The two hundred-fourth (204) day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion continues.


The two hundred-fourth (204) day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion continues.

The enemy continues to focus its efforts on attempts to fully occupy the Donetsk oblast, hold the captured territories and disrupt the active actions of our troops in certain areas.

The enemy is shelling our positions along the contact line, is trying to take measures to regroup troops in separate directions, conducts aerial reconnaissance. There remains the threat of air and missile strikes throughout the territory of Ukraine.

The enemy does not stop attacks on peaceful residential areas and objects of civil infrastructure, violating the norms of International Humanitarian Law, laws and rules of war. The infrastructure of more than 20 settlements was damaged by air strikes, missile strikes, and MLRS. These are, in particular, Kryvyi Rih, Nikopol, Bilohirka, Maryinka, Olhivske, Oskil, Mykolayiv, Ochakiv, Lyubomirivka, Hulyaipole and Myrne.

During the current day, the enemy carried out 5 missile strikes, 5 air strikes and carried out 23 on military and civilian objects on the territory of Ukraine.

The situation in the Volyn and Polissya directions has not changed significantly.

In other directions, the enemy fired at the infrastructure from tanks, mortars and artillery of various calibers:

in the Siversky direction – in the areas of Halahanivka settlements of Chernihiv oblast and Kindrativka of Sumy oblast;

in the Kharkiv direction – Vovchansk, Hoptivka, Baranivka, Vysoka Yaruga, Neskuchne and Sotnytskyi Kozachok;

in the Slovyansk direction – Kupyansk;

in the Kramatorsk direction – Tetyanivka, Bilohorivka, Siversk, Mykolayivka, Kramatorsk, Ivano-Daryivka and Verkhnyokamianske;

in the Bakhmut direction – Sukha Balka, Mykolayivka Druha, Zaitseve, Odradivka, Soledar, Yakovlivka, Bakhmutske, Bakhmut and Vesela Dolyna.

The enemy did not conduct active operations in the Avdiyivka, Novopavlivsky, and Zaporizhzhya directions. Fired along the entire contact line.

In the South Buh direction, the enemy inflicted fire damage along the entire line of contact. In addition, it conducted aerial reconnaissance of the UAV – made 48 flies.

Significant losses of the enemy in the Slobozhansk direction have been confirmed. Thus, the 202nd and 204th rifle regiments of the 2nd army corps of the occupying forces, which participated in hostilities, were quickly withdrawn to the temporarily occupied territory of the Luhansk oblast and are subject to disbandment. The remaining personnel are distributed among the units of the mobilization reserve. Due to the large number of wounded in the settlement of Novoayidar, civilian medical facilities, including a children’s hospital, are urgently being repurposed as military hospitals.

In general, the military-political leaders of the russian federation decided to replenish the reserve for the war in Ukraine at the expense of penal institutions, state enterprises and institutions, lifting restrictions on conscription for large families and the forced creation of regional battalions formed on a national basis.

Defense forces of Ukraine successfully repelled enemy attacks in the areas of Vesela Dolyna, Mayorsk and Zayitseve settlements.

In the current day, in order to support the actions of land groupings, the aviation of the Defense Forces carried out 18 strikes on the places where the enemy’s manpower and equipment are concentrated. It has been confirmed that 10 areas of concentration of the occupiers’ manpower, 3 strongholds and 5 positions of anti-aircraft missile systems have been hit. Enemy losses are being clarified.

Air defense units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed two UAVs of the occupiers in different directions.

Units of the Missile Forces and Artillery inflicted damage on 3 command and control points, 12 areas of concentration of manpower and combat equipment of the enemy, 2 ammunition warehouses, anti-aircraft defense equipment and enemy logistics nodes fell into the affected area.

Northern oblasts


The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, arrived in Kyiv on a working visit.

Kyiv will help rebuild the suburbs affected by the war. Mayor of the capital Vitaliy Klitschko offered assistance in the form of subsidies to the agglomeration, which includes: Brovary, Boryspil, Vasylkiv, Vyshhorod, Vyshneve, Boyarka, Obukhiv, Irpin, Bucha, Fastiv, Bila Tserkva, and other settlements.

An important social program for the military personnel and their families will be developed in Kyiv. The program provides for the creation of the necessary conditions and social guarantees for the most comfortable living of fighters in the city after the liberation of Ukrainian territories. The concept was developed by the Kyiv City Center for Assistance to ATO Participants.

Kyiv director Artem Hryhorian presented a film about Ukrainian women who were forced to leave their homeland and travel abroad because of the war.

