Ukraine in brief:

One hundred and third day of the heroic defence of the Ukrainian nation against the russian military invasion continue.

In the north of Ukraine, the situation did not change much.

The enemy continues fights in the border areas north of Kharkiv.

In the Slaviansk direction, the enemy is preparing to resume assault actions with improved tactical position.

Our units successfully repulsed the assault in the direction of Dovgenke. Russian occupiers suffered losses. The enemy retreated.

The main efforts of the enemy are focused on trying to establish full control over the city of Severodonetsk and blockade our troops in the area of ​​Lysychansk. Our soldiers are trying to take control of the Bakhmut-Severodonetsk highway.

In the Lyman direction, in order to destroy fortifications, the enemy fired mortars and artillery at Ukrainian units in the Tetyanivka and Piskunivka districts. Missile attack was launched at Mykolaivka

Ukrainian soldiers maintain control in the city of Severodonetsk, fighting continues in the eastern part of the city. They deflected the enemy’s assault in the direction of Novookhtyrka and Voronove.

In the Bakhmut direction, providing support for units, the enemy fires from artillery and jet artillery, mortars in the areas of settlements Berestove, Fedorivka and Myronivka. Air strike on Ka-2 copters was launched near Rotiv.

The enemy strengthened the grouping of military forces to the battalion tactical group in the Zaporozhye direction.

Northern regions

Kyiv city

There is a daily threat of enemy shelling in Kyiv. Today in the Kyiv region the air alarm lasted for two hours.

In the capital, a hotline operates for those who have fears and panic. During the war, 3,600 people contacted psychologists. The hotline number is 0 800 50 12 12.

A mural with Chernihiv sapper-dog Patron has appeared in Vidradny Park in Kyiv. Artists Vitaliy Gidevan and Olena Noyna depicted a dog in a residential building. The artists used 50 bottles of paint on the mural.

Kyiv oblast

A delegation from the Republic of Korea led by Lee Jun-seok, the main leader of the People’s Power Party, visited Irpin and Bucha.

They discussed areas of cooperation and joint projects in the framework of the restoration of Kyiv region after the russian invasion. It is the first Asian political party to establish a delegation in Ukraine.

As of today, there are 80 full-time preschool institutions in the region, including 2,977 children. The work was resumed by those kindergartens that have bomb shelter nearby.

The Kyiv Regional Military Administration has announced that analytical and information centers will start operating in Makariv, Borodyanka and Dymer on June 8. There, citizens can receive information and methodological assistance on village restoration.


During a visit to Zhytomyr, Estonian Deputy Speaker Hanno Pevkur announced that together with other international partners Estonia is ready to join the reconstruction of 15 infrastructure facilities in the Zhytomyr region, which were destroyed by russian shelling. The extent of the damage is being assessed and the amount of aid that can be provided is being calculated.

For the first time in Zhytomyr, the Alexander Gerbachevsky Regional Hospital performed operations without an incision on the pancreas. Patients are servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The operation was performed for free.


In the Chernihiv region, the Security Service of Ukraine exposed those suspects who had equipped caches with weapons for sabotage and reconnaissance groups that were planning a “breakthrough” from russia. According to the group, there were three people who were involved in subversive activities by russian special services.


During the day, russia shells the border settlements of Sumy region.

On June 6, after 9 am, mortar fire was opened from the territory of russia on the Velykopysarivska community. 4 strikes were recorded. After 14.00, the russians opened fire with mortars on the territory of the Shalygin community. About 30 strikes were launched. Mortar fire continued on the territory of Velykopysarivska community – 10 strikes. An enemy drone also dropped an improvised explosive device.

The government has added 13 Sumy communities to the list of areas where battles continue.

Sumy region received 700 tons of humanitarian aid from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Ukraine. Tarpaulins, canisters, mattresses, blankets, pillows, sun lamps, kitchen utensils arrived.

The regional coordinator of the Active Community together with public organizations of the city talked about plans to involve IDPs in the activities of the city and region.

Eastern regions

Kharkiv Oblast

Over the past day, the occupiers fired at Reactive Volley Fire System Saltivsky and Slobidsky Raion of Kharkiv, Kharkiv, Izyum and Chuguiv districts of the region. In Kharkiv, there is a hit in a house. Residential buildings, public buildings, cars, and critical infrastructure are damaged in the region. For the day in the area 3 dead and 10 wounded.

