up hope to take control of the Bakhmut-Lysychansk highway. In order to expose the firing positions of Ukrainian units, the enemy conducted reconnaissance in the direction of Mykolayivka – Spirne, and later launched an offensive in that direction. Ukrainian soldiers successfully suppressed all these attempts and forced the enemy troops to withdraw.

In the Bakhmut direction, the occupiers fired artillery at the Raions of Kostiantynivka, Bilohorivka, Vyimka, Pokrovsky, Bakhmut, and Soledar. The enemy is also carrying out assault operations in the direction of Myronivka – Uglehirska thermal power plant, the fighting continues.

The coordinator of AUI “Active Community” was preparing for an art therapy event in Cherkasy.


It is currently dangerous to stay in Mariupol, but civilians are not able to leave. There were three explosions yesterday. One case occurred when “volunteers” dismantled blockages in the Central Raion. A 15-year-old boy and a 23-year-old man exploded on a grenade. Both are in intensive care in serious condition. The second explosion took place in Kalmiusk Raion. Here the occupiers looted one of the industrial bases and ran into a shell. The shell also detonated in the area of ​​the market near the hospital №2.

Opposition from civilians is gaining momentum. The planned dismantling of one of the nine floors, which the occupiers warned about the day, caused outrage. The arrival of the russian Ministry of Emergency Situations was met with a protest action, which in itself was a surprise for the russians.People literally lay down under the tractors. Dismantling was postponed to next week.

Difficult humanitarian situation. People continue to collect water from puddles.

Luhansk Oblast

After the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from Severodonetsk, the russians attacked Lysychansk. The russians are doing everything to kill as many civilians as possible. The RTI area is littered with antipersonnel mines. About 15,000 civilians remain in the city.

Yesterday, the russians fired a hurricane at a line of people who came for water. 8 civilians were killed. 21 people were injured. Many of them had to have their limbs amputated.

In the temporarily occupied Severodonetsk, the occupiers establish power. They promise to restore civilian infrastructure, but this is not possible at the moment. The humanitarian situation in the city is extremely difficult.


Southern Oblasts 

Kherson Oblast

The russian military captured the mayor of Kherson Igor Kolikhaev. His fate is currently unknown. And the head of the Stanislavsky community Ivan Samoilenko was released from captivity. He stayed there for a little over three days.

A fire broke out in the village of Pidhirya after shelling by russian troops. Dry grass caught fire. The fire spread to the field, which separates 40 hectares of grain fields. As a result of shelling by russian troops in Kalinovskoye – mass destruction of private homes.

Mykolayiv Oblast

In the evening russians fired at Mykolaiv with cluster shells. The city also came under massive rocket fire this morning.

At night and in the morning, the russians fired on the agricultural lands of the Shirokiv community. The shelling continues in the Bereznehuvatsky community. The shelling of villages along the demarcation line continues.

From 04:00 the russians fire on Ochakiv. They hit the territory of the city market, the building of the Palace of Culture, the private sector, as well as two residential buildings. Three people were killed, including one child, and six others were injured. Among the wounded are also children. As a result of the strike, there is a lack of water, gas, energy and internet in some areas.

On the territory of the Mykolaiv area there was an exchange of prisoners. 17 Ukrainians were returned. Among them is one military, the rest – civilians, abducted from different cities.

The State Emergency Service continues to seize and destroy explosives that remain as a result of enemy shelling. For the past 24hrs, 59 such items have been seized.

Odesa Oblast

The enemy once again attacked the Odesa Oblast with an Onyx cruise missile from the Bastion coastal missile complex, which is located in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

The missile was shot down over the sea – the official message of the operational command “South”.

Air defense works. Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are conducting exercises. Representatives of the local Territorial Defense units equip fortifications to defend the Oblast.

The Mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov presented honorary awards to the military and terrorists on the occasion of the 26th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of Ukraine. The mayor noted that the Constitution enshrines the key principles on which Ukrainian statehood is built: freedom, will, democracy, European choice, and this is exactly what the russian occupiers want to deprive Ukrainians of today.

People are quite cohesive and active, volunteer and take part in charity events.

The situation in the community is tense due to the threat of rocket fire.

The coordinator of AUI “Active Community” conducts training on information assistance, advises citizens on obtaining psychological, social and humanitarian assistance.

Central Oblasts 

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

6 missiles were fired in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. Our military shot down three missiles over the Dnipro and over the Synelnykiv Raion. It affected residential buildings, windows flew in some apartments.