Kyiv Oblast

During the day, 5 air raid alerts were announced in the oblast.

The medical infrastructure of the Kyiv Oblast was severely damaged due to the military aggression of the russian federation. At present, 26 medical facilities damaged by the russian army have already been restored. Another 45 health care facilities are currently undergoing renovations. The construction of two destroyed outpatient clinics (in Hurivshchyna and Makariv) has also begun.

After the de-occupation, 422 bodies of civilians killed by the invaders were found in Bucha. The places of mass executions were found by the police of the Kyiv Oblast in basements, on the streets, and in garages.

Representatives of the Leleker Charitable Foundation delivered several tons of humanitarian aid from Italy to Irpin.

46% of the residents of Irpin and the areas close to it , who spoke mainly russian before the start of the full-scale war, now try to communicate in Ukrainian. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted on the ITV Telegram channel.

Volunteers showed how the planes look now at the destroyed Hostomel airfield.

In Makariv, a mural was created about the liberation of the community from the russian invaders. The name of the art object is “Free Makariv”.


Anastasia Rashchenko, coordinator of the AUI “Active Community” in the city of Bohuslav, met with the director of the Bohuslav Academic Lyceum No. 1 Kateryna Ivchenko and representatives of the teaching staff of the educational institution to organize joint activities and conduct joint events on the basis of the lyceum and with the involvement of students, as well as representatives of other educational institutions.

As a result of the meeting, it can be argued that the educational institution and its management are interested in cooperation. Currently, about 30 IDP children from different cities of Ukraine study at the lyceum. Therefore, the latter’s management is very positively disposed towards activities that contribute to their adaptation and socialization in the new team.

Zhytomyr Oblast

Since the beginning of the full-scale war in the Zhytomyr Oblast, almost 80 collaborators have been exposed. This was reported by the press service of the Zhytomyr Oblast Prosecutor’s Office on September 15.

During the meeting of the Executive Committee, changes were made to simplify the process of obtaining assistance from the Zhytomyr City Council to family members of the fallen Defenders of Ukraine. This is temporary support while they wait for the funds from the state.

There is a huge box and packages of threads in the hall of the Zhytomyr City Council today. Yellow, red, blue, maroon, and green colors, old yarn and modern new wool. They were brought by caring citizens so that the craftsmen could knit socks for our defenders and keep them warm.

Volunteers from Zhytomyr make 200 trench candles a day for soldiers at the front. Their candles are already warming the defenders of Ukraine on the front line. According to volunteer Viktoria Borovska, these candles burn longer than regular ones, and, what is important, they give less light. Cardboard, cans, wax and paraffin are used to make trench candles.

In Zhytomyr, a charity initiative “Cup of Victory” was launched, within the framework of which you can buy cups with children’s drawings and help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Chernihiv Oblast

500 computers for Chernihiv schools and border area communities were delivered as part of cooperation with the Czech Charity Foundation “Children of Ukraine”. School No. 13 in Chernihiv received the first 30 computers today, where the number of students has almost tripled as a result of russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

In the city, they began to restore St. Catherine’s Church damaged by the russians.

Today, in the vicinity of Yahidne and Shestovytsia, explosives experts destroyed ammunition by detonation.

A temporary crossing across the Desna River was opened in the Koriukivka Raion. This is how they restored the transport links that were disrupted in the early days of the full-scale russian invasion. Then, in order to prevent the advance of the occupiers, the road bridge was blown up.

A collaborator will face the court in the Chernihiv Oblast. According to the investigation, during the occupation he voluntarily offered the rashists to live in his house, and also helped them find food and clothes.

Residents of the modular town in Novoselivka received washing machines from benefactors.

In Nizhyn, they said goodbye to the fallen Ukrainian sniper Artem Hryhorenko.

Sumy Oblast

The head of the Oblast Military Administration, Dmytro Zhyvytskyi, together with the delegation of the Republic of Turkey, headed by the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Turkey to Ukraine Yagmur Ahmet Güldere, visited Okhtyrka and Trostianets, the cities that suffered the most from the russians. Turkey is ready to undertake the restoration of some facilities in the Sumy Oblast.

On September 14, as a result of shelling by the russian military of the village of Kostiantynivka, Khotyn community, a summer kitchen caught fire. The walls and ceilings were destroyed. The building is beyond repair. The roof and windows of the house nearby were also damaged.