The enemy tried to attack Ukrainian positions in the Izyum Raion . However, he was unsuccessful and was forced to retreat, suffering losses.

At night, the Lozova community was fired at with rockets. The shelling damaged five schools, apartment buildings and dormitories. There is currently no electricity in some of Lozova’s neighborhoods – power engineers are working to restore it, and the work is expected to be completed by the end of the day.

Volunteers from the Help to Leave organization canceled the evacuation from the temporarily occupied territories of Kharkiv region. The evacuation was scheduled for June 6, but was postponed due to the danger of provocations from the occupiers.

Graduates of one of the Kharkiv schools danced the graduation waltz against the background of the school destroyed by the fighting. At the end of February, Russian special forces stormed the building.

Donetsk Oblast

As of yesterday, russian terrestrial television is unavailable in Donetsk and the occupied part of the region. This was due to the shelling carried out by the occupiers themselves to accuse Ukraine of this.

Over the past 24hrs, seven enemy attacks have been repulsed in the Donetsk and Luhansk directions, four tanks, three artillery systems, eight armored combat vehicles and three units of motor vehicles have been destroyed. Air defense units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down a Ka-52 combat helicopter and an unmanned aerial vehicle.

In the Donetsk direction, the aggressor’s units are firing on the positions of Ukrainian troops along the entire line of contact. The enemy fired missiles at Slovyansk, Lysychansk and Orikhovo.

On June 5, the russians killed three civilians in Donetsk: 2 in Avdiivka and 1 in Druzhkivka. 2 more people were injured.

Since the beginning of the russian invasion of Ukraine, 473 civilians have been killed and 1,225 wounded in shelling and bombing in the Donetsk Oblast.

The russians shelled Donetsk and are sweeping away traces of their crimes in Mariupol.

With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the russia, the humanitarian situation has significantly worsened in the Kurakhiv and Mariinsky communities. Despite constant shelling by the russian army, police, rescuers and the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to evacuate civilians from damaged frontline towns and villages.

Another 122 settlements returned to light. From May 30 to June 5, energy crews managed to carry out repairs on equipment and lines. All of them were de-energized due to active hostilities. 134,641 families in Donetsk Oblast again with light. So far, residents of 323 settlements in the Donetsk Oblast are left without electricity.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsky Raion

The last day in the community was relatively calm. No casualties or damage were reported.

The city and district organization of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine provided humanitarian aid to large families and children with disabilities in the Pokrovsky community. Namely products, baby formulas and hygiene products.


In the Bakhmut direction, the enemy shelled the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with mortars, barrel and jet artillery in the areas of Zolote, Orikhove, Gorskoe, Vrubivka, Klinove, Belogorivka, Pokrovske and Rota. It used assault and army aircraft for air strikes near Bakhmut and Berestov. It carried out assault operations in the areas of the settlements of Komyshuvakha, Berestov and Mykolayivka. The aggressor’s troops have suffered significant losses, the enemy has no success, and the fighting continues.

The Active Community Coordinator provided advice to citizens on receiving humanitarian aid.


The occupying power of Mariupol begins to close the city for quarantine. According to the mayor’s adviser, information began to arrive that there was cholera in Mariupol.

False information about the evacuation from Mariupol to Zaporizhia under the auspices of the UN and the Red Cross is spread on social networks. Fraudsters offer the services of their own carriers for the money as if they joined the column. Currently, the Ukrainian authorities do not plan to evacuate from the temporarily occupied city.

The occupiers use the premises of the national postal operator Ukrposhta, which survived the shelling.

Luhansk Oblast

The situation in Severodonetsk is getting more complicated. The Ukrainian army controls the city’s industrial zone. At the same time, the russians intensified the shelling of settlements in the Luhansk Oblast. Today the following villages of the oblast got the most shelling: the liberated Metolkin, Borivsky, Ustynivka, Toshkivka and others.

The enemy also fired missiles at Lysychansk and Orikhovo. In Lysychansk, the russians deliberately rushed to the bakery, burning an area of ​​about 1,000 square meters. The city’s housing stock and government buildings were also affected. The mountain community came under fire. A woman was wounded in Pryvillia.

The assaults on Komyshuvakha and Mykolayivka in the Popasna district brought only losses to the occupiers, the enemy was unsuccessful, and hostilities continued.

Yesterday, President Volodymyr Zelenskyi visited Luhansk Oblast. He visited command posts and advanced positions of Ukrainian troops in the Lysychansk area.