In the Dnipro due to “arrivals” the railway infrastructure and the industrial enterprise were destroyed. The service company is on fire. Rescuers are working at the site of the strikes. They are looking for people under the rubble.

The occupiers also fired on the Shirokivska and Zelenodolska communities of the Kryvyi Rih Raion. 

In the center of the Dnipro, young people in the open air created the coat of arms of Ukraine. Each participant held a plaque with quotations from the articles of the Constitution of Ukraine. In addition, a QR code was placed on each plate, which could be used to read in more detail a specific article of the basic law of the state on the official website of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

During the war, the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Youth Theater gave almost 40 free charity performances for displaced children.

Kirovohrad Oblast


An air raid was declared in the oblast due to the threat of a missile strike. In general, the situation in the community is calm and controlled.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine guard the borders of the oblast and military facilities. Territorial defence fighters conducted tactical exercises and patrolled the city.

Before the Constitution Day of Ukraine, the celebrations traditionally took place on the square in front of the monument to Volodymyr Vynnychenko in the oblast centre.

In Kropyvnytskyi, on the Alley of Honorary Military Burials of the Far Eastern Cemetery, they said goodbye to the defenders of Ukraine – 41-year-old junior sergeant, commander of the rifle division Serhiy Serdyuk and 54-year-old soldier, rifleman Hennadiy Kryuchenko.

In Kpopyvnytskyi, a special redemption of a new stamp from Ukposhta “Ukrainian Mriya” took place with the participation of the head of the Kirovohrad Oblast Military Administration Andriy Raykovych and the head of the Kirovohrad Oblast Council Serhiy Shulha. The stamp is dedicated to the world’s largest AN-225 “Dream” aircraft, which the russians destroyed in Gostomel. Eleven-year-old Sofia Kravchuk from Lyuboml, Volyn Oblast, drew a picture of the postage stamp.

On June 28th, modern municipal buses of the municipal enterprise “Alexandrian Transport” were presented to the residents of Alexandria in the Cathedral Square. Already today, four buses left the city streets. Transport is branded with logos and symbols of the city.

The regional coordinator of AUI “Active Community” took part in the events of the Kirovohrad Oblast Library for Youth named after Yevhen Malanyuk on the occasion of the Constitution Day of Ukraine, held an art therapy event “The Constitution of Ukraine in my life.” Locals and internally displaced persons took part. For each of the 11 guessed words, the participants had to tell a short story about what they mean in the life of the Ukrainian people personally for each of the participants. All participants in art therapy received patriotic badges and postcards in memory.

Poltava Oblast

The Command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that in the Amstor shopping center in Kremenchuk, the russian occupiers hit X-22 missiles fired from Tu-22 M3 long-range bombers. Rashist planes took off from Shaykovka airfield, and launches were made from the Kursk region.

June 28, 2022, in the Poltava oblast was declared a Day of Mourning to honour the memory of those killed in the shelling of the mall in the city of Kremenchuk.

As part of the Poltava Resistance program, another batch of materials and equipment was handed over to our defenders. Screwdrivers, grinders, perforators and much more were handed over to one of the military units based in the Poltava community. The military was also given a quadcopter to help them perform the tasks assigned to the unit.

In Poltava, the military and volunteers were presented with gratitude for the Constitution Day of Ukraine. From the first days of the full-scale invasion, they have been working together to strengthen the defence capabilities of Poltava and Ukraine.

Today, the regional coordinator took care of a resident of Volnovakha, who arrived in Poltava with her child. The child has a disability and is being treated in the hospital. Therefore, the coordinator helped to visit the doctor and prepared food for the family.

Vinnytsia Oblast

Khmilnyk and Khmilnyk Raion

During the day the sounds of air sirens sounded.

In general, the situation is calm. Utilities operate on a full-time basis.

A cargo of humanitarian aid from the Fundacja Rozwoju Kardiochirurgii im arrived in Khmilnyk. prof. Zbigniewa Religi from Poland and Uniclinic RWTH AACHEN from Germany, purchased with KINDER BRAUCHEN FRIEDEN.

Cargoes with a humanitarian tranche from the sister cities of Busko-Zdrój and Tarnow County from Poland also arrived in Khmilnyk.

The coordinators of AUI “Active Community” of Khmilnyk and Khmilnyk Raion communicated with internally displaced persons during the celebrations of the Constitution Day, provided advice and informed them about humanitarian aid.

Western Oblasts

Rivne Oblast


The general situation is relatively calm, as of 17:00 there was one air alarm.