Eastern oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

Last night, the enemy launched another missile attack on Kharkiv. Around midnight, a russian missile hit a forest belt in the Kyivskyi district.

Over the past day, the enemy shelled the settlements of the Kharkiv Oblast along the contact line. As a result of the shelling of the city of Vovchansk, the russians damaged 5 buildings.

During the day, a 54-year-old man was wounded as a result of hitting a landmine in the Kupiansk Raion.

Border guards released five teenagers aged 15-17 from a basement in the Kharkiv Oblast, who were held by the occupiers for about a week. These are residents of the Kupiansk, Izium, and Chuhuiv raions, students, future doctors. They said that the occupiers conducted filtration measures with them, after which they locked them in the basement.

Dmytro Komarov visited Balaklia and warned the residents of the de-occupied territories about the “Lepestok” (“Petal’) anti-personnel mines scattered by the rashists.

Work continues on the restoration of critical infrastructure in the de-occupied territories of the Kharkiv Oblast. Where possible, Kharkivgaz specialists are already conducting surveys of destroyed networks, determining the need for materials and equipment, and developing comprehensive measures to restore the gas distribution system facilities.

Donetsk Oblast

Over the past day, the enemy launched 8 missile strikes, 19 airstrikes and fired 86 artillery strikes at military and civilian targets on the territory of Ukraine.

On September 14, the russians killed 2 civilians of Dolyna in the Donetsk Oblast. Another 13 people were injured.

Since February 24, the russians have killed 846 civilians of the Donetsk Oblast, wounded another 2,118. The number of victims in Mariupol and Volnovakha is currently unknown.


The head of the military administration of Kramatorsk, Aleksandr Honcharenko, communicating with the city’s residents on Facebook, answered a question that interests many today: is it possible to restore gas supply to the city in connection with the liberation of Izium? “Today, no one can estimate the duration of the repair work to be carried out by the Department of Urban Economy; until the area is demined, the level of destruction of the gas pipeline as well as the duration of the work are not established.”

The first 13 patients from Izium, who could not receive the necessary medical care in this city freed from the occupiers, were taken to Kramatorsk medical institutions. Oleksiy Yakovlenko, the general director of “City Hospital N3” of the Kramatorsk City Council, announced this on Facebook. “Together with military medics, I visited liberated Izium,” he writes. “The purpose of the visit is to help the Central District Hospital of Izium in providing high-quality medical care to residents in conditions where there is currently no communication, electricity, water, and other good of civilization in the city.

I was amazed by what I saw. First of all, by ruins. As well as communication with heroes-doctors and nurses who have been providing assistance to the population of Izium and the villages of the raion for almost 6 months under the occupation, shelling, as well as the complete absence of an instrumental base (analyses, X-ray, CT, ultrasound), medicines.

The forces of military medics, MOAS, and the “Life Saving Center” Charitable Foundation found a solution: the first residents of Izium were taken to Kramatorsk City Hospital No. 3 in the traumatology and neurological department. There are still several issues – lack of medicines, food, fuel and many other things, but there is a principled position of the leadership of Kramatorsk: to extend a helping hand to the residents of Izium.”

Pokrovsk and the Pokrovsk Raion

In the Pokrovsk Raion the, russians hit Myrnograd and the front-line communities of Avdiivka and Ocheretyn communities. Also, the enemy in the east of the Pokrovsk Raion shelled the settlements of Pervomaiske, Vodiane, Krasnohorivka, Maryinka and Novomykhailivka. In Avdiivka there was again massive artillery shelling of the city center.

The village of Novobakhmutovka was shelled from «Uragan» in the Ocheretyn community of the Pokrovsk Raion, fortunately without casualties.

In the city of Myrnograd, oh the Pokrovsk Raion, a school came under shelling by the russians that took place at night of September 14.

In addition, the enemy hit a mine. One person was injured. According to preliminary information, «Smerch» cluster munitions were used. This was reported in the morning by the head of Donetsk Oblast Military Administration, Pavlo Kyrylenko. 

Last day in the Pokrovsk community was relatively calm.

On September 14, a two-story building in Pokrovsk, damaged by shelling on the night of September 10-11, 2022, was being dismantled.

In Myrnograd, rescuers of the 52nd State Fire and Rescue Unit continue to dismantle the emergency structures of the 4-story school building, which was destroyed by rocket fire on September 14.

A shelter for internally displaced persons is being set up in Pokrovsk, and benefactors are helping to create comfortable conditions for them.

Today, the Pokrovsk community received household appliances for the needs of IDPs from Caritas of Ukraine: electric stoves, microwave ovens, kettles and washing machines.