Southern Oblasts

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

During the past 24hrs, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a Su-25 aircraft, 3 tanks, 4 armoured combat vehicles and 4 units of motor vehicles in the Zaporizhzhia direction.

On the night of June 5, the russian military fired on high-rise buildings and private houses in the city of Gulyaipole. According to preliminary information, six people were injured.

On the night of June 6, as a result of shelling by russians, a high-voltage power line was damaged and four substations of the Orikhiv Electric Networks were shut down, leaving 15,717 subscribers without electricity.

Kherson Oblast

In the village of Lazurne, Kherson Oblast, russians mined a beach, killing 3 people and blowing up mines.

The enemy inflicted 2 air strikes on Ukrainian positions. Again, a large column of occupying forces was seen in the Kherson oblast. The threat of missile strikes and enemy landings remains from the Black Sea.

In the Kherson Oblast, the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated 8 km of the occupied territory. Russian troops continue to be blocked to prevent them from entering Ukrainian-controlled territories.

The occupying power wants to introduce rubles, and some stores are already accepting both rubles and hryvnias.

In the Kherson oblast, the terrorism of the occupiers has reached an end. They left people without any opportunity to feed themselves. The Internet is off, and ATMs and terminals do not work. For people, this is the limit: either become a traitor or starve. All police officers currently in the occupied territories of Ukraine have been released. A new police force is being formed, russian organizations and the russian Interior Ministry have handed over the first batch of field suits, underwear, caps, etc. to the department. with the symbols of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the russian federation.


Skadovsk is still completely out of touch, but sometimes internet coverage appears.

The Mayor of Skadovsk got in touch and commented on the situation in the city: “Temporarily occupied territories – that’s what we are called today. In fact, this means complete isolation from Ukraine. The most difficult phase of the occupation, the struggle for brains, has begun. Skadovsk residents are now limited in almost everything. Ukrainian mobile communication does not work, free internet from Ukrainian operators is blocked, free entry and exit from the occupied territories is restricted. There are abductions and torture of city residents. The delivery of humanitarian aid is very limited. Cash is in short supply and money on cards without the Ukrainian Internet is unattainable. The “new government” establishes such procedures in which business does not understand how to live. Entrepreneurs are forced to put additional price tags in rubles, forced to undergo “new business registration”, intimidated by closure and “nationalization” in case of refusal of such registration. Most of the business is frozen and barely breathing. In these conditions, housing and communal services workers continue to take out garbage, clean the territory and supply water. At the same time, utilities cannot pay in full for electricity, which threatens further water supply. There is also a big problem of finding spare parts and repairing equipment. Some say that further support for the city’s livelihoods helps the occupiers create a good picture. But we are not doing it for the picture, we are doing it for our people who stayed and believe in the liberation of our city.”

The townspeople are still united, but some are in a panic. People are desperate, some believe that Kherson Oblast is abandoned and forgotten.

There is a russian pharmacy in the city, the prices are very high. The Ukrainian drug exchange works.

The coordinator of AUI “Active Community” held a meeting with Skadovsk activists, who have left the city. Activists shared news and sought a way to help the city with medicine.

Mykolaiv Oblast

During the last days in the Mykolaiv Oblast there were seven fires, five of them – as a result of military operations. All fires arose in the territory of the Mykolaiv Raion which is fired at daily by the russian troops.

On the night of June 5, Russian troops fired at one of the districts of Mykolaiv. As a result of artillery shelling, a private house was damaged.

In the afternoon of June 5 there were shellings in Shyroke community. The shelling was mostly outside the settlements. According to preliminary information, one person was injured and three houses were destroyed. Also in the afternoon there were shellings outside the settlements in Ingulka community. There are no victims or injuries. The shelling continues in Bereznuvate community. Information on casualties and injuries is being clarified.

In the afternoon of June 5, as a result of shelling in Lupareve village (Halytsynivka community) building was damaged.

The Russian troops in the morning of June 6 again fired at Nikolaev. There are damaged houses and cars.

Odesa Oblast

The day in the community was peaceful.

The danger of missile shelling remains. Air defense is constantly working. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are conducting exercises. Local Territorial Defense unit equips fortifications to defend the oblast.

City authorities say the situation in the community is under control, but the threat of air strike remains.

People are united and active, they are engaged in volunteering.