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine patrol the border with Belarus. Representatives of the Territorial Defense patrol and are on duty at checkpoints.

The Rivne Oblast Military Administration provides daily information on the availability of fuel at gas stations in the oblast.

Of all the oblasts of Ukraine, the Rivne oblast sheltered the most internally displaced citizens from psychoneurological boarding schools. Now in seven establishments of area, almost 600 wards among migrants live. 

Communities of the Rivne oblast created patriotic murals for Constitution Day. This took place within the framework of the all-Ukrainian action “Draw from BUR”. It was joined by 27 cities and villages from all over the country. In the Rivne oblast, new frescoes were worked on in 5 settlements. 

In the centre of Rivne from the morning of June 28 demonstrate lined equipment of the russian troops. According to the head of the oblast military administration Vitaliy Koval, the equipment was destroyed, in particular, by soldiers from the Rivne oblast and the operational command “West”. 

Khmelnytsky Oblast


On the occasion of Constitution Day, celebrations and laying of flowers to the places of honouring the Heroes took place in the city today.

A meeting of the Academic Council of the National Historical and Architectural Reserve “Kamyanets” was held, which considered the concept of creating a Center for Medical and Social Rehabilitation in the building of a monument of national importance – the House of the Seminary in 1782. The initiators of its creation are the owner of the monument – the Curia of the Kamyanets-Podilsky Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine and the Red Cross Society of Ukraine. The centre will provide rehabilitation services and medical care to soldiers, community members and IDPs.

The regional coordinator of AUI “Active Community” held the closing ceremony of the exhibition “Kamyanets Spring 2022”, which was held under the slogan “Buy a picture – help the Armed Forces.” Participants raised funds for the purchase and installation of a medical vehicle driven by community resident Pavlo Bilous. The machine is already performing its direct duties. 31.5 thousand hryvnias were collected during the exhibition.

Also, the coordinators of AUI “Active Community” opened the exhibition “Drawings and letters of children from Israel to Ukrainians” (supported by: Jewish Agency for Israel (Sokhnut), Jerusalem, Israel / Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI), Jerusalem, Israel). The letters were received together with the humanitarian cargo: hygiene products, food, bed linen, etc. The humanitarian cargo in the amount of 50 boxes is sent to the needy in different parts of the country and to military units. And the pictures, on which Israeli children wish Ukraine VICTORY, were decided to exhibit for public review.

Chernivtsi Oblast

Currently, active hostilities are not taking place in the Chernivtsi oblast.

Bukovyna said goodbye to the Hero who died in the struggle for independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Soldier Oleksiy Himplyuk was last seen in the village of Ozheve.

Valery Zaluzhny awarded Mykola Mudryk, a serviceman from the village of Kulishivka, Sokyryany community, with an honorary badge of the third degree “For exemplary service in military service.” The fighter performed combat missions in the area of ​​active hostilities – in the Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts. He took part in the battles for Severodonetsk.

Regional honours and awards on the occasion of Constitution Day were presented by the head of the oblast military administration Serhiy Osachuk to servicemen, rescuers and volunteers.

In Chernivtsi, volunteer Nadiya Molchanova gathered for a picnic on her birthday sick and lonely people she cares for. She organized the holiday because she says that the wards often lack communication and care.

Goncharenko Center in Chernivtsi accepts russian books for waste paper. The invaded funds for processing will be used to purchase books for the Drachynets Village Library.

The regional coordinator of AUI “Active Community” Chernivtsi Inna Pashanyuk visited the public organization “Volunteer Headquarters of Defense of Ukraine” and handed the recipients a poster with wishes to the defenders, which was created during the day during art therapy.

Zakarpattia Oblast

A pupil of the Zakarpattia fencing school Vlad Kharkiv from the European Championship, which took place in Antalya, Turkey, brought two awards. The swordswoman won gold in the individual championship, becoming the champion of the continent. And in team competitions, she won “bronze”.

On June 27th, local volunteers held a master class on tactical medicine for paramedics in Uzhhorod. The master class was attended by doctors of the Uzhhorod emergency medical station, doctors of the city hospital and the military. 

The reconstruction of the former residence of the Erdeli family in Mukachevo, where Adalbert Erdely, one of the founders of the Zakarpattia School of Painting, spent his childhood, and where his creative path began, was recently completed. After February 24, in the guest rooms of Erdeli’s house, the labels, who became displaced due to the war, found shelter. Currently, two families provide housing here.

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