According to Serhii Dobriak, the head of the Pokrovsk city military administration, such cargo from a long-standing reliable partner is the necessary support that allows the community to effectively overcome today’s challenges.

Food kits from the Red Cross will be received by low-income residents of the Novotroitske district of the Pokrovsk community.

The coordinator of the AUI «Active Community», Oleksandr Tanenok, spoke with the mayor of Khmilnyk about the assistance provided by Khmilnyk to internally displaced persons.


Bakhmut is under constant enemy fire. The city is on the front line, the russians are shelling its residential quarters with multiple rocket launchers. There are victims almost every day in Bakhmut – it is still one of the most dangerous places in the raion. It is extremely dangerous to stay there, literally for civilians! – a matter of life and death.

This night, the enemy fired most actively in the Bakhmut Raion: the communities of Bakhmut, Toretsk, Svitlodar, and Siver were affected there.

Around midnight, the russians destroyed a high-rise building in Bakhmut. According to preliminary information, four people may be under the rubble. The emergency services are working on the spot, trying to save them.

Bakhmut remains one of the most dangerous places in Donetsk Oblast – 9 civilians were wounded in the city in the previous day.

In Toretsk, the russians targeted a hospital — wounding one person, breaking windows in the surgical, children’s and maternity wards.

In the Svitlodar community the night passed loudly. The russians shelled Odradivka and the Maiorsk station. There was no information about the victims.

At night there were hits over Siversk – it is known about damaged private houses, but we are still clarifying the exact amount of destruction.

Regional coordinator Lilia Dudnyk organizes a free excursion for displaced people in the city of Cherkasy.


Yesterday evening on the Freedom Square in Mariupol, people sang the national anthem of Ukraine in front of the occupier. Opposite the square, near the bus stop there was a car marked z.

Mariupol residents continue to stay without water and electricity. Discontent is growing in the city, because the occupiers are in no hurry to fulfill their promises, and soon winter and cold will begin. Yes, the residents gathered near the “Azovzhitlokompleks” building. The occupation administration does not give any answers about the reasons.

Russian school propaganda is gaining momentum. A new mural with fictional characters was unveiled on the wall of school No. 60. One is the unreal pioneer hero of Tolia Balabukha, the other is a fictional hero of russia who “rescued civilians under fire.” They opened to the drum beat of the “pioneers” and the happy faces of the traitors.

Residents of Mariupol continue to find the russian shells right in the middle of the city. Residents have repeatedly come across explosive objects in parks and yards. This was found in the Rivna Street in Volonterivka. The territory has not been cleared and demined yet. The Russian occupiers have never worried about the safety of people.

Luhanska Oblast

According to intelligence data, forced passporting continues in the occupied settlements. The occupiers and collaborators force people to obtain russian passports in order to receive humanitarian aid.

Mobile offices of administrative services will go to the liberated territories of the Luhansk Oblast, mobile branches of “Ukrposhta” are ready to issue pensions to those who received the corresponding payments at home as soon as it is safe to do so.

There are also agreements with mobile operators of Ukraine, which are ready to restore the Internet and communication in the de-occupied territories

Southern oblasts

Zaporizhzhia Oblast 

During the day, air alert signals sounded almost constantly in the oblast.

Over the past day, the russian military shelled 19 settlements in the Zaporizhzhia Oblast. The police received 37 reports of damage to civil infrastructure.

At night, the russian military hit near one of infrastructure enterprises in Zaporizhzhia. According to preliminary information, the building was de-energized, its windows were blown out.

As of 17:30, loud explosions are again heard in the city. There is no detailed information yet.

Mykolaiv Oblast 

At night, the russians shelled the outskirts of Mykolaiv.

Yesterday, September 14, the village of Kalynivka (Voskresenske community) was under enemy fire. Damage to residential and non-residential buildings was recorded.

Also, enemy shelling was recorded on the outskirts of the villages of Solonchaky, Dmytrivka, Yaselka, Ivanivka and Kutsurub (Kutsurub community). The villages of Ivanivka and Yaselka are currently without electricity.

At midnight, the enemy attacked the villages of Shevchenko and Mishkovo-Pogorilove (Mishkovo-Pogorilove community). At the same time, the russians hit an infrastructure object in the village of Chornomorka (Chornomorka community). 

During the night of September 15 and until the morning, the enemy repeatedly shelled the territory of the city of Ochakiv (Ochakiv community). Hits were mainly in the aqua zone.