The situation remains tense due to the threat of missile attacks.

The coordinator of AUI “Active Community” provided information to citizens on receiving psychological and informational assistance, humanitarian aid.

Central Oblast

Kirovohrad Oblast

There was an air alarm in the oblast.

The head of the Kirovohrad Military Administration Andriy Raikovych during a meeting with the leaders of communities and territories called for creating conditions for the work of relocated enterprises in the communities. He also called for doing everything possible to preserve and increase existing production, which should have a positive impact on the financial and budgetary sphere.

Over the past 24hrs, 164 internally displaced persons from Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia, Luhansk, Kherson, Mykolaiv, Kharkiv, Kyiv and Dnipropetrovsk oblasts have arrived and remained for permanent residence. In total, 79,445 people, including 23,351 children, have remained in the Kirovohrad Oblast for permanent residence. IDP certificates were issued to all citizens who submitted a relevant application.

From June 11, Ukrzaliznytsia will schedule a new train on the Przemyśl-Zaporizhia route. It will also run through Znamyanka in the Kirovohrad Oblast. The train route will pass through Lviv, Berdychiv, Taras Shevchenko station, Znamyanka, Bila Tserkva, Kamyanske and Dnipro. This will allow residents of several regions to return home conveniently from abroad.

UAH 7,000 was raised in the Dolyna community (Kropyvnytskyi Raion, Kirovohrad Oblast) during a charity concert in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The regional coordinator of AUI “Active Community” worked at the Humanitarian Center for IDPs. He also spoke with some IDPs in need of psychological support.

Poltava Oblast

The head of the Poltava Oblast State Administration Dmytro Lunin said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down an enemy missile in the sky over Poltava Oblast.

An exhibition of contemporary art is being held in Poltava until the end of June. The presented works are reflections on the present of five Poltava artists (sculptors, painters, masters of video art, installations).

The team of AUI “Active Community” in Poltava continues to inform the families of internally displaced persons by telephone about receiving financial aid from the Office of the UN Military Commissioner for Refugees.

Vinnytsia Oblast

Khmilnyk and Khmilnyk Raion

There were no air-raid warnings. Yesterday, the situation in the Khmilnyk community passed peacefully.

The soldier Dmytro Plotnytskyi is called Kozyatyn’s “golden voice” (Khmilnyk Raion, Vinnytsia Oblast). The singing guardsman is now defending Ukraine in the east. Even during hostilities he does not leave his favourite occupation and is famous in the media.

The International Organization for Migration’s office in Ukraine donated a washing machine and dryer to the Nova Hrebla Lyceum (Kalynivka territorial community, Khmilnyk Raion), which is an internally displaced person accommodation center at the moment. In total, the International Organization for Migration in Ukraine has donated 40 washing machines and 40 dryers to accommodation and service centers for internally displaced persons.

The pedagogical staff of the Kozyatyn Railway School arranged a master class on drawing with icing on gingerbread for the internally displaced children who temporarily live in the dormitory of the school.

The AUI Active Community coordinators in Khmilnyk and Khmilnyk Raion were preparing for a new event.

Cherkasy Oblast

From the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Cherkasy Humanitarian Center has hosted more than 20,000 people.

Cherkasy volunteers from the Nash Battalion organization managed to quickly obtain an expensive diesel engine for the defenders of Ukraine. It has already been sent to the frontline. Uman volunteers bought 5 SUVs for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) soldiers.

Western Oblasts

Lviv Oblast

Yesterday, there were no air-raid warnings. Yesterday, 54 IDPs were hosted and given shelter in Lviv Oblast.

The Office for the Support of Soldiers’ Families operates in Lviv Oblast. Soldiers and their families can get targeted help in the social hub in Lviv (Copernicus Street, 17). The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) members, social security workers, lawyers and psychologists work here.

Rivne Oblast

There were no air-raid warnings throughout the day.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) soldiers patrol the border with belorussia. The Territorial Defense Forces units patrol and stand guard at checkpoints.

The Oblast Defense Council will consider the issue of permitting to gather berries and other wild fruit in the north of Rivne Oblast. The military authorities, foresters, and representatives of relevant services will work on that.

Rivne Oblast can host 20,159 more IDPs. Meanwhile, 52,840 IDPs have already found refuge in Oblast. 34 newcomers have been registered in the last 24 hours.