Villages located on the dividing line in the Berezneguvate community remain under constant fire. Yesterday, the Berezneguvate station, the settlements of Chervonyi Yar, Murakhivka and Berezneguvate came under enemy fire. The hit was recorded at the compound feed plant.

In the morning, there was enemy shelling of the outskirts of the village of Novooleksandrivka (Ingulka community), shelling of Shyroke community outside the settlement. In the evening, the village of Shyroke was hit. As a result, two residential buildings were destroyed. There are no casualties.

Odesa Oblasts 

The danger of missile attacks remains. The day passed peacefully.

The Mayor of Odesa, Gennadyi Trukhanov, met with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Ireland and Lithuania: Mr. Simon Coveney and Mr. Gabrielus Landsbergis as part of their visit to Odesa. Gennadiy Trukhanov addressed the guests with a proposal to develop sisterly relations between Odesa and the cities of Ireland and Lithuania, which are close in spirit. The mayor also emphasized that significant support is provided to Odesa in protecting the historic center of the city from the attacks of the russian invaders by including it in the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

People are united and active, they volunteer and take part in charity events.

Central Oblasts 

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

Last night, the russians launched 8 missile strikes on the dam and critical infrastructure in Kryvyi Rih. As a result, part of the city was flooded so much that people had to move through the streets in boats. Water supply was cut off in several districts. Evacuation of the population from some streets has begun. All night emergency services worked to eliminate the consequences. 112 private houses were flooded. In various parts of the Ingulets river, the water level rose from 1 to 2 meters, but it was already possible to significantly normalize the situation. Due to interrupted communications, 1,000 residents of the Sofiivka community and 7,000 residents of the Lozuvate community remained without water.

This afternoon, another missile attack was carried out on Kryvyi Rih. The capacity of the industrial enterprise was significantly destroyed. In the Zelenodolsk community, enemy shelling damaged residential buildings.

At night, russian troops attacked the Nikopol Raion with the “Grad” multiple launch rocket systems and a kamikaze drone. In Nikopol, 12 private houses, 114 solar power plant panels, a sanatorium, and two local enterprises were damaged. More than 700 families were left without electricity in the Marganets community. 

33-year-old Artem Shevchenko from Novooleksandrivka, 47-year-old Oleksandr Lysytsia from Kamianske, 21-year-old Mykyta Zherebtsov from Dnipro, 33-year-old Volodymyr Legeza from Vyshchetarasivka, and Ivan Gnap from Kryvyi Rih died in the battles for Ukraine.

21 people, including two children, were evacuated from the liberated Myrolyubivka (Kherson Oblast) to Kryvyi Rih. They will be provided with the necessary assistance, including housing.

At one of the metro stations in Kryvyi Rih, an artistic action “Eyes of War” was launched. The works of artists and photographers on the theme of the full-scale war in Ukraine are presented here. The exhibition was organized by the public organization “Art Culture”. It presents about 20 paintings by local artists and more than thirty photographs. Visitors can buy works and make charitable contributions to special boxes. The funds will go to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Dnipro theater “Virimo” [“We believe”] will hand over 27,000 hryvnias collected during the tour to the Air defense forces.

Western oblasts

Rivne Oblast

As of 4:30 p.m., one air alarm sounded.

Yesterday, the Korets community paid the last respects to the fallen soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ivan Kral. On September 6, near Krasnohorivka (Donetsk Oblast), a soldier died while performing a combat mission.

Khmelnytskyi Oblast


An air alert signal sounded once today.

The head of the community defines preparation for winter as one of the priority tasks of the city government. A working meeting of the coordination council was held yesterday. Water supplies for the city, arrangement of heating points (13 facilities were identified), reserves of solid fuel, provision of heat and electricity for social and medical facilities were discussed. 

The city has a certified stock market where people can take things in good condition. In this facility, IDPs can choose the things they need. Today, the regional coordinators of the AUI “Active Community” gave warm clothes to the stock market.

Zakarpattya Oblast

Representatives of more than 30 relocated enterprises met today in the Uzhhorod City Council with representatives of the authorities, experts on the employment of IDPs, and project managers on grant work.

The 3rd “Carpathian Mountain International Film Festival” will start in Uzhhorod.

Yevhen Klopotenko will hold an open “psychological” master class for children and parents in Uzhhorod.

An open culinary master class within the framework of the joint project of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Ukraine and the Cult Food food culture improvement initiative by chef Yevhen Klopotenko will be held in Uzhhorod on September 20. 

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