Oblast is forming a housing stock for IDPs. Currently, work is underway on the formation of housing stock and streamlining the registration of IDPs who need a house.

In Rivne Oblast, residents of three communities will receive more than 2,000 chickens, food for their breeding and appropriate equipment.

Khmelnytskyi Oblast

The situation in the oblast is under control.

The Security Service of Ukraine has exposed a terrorist of the so-called Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR). The perpetrator comes from the city of Antratsyt. He took part in hostilities against the Ukrainian military. He was a member of the 4th detached motorized rifle brigade of the 2nd army corps of the “People’s Militia of the LPR”, according to the SBU Office in the Khmelnytskyi Oblast.

In Khmelnytskyi, the memory of children who were killed as a result of the russian aggression was honored. A common prayer took place near the Angel of Sorrow. From February 24 to this day, rashists have killed 243 children in Ukraine, 689 have been injured, and 139 have gone missing. But these figures can be much higher.

More and more communities in the Khmelnytskyi Oblast initiate withdrawal from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. Two more communities in the Khmelnytskyi Oblast want to leave the Moscow Patriarchate. The parishioners of the villages of Tereshivtsi and Chernelivka held a meeting for joining the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

Coordinators of the AUI “Active Community” continued to work on informing IDPs about the community opportunities and types of material assistance. They were also busy looking for housing for the IDPs.


Today, the Podolsk Center for Vocational Education launched the Center for Education – a project for internally displaced persons, which was jointly implemented by the Red Cross of Ukraine, the Association of Sustainable Development Leaders, the Raion Military Administration, the Podolsk Center for Vocational Education, and representatives of business. For three months, IDPs will be able to take short-term courses of vocational training as manicurist, hairdresser, tailor, barista, florist, electric welder, tiler, photographer, or makeup artist.

Over the weekend, 11 IDPs found official shelter in the community.

A message about the resumption of acceptance of documents for obtaining services in the field of land issues appeared on the website of the city council. There is also a list of vacancies in the community.

Coordinators of the AUI “Active Community” are working to raise funds for the “banderomobile”.

Chernivtsi Oblast

It is currently safe in the Chernivtsi Oblast. Representatives of the law enforcement agencies are guarding the peace of Bukovynians and guests of the region around the clock in an enhanced mode.

The President of Ukraine awarded the Order for Courage, 3rd Class, to two servicemen from Bukovyna – senior soldier Oleksandr Skubych and soldier Yuriy Kuliy.

Senior Sergeant Mark Zdorovtsov was escorted on his final journey on the Walk of Fame in Chernivtsi.

In the urban-type settlement of Hlyboka, Chernivtsi Oblast, they opened a peony field for two days – the money received for the entrance will be transferred to the army and war victims. Over the weekend, the location was visited by about five thousand people, so they managed to raise 160 thousand hryvnias.

Ukrainians living in Italy have donated humanitarian aid to Bukovyna. It was distributed among the internally displaced persons who currently live in one of the communal institutions of the Nedoboivtsi community. The IDPs were provided with clothes, personal hygiene items, and food products.

Philanthropists from Turkey donated humanitarian aid to the hospital in Chernivtsi: sports suits, underwear, medicines, sweets, and hygiene products.

Zakarpattia Oblast

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has decided to register the Maramures Industrial Park in the Tiachiv Raion. This is the first economic park created during martial law. They worked on the project for several months, involving the best specialists. The new industrial site will be a powerful impetus for relocated enterprises, and will be able to provide appropriate tax revenues to the budget of the Solotvyno community.

Yesterday, the first summer space for children and youth from 7 to 17 was opened in Svaliava. Here, camp participants will be able to take part in workshops, film screenings and other leisure activities. “Spilno (Jointly) camp” is planned to be held alternately in different cities of Transcarpathia. Over the course of three weeks, participants will learn about social and vital topics: self-care, healthy habits, environmental issues addressed here and now, conscious consumption, and more. In July, the Spilno Camp will operate in Khust, and in August – in Berehove. The camp will run for three weeks in each city. The Camp is jointly organized by the NGO “Cultural Platform of Transcarpathia” with the support of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Ukraine in cooperation with the Zakarpattia Oblast Military Administration, and local authorities.

Olga Kobryn, a resident of Uzhgorod, prepared 20 liters of elderberry syrup for the Ukrainian servicemen at the front. She decided to send the syrup to our soldiers to strengthen their immunity.

Last modified: 18 Червня, 2022